(Entertainment) Read Baba De Baba Pain Behind My Happiness. @Richard

   There is no doubt that behind every good smile, there is always a hiden pain. And it has also been confirmed through research that those who solve other people’s problem are often the ones that needed it most. Again, it has also been that the best way to be happy is to make other people happy. 

Baba De Baba, the selfstyle Mbaise comedian knows this prinsciples very well and here is his testimony as it was told in his new year message to Nigerians

                   MY MESSAGE TO YOU FOR 2015

I wanted to wish my neighbor a “Happy New Year”  he refused to come outside, then I went inside to play with him as usual but he refused to smile and I also noticed that he has lost weight.

Then I asked him Oga Mekus why u lose weight abi u don carry ebola or Aids?
He said he’s not happy because he didn’t make money in 2014 and that was why he didn’t travel home for xmas… Then I asked him if he was owing bank, landlord or lost someone and he said “NO”.. Then I smiled and said “oga u don’t have a problem” and he replied “Baba De Baba u are always happy because u didn’t go through pain in 2014”

Then I shared my 2014 ordeal with him.. I told him how my wife went to three hospitals in an ambulance before Daniel was born for 3days.. Infact the doctor in d third hospital said they won’t make it and I smiled and started taking pictures of my wife  and the Doctor said to me “Mr man your wife is dying and u are taking pictures” and I told him that I was taking the pictures because my wife won’t believe she was in coma.. Meanwhile she was on a stretcher at the emergency getting ready to be taken for Operation.

I later called the doctor and said to him that I believe that my wife will give birth without CS and she and the baby will survive, I believe so because I don’t have money for operation and God can’t give a problem that is bigger than me .. The doctor looked at me and called me a “mad man” and he said the operation was meant to save only one person (either the baby or the Mother)…

Then I got angry with the doctor and asked him to withdraw his evil statement against my family… While we were arguing, My WIFE GAVE BIRTH TO DANIEL on the Stretcher on her way to the theatre for operation.

I didn’t even tell him how I lost jobs, how I was blackmailed or how my car got burnt on New Year eve.

My neighbor looked at me and said so u went through all these and u are always happy and nobody knew what happened to u?.

I replied him “HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE” so I chose to be HAPPY

I noticed that when am happy, the devil gets confused and he says to his agents  “so with all the problems we gave the guy he is still smiling?.. Pls leave him let’s attack someone else.

God turned my problems into Jokes and I shared them on stage and when people laff, they mock the Devil.


Happy New Year

Baba De Baba
(Mbaise Man)

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