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After several singles and massive air play, Dude Tetsola drops a crispy and dance video to the song ”Shake-e) The video was directed by Wilbart Ignition. Good song, nice video. Enjoy and share

[MIXTAPE] NaijaLoaded Mixtape Vol 2 – DJ Hacker Jp

Official NaijaLoaded Mixtape Vol 2 Is Right Here.. Hosted By The Popular Demand, Balogun Nla, DJ Hacker Jp, You Already Know Whats Up.. Lots Of Artist On The Mix, Such As, Fally Ipupa, D’Banj, Olamide, Jaywon, Dammy Krane, Naeto C, Weird MC, Terry G, Timaya, Davido, Wizkid, Sheyman, Jhybo, Iyanya, Burna Boy, Ice Prince, Samklef, Kethup, Ruggedman, General Pype and Lots More..


[INTERVIEW] I am not scared of any caucus.. I can sing with Pasuma, Osupa – Fuji act, Sule Atawewe

Sulaimon ‘Atawewe’ Adio is a Fuji musician whose Fuji style is widely appeals to the old and young. In this global world where re-branding is very essential to every industry and individuals our Fuji artistes are also trailing that path of life. During a chit-chat the dynamic singer recently, spoke on his career and other interesting issues.

You titled your new album Packaging, what is the motive behind the title?
If you vividly remember, the album that came before Packaging was titled ‘PUBLIC FIGURE’, so by the virtue of that, was you have become a public figure, the next action is to always packaging your stuff so that you don’t fade out in the setting.

What does it take to compose the song because having listened to it, I realize you did a very wonderful job and research?
Yeah! It takes a lot of energy, time, stress and money. You know public figure album was released in 2011 and have commenced research on Packaging immediately we released public figure album. Therefore, the whole efforts took us one good year but we thank God for the positive result of the efforts. If you listen to the song very well, the particular track where I sang about child abuse took us over 7 months before we got it right because it entails a lot of researches. You know what, government cannot cater for all needs, and government does not implore us to make money at the detriment of our children by hired them out to for maid. On many occasions, I have found a beggar whom I gave reasonable money to start a business, but to my dismay, I still see them at the same spot weeks after I gave them the money while some of them deemed it fit to change their locations. So, the begging trade of a thing has been in their blood which they cannot do without even if you give them the whole money in this world, they will still remain in the indecent and the shameful job. So, to get all these facts, it takes a lot of time and we thank God that the album has been doing very well in the market and we have been getting a lot of response from people and their response is very encouraging.

How many tracks do you have in it?
Sixteen tracks.

Who is selling it?
Golden Point Music in Alaba Int’l and Gold Body Music situated at Ojuwoye, Mushin, Lagos.

You fondly called dance-hall musician, why this name?
Yes, the name is courtesy of the level of my high tempo of rhythm. My fans know that once they get to Atawewe’s show, they don’t expect much music rather, high tempo of rhythm is their utmost expectation. And this invariably gave birth to Dance-Hall artiste.

You are one of the few Fuji artistes that have travelled vast and wide and there are some that believe that you people often go there to cut corner; I mean, taking drugs?
Laughs…See, if you think your friend has cut corner, then you try and short the corner, laughs… if you know that your friend is a smuggler and you could not go along with it, then you try and opt for other illicit means and see the ordeal he is passing through. Do you think money ritual is an easy task? (He asked rhetorically). But notwithstanding, I have to correct that negative notion about artistes that are travelling abroad. I am never a cocaine smuggler or baron. I have target as I am travelling abroad. As I am talking to you now, I am doing a duet with one of the popular American music producer who has produced many artistes; this I am doing to make a landmark for myself in the industry. I want my own album to be selling over ten million copies and I also want to establish myself in American market and to achieve this feat, a lot of sacrifices must be made and that explained why I am working with an American producer now.

Now to the Fuji music in general, we are having a lot of cults in the industry now; Pasuma claimed to be Oga Nla, Osupa call his own Oba Nla, Aluko Okala and so forth, what is your position to this and don’t you think the so call peace in the house of Fuji is turning to mirage?
I am less concerned about any caucus. I have said it earlier that I am ‘AKILE’ (could be literarily means FEAR). So nobody can get advantage over me.

But don’t you think that the formulation of those caucuses is a way of stealing the market?
Well, I wouldn’t know, they are free to do whatever they like to sell their music but my argument is that no one can intimidate me all in the name caucus. They are strategizing on how they will sell their brand via formulation of caucuses while I am applying a different way of getting my brand known to the whole world.
So what is your relationship with Pasuma, Osupa and co-?
They are all my friends; but what happen is that I relate with you the way you do to me.

It was said that you warned Pasuma not to accept Arabanbi title then. How true is this?
It is a lie. He didn’t inform me that he was going to accept Arabanbi title now! So how come will I warn him. He knows what he sees before accepting it and now that he has bounced back, the reason is best known to him. You know, one thing that is certain in this life is ‘change’ things can change at any point in time, human being can change and no one can predict anybody. So, we are all subject to the world change.

What if a marketer stage a concert for you and Pasuma, will you accept it?
Imaging what you said, you said marketer! Before market can call me for concert with any artiste definitely ‘pepper must rest’ that is money must involve. While I am singing, is it not to get money? My brother, money is the issue.

What if you did it with Pasuma and he calls you to do another concert with Osupa?
I have no problem with both of them. This implies that I will welcome any concert with them but ego must be involved. And again, the concept of the concert must be well considered. You cannot call for concert with Pasuma or Saheed Osupa and vice-versa; I will not accept it no matter how much is involved. Likewise you cannot give me money to rubbish Ayinde Wasiu; even if Alhaji offends me; I know the best way to correct his mistake rather than rubbish him all in the name of money.

Who are your contemporaries in Fuji music industry at the moment?
See my brother, every players in the industry know their worth and level. We might just be hyping ourselves but each and every one of us knows what we worth. So, I have no cause to be dragging level or position with anybody but my belief is that when it is time, the truth will iron itself out.

On many occasions, King Wasiu Ayinde do proclaim himself as the head of all Fuji artistes after the demise of (Dr) Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, while Alhaji Kollington Ayinla who is perceive to be the head is still alive. What is your take to it?
I see nothing to it. You know I said it earlier that everybody knows what he worths in the industry, if K1 claims or presents himself as the head of all Fuji artistes today, that is where he wants himself to be and that is the position he feels . So, I have no grouse against anybody given himself a title which he believes could sell his brand.

But who will you accord as the head of Fuji music at the moment since the pioneer himself (Barrister) is now a blessed glory?
Definitely I will go for Alhaji Kollington Ayinla and Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde as our leaders. Or who do you expect me to go for?

How many album you have to your credit?
I have about eleven albums.

You were adjudged as one of the few Fuji acts that have a very good way of controlling the stage. What is the secret?
Hmmm! What happen is that, as I said earlier, my fans know that once they get to my show, they don’t expect much song, all their expectation is good rhythms couple with rare social slangs. In this regard, what I do is that whenever I have a new slang and I throw it to them, if they all enthusiastically stand on their feet and started dancing, yes I know that such slang is accepted but if they remain silent, that means the slang is not welcoming. In essence, the response of my fans while in the show gives me a lot of inspirations.

What turns you off to people?
With passion, I hate traitor because traitors are the worst enemy in the world. I cannot reckon with a betrayer.

Have you been betrayed by a colleague in the industry before?
Haba! Many times!! I have been betrayed time without number.

What happened then and who were involved?

Those involved are people you know but I will not mention names. Then we would conclude on a particular decision and before I know it, they would have done otherwise while I would still remain on our agreement.

How were you felt?
I just felt being betrayed never allow their dishonest behavior to weigh me down and it makes me wiser.
Being a good traveler, can you account for the countries you have visited?
No, because we are still counting. Even aside that, I cannot no longer tell how many countries I have visited since I have being travelling.

Do you have fans in those countries?
Yes, I only go to the country where I have fans. They are the one inviting me to come and give them what I am best known for.

Why is it that virtually all your album’s titles turn out to be your stage manes ranging from Baba Oloye, Mr. Spirit, Master Key and so forth?
That is because each time I release my fans base increase. There are some of my fans now that do call me ‘Public Figure’, the reason behind this is that those are the fans that came on board through Public Figure album while those that got to know me through Baba Oloye are still maintaining the title and so on.

As a handsome Fuji star, how many female friends do you have?
Laughs…Well; let me keep the answer straight as you keep the question straight. My female friends are many. Laugh…

What define your fashion routing?
Talking of fashion, my fans are behind most of my collection(s). For instance, some weeks back I was performing at Mozida where I fond of performing every Sunday when I am in the country, a fan of mine (Akindele) was so excited to the music to an extent that he removed this Gucci wrist watch (wagging his hand) from his hand and tied it on my wrist. He took a very good look at me and discovered that all the designers I wore were Gucci except my wrist watch and he decided to complete it for me. In a related development, I was performing recently and a fan of mine was so happy that he tied a wrist watch worth about twenty one thousand Euro on my wrist. To be honest with ourselves, I cannot afford to buy a single wrist watch at the rate of twenty one thousand Euro because I know how many people am feeding. My fans are behind all those expensive fashion items.

What is the most expensive collection that you cannot do without?
I love looking good all the time. I am a fashion freak but I don’t live beyond my means. But when we are talking of most expensive collection, let’s give it to wrist watch. If I put on ordinary boxer and bath room slippers, my wrist will speak the volume. I cherish wrist watch most.

What is the diverse effect of it then?
O ran igbesi aye mi lowo nitori owo to pade simi lowo lojo ti won fi mi sile le ni 500, 000 naira

What stroke your mind then concerning the profession?
I thought of dumping the profession because my mum and dad insist I dump the work. In fact, my mother said she went to spiritualist and they said I should be selling keys…….

Was that the reason why you did Master Key some years after?
I did that because I knew keys have something to do in my life.

What should we be expecting after Packaging?
I’m planning on shooting video for public figure. After that, then we shoot Packaging’s video. I’m also planning a new album after shooting these videos.

K1 In Studio For Aregbesola 2nd Term Campaign

For the past three weeks now, the Olu Aye of Fuji music, Wasiu Ayinde Mashal popularly known as K1 De Ultimate has been working tediously to put final touches to his latest songs. We learnt the songs are meant to glorify the good work and reason to support the incumbent Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola for 2nd term ticket in the forthcoming election. K1 as he’s fondly called is using EKO MIX STUDIO for the recording of the new songs according to inside source. It would also interest you to know that, the FUJI musician who has his children following his footstep in the musical world did the same thing for Action Congress of Nigerian leader and the former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu when he was the Governor of Lagos State and he also repeated the same for his successor, Gov. Raji Fashola (SAN)

[MUSIC] Sauce (@Mr_Saucebaby) – ‘’Manova’’


Fast Forward Muxiq , Presents Sauce . With his debut single ‘’Manova’’.
Sauce or Sauce on point as friends call him , is a brilliant new act . Who’s relationship with Music big Acts is nothing but a leverage to see him pull through his career.

This is a lovely song ‘’Manova’’ and the Video (Which has already been shot) would be dropping in some few weeks.

Enjoy & Share your opinion


[VIDEO] Remi Aluko Denies being Blind

Remi Aluko Thrills Fans at Club Royale

If you think, Club Royale is only meant for the Hip-hop genre of music, you might be mistaken. The club, penultimate Friday took their customers by surprise when the MC announced the arrival of FUJI act, Remi Aluko. Before anyone could say jack, he has grabbed the microphone to start doing what he knows how to do best which is singing. Though, some punters who are not too pleased with the idea quickly finished their battles of drink and dash out from the club while Fuji music lovers who are present in the club was enjoy themselves to the fullest. After two hours nonstop, the black and agile singer steps into the VIP section to calm his naïve and the DJ continue with the latest tunes from other genre of music. Later before he left, he also perform two to three tracks out of his coming album

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