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I have a good relationship with Prince Adekunle – Sir Shina Peters

Ace Juju maestro, Sir Shina Peters, needs no introduction in the music industry. SSP started his Juju musical career with Juju legend, General Prince Adekunle and he later teamed up with another popular juju icon, Segun Adewale In this interview with he opened up on other things he’s doing.
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Happy New Year to you?
Same to you.

What’s your New Year resolution?
I don’t have New Year resolution in my dictionary; I’ve learnt how to get closer to God on daily basis.

What’s your New Year Project?
Whenever I have any project, I always put it before God. I will pray and fast and if He wants me to do it, He will tell me and if He doesn’t, He will tell me and I will back out. I want to start Afro Juju Academy School, which will be a big project, by the grace of God; I want to start at the middle of this year. This project will cost me a lot of money; this is a legacy I want to leave for the younger artistes who want to play Afro Juju. I can’t die with this bunch of talents in me, that’s why I want to pass it unto the younger generation. This Academy will give basic training to people.

At your age, you still have that energetic performance on stage, where do you derive that energy from?
My passion for music still gives me that energy. Music is highly spiritual; it is rare to see a music star reign for 20 years. Star doesn’t die, no matter what.

Are you putting any new album together for your fans this year?
I’ve started working on a new album but when I discovered lots of things, I decided to stop but I’m still going back to put the album in the proper way.

Why is it that you always feature along with hip hop acts these days?
They are featuring me with the hip hop artistes basically to bridge the gap between the new and the old. When the likes of D’Banj, P-Square and Tuface entertain the youths, I perform to entertain the older ones. However, those who use me see me as concert material.

Would you like to take us down memory lane?
My first album after I have formed my own band was Way To Freedom, then Showers Of Blessing, Ace, Shinamania, Experience, My Child, Mr. President, Kilode?, Ife, Playmate, Reunion, Shina In Canada, Happy Hour, Splendor, to mention a few.

Prince Adekunle, your former boss was 70 years last year, how is your relationship with him like now?
If there is anybody I respect so much in the industry, it is Daddy, Prince Adekunle. Unfortunately, each time I have arranged to see him, something would happen, it was either I travelled out of the country or busy involving in a project. There is no way I can forget him. I always appreciate people that have touched my life in positive ways.

What about your relationship with your ex-ally, Prince Segun Adewale?
Our relationship is cordial. In terms of business, we are separated but our brotherhood is still intact.

Have you thought of featuring him in your album in the future?
Let’s leave that in the hands of God.

You’ve not endorsed any brand so far, why?
I’ve a contract with Hennessey. If there’s anything, I don’t joke with my name, endorsement is not an easy thing to do. I do proper endorsement; to win an endorsement you must not have a negative history.

Why do you think corporate organizations are using the younger artistes for endorsements much more than they use old artistes?
I think that’s only way they can help them to grow.

How true was the rumour that you abandoned your former dancer, Tessy Yembra, when she was sick?
That’s not true. If you ask Tessy, she would deny it. Tessy lived with me for years. I’m like her brother.


Slicktv met with naija’s one and only reggae/dancehall artist General Pype. Who gave us a freestyle of his single “GIVE IT TO ME” in Konga style….ENJOY

Watch out for part 2 which entails General Pype revealing secrets of how he started in the music industry ….

[INTERVIEW] I admire Barrister, He is my role model – Adewale Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba is an outstanding Fuji musician. He started music at the tender age of seven and today, he has taken Fuji music to several countries of the world. In this interview he opened up why he admires Barrister as his role model.

You have remained evergreen as a Fuji musician, and you are still very relevant in the industry, what has been the source of your success?
I will give the source of the success to my Father in heaven, whatever you are doing, the talent, you are given everything by God, and He has been managing it for me. We all seek for the spiritual wisdom to be able to do well in all our endeavours, and it is only God that gives it, so, I have to give Him the kudos.

Talking about your new album, ‘Sugar’, what inspired the album and its title?
One day, I was playing the music for my children in the house and my eldest daughter just said, ‘daddy this is sugar, this is very sweet’. And I said yes, that’s the title, so, I now sang one of the tracks and included sugar in it.

Tell us about your journey into the music industry
I started very early, at the age of seven. Then, it was a tug of war between me and my parents because they didn’t want to allow me to do Fuj,; they believed that once you become a Fuji musician, you tend to marry more than the normal number of wives you can cope with, you tend to be drinking, smoking, forgetting about education. But we now sat down, we had a round table meeting and they told me that if I must do Fuji, the first thing would be to finish my study, then when it is time to marry, I must marry just one woman. Naturally, I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcohol.

Your kind of music appears corporat,; did your parents have anything to do with this?
Well, I’ve known that education is very important. I would say, education helped me to define the type of music I do. It was ‘Bubble’ that brought me to the limelight. I’ve had five albums before ‘Bubble’ but these were done in the typical ways Fuji is done; having to sound lslamic. But I just decided on my own one day that, what kind of music is this that students can’t dance to. So, I changed the rhythm. And that was it.

Can we know your first five albums before ‘Bubble’?
My first album was when Dele Giwa died, it was titled “Ibeere (Beginning), another one was in 1987 when Obafemi Awolowo died, it was titled “Igi Da”, I did another one “Bonsue Knockout” then “Love”, before “Bubble”. I want to give it to my parents, for their understanding. When I enrolled at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere, Abeokuta; they didn’t allow me to be an 100% Fuji artiste until after my OND.

Who were your role models in music?
All the good musicians, from King Sunny Ade, Chief Ebenezer Obey and Chief Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, I could have been doing Juju but you will need to have some training on how to play keyboard and acquiring guitar. Yes, I wanted to do Juju but because my parents were not there for my musical career initially.

How many copies did your first album sell?
It sold about 6,000 copies because everybody in Remo supported me. I was so popular in Remo because I’m from there.

Can we say that your being educated influenced your kind of music?
No doubt, that is number one reason why I’m where I am today. Education helped me a lot.

There was a time you relocated abroad; what prompted that decision?
I didn’t relocate abroad; I was there because of the political crisis in Nigeria then. I left Nigeria in 1995 for a four-month concert and somebody called me that I should not come back home because they were looking for me. That was when they arrested Chief Orlando Owoh and every musician that sang the praises of MKO Abiola. I released an album for Abiola before traveling. So, I didn’t return to Nigeria until after General Sani Abacha’s death.

Looking back at the industry, will you say that you are fulfilled?
I give glory to God. I know I’m still there and I’m still growing, but I pray to God to use me to popularize Fuji music the more.

What is your definition of a successful Fuji musician?
The first thing is to think about your lyrics, think about the people that will listen to your songs and sing what they will benefit from.

You started over 20 years ago and you are still relevant, what is the driving force?
Anything I do, I give the glory to my God. I talk to God first before doing anything, I don’t see myself as a star; that’s just it.

What are your hobbies, how do you relax when you are less busy?
I’m an indoor person and all my friends know and can testify. I love to be with my family always. I love watching soccer and listening to music as well.

Talking about your music, there is none you have done that you don’t teach people new dance steps, why do you do that?
That I can say is my identity. I started with it and people always look out for the next dance style I will introduce in any new album.

You always look good what is the secret?
I’m not fashion crazy; I wear something that fits into the mood. You are addressed the way you are dressed.

What has life taught you so far?
Life has taught me that 2+2 might be 4 to us human beings but to God, it might be 18. And also, when you experience any disappointment, say thank you God.

Is Adewale Ayuba a Christian or a Muslim?
I am a Christian. I’m from a Muslim background but I’ve now converted to Christianity.

Wizkid, Burna Boy, Others for Festival of Love


Festival of Love Returns to Abuja
One of Nigeria’s leading
entertainers and consummate theatre
artiste, Julius Agwu, is ready once again
to stage this year’s edition of Festival of
Love, an evening of classy music
and comedy. In its third edition,
Festival of Love has been one of the grand
events that captures the true moments
of Valentine.
Festival of Love is an
evening of romantic serenade for couples
and lovers, couples’ games and great
comedy for lovers. Scheduled to hold at
the Congress Hall of Transcorp Hilton
Hotel Abuja on February 16, 2013, the
organizers revealed that Karaoke has been
added to this year’s event and that the
event will kick start with a cocktail.


The music acts billed to
perform at this year’s event are leading
music sensations- Wizkid, Burna Boy and
Chidimma. Comedians slated to knot and
unknot guests’ intestines with their
hilarious jokes are Bovi, Dan ‘D’ Humorous,
Akpororo and Chigul.
According to the initiator, Julius Agwu, he said he came up
with Festival of Love as an avenue
to preach love as the only element that
can unite and save our nation at this
point. “This year’s event will be an
electrifying evening that should not be
missed by anyone. The couples games and
karaoke will be exceptional. As usual,
we leave other surprises for those that will
make it to the event. Genuine
lovers definitely can’t get a better place to
be to celebrate this year’s
valentine than Festival of Love”.
Festival of Love which
started in Abuja in 2011 held in Lagos last
year, although it was earlier scheduled
to hold in Abuja but was moved to Lagos
in view of the prevailing insecurity in
the North and the pervasive fear that
crowded places might be the target of the
insurgent group, Boko Haram. While
addressing the incident, Julius Agwu said
“Our plan was to domicile the show in
Abuja since that was the place we held the first
edition; but after due consultations
with our partners, we realised that the
best place to host the show was Lagos
because the state of insecurity in that part
was unpredictable. And we do not
want to jeopardise the lives of people who
just want to have fun in an
atmosphere of merriment and laughter
without the encumbrances of the
problems besetting the country.”
This year’s event is
powered by Osmoserve Global LTD and
Aero Contractors who is the official career.
Last year’s edition featured entertainers
like 2face Idibia, eLDee Da Don, Timi
Dakolo, Osama, Akpororo, Lepacious Bose,
among others.

[VIDEO] ‘Love Sampelele’ – Yung Brown

Determined to drop a music video that
would effectively convey his brand of
music as well as its inherent message and
thematic focus, Nigeria’s up and coming
singer, Yung Brown has released a new
music video, which he titled ‘Love
This video comes with a whole lot of
elements depending on the perspective
from which it is viewed but two things are
consistent with this one – It has melody
and it’s one capable of getting you
shuffling your feet to it’s rhythm and

Twenty Three year old Yung Brown (Frank
Onyiriuka) grew up in one of Lagos
State’s most notorious areas, Satellite
Town. Despite Yung Brown’s
humble beginnings, he always had the
dream that someday, he music would
bring him fame and recognition. He built a
name for himself locally by
doing incredible freestyle and promoting
himself on Alaba Mix-tapes.
first single became the hooky ‘Love
Sampelele’ on club rotations and
the song was produced by Dapiano. As the
club track continued to gain
street credibility, Yung Brown had to shoot
a video for the song. The
resulting video was eventually directed by
Patrick Elis.

[VIDEO] TONIGHT – NEJ ( @nenejohnson_NEJ )

Directed by Tosin Igho for IGH-Films, the official video for NEJ’s “Tonight” depicts sensational scenes starting from the club zone and on to the pool side, alongside some amazing dancers of hers.
The song which was released in the month of October in 2012, gained its fair share of the internet buzz via an online community spanning from blogs to online magazines, online radios and even some DJ Recordpools; it also made it’s radio premiere on RayPower 100.5 FM’s “Power Play” and isn’t doingbadly on a couple of others as well. The Iroking-endorsed artiste got on to shoot a video for this song in the latter days of November in 2012 and was graced with cameo appearances from Danny Young, Frenzy, Tito da Fire and El-Emcee.




DJ Kazzanova Ft. Big Ali, G-ZO, Wepaman & Evey’s
“All My Ladies If Your Sexy” (Worldwide Latino Anthem)
Location: Brooklyn
Wednesday January 30, 2013 5PM SHARP.

If you are a model, dancer or Hiphop B-Boy and interested in being an extra in the video email us your headshot, pictures or video. Contact us here:

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