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(Politics) GEJ Formally Declares to Re-Run For President in 2015 General Election @tj_shetade

jona jona

GEJ Formally Declares to Re-Run For President in 2015 General Election under People’s Democratic Party. The event was held today at Eagles Square, Abuja today.

(News) Christina Aguilera First Outing After First Baby @tj_shetade


She looks amazing after given birth.

“What a Girl Wants”… is to turn heads at her first public appearance since giving birth.

Christina Aguilera stunned on the red carpet at the Breakthrough Prize Awards in Mountain View, California, on Sunday. Living up to her song “Beautiful,” the songstress – who welcomed daughter Summer Rain Rutler on Aug. 16 – looked amazing in a long sleeve, floor length, red Rubin Singer dress, which hugged her curves.

The 33-year-old’s return-to-the-red-carpet look also included Christian Louboutin shoes (a favorite!). She styled her blond locks in full, flowing curls. And, of course, she went with a red pout (another fave!). Her lips were a bold shade of red, which perfectly complemented her figure-flattering dress.

On the blonde’s arm was her fiancé, Matthew Rutler. They met on the set of her 2010 film Burlesque and have been going strong ever since. While Summer is their first child together, Aguilera also has a 6-year-old son, Max, with ex-husband Jordan Bratman.

Aguilera performed at the awards show, which was hosted by Seth MacFarlane and honored 14 world-changing scientists, and delivered a rousing rendition of “Beautiful.”

(Politics)My Mission in Politics- Primetime Boss, D 1

with family

ENTERTAINMENT guru and adorable dandy, Dayo ‘D1′ Adeneye announced on Saturday, November 1, 2014, that he has picked the nomination form of All Progressives Congress (APC) for a House of Assembly slot in Odogbolu constituency (Ogun State).  And legions were interested in why the Primetime Entertainment and Kennis Music co-chief executive will join politics at all, not to talk at starting from almost the lowest rung.

Why join politics now, after almost two decades in broadcasting and entertainment?

My people summoned me, and I acceded to their wishes. They asked me to come and represent them in the House of Assembly in Ogun State.

Aside that, it’s always been at the back of my mind. I’ve always said what I do is service. Everything I’ve done, if you check my records, has always been about impacting lives and serving people. I was a teacher in the United States for seven years, before coming back to Nigeria.

I left certainty for uncertainty coming to be part of the founding team of Raypower and AIT because I believed in the vision  giving Nigerians 24-hour radio and TV stations. Something that had never been done before.

I believe in serving  educating people, informing them, entertaining them. Putting a smile on their faces. This is a continuation of the things we’ve always done  encourage talents, be a role model and inspire them.

This is just a phase of it. Any young person who sees it can say, so one can go from radio and television to politics. So, I can do it. If you look at history…From Arnold Schwarzenegger from a small country (Austria) to being world champion body builder, governor of the sixth largest economy in the world, California (USA). So, anything is achievable, if you believe in your dream and go for it with gusto.  Victory, they say, favours the brave. Now is the time, and why wait any longer?  My people have called me to serve, who am I to continue to say no?

Why APC?  Why not another party?

Most of my friends and relatives are in that party, from the beginning (from AD, ACN…).

Secondly, their philosophy and ideology better match my own. Anybody who knows me, knows my temperament…I stand for the common people, for things that affect lives positively. The philosophy that APC propagates, from the philosophy of our late sage (Chief Obafemi Awolowo) in the days of AG and UPN, to AD and ACN and APC…those are the philosophies I identify with.  Hence, it was an easy choice for me to make.


As someone called to serve, I wouldn’t want to dictate. You serve where your people feel it’s best for you. Where you will make the most impact.  My impact is around my people. My people in my constituency in Odogbolu called me, that if I’m in the House of Reps or Senate, I will be sitting in Abuja  and that my impact won’t be immediately felt.

Also, like I’ve said in previous interviews, that anywhere I’m called to serve, I’m willing. The good book also says, those who humble themselves shall be exalted. You start from somewhere. I remember the humble beginnings of Primetime and Kennis Music which we started in Kenny’s parlour some years back, which have grown to be known all over Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Big things always start small. Let’s get in and make a difference. Let’s get in and get our voices heard. From there, we can move to bigger things.

How prepared are you for the primaries?

I am very well equipped, I’m prepared. I’ve done my consultations. I know this is a job for me, this is a job I can do. My antecedents are very clear.  Those who know me know what I can do. I have the education, the temperament, and I know the laws. I’m a people person. Everything I’ve done has been in service of my community and country. I inspire young people to succeed in music, acting  discovering young talents, and turning them into something Nigeria and Africa can be proud of. I’m quite ready. I know it’s going to be a tough and uphill battle, but I’m prepared. I’m not one to assume…God will see us through.

It costs a lot of money to run a political campaign. Even the forms alone are expensive. How do you hope to fund this campaign?

Right now, I’m funding my campaign myself. But my friends have assured me of their support.  Friends from my immediate constituency (the media), my well wishers have always encouraged me. The response has been encouraging from Nigerians all over the world, the Ijebus in diaspora, it is nothing but words of encouragement. Some even promised to come home and vote…

For now, the funding is from the household of Mr. and Mrs. D1.

What exactly will be your mission in the House of Assembly? What are the things you plan to do for your people?

Having taking a short tour of my constituency (Odogbolu)…of course, I went to Ijebu Ode Grammar School, I grew up in Ijebu…the area is not what it used to be. We have sweet memories of going to school here.  Some of the infrastructure have collapsed. But Governor Ibikunle Amosun is doing a lot now.

My missions is to draw government attention, in terms of funding, to improve my constituency.

I’ve met with many Kabiyesis (traditional rulers), and they made their needs known to me. Their needs are a priority in my mind.

I’m in my 50s, and I’m one of the Ijebus that believe that once you are in your 50s, you should be retiring home. So, which home am I retiring to if I don’t make it beautiful and comfortable?

That’s the reason I’m contesting. To return my constituency to its glory days. Then, we were happy to go home for Ileya, Christmas or just to spend the weekend. With God’s help, we will get there. We’ve travelled abroad, we have seen these things, it is ‘doable’.  And Nigeria has the money, it is just leadership. We’ve seen what Gov. Fashola has done in Lagos…it can be done.

We cannot all sit down and criticize. That’s why I’m joining politics, to make a difference.

Some say you are tired of both Primetime and Kennis Music…

No! On the contrary, I love what I do. Anybody that has ever read my interviews or watched me on TV, listened to me on radio, knows that I don’t delve into anything for the money  but for the passion. When we got into radio and television, who was in it? When we got into music, how much were artistes earning? Fela (Anikulapo-Kuti) was the highest paid artiste at N25,000 per show.  I’ve always done the things I’m passionate about. Have always gone into uncharted territories. I’m not tired of Primetime, I’m not tired of Kennis Music.  What we’ve always propagated is service.  When you are on radio or TV, you are entertaining, informing and educating people. Putting a smile on their faces…it’s a service.

When you discover a 2Face, Tony Tetuila, Eedris Abdulkareem or Jaywon that succeeds, hires a band manager, dancers and pays taxes, you are helping to stimulate the economy. You are creating employment. So, we’ve always done in private sector what we couldn’t do through government. We’ve helped to create jobs, stimulate the economy.  We have artistes now who are riding multi-million naira cars, and they pay taxes, they hire people.

To answer your question, no. That is far from it. I very much enjoy what I’m doing, and like I said at the beginning, it is not the first time I’ve been called upon. I just thought it was not the time. I was deeply engaged in my radio and TV work. Taking a look at the scenario and the phase I am in life, I think I’m matured enough to handle the responsibility of governance.  This is the time I can make a difference.

Will you still have time to present Primetime Africa once elected?

We will cross that bridge when we get there. I always believe that one should never forget your constituency, you never forget your people.  When I become an Honourable member of the House, my constituency will go along with me. Of course, I will use my media contact, my friends in entertainment to come to my constituency…There will be nothing wrong in calling a 2Face to come perform at our Ileya festival…or to start something in tourism.  I will be with my constituency (media and entertainment).

My friends in the media and entertainment are going to support me. They have sent me congratulatory wishes. That this is about time.  Those words of encouragement made me understand that I made the right decision in coming out and stepping into the next phase of my life.

When did you tell Kenny Ogungbe and what did he say?

I told Kenny about a week ago. He was ecstatic, he said, ‘Are you serious about it?’ Of course, we’ve always talked about it, bandied it back and forth  and agreed that if the opportunity comes, we should take it.

He (Kenny) said, ‘Baba Oloye, let’s go for it. As a matter of fact, I’m going to be the DG of your campaign organization, God willing’.  And I thank God for that. We have always been together…in the days of drinking garri and shawa.  When the situation became better, it is good to look back and look to your side (to see Kenny). We’ve always discussed it. Kenny and my lovely wife have always been consulted when it comes to major decisions in my life.

When I was making the consultation, I was hinting him. I said, ‘Kenny, something might be cooking’. The suspense was killing him. He said, ‘Baba Oloye, tell me, tell me’. I said,’ I would let you know soon’. And once I told him, he was very ecstatic. Very happy for me.

Who will be managing Kennis Music and Primetime Entertainment?

It is a business. We have managers  finance managers, programme managers, directors, editors, producers. My job is as a presenter.  When the opportunity avails me, I will present. If not, we will find younger people to present.

Primetime is a business that can stand on its own. It doesn’t depend solely on Kenny and D1 to thrive. You know both of us travel a lot, and there are times both of us are not around. It must go on.  It is a business entity, and can sustain itself.

What will happen to your hotel and bar?

My father always told me, any business that can’t survive without you being there is not a business. So, that’s what our fathers did.  They set up businesses which they can supervise minimally. The hotel and bar are self-sustainable. I have hired competent managers and staffers, my amiable wife is there to supervise them. I’ve no concern in that area.  It will run itself, and God will help in sustaining them.

Culled from Encomium

(Soceity ) Keyamo On Letter to Governor Uduaghan, You’re A Disgrace To Governance @tj_shetade

festus keyamo

Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo, has said the Delta state governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan, is a disgrace to governance for playing “Ping-Pong” with the affairs of the state with ex-militant, Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo.

Mr. Keyamo, in an open letter to the governor, alleged that Mr. Uduaghan interfered in the duties of the state electoral commission during the last local government chairmanship election by replacing the Warri South-West candidate with Mr. Tomopolo’s younger brother on the eve of the election.

The lawyer said the governor summoned one Weyinmi Omadeli to his private residence in Warri on Thursday, October 23, 2014- barely 48 hours to the election- and informed him that he had given orders to the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission, DSIEC, to replace his name with that of George Ekpemupolo, the younger brother of Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo.‎

“For you to summon Mr. Omadeli on the eve of an election and inform him that his name had been replaced smacks of high-level interference with the job of DSIEC. It clearly shows that DSIEC is only an appendage of the Delta State Government”.

The lawyer listed five reasons why the action by the governor was wrong and said that the governor’s decision “is capable of igniting a crisis that will affect all of us”.

“The decision was taken whimsically and it is unjust, unfair, illegal and ungodly. Consequently, it is unacceptable and will be challenged legally and politically,” Mr. Keyamo said in the letter.

“It also depicts the sorry and comatose state of DSIEC in the hands of the State Government (it is the same all over the country, anyway).

But, why did DSIEC not have the courtesy to write or summon him to break the news (assuming, but without conceding, that they have the powers to do so?) Sir, you are not the Chairman of DSIEC and you have no business replacing one candidate with another in an election,” the lawyer wrote.

He said it was wrong ‎that Mr. Omadeli’s name was substituted without cogent reasons.

Mr. Keyamo said since the administration of James Ibori, a “truce was reached whereby it was agreed that the Ijaws and Itsekiris would be taking their turns in the governance of Warri South-West L.G.A”.

He went on to ask the governor why he chose an Ijaw man for the position.

“What then is your rationale for this decision? Whom amongst the stakeholders of these two great and illustrious tribes in Delta State did you call to a meeting before this ill-informed decision? What promise or arrangement did you extract from them before this decision?” Mr. Keyamo asked.

Alleging that the governor sacrificed Mr. Omadeli for his 2015 senatorial ambition, Mr. Keyamo said the governor returned George Ekpemupolo, an Ijaw by tribe, to pacify the Ijaws so they can support him.

“Your Excellency, I hate to say this – but say it, I must: there is a clear picture in the public domain that because you are Itsekiri by tribe and the member representing Warri South-West in the State

House of Assembly is also an Itsekiri man, and because you also plan to go to the Senate by 2015, you had no choice but to sacrifice Mr. Omadeli to the Ijaws so that all three slots would not go to Itsekiri.

“You opted to sacrifice the slot of your Itsekiri tribe to the Ijaws to protect your personal interest. In other words, your Senatorial ambition has a big part to play in this whole mess,” Mr. Keyamo stated.

He called on the governor to quickly set up a truly independent Local Government Election Tribunal because he (Mr. Keyamo) will proceed to the tribunal on behalf of Mr. Omadeli.

He ended his letter by advising the governor to “do the needful by summoning all stakeholders to explain to them and to also extract commitments from them as to the way forward in the delicate power play between the Ijaws and Itsekiris before it leads to uncontrollable conflagration”.


(Gist) See Nicki Minaj Dress to MTV’s Europe Music Awards And Die! @tj_shetade


nick 6

nick 5

nick 4

nic 3

nic 1

nik 2

On Sunday night, Nicki Minaj hosted MTV’s Europe Music Awards — and did so in serious style. Her sartorial choices are always the talk of the town but she brought her eclectic style sensibilities over seas and did not disappoint. Wearing 8 different looks throughout the show, her outfits ranged from couture to kooky.

See through to check out every single one of the ensembles the rapper wore in the very short time span.

(News) Suicide Bomber Kills 47 school children at Adamawa @tj_shetade

school children in yola

To be honest, I don’t really like reporting any news on BH, the reason is, it is more political than what the readers could see or understand.

But the school children case is unbearable. I don’t understand why this could happen. An President GEJ wants to campaign today at the Federal Capital Territory?

How would you feel if any of your relatives had been reportedly attacked at the school yesterday and the president call you to take part in his campaign today?

This is worrisome. It is a very pathetic story, i swear.

We are not happy with this incident.

However, according to reports, a   teenage   suicide bomber on Monday killed 47 schoolchildren and three teachers on   the assembly ground of the Government Comprehensive School in Potiskum, Yobe State.

At least 98 other students and teachers were   seriously injured in the incident which occurred hours after Northern governors called on President Goodluck Jonathan “to declare a total war and eliminate Boko Haram in our midst before the 2015 elections.”

Jonathan, who will on Tuesday(today) formally declare his intention to seek a re-election in 2015,     had shortly after the news of the schoolchildren’s killing, assured Nigerians that those behind the act would be apprehended.

Although no group has claimed responsibility for the Monday attack, residents believe that the bomber must be a member of Boko Haram.

A bomber had last week attacked a procession of Shiite movement in the town, killing   over 30 persons.

Reports gathered that the teenager bomber beat the school’s security   and joined the students and teachers who were about to have their prayer before detonating explosives strewn to his body at about 7.45am.

An eyewitness who did not want his name in print said that the bodies of “about   50, including three teachers, that died due to the attack were scattered on the assembly ground.

He added, “We heard a loud bang and since then the area was cordoned off but ambulances were seen going into the school to pick corpses and take the injured to the hospital.

“Both members of staff and students who were not hurt wept profusely as they struggled to rush the wounded to the hospital.

“Potiskum has been in pandemonium since 7. 45am as a result of the attack on the school. I can tell you that all schools in the town have been closed now as parents have gone to pick up their children. There is wailing everywhere, especially around the school where the incident happened.”

The state government and the Force Public Relations Officer, Emmanuel Ojukwu, however put the number of the students and teachers that died at 35 and 47 respectively.

Ojukwu confirmed that the bomber wore the school’s uniform and mingled with the students   before detonating “some improvised explosive devices.”

Ojukwu said, “The male suicide bomber was dressed as a student and he was able to enter the school and join the students on the assembly ground where he detonated the IEDs on him. The blast killed 47 students and teachers and injured 98 others. We have secured other schools around the area and investigation has commenced.”

He explained that the bodies of the dead victims were deposited at the General Hospital mortuary close to the school.

In addition, Gov. Gaidam closes schools, asks for emergency rule’s scorecard

The state Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam, who said the attack had left him heartbroken, closed all public schools in the town pending improved security situation.

He added that he lacked enough words to describe the incident, but challenged Jonathan to come out and explain to all Nigerians, especially those from   the North-East   what had been achieved through   emergency rule in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states.

The governor, in a statement by his spokesman, Abdullahi Bego, said, “This (Monday) morning, our state woke up to a very sad and heart-breaking news of a bomb attack on our young students at the Government Comprehensive School, Potiskum in which no fewer than 35 students were killed and many more injured.

“The governor has noted that this is the fifth time in a little over one year when schools in Yobe State were   attacked and students killed.

“He deeply regrets that all of these dastardly attacks took place under a climate of emergency rule declared in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states by President Jonathan.

“In theory, the emergency rule declaration was a signal that more vigorous steps would be taken to protect lives and property   in the affected states and   restore peace and security. Unfortunately, these have not been fully the case. Instead of forcing insurgents and criminals to flee; the insurgents are forcing innocent people to flee and making life miserable for everyone.

“Governor Gaidam believes that President   Jonathan has a very urgent responsibility to explain to the people of Yobe State and people all across the affected states why murderous and callous insurgent and criminal attacks are still on the rise despite the state of emergency.

“The governor also insists that it was not just enough for the Federal Government to condemn the almost daily rounds of violence. He believes urgent action must be taken right now to restore a fast waning public confidence by doing whatever it takes to stop the escalating violence.

“He has ordered for the immediate closure of all public schools around the Potiskum area until a full review of the situation is undertaken.”

The governor however called on all people   to exercise restraint and continue to pray for the intervention of   Allah.

The governor directed hospital authorities in Potiskum, Nguru and Azare to provide immediate medical support to victims of the   attack free of charge.

Perpetrators’ll be brought to justice


Jonathan on Monday promised that no matter how long it would take, his administration would ensure that all those responsible for the   killings were brought to justice.

He said the same fate awaited all those behind continuing acts of terrorism across the country.

Jonathan said this in a statement made available to journalists by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati.

He extended his commiseration to the government and people of Yobe State on the death of the students.

He also sympathised with all parents who lost their children and wards in the attack.

The statement read in part, “The President condemns the dastardly murder of the students on their school’s assembly ground as they prepared to begin another week of study in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families.

“He assures the grieving parents and people of Yobe State that no matter how long it takes, the Federal Government will ensure that all those responsible for the senseless murder of so many promising youngsters and the continuing acts of terrorism across the country are brought to justice and made to pay for their atrocious crimes.

“The President similarly assures all Nigerians that in spite of seeming setbacks, his administration remains fully committed to winning the war against insurgency and terrorism.

“Nigeria, President Jonathan affirms, will ultimately overcome the current security challenges imposed by domestic terrorists and their foreign allies, with the dedication of its Armed Forces and national security agencies, as well as the continued support and cooperation of all patriotic citizens.”

Jonathan had before the statement during the inauguration of the Sir Ahmadu Bello Foundation secretariat in Kaduna   said his administration remained resolute in the protection of lives and property of Nigerians .

The President, represented by the Minister for Special Duties and the supervising Minister of Labour, Alhaji Tanimu Turaki, said the issue of security was a collective responsibility and not of security agents alone.

According to him, his administration would   faithfully continue the war against terrorists in the country.

The President, who extolled the virtue of the late Premier of the defunct Northern Region,   Ahmadu Bello,   also said that his   government was still disposed to dialogue with Boko Haram.

He however noted that for those   not prepared for dialogue, the Nigerian Army had the capacity to overrun them.

Northern govs want total war against Boko Haram

The Chairman of the Northern State Governors’ Forum,   Babangida Aliyu, who attended the event, said unless the Federal Government declared a total war against Boko Haram, its members might overrun the North.

Aliyu said the NSGF   would support the Jonathan-led government on a total war against the insurgents.

He argued that since the Boko Haram members “were no longer terrorists but rebels,”   the Federal Government must wage a total war against them.

Aliyu lamented that the activities of the sect had dealt a deadly blow to the socio-economic life of the region.

He said, ‘‘Our job is complicated by the present predicaments in the country – Boko Haram, insecurity and abject poverty, among others.

“We must, as leaders, all come together on bipartisan or non-partisan basis to encourage Mr. President and the Federal Government to declare total war and eliminate Boko Haram in our midst before the 2015 elections.

“They are no more terrorists but rebels, who have declared war against their country and have acquired illegal territories. We must therefore crush them.”

Atiku, Mark, Saraki outraged

A former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, Senate President David Mark and a former Kwara State Governor, Bukola Saraki, condemned the killings and called for a concerted effort to wipe out Boko Haram.

Atiku said in a statement by his media office in Abuja   that the latest bombing   once again underscored the need for the government at all levels and “our elders and opinion leaders   to find a permanent solution to the insurgency which has ravaged our country for the past five years.”

He said, “One expects that knowing the anti-education mindset of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, the relevant authorities should have done their bit to ensure that at least, our educational institutions are provided with additional security.”

Mark,   in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary,   Paul Mumeh, expressed regret over the incident and commiserated with the government and people of Yobe State, especially the bereaved parents over the sad development.

He asked the members and sponsors of the “barbaric, senseless, and inhuman attack ” to stop it in the interest of peace and unity.

Mark said, “The war on Nigerians by terrorists without boundaries where men, women, children and even the unborn are victims speaks volumes of the agenda of the terrorists.

“What is the offence of these innocent children? Even in warfare, there are boundaries. Even when enemies are known, women and children are usually spared, talk less of schoolchildren.

“No matter the level of anger, it cannot be endless. Enough is enough. We must remember that no evil done to man by man would go unpunished , if not by man , certainly by the Almighty.

“We cannot continue this way. It is not a way of life. It is time for a ceasefire. What do we achieve by ceaseless killings. How can we suddenly forget our brotherhood?”

Mark, therefore, called on   security operatives to step up action against the terrorists stressing that, “with increase intelligence and surveillance , a lot could be achieved.”

Also, Saraki lamented the killing and asked Jonathan to end the insurgency in the North-East.

Saraki, who is the Chairman, Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology,   noted that Boko Haram had by its action shown that it was bent on destroying the unity of Nigeria.

He said, “In this regard, as we battle this scourge, and unite around those affected by today’s attacks and all victims of this scourge, we must demand that President Jonathan take all necessary action to end Boko Haram’s menace once and for all, instead of using security forces to intimidate perceived opponents.

“My heart goes out to the families of the students affected by the bomb blast on an assembly ground in Yobe State this morning.

“These children are the future of Nigeria, and again we have witnessed the fact that by attacking the young and innocent in our society, Boko Haram is seeking to break our united Nigerian spirit through their evil and cowardly acts. This shall not stand.”

He regretted that Boko Haram had in the past few weeks, “rampaged through the North-East, going as far as being audacious enough to tempt our sovereignty by hoisting   a dark flag to signify conquest.”

(News) Five Air Force Survived Air Crash Yesterday in Adamawa But Helicopter Crashed! @tj_shetade


All is not well in Nigeria at the moment if the information reaching us from Adamawa State is anything to go by.

Fujiipop online Magazine can report to you authoritatively that a  Nigeria Air Force helicopter   on Monday crash landed near the River Benue bank   in Damare,   Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

The chopper   had   five   crew members     said to be American military personnel and a Nigerian.

The Americans, it was learnt, were among the 40 United States military personnel helping   the Nigerian military in the on-going operations against Boko Haram in the North-East.

An eyewitness, who resides close to the crash site, told us that the   helicopter hovered round the area for about 30 minutes before it crashed.

He said that   he   rushed to the crash site but found out that all the crew members, except the pilot, had pulled themselves out of the wreckage of the helicopter.

The witness added that before security personnel arrived the scene,   he overheard one of them (crew members) directing that the helicopter   be set ablaze.

“The pilot and two other persons   suffered injuries. The pilot had a fracture on his leg and hand. An Air force ambulance came and evacuated all of them,” he said.

A military source said that the   40 US   soldiers   had shortly after their   arrival in Nigeria visited Mararaba-Mubi on Sunday for an on the spot assessment of the insurgents’ activities in the area.

Another source said, “The helicopter took off from the airport in Yola and came down just a few metres from the state capital.

“They were five crew members, including   four Americans, They all survived the crash. But those who were injured   are being treated in the hospital.”

Efforts   to get the reactions of the American Embassy in Abuja as of 7pm on Monday failed.

But the Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade, who confirmed the   crash in an electronic mail, said   the   helicopter involved   was on a training mission in the area.

He said, “A NAF Helicopter with call sign Shark 23 on a training mission executed a controlled forced landing four minutes after take-off at the runway approach end of the Yola International Airport today (Monday) at about 0930hours.

“There is no casualty recorded as all the crew members have been recovered back to the base.

“The NAF headquarters has already set up an investigation panel to unravel the circumstances that led to the incident.”

When journalists visited the site of the crash, stern-looking military personnel had cordoned it off.

Meanwhile, the Adamawa State Government has called on its citizens to be calm, stressing that the military was on top of the situation.

The spokesman for the government, Mr. Phineas Elisha, said that “Adamawa, as of today, was  better than Adamawa of yesterday.

“People should not panic or be afraid. The government is on top of the situation. Insurgency will soon be history because the military are on top of the situation,” Elisha said.

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