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Seun Kuti, Afrobeat star musician and son of the late legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti took over his late father’s Egypt ‘80’ band at the age of 15. Seun is 29 years old now and has not allowed the Fela’s legacy to suffer. In this interview with US ON, his perception about marriage among other issues.

How old is Seun Anikulapo Kuti now?
I’m 29 years old.

For the benefit of those who didn’t know much about your band, could you tell us more about it?
I still play with the Egypt ‘80’ band. I’m the front man and saxophonist.

Since you became the front man of the band, what has been the tangible achievement of the band?
At this point, I can’t stop praising my late dad for all the things he had done. I’ve realized that Fela was the only artiste in the world playing Afro beat, and he also had a lot of detractors. Fela was a great band leader and great musician. Since I’ve been on board, the band has also done greatly and all the band members’ fortunes have increased greatly. We have done two albums and we are working on new album, we had done three world tours. We had played in cities that my dad never visited. Fela never had the chance to reap the benefit of his hard work. Now, there are hundreds of bands all over the world that play Afro beat music. I don’t think what the band has achieved after Fela can be compared to when he was alive because Fela achieved a lot. Fela made his band a renowned institution of African music. What is important for the band now is to sustain the international standard that Fela was known for. We have moved ahead and the band had done great things.

Recently, there was a story that you left the stage at your London show, how would you react to this?
It was unthinkable and unfair for anyone to have asked my fans to sit down without dancing. Afrobeat is best enjoyed while standing and it wasn’t fair to ask anyone to sit while I was playing; it kills the spirit. The action of the security men and organizers of the shows prompted me to walk out. I walked out, nobody walked me out. The show was for the Bank of Industry; they were trying to have Nigerian village in UK. The show wasn’t part of my tour. It was just like extra gig for us. But the attitude of Nigerian media amazed me because of the coverage they gave to the story. My band has done 20 great things that weren’t covered. Why did they give prominence to this scene?

Looking at Afrobeat and the Egypt ’80’ band which you lead at the moment, how would you describe the two?
For me, the first thing that is important about Afrobeat music is the message. Like I said, Afrobeat is not just music but a movement and the message is the big part of the movement. A lot of young artistes in Nigeria are saying they are inspired by Fela but the only part of Fela that inspired them was the fame which he was able to achieve through his music. They don’t understand the man himself. For you to be a thorough Fela fan, you have to understand his message. It’s not about champagne and exotic cars because only few Africans can afford this lifestyle. How do we begin to use music for the benefit of the majority of our people. African music tells us that if you are not making it; it’s your fault, it means you’re not hustling enough and God doesn’t like you but that is not the truth, because Africans have been held back by things that are more serious and deeper. Africa has to be for the majority of people because apart from musicians, the only people that have media attention are politicians except we accept that politicians are speaking for the African people. I don’t see how speaking about irrelevant things would show love for Africans.

You’re 29 years old; a lot of your fans are expecting you to get married; what has been happening?
I don’t think most of my fans want me to get married, I’m sure I still have some female fans that want me to be single. I don’t believe in the institution of marriage. Marriage is not an institution, I believe, especially in this our generation. Marriage is a piece of paper, you get married mostly for selfish reasons and to be accepted by society. Marriage is not as sacred as it used to be. I’ve never seen what I need as a symbol of growth.

Should we say you’re not ready for marriage now and at what age do you want to get married?
Marriage is not something I aspire to do. If marriage happens, it means I meet something that actually blows my mind.

A lot of people would have thought that you are taking after your father in every sphere of life, what about his marriage life?
In every aspect of life, there are different things between us. His teachings are the foundation of my reality, growth and philosophy but the true aspect of being an adult is to be able to create your own identity and image. You have to stick to that image, even when I was young at age 15 when Fela died. I just started playing with the Egypt ‘80’, all what people could do was to compare me with Fela at that age. Today, people still say I’m playing Fela’s songs, which is very far from it.

What is the difference between your songs and your father’s own?
My dad died 15 years ago, I’ve made two albums, I write my songs myself and I’m also a professional musician.

Femi, your elder brother plays the kind of music you play, how would you rate Femi?
I don’t think Afro beat is about self glorification as we see in other genres of music. Afro beat has always been about the reality of things. Fela was called King of Afrobeat but he never called himself King.

Who is taking the title of King after your father’s death?

    We are from Yoruba family and obviously my elder brother, Femi is the first son and he has been playing music before me. Definitely, he is the King of Afrobeat.

What’s your weekly routine as an artiste?
I rehearse two times in a week with my band to work on songs. Right now, we are working on a new album.

When should your fans expect the new album?
I hope to record it before December.

Do you play gig on weekly basis?
No, I play monthly at the shrine.

In terms of financial returns, are you really happy with what your music is bringing into your
back accounts?

I think I am comfortable.

Lots of musicians have been endorsed by corporate bodies as their ambassadors, why have you not been picked?
I’m anti-government, and all the work from corporate bodies come from the government. I believe very much that if most companies begin to carry themselves to me, they are creating an anti-establishment stand. Even if you don’t have endorsement, music is good for anybody, I’m not too greedy, I have two good cars, I’m living in a good house and I’m building my own house.

Where are you building this house?
I’m not going to tell anybody, I don’t want too many visitors.


Chibuzor Orji is an ex-Plantashun Boiz musical group. He was known with 2Face, Black Face. Faze, as he is popularly known tells us in this chat why he is still single, and other things.

Many thought you went low-key because you didn’t have contents, now that you are coming back, what is your message?
Well, I would tell everyone to listen to track 6 of my album, “Make Dem Yarn”. The track would tell you everything about Faze.

But some are saying you didn’t drop any single before the album, ‘Refaze’, why?
I’ve actually dropped two singles, “Aka Chukwu and “Follow Your Mind”, weeks before the album. The response was good, people really appreciated what I did. If they listen to the album properly, they would know that there is new Faze in town. I urge them to check it out.

What gave you the idea to partner with Now Muzik on this album as your management team?
I’ve seen what they have been doing with the likes of J Matins, 2Face; even Timi Dakolo is doing well under Now Muzik leadership. When I’m at backstage, I see the way they instruct their artistes. The packaging given them and all the good things are awesome. So I had to reframe to work with Now Muzik. I saw the impact they have made on their artistes.

How many years did you sign with NowMuzik?
I would like to be personal on that but I know we have more years to work together.

Your fans are still waiting to see that breakthrough track that would shake the world?
It is in this album, I urge my fans to listen to it. You know Nigerians always like to party and dance. Some people on the other hand want to listen to the messages. In the album, I also have that song that you want. ‘Good Wife’ is a track that has messages; they should listen to ‘Reality Check’. When you listen to it, you would know where I am coming from. I’m still going a long way to promote this album with my management team. We are kicking off on campus tour soon. We are giving students the privilege of relating to what Faze has to offer them. It’s beyond going for a millionaire show. Students can’t afford that, we have to bring the cost down.

You are maturing every day, what are the new experiences as a celebrity?
Faze has cut off his dreadlocks. I’ve a new management, and many other rebranding steps you can’t resist.

So you agree that you are arrogant because people are saying you don’t do collaboration with others?
From the ‘Originality’ song I did, the truth about me is that I’m a good guy; I don’t like kasala, (troubles). I featured 2Face and Black Face in the album; people can still listen to it. I did ‘collabo’ with Vector. I’m all about humility. I know my friends in the industry that have done singles who are nowhere to be found now. But Faze has done singles upon singles and people still like Faze. In most of my duets, I work with junior artistes.

But you have not done a ‘collabo’ with Terry G despite your closeness with him?
We did a song together; it is in his album already but may be he didn’t promote the song very well. Terry G is a humble guy; when he sees me today, he would say boss. I respect him a lot. He created his style. I give respect to people who are serious.

How do you handle your fashion wardrobe?
Listen to track 6 of my album. Go and listen to it. I dress to suit myself and not to impress anybody.

Your mother has been pressing you to get married, what is your plan?
You are right; it has been long that my mum has been on my neck to marry. But I feel God has a time for everything. And the lady I will marry must have the blessing of my mother. Any woman I want to marry, her mother and father too must love and like me for whom I am.

Tell us about the love of your life
She is around.

How soon are we expecting the wedding?
Very soon but God’s time is the best.

Where is she from?
She is from Delta State.


Remilekun ‘Reminisce’ Safaru is one Fuji pop artiste who ahs been in music for a while. His contemporaries are 9ice, Jahbless. In this interview he opens up on how the song became a national anthem in United Kingdom, Nothin hill Carnival.

You have been enjoying your fame due to the success of your song, Kako Bi Chicken?
Yes I’ve been enjoying my blow. Everybody is Kako Bi Chicken o.

You performed at the just concluded Nottin Hill Carnival, United Kingdom, what is the experience like?
The carnival was massive. I heard that is the largest gathering of Nigerians living in the United Kingdom. I was honoured to be part of the edition, 2012. I always watch it while was small. Thank God I was part of it this year-along side Sir Shina Peters. Shout out to my fans in the United Kingdom. They know all the songs even more than people here in Nigeria.

Could you tell us the joy of Kako Bi Chicken?
The song is big. I’m grateful to God for the talents. I give Kudos to my team, Edge Records, Sarz, the producers. Jahbless and others that we worked together in making sure the song is national anthem. Everybody had part to play. Morally, spiritually, financial, the support came from every where. Even my family helped as well. This is the first time my song entered limelight. I’m getting used to it. I was never before. This is the first time my song would blow. Every human has short comings, I have mine as well. I would definitely have one or two things I’m not doing right. Rather than fight someone or battle someone, the right thing for me is to move my career forward. I’m just trying to work on my self and my music. I don’t have time to play anymore. I’m trying to work on my personal branding on who Reminisce is.
Stardom is not easy. I’m just getting used to it. I’m trying to improve on my self.

How do you cope with ladies?
Yes, it you are a showbiz person, ladies would defiantly come find you. You handle ladies everyday. Ladies and other people annoy you. You have to always remember who you are and what you do. When ever it out in the media that this is what you did, you might not know how to explain yourself. You have to be careful with my colleagues and media in the industry. That is part of what I’m learning as a celebrities. It is a learning process for me.

You didn’t get to stardom until you did Kako Bi Chicken, does that mean that there are some things you didn’t get right but you got it right this time?
Of course yes, every body wants to be associated with success. People that told you they would not record with you last year are now chasing you to work with them. When I walked up to some artistes last year, they would say, go and talk to my management or manager, the response wasn’t encouraging. On a normal day, when they call on me to record eth song for them, I would do it for them. But right now, they kept calling me to record with them as a result of Kako Bi Chicken Success. It is normal. That is life.
Therefore, it is me that would say this is the real person; that while coming up, this person was there for me. When you are in the line light, the attention would be on you. Nobody listen to you when you don’t have anything to offer. Once you have things to over, the promoters, ladies, and other things would start coming around you.

How are you guys at Edge Records coming together to run the record label?
Yes, we have couple of young guys here. We just believed in ourselves. Jahbless, Reminisces, Ibrahim are young guys. We have couple of people at the background working on the label. Everybody just keeps working hard. We are trying to become a big label. We are just handling things we could handle for now. Jahbless, Reminisce are stars on the label. We have young artistes that we want to promote under the label. So, we are working hard.

When 9ice was with Edge Records, how did you see him?
9ice is my friend. We don’t look at ourselves like you are a super star. We talk to ourselves as friends. Jahbless is my friend, not my boss here. That is how we see ourselves. We don’t’ see our selves like you have fame now but I don’t have fame. You would now be using the advantages to ride us. That is no how we operate at Edge Records. We call ourselves by name. There is nothing like brother here. Everybody is equal here. That is the strength and secret that keeps us going very well. When 9ice comes, we would course ourselves. We even blow each others that’s how we relate.
Tell us how you guys started the relationship, from the C.E.O. Ibrahim, 9ice and Jahbless?
The story long small. I started my career at ID Cabasa’s Studio, Coded Tunes. I met Jahbless and 9ice at Coded Tunes. Ajasa was our senior then. Jahbless, 9ice and Reminisce joined later. 9ice and Jahbless were my senior colleagues. I was the last person. We all rolled together. 9ice, Jahbless were recording. I was recording as well.

As God wants it 9ice entered into the limelight before us. Little money was everywhere. It is not that it was very big but at least out of our generation, it was getting big. Ibrahim, the C.E.O of Edge Records was a friend. He came to work with I.D Cabasa. Henceforth, he decided to have his record label. He later signed 9ice. Jahbless pulled along also. Ibrahim and Jahbless were partners. They Co-owned the business. As friends, things didn’t work out initially, but at the end, it all became reality while 9ice, Jahbless got hits. I started having pressure on myself. Everybody was putting there eyes on me.
Even I was asking myself, what is happening to me. But today, I thank God for the song.
What has been the trend of the album, a lot of people are saying it only has Kako Bi Chicken?
There is “2mushh’ “If only”. It is actually a popular song but most people don’t know I was the singer. I want to work on videos now. I really want to put face to the name. People were screaming when I did the song at Nottin Hill Carnival.

2 Mushh is a big song after Kako Bi Chicken. Once you don have video on a song, the song might not really pick. Kako Bi Chicken has been there for a while until I shoot the video. I performed four songs at Nottin Hill Carnival. The video clips would soon be out on television stations.
You would see it. I did “Ever since” with 9ice, “It only” “2 Mushh” and “Kako Bi Chicken”. They know everything. That is U.K for you. What’s up Lagos?
Don’t dull yourself. The album just crosses over hundred thousand last week. I don’t lie about what we have records for. At Edge Records, we don’t lie. The facts are there to double check. Internet, BBM, Twitter, Facebook are affecting music sales. The challenges are everywhere. This no only affecting Nigerian market but everywhere in the world, eth internet is affecting them. My caller tunes on Kako Bi Chicken has recorded almost 60,000. 2 Mushh is 40,000. If only is 40, 000. Those were the songs people are claiming they don’t know. I’m doing good for my self. Edge Records is not the type that likes making noises on things. That are not existing. On the album, I insisted that I don’t want Kako Bi Chicken as the title but Reminisce. You buy the album because you want to listen to Reminisce. It is not because you want to listen to Kako Bi Chicken. Many be that is affecting but I want people to be use to the name. The reason is, Kako Bi Chicken would go, and other songs would come. Reminisce remains.
I was trying to establish myself. To me, the album is good. If I perform four songs in an album, what remains? You can’t perform the whole album a shows now. I’m moving up gradually.

How do you see yourself as Reminisce because some people see you as somebody that is arrogant?

I get that at times. I’m a principled person. I’m a Muslim. My religion teaches that. What you would not accept; you should make it clear. I don’t pretend. Once you don’t’ pretend, people would say you are proud. A lot of people try to rubbish your image. If someone wants to do songs wit me, you tell them to calm down, the next thing is Reminisce is arrogant. This time last year, people don’t complain about me. You cant’ satisfy everybody. I can only do my best and leave the rest. Reminisce remains his humble self. I’m a free person. I’m not a proud person. Everything that is happening to me is by the grace of God. It is not by my power. Why should I be proud? It is normal people would have different opinion about you.

What happened between Reminisce and Vector; because what we learnt is that he called you for a duet, you arrogantly rejected it?
No! That was not what happened. He called me that he wanted to feature me. I said it is okay. He should call me whenever he is ready. But there was this certain line he used on Sauce Kid song. And, the kind of person I’m am not a cool person when it comes to that. This is a line you don’t cross. I made him to realize that whatever comes after that doesn’t concern me. I’ve moved on. That is me. This is the prime of my career. I don’t have time to be looking for what isnt lost from me. My schedules are hectic. I had a show with him last week; I quickly rushed down to Nigeria within Nottin Hill Carnival.

Who is bigger between Reminisce and Vector?
I don’t know. As a Muslim, it is not proper for me. He is doing his thing, I’m doing my thing.
Due to the platform you have given yourself, who else do you want to feature?
The only person I want to feature is with Wande Coal. I don’t like featuring people. But people love having duet with me.
A lot of people want to work with me. I always tell them to calm down. I have almost 200 artistes that want to work with me. I work with some people due to respect, while I work with other people for money. It is normal. I have my own style. It is not everybody that would fit into it.

How do you rate yourself?
There is only one thing I love about industry people I’m being seen as an under dog. It takes pressure off me. So, I would keep surprising them. Yes, Reminisce can’t speak in English. I would just surprise you. It is easy that way. The secret about me is, I’m not the type that goes on television to start hyping.

How rich is Reminisce?
I’m just okay.

We learnt you just bought a new car?
I actually have two cars. It is not about the cars, wealth, clothes you wear. It is just about your mind set. I thank God I can pay my bills. I’m still working on myself.

Before you dropped Kako Bi Chicken, did you dream it would go bigger like this?
While we were in the studio listening, some people said it either dent my image or it over blow.

Reminisce is not growing younger, when are you tying knot?
Getting married?
Laughs I would let you know.

Could you let us into your background?
I’m from Ogun State. My home town is Ajilete; Yewa Region. In Ogun State, there are Abeokuta, Ijebu, and Yewa. So, I’m from that region. I attended Compressive High Ayetoro, I went to Kwara State Polytechnic. I went to Coded Tunes Academy. That is I Cabasa Music School.
In the album, which song do you love must?
I like 2 Mushh. It took me 10 minutes to record.

Charly Boy Opens up on break-up with Nigerian Idol

“They didn’t meet my demands”, Charly Boy

Charles ‘Charly Boy’ Oputa has parted ways with Optima Media Productions, organizers of Nigerian Idol music talent hunt.
Sources revealed that when gearing up to kick off this year’s edition of the talent hunt, Charly Boy, who was one of the judges last edition, was notified to be part of the razzmatazz. 2011 edition was fantastic as a result of his contributions which served as side attractions and perharps this was the main reason he was called upon.
All we heard is that the Showbiz icon has turned down the money he was offered this year.
It was said that Charly Boy would not be part of the show he brought glamour to in 2011.
Insider said that he instructed the organizers to pay double of what he earned last year. The money worths millions of naira before he could be part of 2012 edition. The moves didn’t go down well with Optima Media Production crew lead by communication expert, Rotimi Pedro.
However, he was shown exist door.

Though, it was rumoured that the showbiz impresario is allegedly asking for N30 million before he would be part of the panel of judges.
Charly Boy and the producers of Nigerian Idol have had several meetings in the past but they all ended in deadlock as the Area Fada is said to be insisting on more money.

we spoke with the former PMAN President from London, United Kingdom, where he went for a programme, he said that he was not part of the show due to the fact that the organizers could not meet his demands.

Olu Maintain dumps U S lover, Natalie Nunn for Mocheeda

If the information at our disposal is anything to go by, it has been revealed that Olumide ‘Olu Maintain’ Adegbulu , Mr Yahoozee is in hot romance with a female singer, Mocheeda.

Sources stressed that both are romancing each other. And they have been moving around. In fact, this has made them to kick off re-union in cooking a song together in the studio.
Although, Olu has been hiding about the romance but we learnt that both are having something together.
It was learnt that despite many tales trailing Yahooze King, Olu Maintain’s financial status, it’s not in doubt that the ace Afro hip-hop artiste is striving hard to maintain his big boy status.

Before Mocheeda’s romance it was learnt that Olu was romancing Natalie Nunn, U S a model cum actress.

But Natalie who featured in Nawti musical video refuted the allegation. She said both are only friends.

It would be recalled that Olu did break silence late last year when he dropped a new single titled Nawti, and ever since the song’s musical video that featured American model cum actress, Natalie Nunn, hit TV screen everybody started running mouths that probably the sexy belle has fallen in love with the Nigerian star.
Natalie, a graduate of Communication/ Sociology from the University of Southern California, dated Nigerian Olamide Faison of popular Kiddies TV show, Sesame Street, for six years before they went their separate ways. “Obviously she is not dating Olu Maintain for now, though, one can’t rule out relationship in the future. Natalie and Olu are just friends,” said an inside source who pled anonymity.

Apart from being a model with blooming career, Natalie is America’s favourite bad girl of Bad Girls, a popular TV reality show in Los Angeles. She is currently shooting music videos such as Bad Girls Club with Wale, J Cole and Rick Ross. While many are still wondering how much Olu Maintain paid Natalie to feat her in Nawti’s video, the kissing scene has left much to be desired.

Meanwhile Mocheeda, former Knighthouse singer debunked the rumour that both are having affairs.
“We are friends working on a project,” Mocheeda said.
However, efforts to reach out to Mr Olu proved abortive. We learnt he is not in Nigeria currently.

Tuface, Wizkid To Rock Lagos At Amstel Malta Showtime

Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia will lead artistes to the last leg of Nigeria’s most exciting entertainment show, Amstel Malta Showtime.

The event is scheduled to hold in Lagos on Friday, October 5, 2012.
Auditions to select contestants in the singing, dancing and comedy competitions in Amstel Malta Showtime has taken place on Friday, September 28 and Saturday 29, 2012, at Adebola House, Opebi, Lagos.
The event will feature exciting performances from two of the best and biggest musical acts in the country,

Tuface Idibia and Wizkid, while the brilliantly hilarious comedian I Go Die will also be on hand to thrill the audience with his rib cracking jokes. Ace dance group, Corporate Dance World, will complete the lineup of superstars that will be performing on the night. The event will have as anchor, Darey ‘Art’ Alade.
Amstel Malta Showtime will also feature exciting competition in singing, dancing and comedy categories with winners in all categories walking away with a mouth-watering cash prize of N500, 000, a brand new iPad and a luxurious all-expenses paid weekend getaway to Lagos for two. The winners will also get the opportunity of performing alongside Wizkid and Tuface, I go Die as well as ace dance group, CDW. The first and second runners-up in all the categories will also get N150, 000 and N100, 000 each.

Lineo kicks off Campus Tour with Nutricima

Young & fresh Afro Hip House phenomenon, Adegboyega ‘Lineo’ Yusuf Adekoya will be headlining the NUTRICIMA PZ CAMPUS TOUR for NUNU which kicked off last Friday at University of Lagos, Joining the Funky high star will be some of the game’s hottest young names. The tour will touch down five states universities, Lagos, Ibadan,Ogun, Enugu and before wrapping up a month later in Uniabuja.

“It’s gonna be a wonderful experience ”. Lineo stated. “I have a lot in store. I just know that it’s my first tour with Nutricima and it’s going to be a great experience. We plan on hitting all of the major cities universities. This is my six years deep in the game. I’m going to bring some great artistes out on the road with me. After seven years in the music industry, Lineo definitely knows what he wants”. He also gave an update on the music collaborations he’s had this year and videos of singles will be dropping soon.


As Nigeria clocks 52 on Monday October 1, Encomium Weekly and Primetime Entertainment are rolling out the green carpet for the annual Green and White Groove.

The famous independence party, put together to celebrate Nigeria and Nigerians has become one of the most important events on October 1. And the organizers say it promises to get even better this year – with more star performances, higher celeb attendance, a new, improved venue, and thousands of patriotic Nigerians coming out to celebrate their country.

‘’It’s the biggest, most exciting party celebrating the most populous Nation’s independence anniversary’ says Encomium publisher Kunle Bakare.

‘There are challenges, but every year, we move forward. This year, we’re celebrating our nation, and the positive-minded citizens who are determined to make Nigeria great, in spite of the many hurdles on the way’.

Already confirmed for the Monday October 1 event are superstar DJs Jimmy JATT and Vinnie, as well as the Kennis Music All Stars.

‘We’re having a dance and a party’, says Primetime’s Keke Ogungbe who adds that the event will be broadcast live on the Kennis Channel on Startimes.

The Green and White Groove will hold between 4 and 10pm on Monday October 1, at Anchor Event Place, Agidingbi, in Ikeja, Lagos. ‘Lagos will rock for six hours uninterrupted on Monday’, adds Keke’s partner Dayo Adeneye.

Those who truly care about Nigeria, who have as much stake as those in government and in the corridors of power, will participate in this event which renews hope and calls for greater dedication in nation building.

Guests, the organizers say, are drawn from pillars of comedy to giants of music and movies, serious professionals to incorrigible activists, super stars, uncommon entrepreneurs, to proud, positive Nigerians in all fields.

Jubilation, Tears, As Gulder Ultimate Search Regional Screenings End

The regional screenings for the 2012 edition of Nigeria’s most exciting reality TV show, Gulder Ultimate Search 9, have come to an end with the Lagos leg.
The screening exercises, which took place in four cities across the country: Lagos, Owerri, Benin and Markurdi; ended with mixed feelings for the thousands of participants that turned up. While it was jubilation galore for the successful ones, it was bitter disappointment for those that failed to make it to the next stage.

The screening exercise, which lasted three days in all the regions – except Lagos which had four days – saw the aspiring participants examined in several tests, both oral and physical.
Indeed, this edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search promises to be an exciting affair as an unprecedented 30,000 applicants registered for participation in the event.
For the successful hopefuls that were picked from the regional screening, the journey to Usaka, Akwa Ibom State, the venue for this year’s programme, is far from over. They still have to scale some hurdles before they can be on their way to Lagos where they would be pruned down to the final 12 in a special reveal party.

After that, the 12 contestants would then head to the jungle for the start of hostilities to determine who would become this year’s Gulder Ultimate Search champion.
This year’s edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search has seen an increase in the prize money of the winner to N9 million from the previous sum of N7 million. The winner will also get a brand new SUV worth a whooping N10million as well as N500, 000 “Swagger” allowance.
The other participants will not go home empty handed as they would also get several cash prizes ranging from N1 million for the 12th placed contestant to N3 million to the first runner-up.
The best female contestant among the 12 participants will also get the sum of N1 million irrespective of her other cash prize.

Gulder Ultimate Search, which is in its ninth year, was conceived by Nigerian Breweries Plc., makers of premium lager beer, Gulder, to convey the brand values of confidence, discernment, focus, courage, determination and success.
Since its inception in 2004, Gulder Ultimate remains the only adventure themed indigenous reality television show.

Wizkid at war with manager

…How they parted ways

Ayo ‘Wizkid‘ Balogun and long-time manager Osagie Osarenkhoe are at war.
The news might be surfacing now but inside sources sais the EME star singer and Osarenkhoe who runs her own outfit M.e.tal Management ended their business relationship back in June 2012.
It’s uncertain why the pair parted ways and no one in their camps is divulging information on the surprise split. Some sources however believe Wizkid felt he wanted a better deal with Osagie, a deal that would pay better than the current ‘sharing formula’ they initally agreed too work by.
We got in touch with Osarenkhoe and asked about her about her partying ways with Wizzy, ‘I don’t think I am in the best position to answer these questions‘, she responded.

EME is yet to respond to our queries concerning the same matter.
Osarenkhoe handles management for other EME acts Skales, Shaydee and Niyola through her M.e.tal management platform. She is credited for introducing Wizkid, Skales and later on Shaydee to EME who went on to sign the young acts. EME have already announced they are ‘currently seeking for a General Manager to manage its growing business and build up the EME label‘.
We cannot say for now whether they have severed ties with Osarenkhoe whose other clients include Kel, Slim T, 19th Street, Sammy, most recently Dammy Krane (who recently parted ways with Tiwa Savage‘s manager Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun), Solid Star and Ghanian pop act Dee Money.
Osarenkhoe emerged in the music industry in 2005 as CON.tra.Diction’s manager. She would later take up Kel in 2008.

As at that time, Osarenkhoe had discovered a 17-year-old talented singer in Surulere, through her friend, popular dancehall act Nyore. He called himself Wizkid. Wizkid at that time was recording at Knighthouse studios. She picked him up along with another promising act Skales who had left Kaduna and arrived Lagos in pursuit of a music deal.

Osagie pitched Wizkid almost everywhere and was successful at it too – he landed himself a guest appearance on Kel’s ‘Investment‘ album, a track called ‘Turn by turn‘ which also featured YQ, Terry tha Rapman‘s ‘The Joe Spazm‘ mixtape. But the track that blew him up was M.I‘s ‘Fast money, fast cars‘ off the rapper’s debut ‘Talk About It‘.

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