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King Wasiu Ayinde flaunts 20 room palatable Mansion

Malaika hits location for Special Day’s video

Alhaji Sulaimon Alao ‘Malaika’ Adekunle has hit location to shoot his new album, Special Day’s video.
According to Shetade Images and Wright Way Media, the Alayeluwa of Fuji music kicked off the video shoot at Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos last week.
Aside playing lead role in the video, he invited other celebrities in the movie world to be part of the video shoot.

The move behind shooting the video very quick has been as a result of the audio which had patronage from the music fans. Management of the ace Fuji musician revealed that the album has sold 1 million plus copies since the new work was released into the music shelves.
Special Day an eight track effort was officially released into the shelves on Monday, August 27, 2012.

Tracks are My Dubai Birthday, Ojo Aboki, Alhaji Muda Odetunde, and Hon. Monsuru Owolabi (Batola).
Other songs are Alhaji Jimoh Olawale Andus, Bi kini Kan ba se e, A T M and Pass me your love have been the toast of every party in Nigeria.
The album is marketed and distributed my Babalaje Records, the music marketing firm that marketed King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal for several years.
Shetade Images lead by Shehu Tijani Adegbola said that parts of the lyrics in the album is aimed at thanking music fans that made the Fuji Ambassador proud at his 39th birthday in Dubai earlier this year.

Alabi Pasuma at war with K1 …quits Arabambi Title

Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Ace Fuji star has quit Arabambi title.

This might have come as a surprise to fans of popular fuji musician, Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma and fuji music faithful, but it is the blatant truth.
We have it on good account that Pasuma any moment would be dropping the appellation of Arabambi and Otunba K1 that has been attached to his name.

It is a well known fact that the Fuji music industry is polarized. We have the Arabambis among the fuji musicians who belong to Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe K1’s group, while there are other groups like Ologbojo who are believed to be loyal to Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere PK1st. Pasuma, aside being an Arabambi, is also known as the Otunba of K1, a position he accepted few years back and stamped by K1 himself. On many occasions, Pasuma has not ceased to boast that he is proud to be the Otunba of K1.

But, if information available to us is to be considered, Pasuma is on the verge of leaving the Arabambi group and also dropping the title of Otunba K1. He’s said to be aiming to be on his own and create his own group. Sources informed us that Pasuma in a new life album which is yet to be released into the market unveiled his plan to cease to be an Arabambi and Otunba K1. In the said yet to be selling live album, Pasuma was quoted to have said that even K1 at a time in his musical career adopted the name of late top fuji musician Barrister, but later dropped it when he gained popularity and stardom, and now stands on his own. He said he would also like to be on his own now that he has also attained fame and stardom in the music industry.

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Artiste of the year : Wizkid

Song of the year : D’banj -Oliver twist

Album of the year : PSquare -Invasion

Best Music video : Jude Okoye – Chop my money

African Artiste of the year : Sarkodie

Next Rated Award : Davido

Lyricist on the roll : Vector

Producer of the year :TY Mix for Naeto C -Super C season

Recording of the year :Brymo-Ara

Revelation of the year award : Wizkid

Best Collabo : Orobo Remix -Soundsultan

best female vocal: Tiwa Savage

best mALE vocal : Wande Coal

Best rap album : ICEPRINCE


Best street hip hop – Chuddy K GAGA crazy

Best Rap Single : Angeli by Vector Ft 9ice

Best Pop Single : kUKERE by Iyanya

Best RnB Single : Soundtrack by MisterMayD

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K1 talks on Titi MASHA’s PREGNANCY

K1 the ultimate sheds light on the issue and clear the air on his relationship with the lady who is reputed to be from a well to do family and carrying his new baby

How true is the tale flying around that you impregnated Titi Marsha; could you clear the air on this?

It is true, Titi is pregnant for me; she’s carrying my baby. By the special grace of God, she’s going to have a new baby for me. I’m looking forward to that; she’s been a very good and supportive friend. We’ve been in relationship for more than two and half years. So, if I can manage that very well for two and half years and it is just coming out in less than two months, the pregnancy in question will have been over. She’s almost due and definitely we are happy with ourselves. And if my wife has not cried out all these while, it shows to you that peace reigns in my home. Basically, it is true, Titi is carrying my baby.

Now that it’s clear that she’s carrying your baby, do you intend to marry her?

What is marriage? Tell me what is marriage? One, true marriage, now let’s look at it together. True marriage is the first time a man approaches a woman. While she’s considering if she would accept the offer or not, it is marriage in the making. The moment she agrees to your proposal and you start exchanging things, marriage begins. That is the first case. The extended one is when she feels and tells you she will like you to come to her parents to seek for her hand in marriage. If you go to the parents and you stand before them, and she introduced you to her parents as the man asking for her hands in marriage and she said she likes you, that’s marriage. For instance, if it were to be my daughter, I know if my daughter does not accept a man’s proposal, she won’t have the nerves to present just anyone to me. So, that means she likes him. What I don’t want is that, I don’t want any of my children to tell me that I forced him or her to marry or do something against his or her wish. So long it is your wish, mine is that, I want happiness for my children. If that’s what will give you happiness, my dear you have my blessing. So, any parent that does that has already consented and that’s marriage. It is in two ways. First between a man and the woman, secondly it is between the family of the lady and the man she intends to marry. The other thing is that, my family want me to multiply, they want to see me good if I call my mother and say ‘Mama Iyawo Yin Ni Yen O”( that’s your wife), so long I am happy, my mother will not lay on the bed for me neither will she ask my sister to lay on the bed for me. You understand what I’m saying? So, if we now choose to call our pastors or our Imam to come and officiate that we want to get married, those ones are just formalities. They are formalities because, at the end of the day, what the man will just say is: by the power conferred in me, I hereby pronounce you as husband and wife. Something that, the father of the girl has already said. Something my parents has already done, they’ve accepted the intervention of us into each other family. Now, a man will now come and say, we would read this sermon for two hours and at the end we would stand in front of one man and he’ll tell us what we’ve heard before. Another thing is, when you look at every marriage that is done either in mosque or church, the ceremony does not take more than five to seven minutes except you want to stretch it. They will just recite something and say by the power conferred in him, he hereby pronounces us husband and wife. Funny enough, the question they will be asking is what your parents have already asked you. Maybe if my wife does not have a family, then I have no option than to present my wife in church or mosque.

You just presented stages of marriage now, what stage are you with Titi?

We’ve passed through all those stages. The stage we are now is that, I and Titi are living happily as husband and wife. You see, every time we take fancy in everything along our working path. You see a car, the car might not be new, but the car might have alloy wheels and you’ll feel it’s superb. It might be a house or something else. That is about the things you see every day of your life. But the truth of the matter is that, we all have different things we appreciate in our women and when I see one, I go for her. Titi offered me what I will call good upbringing. In everything, character matters, for many years, I’ve known Titi and up till the time we exchanged affection for each other, what I see in her is that same thing that still won my heart. The rest is…. if you want me to tell you the exact spot she touches in my heart, I am not ready; I better leave that for my heart (laughs). But the truth of the matter is that, she strikes me with her upbringing and calmness. Honestly, she’s a wonderful woman who gave me reasons to continue to appreciate her more.

Before the new development, you said it often times that your baby, Isabella will be your last child; can you tell us if you still want to have more in future aside from the one you’re expecting?

Honestly, I will say this for record purpose, my wife Yewande has been a fantastic woman and I can see some resemblance in both Yewande and Titi. They are both from Lagos Island of a great family, very strong family. Yewande is from Buraimoh family and Titi is from Eshinlokun Masha and I must tell you I’m privileged to find myself in such beautiful families. It is a blessing not a strategy to find yourself in a kind of family that you can proudly come out and say, my wife is from so and so family; and those that know the worth of the family name I mentioned will look back at you twice that you marry from a rich family. It never crossed my mind that what God has for us. An uncle of mine says, ‘Oloko Meta ko ni duro lori oko meji’ that means, a woman that is destined to marry three men will not stop at two. But the truth of it is that I am happy; I’m not bragging and I won’t be blinded by the situation around me at that time to say that, it was my joy to say I have this woman, I have this baby and I pray this is going to be my last baby because I was enjoying beautiful moments of time, but along the line, things changed. For instance, when Jonathan became the governor after Alamieyeseigha, I know the wife will be happy that she can be the first lady of the state; all of a sudden the tenure will come to an end. Maybe Jonathan thought then he was going home after that, but as fate would have it, he became vice president. Again I know both Jonathan and the wife would have thought after their tenure they would retire home but fate again made him acting president and eventually president. What I’m saying is that, I’m relating the story of Jonathan to the answer on Isabella being my last child. As at that time, Jonathan wanted to become a local government chairman before Alamieyeseigha insisted, he should be his running mate. So as at that time I wanted Isabella to be my last but fate has another thing in stock for me, so I can’t tell what tomorrow holds but if I have to say this, I’d say I want Titi’s child to be the last.

Why is it that, most musicians can’t do without women?

It is simply because we see them often; women are the true and genuine fans. Anything that you see that has success surrounds it, has women support. If you bring an album to your house and you’re playing it, and your wife does not like it, even your daughter doesn’t find it interesting, you can’t play it again. They won’t take it away from you neither would they break it but anytime you want to play it, their reaction will show you they don’t like the song. And when your wife starts telling you that, this music is not romantic, you will look for something else because Quran says, we must do everything to please our woman, I don’t know if bible says the same thing. So, if your wife doesn’t like the music, you can change your mind. Many guys go to shows on appointments fixed by their girl friends.

How will you describe the relationship between Yewande and Titi?

One thing that I’m certain about is that my wife, Yewande truly loves me. I sat my wife down and I asked her, darling do you truly love me, she said yes, I asked her to what extent and she said to every extent. She said many beautiful things about me, she told me how I’ve been a good husband, a good friend and she also said how I’ve been a good father to our children. I also asked her what she thinks I can do to make her lose respect for me; my wife paused! She looked at me and said she has accepted her fate the very first day she accepted me; the very first time she allowed me to lay on her. She continued by saying she has indeed accepted her fate and that she has reached where she’s going to spend the rest of her life. After she has said all that, I asked her what will be her reaction if I do something whether through a mistake or deliberate to hurt her feelings? She said if she truly loves me, she is still going to stay. That has been the reaction of my wife. She has be very supportive, it is now my duty to know that, she deserved more respect and I will not be the only man that will be parading two women at the same time. So, the truth of the matter is that I should not spit in her face; I should not throw it back to her as if she does not know what she is doing. She knows what she’s doing; it’s just that, she has concluded in her mind that she has found a friend and a true companion. Definitely, I have a big role to play now, so also with Titi. Titi knows very well before because I never for once lied to her about Yewande. The truth of the matter is that, I sat her down and led her into my life. She weighed the options as well knowing truly well that I care for her probably she sees what she wanted or likes about me to have accepted.

Did you have the plan of marrying Titi before the pregnancy or it was the pregnancy that cemented the union?

Honestly, it was my plan to marry her. Do I have to lie at my age? It was my plan. It is something that I wanted.

How are your kids taking the new development?

I have a fantastic family, I have a beautiful family. Maybe one day my children are here, Femi is here, Sekki and Damilola are also here. The way I raise all my kids, you will find it difficult to know that, this one and the other one are not from the same mother. They are in love with their father and they see me as a father and friend who is answerable to every call. They are not frowning to the new addition; and that’s the truth.

Aside from these two women, are there other women in your life?


Do you intend to marry more in future?

I always pray to almighty God to find peace in my family. I don’t intend to marry more wives because I find peace in Yewande and Titi. It was my commitment to the understanding of what Titi truly has for me that made me decides to say, the next thing I could do for her is to stick to her. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to marry another wife. If one has to judge by peace, I will say, I have peace in Yewande.

We learnt Titi was formerly Gbenga Islander’s girl friend before you impregnated her, how true is that?

I’ve said it before, don’t judge a woman. Whatever a woman does, don’t judge the woman. I’ve always said something, if I’m leaving home to go for show and I parted with my wife, kiss my wife and bade her goodbye before I leave my compound, I won’t be surprised if I see her with another man at the same function because it’s the woman that can truly point finger to who is truly her man. The fact that I left her at home won’t make me to stop while performing and jump on her and ask her what she is looking for? She’s doing what pleases her at the moment. The best you could do is to calm down and be looking and see how event unfolds itself. If the man and my wife walk before me and give me name that I should praise sing her as the wife of Mr. Lagbaja, so long she’s standing there, I will do it. So far she has the effrontery to stand in front of me. She has said it all. There was a time I was having a show somewhere on the island and I left with both my children and a female friend. When we got to the function, my friend was sitting in the midst of my children and I was on stage performing; when it was time to recognize my family to come on stage to dance, my children and my friend both came on stage and as they were dancing, a guy walked up to me and told me that I sing praise that my friend as his girlfriend; and I did. Maybe the girl did not expect the guy to react in that manner and maybe the guy does not know she’s dating me. But the truth of the matter is that, she could not cope with the situation and she had to leave the event before the end of the show. So, if by any chance I leave a woman at home and I discovered at the show, she’s with another man and he can walk up to me to say this is my wife, I have no reason to object but one thing I will be holding against her is if I get home and still find her in my house, then there is bound to be trouble; though I won’t fight her but I’ll ask her what she still wants in my house. Meanwhile, I cannot go out and be pointing to different women as my girl friend or as my former date. One man’s food is another man’s poison. I’ve dated several women when I was a bachelor, I’ve brought several women to my show that some of my patrons will talk them and they will follow them. Maybe to those women they feel they have best offer than what I gave to them and they just elope with them and the next time I see them, they are pregnant. And I have to accept my fate; how many people will I tell that, that lady was my girl friend; it sounds stupid. So, how many homes will I say to them that go and ask your wife, she used to be my girl friend, it is not done? A man doesn’t proclaim the right of a woman until he seeks the consent of the woman. What you should do is to ask the woman who is truly hers; and if she says NO! or the person they claim she’s dating is not hers, then she’s free. Though, she may not deny the fact that you are friends but you’re not married to him. So, she’s telling you that the market is open. So, who are you to force her to say the market is not open. In summary, Titi might have dated Gbenga before. I know Gbenga very well and he’s very close to me. Gbenga won’t come out to say I’m dating Titi, why? Because Gbenga is truly married to his wife, and he so much cherished that marriage. I know the family, I know his wife and I’m very close to Gbenga. I and Gbenga talk virtually every day. Gbenga is my personal person; we should not make a story of this. The fact that a man has dated a woman before does not mean we should say the woman should be crucified if she finds new love. But I know Gbenga very well, Gbenga is married to Adiyah and he so much respects his family. I have Gbenga’s understanding of the fact that he’s truly a family man. Don’t let us bring what we should not bring to the matter. Don’t call a dog a bad name just because you want to hang it. Titi is from a solid background and Gbenga is a distinguished young man that lives a very respective life. We are very close and we have what is called squad one, a brotherhood that we understand one another and we are still very much together. Myself, Lekan Osifeso, Shina Peller, Rotimi Ajanaku, Gbenga and Bolaji Esho(Eldorado). We’ve discussed it between ourselves. And like I said, how many women will I point finger to that I’ve dated. If you are writing that in your paper, some of my friends that are happily married with their spouse that know that, their wife was taken from Wasiu, they won’t tell you they took their wife from Wasiu, they will just laugh at you. But the truth of the matter is that, she finds love somewhere does mean we should crucify her.

It was reported that Titi is a niece to one of your wives; what is the relationship between you and that your ex-wife?

How can you be asking me about my relationship with a woman that has been married? How could I be in good term with a woman that has been married? She’s happily married somewhere else that doesn’t concern or bothers me. A woman that we’ve parted ways for over 23years ago, do I need to go back to the woman, what is my business with her. What will I be doing with another man’s wife?

In your last album you praised Yewande, is there going to be a new one for Titi now?

Whatever direction I wish to go in my music is left to me. When I feel good, why not? I will do it the way I do it to other people that dance to my songs.

KWAM 1 prepares for The Headies Awards this Weekend!

Nigeria’s biggest music stars are getting ready to shine this weekend as the country’s biggest music honours event The Headies, is set to roll with full pomp and electricity.

With the big nominees including international superstars D’Banj, Psquare, Sarkodie, Wizkid, 2face as well as hit-makers Davido, Ice Prince, Naeto C, Iyanya and many others getting ready for the big day, organisers say Lagosians should brace up for a world class event, befitting of our home made super stars.
The Headies Awards, which has become a reference point in the Nigerian music industry, will hold on Saturday October 20 2012 at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The pre event activities, comprising Veterans Night and a special CSR project, HELP THE CHILDREN, are all part of an exciting line up of events leading to the much-anticipated 2012 edition of The Headies.
Ayo Animashaun, Chief Executive Officer of Hip Hop World and executive producer of The Headies Awards noted that, “The Headies is not only about rewarding deserving artistes, it has been responsive to our society in many ways. One new way it intends to do so this year is its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project tagged Help The Children which aims to bring succour to less privileged Nigerian children who are suffering from a prevalence of unclean water, low food supplies and diseases such as malaria, pneumonia, measles, whooping cough, tetanus and tuberculosis

“For over seven years, The Headies has been widely recognized as an awards platform renowned for breaking uncharted grounds since its emergence in the Nigerian entertainment scene. The Headies recognizes, appreciates and celebrates outstanding talents of the Nigerian music industry who, through their exceptional talents, efforts and struggles, have brought the music industry to a place of honour and esteem acknowledged even far beyond the shores of Nigeria,” he concluded.
Veterans to be honoured during the Veterans Night include: Ken Caleb Olumese, Tony Okoroji, Daniel Wilson, Oritz Wiliki and Chris Okotie.

Other veterans to be honoured include Daddy Fresh, Stella Monye, Baba Fryo, Edi Lawani, Easy K, Pretty (Junior & Pretty), Fellyx, (Fellyx & Mozzyx), Alex Zitto, Edmund Spice, and Ras Kimono.
Majek Fishhook, Mandators, Edna Ogoli, Bongos Ikwe, Onyeka Onwenu, KWAM 1, Mike Okri and Blackky are also amongst the proud veterans.

Meanwhile, A-List crowd pleasers scheduled to perform on Saturday at The Headies include Grammy nominee Femi Kuti , Bez, Timi Dakolo and Styl Plus. Others are Praiz, Chuddy K, Davido, Eva Alordiah and Brymo.
Dammy Krane and Burnaboy, winners of The Headies Rookies Competition 2012, will also be performing at the glamorous ceremony.

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