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(Entertainment) See one of the Liers in Nollywood , Fashlanso lied to Women @tj_shetade


Nollywood actor Yomi Fash-Lanso has confessed he wore a fake ring for years just to get scare women away from him. According to him, many women around him were ready for marriage and he wasn’t so he had to wear a fake wedding ring to get them off him.  He said even with the wedding ring on him, ladies still dates him when he approaches them after explaining to them his wife lives outside the country. It’s just sad how these actors paint women,

You must have dated so many people before you got married?

When you talk about marriage, it is all about emotions. Because I knew I wasn’t ready for marriage, I went and bought a wedding band and started wearing it so that ladies would think I was married. I wore that band for many years. I would meet a girl and tell her I liked her and when she asked about my wife, I would tell her my wife was abroad. If she wouldn’t mind, we would date. If another girl saw us together, that one would be wondering if the girl was my wife. It made life easier for us. I wasn’t ready for marriage then. I knew marriage was a different thing and I didn’t want to make mistakes. I ran away from girls then because they were just too ready for marriage while I wasn’t. They would tell me their father was ready and that we should get married but I just didn’t want because I wanted to be the man, I wanted to be the head of the home.

70% Of Northerners Are Illiterates- Atiku


Nigeria’s Former vice president Atiku Abubakar has disclosed that Northern Nigeria has the highest rate of illiteracy  in the nation with 70 percent of the north not educated.

The Presidential Candidate under the flagship of the All Progressives Congress, APC, was speaking at a public presentation of the book called “Re-thinking the Legal Framework for Rights of Women and Girl-Child in Nigeria,” in honour of the former vice president’s wife Amina Titi Atiku Abubakar.

He also said that 38 percent of women in Nigeria lack formal education while only an alarming four percent have higher education.

Atiku revealed that 10 million Nigerian children are not in schools presently and over 6 million of that figure consists of females.

He also explained that 22 percent of teenage girls in Nigeria have at least one experience of unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.

According to him, “there is no doubt that the rights of women and girls need to be protected and promoted. As a country, we are currently not doing enough in that regard, not in educating them, not in promoting and caring for their health and not in dealing with crimes against them such as rape and several others.

“WOTCLEF believes that every child has a right to life, to education, to leisure, to recreational activities and to develop mentally and emotionally, and to protection from any form of harm.

“Perhaps no greater harm can be done to a girl-child than denying her an education. And it is also a great harm to the society. Educating girls is vital because girls who acquire education tend to become better mothers, have fewer and healthier children.

“Indeed, as UNICEF points out, every additional year of schooling reduces the probability of child mortality by five to ten percent. And if you look around your various communities you are likely to find that children whose mothers are educated tend to be educated themselves.

“Figures from the United Nations, national reports and studies initiated by non-governmental organizations always show that girls, as a group, have lower literacy rates, received less health care, and are often more impoverished than boys.

“The UNESCO estimates that over 100 million girls in low and middle income countries cannot read a sentence”.

Atiku Abubakar has announced that he would like to battle these issues as President of the nation come 2015, he has announced his interest in the presidential position under the flag of the APC.

(News) Uyo commissioner Confirms 3 People died in Uyo Stadium Opening @tj_shetade

uyo stadium3

Three persons have been feared dead and over 20 injured in a stampede during the inauguration of the Akwa Ibom International Stadium, Uyo.

Apart from the stampede which led to the death of the affected people, security men at the gate dispensed tear gas canisters on those trying to gain entry into the stadium.

Reports have it that  in Uyo on Friday that some of those who sustained injury during the stampede lay for several minutes while the medical team at the stadium had yet to attend to their cases.

One of the injured victims, Mr. Wisdom Amaowo, said he was pushed inside the gate by a security operative who also dispensed tear gas canisters on him.

He said, “After the policeman dispensed the tear gas canisters on me, I became unconscious and did not know when I was moved to where you now see me.

“Right now, I cannot bend; you can see many bruises and cut on my arms, legs and other parts of my body.

“Since I have been brought here, there is no one from the medical section of the stadium that has come to my aid.”

The state Commissioner for Health, Mr. Emem-Abasi Bassey, confirmed the incident, but said no dead had been recorded.

He stated that he was aware of the situation at the gate as many people, both those with tickets and those without the tickets were trying to gain entry into the gates.

Bassey added that 150 medical personnel were on ground to attend to injured victims.

“We have just revived a woman whose condition was terrible as a result of the stampede. We are completely in control of the situation,” he said.

The commissioner, however, attributed the stampede to excitement as many people wanted to gain access to the stadium at all.

(Entertainment) I’m not joining Kennis Music Again -2Face @tj_shetade


Contrary to the speculation that Tuface Idibia aka Tubaba, is reuniting with Kennis Music, the record label that launched him into limelight, the singer said that the working relationship he has with the label is based on his first album as a solo artiste.

He however ruled out the possibility of signing on to the label as an artiste.

“I am still having a good romance with Kennis Music. It has been 10 years since the release of my first album as a solo artiste, and Kennis Music is planning a 10th anniversary of that album. The album has been re-mastered. That’s exactly what I am doing with Kennis music. So, it’s not about Tubaba joining Kennis Music as an artiste,” he said.

The artiste further revealed that his change of name is for publicity as he cannot run away from his brand name, Tuface.

“Before I changed my name to Tubaba, everybody had been calling me that name. I did not really change the name because people still call me Tuface and I still answer, I just wanted it to be official. That is why you will see Tubaba in my next album. I cannot run away from Tuface. Everything is just for publicity basically,” he said.

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