Saheed Osupa “Olufimo Day” Car Gift Wrecked and Abandoned At Agege

The carwon at the Olufimo Day organized by King of music, Saheed Osupa, is currently abandoned at Olaiya street, mulero,Agege by the winner. The Hyundai car which still carries the brand pictures of the sage singer looks worn and lacks maintenance with one Tyre missing. It was leant that the promotional car has been on packed for over two months following its regular faulty nature.

A resident simply identified himself as Nelly says that the car was not presented as a brand new car and he assumed that it has been on used before saheed donated it to the lucky fan.

“I don’t think this car is new. If you check the body of the car, you can see the trace and touches of panel beater and also the car looks like a commercial one”.

Nelly added that Osupa and his management team should be blamed for this mess. He said the team promised a brand new Toyota Corolla car but presented a used and worn car that belittles the image of the talented star musician.

“His management teams are dubious. During the promo, it was Toyota but to the greatest surprise, it was fake car”.

Another resident, White, says that the car was tolled to here by the winner. White condemned it and described it as a method to scam his diehard fans. “Let me tell you, why would one promised a brand new car for a promotional purpose and presented a wretched car after the sales of Ankara at expensive rate. He queried.


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