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The Next Fuji Star Reality TV Show [@thenextfujistar]


The Search for “The Next Fuji Star” is a proudly Nigerian reality TV show aimed at bringing this wholly Nigerian music genre to deserved spotlight. In a space with a plethora of music competitions, the time has come for an original Nigerian sound, deeply embraced by millions of Nigerians country-wide to come to the fore. Fuji music, born on the gritty streets and undersides of the South-West has gone on to conquer audiences nationally and internationally. Its beats and lyrics pulse with the life and sounds of traditional drums, mixed in with modern synthesized compositions. It may be regarded or perceived as a “Ghetto, back to the street Style” of music but we see it as a platform ready to showcase the very best of the raw talent that is out there on the street, and projecting them on the screen, to be appreciated and celebrated. The existence and impact of Fuji over the years has proven that it is a genre to be reckoned with in the music and entertainment space and we are confident that this is time to give it its pride of place. In the words of Adewale Ayuba, who has been slated as the CHIEF JUDGE of the show:“This is the time for our own original “tiwa n tiwa” reality TV show” and “time to rise up to the occasion, promoting our very own African heritage and originality”.

For participation, sponsorship, advertorials, partnership, clarity and or any other details, you can follow us on Facebook , on twitter @thenextfujistar or visit our website

The show is designed to discover the very best of talented Fuji acts in Nigeria. Set to be an annual show and ready to engage an estimated 40 to 80 million Nigerians (viewership) who will be watching nationwide as winners will stand as brand ambassadors for the sponsoring company.

Audition venues include ILORIN, IBADAN, ABEOKUTA and LAGOS where contestants are expected to unleash unlimited Tungba…..

Auditions schedule is as follows:

Ilorin: 17th & 18th of June 2013 at Bovina View International Hotel, New Yidi Road.
Ibadan: 20th & 21st 2013 at Kofo Rentals Homes, New Adeoyo Hospital Road, Off Ring Road.
Abeokuta: 23rd & 24th June 2013 at Lukjim Hotel & Resort, opposite NNPC by Ita-Oshin Park.
Lagos: 27th & 28th June 2013 at Bar Continental, 28 Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA

The Search for The Next Fuji Star Reality TV Show is the first of its kind and promises lots of excitement, dynamism and will doubtless be a massive platform for brand promotion to sponsors.

Contact Information:
The Next Fuji Star
14, Fadeyi Street
Off Awolowo way
Ikeja Lagos
+2348033026229, +2348128218268, +2348108522083


After taking many radio stations, music channels, clubs and venues by storm with his freestyle Real Speech, JMilla is back on the music scene with a new hit called: POSE. If Real Speech took us back through JMilla’s darkest days before becoming one of the most talked about promising music creator on the Nigerian music scene, POSE is definitely a form of transition to a greater place: he’s celebrating his free-spirited life, the power hidden behind something simple as taking a photo. Committed to take the GRIP Movement to a new level, JMilla showcased his originality and creativity by summarizing his catchy lyrics in 4 letters P O S E just like his favorite word G R I P which stands for Gathering Royalty Initiating Possibilities.
Besides being known as the genius behind Ice Prince Zamani’s latest singles VIP and Gimme Dat Chopstix who has produced Pose and many of the Grip Boiz hits such as Dash Me Da Ting , Is It You, Bad Bad Bad, 48, Red Rose … did not hesitate to take his mastered skills to a level many have yet to discover : Pose has already received a lot of praise during several private listening gatherings.
If Grip Muzik is actually known as an extraordinary Movement on a mission to spread and redefine great music all over the African continent, JMilla , Endia ,Yung L and Chopstix are taking their fans and critics on a journey by inviting them to “ pose for a photo” wherever they are, share it with the world while reflecting on Pose and the real essence of Good, Sweet Muzik .


How Pasuma Range Rover was snatched …Malaika sympathises

Few days ago, Fuji star Wasiu Alabi Ajibola, aka Pasuma Wonder was robbed by a gang of armed robbers in Ahmadiyya area of Abule Egba, Lagos State. The robbery took place around 9pm and he was in the company of one of his aides. The robbers who were fully armed made away with his silver Range Rover sport with plate number MUS 830 AP, large sum of money and his mobile phones. According to Pasuma the robber forced themselves into his car and drove him and his aides towards Itele, a town in the outskirt of Lagos. They were eventually released at about 12am. They were able to return to his Omole, Ikeja home at that hour with the help of sympathisers. Were the robbers aware it was Pasuma ? “No ! “ he told us. “ I actually hid my face from them throughout because I wasn’t sure what they were up to. If I had identified myself, they could have let me go or try to harm me. Two things could have happened so I followed my instinct. I kept a low profile.
Meanwhile, what if I did identify myself and they chose to kidnap me?. I am happy am alive and am fine. Meanwhile I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone, My family, friends, fans colleagues etc, they have all been supportive I feel loved and I thank everyone.
Meanwhile, Alhaji Sulaimon Alao Adekunle aka Malaika sympathises with Pasuma after he heard the sad news on how he was robbed and dumped in a bush at itele ,Ota,Ogun State.
“This is not a good news for Fuji music industry. We thank God he didn’t have any injury. We implore anybody that observes or have any information about the Range Rover to inform any of his aides or colleagues”he said when he visited Pasuma at his Omole home,ikeja on Wednesday.

Police are therefore searching for the robbery gang after the news was broken.
Fujiipop learnt that the robbery gangs normally transfer any vehicle snatched in Nigeria via Idiroko boader to Mali.

I Can Act Nude – Uche Ogbodo

Uche Ogbodo is a Nollywood actress of note. This naturally endowed and light skinned screen diva joined Nollywood in 2005. Her first major job was titled ‘Another Bondage’ and since then, she has become a producer’s choice. In this interview, she spoke on her career, her status and why she is labelled a controversial actress among others.

When should we expect the wedding bell to ring?
When it is time, everyone would know.

There is a story that you kissed an actor, is he your boyfriend?
It is true I kissed an actor but it was in a movie. I have to be professional in my acting.

What was the first major job you did as an actress?
My first major job was “Another Bondage.”

What challenge did you face?
The challenge was that I had never done a lead role before, because as an upcoming, you have to start from small role. When I got the role, it was a challenge to me. The people that featured with me were big stars but my mind was stable because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, I should build my sprit and mind to achieve my goals. I did not want distractions, it was a big challenge to me then, because these people are stars and I needed to act not as an upcoming but as a star. That was the challenge and when the movie came out, it was a success and most people know me through that movie because I did very well. It was the movie that put me into the limelight.

Who are your contemporaries?
I came to the industry on my own, so I would not know who came into this industry along with me. I joined the industry in 2005, I don’t know about anybody. I don’t even see everybody as equal; what matters is how good you are and not when you joined the industry.

You must have gone through a lot of harassment as an upcoming actress?
There is harassment everywhere. There is no place you will not find harassment, men harass women and women harass men. People intimidate you, people who don’t want you to grow will harass you. People say there is harassment in Nollywood, it is everywhere. It is a man and woman’s world, it’s not peculiar to an entertainment circle, which is a big circle. I don’t see it as harassment but it’s a norm, so it all depends on how you carry yourself. As a beautiful woman, people will harass you.

Have you been harassed in the street?
I do not see anything in it, they are appreciating me and I have to handle them very well. They are my fans.

But most of them especially men could go beyond their limit, like trying to touch your sensitive parts?
It’s still part of appreciation from fans.

Any experience that you can recollect?
I don’t think I can remember. Though some fans could be aggressive, they will like to show you love.

How far can you go in performing your role?
I can do anything in acting; there is no limit to what Uche can do on stage as an actress, I can do anything, and I don’t care, because I am a professional actress, and I don’t care because that role I am playing is touching somebody, somewhere. If I played a bitch role, the bitch will like it, while the saints will frown at it, and if I played a saint role, the saint will like it, while the bitch will not like it. It is either you like it or hate it, but I don’t care because it is my job.

So you can act a nude role?
I can act any role, I am a professional artiste. If you give me a nude role that has something to teach people and does not affect any culture or tradition, I can do it; that is why I am an actress. At the end, if I become a superstar and people love me more, I would be glad. I don’t care about what people might say or think about me.

On the issue of pornography going on in Nigerian movie industry, what is your comment on that?
I do not support pornography, like I always say, the fact that I can act nude scene does not mean I can act a pornographic movie, or am a pornographic actor. It is against our norm, culture and tradition in Africa. The people acting it have their reasons for doing it, if they are happy with what they are doing, good luck to them.

When are you inviting us for your wedding?
Why not join me in prayer because I am still searching.

I am sure many men reading this interview will like to apply?
Of course, they are welcome, people come every day. But that one person who can take everything for the sake of love and God, I am still looking for that person. If I go into relationship, because of the way people come to me, I might make a wrong choice. I am looking for that person that I will be able to love unconditionally, that is the person I will be able to take all his shortcomings. I do not care because inside me, I know he is my own, he will be able to tolerate me with anything I do. I want him to see me as next thing to God, I have not found that person.

People seem to add controversy as part of your name, are you a controversial person?
Hmmm, I am controversial because first; what makes someone controversial is doing something without putting anybody into consideration. When you are selfish in your decision; that is when controversy comes in, and in the kind of life you need. And controversy can stem from different angles. I am controversial in what I wear, I am controversial in the way I walk on the street, how I dress, I am selfish on what I want to be, I don’t pretend, I don’t care, I don’t fake it and I don’t live a controversial life. I am a very decent woman, I wear what I want to wear, and I eat what I want to eat.

You are reputed to have one of the marvelous shapes in Nollywood. How do you feel?
(Laughter) I am happy on how God created me. I know I am wonderfully created by God, and I am happy for that. I have got good eyes, good nose for an African woman, good shape, good lips, a kissable one, and good legs. In fact, I have got everything that a woman will ever ask for.

Between Sanyeri And Area Boys

Reigning comic actor, Sanyeri is now a toast of miscreants or area boys as they besiege him at every opportunity they have. During Gani Adams’ birthday ceremony at Agidingbi, Ikeja some area boys numbering about 20 besieged him, asking for their own share of the money he has made. The actor stylishly ignored their demand and went into the venue of the event.

I Almost Moved Out Of My Matrimonial Home – Toyin Adewale

Popular Nollywood actress, Toyin Adewale who celebrated 20 years in marriage has made it clear that it’s not an easy thing to be in marriage for 20 years. While sharing her experience, she said she almost packed out from her matrimonial home “but my mother insisted I must not do so. She said I should endure and persevere whatever challenges I’m facing because she (my mother) also faced challenges and overcame them”.
While advising the married couple in Nollywood, she stated that they should endure, respect and be truthful to each other.

[MUSIC ALERT] 03media present: DARREL – GO LOW

Darrel is a young and multi-talented pop artiste who has been inspired by the late Michael Jackson at the early age of 7, and he grew up as a dancer.
At the early age of 13, darrel discovered his ability of writing songs of his own, and he has groomed himself till this moment, having a melodious voice that sinks down the heart of music lovers. Darrel has released his first ever anticipated single “go low”, a melodious song that will put you on your feet and rock you till you ‘go low’


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