Again, Boko Haram Attacks A Niger Border Town, Repelled By Soldiers @Richard

boko2According to the AFP report, the raid was the third on the Niger border town of Diffa in four days and comes as the Niger parliament is due to vote on whether to join a regional offensive against the insurgents.

The source, one of around 3,000 Niger soldiers sent to the unstable border area, told journalists: “The attack was repelled. Clean-up operations have been under way since this morning.”

A few hours after the assault was repelled, a shell fired by Boko Haram struck Diffa’s pepper market, which attracts traders and customers from Nigeria and other countries in the region, defence minister Mahamadou Karijo told state media on Sunday night. Karijo said one person was killed and at least six people were injured in the explosion.

It was reported earlier that the insurgents first the first time launched an attack in the neighbouring Niger town of Bosso, where many Nigerian refugees have found shelter, two days ago, February 6, 2015.

On Saturday, the governments of  Cameroun, Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Benin agreed to establish an 8,700 strong regional force to take on Boko Haram.

Among other participants is Uganda. It recently decided to deploy two battalions to assist Nigeria in the war against Boko Haram terrorists group.

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