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Plantain Boy, Myro Set To Drop New Video @Richard

myroInformation reaching us has it that Masterpiece Records artiste, Oghenemairo Ozah Daniel, other wise known by his stage name, Myro is currently in South Africa for the shoot of his recently released single, Ocha. Myro left the shores of Nigeria for the Rainbow nation on tuesday, 10th february 2014. Though another bird whispered into our ears that the self acclaimed plantain master travelled to SA to celebrate valentine with his Canadian girl friend. Speaking FPM earlier today, Myro said, ”I am presently in SA to shoot the video of my new single, Ocha, and some other personal business which I may wish not to discuss now”. (Nwanyi Ocha business lolz) 

It could be recalled that Myro, who is also known as DNA by a section of his fans, was the designer of the popular Alobam franchise and is currently signed to Masterpiece Records.

From Grace To Grass: Abdulaziz Nyanko Arrested, Father Still On The Run @Richard

Abdulaziz Nyanko, son of the former Adamawa state governor, Murtala Nyako were have been arrested by the EFCC for financial impropriety while in government. The operatives of the EFCC this morning arrested Abdul-Aziz, in Gombe state. His arrest comes after N15 billion meant for the state was found in accounts of 5 companies owned by him.
Below is a statement made available to pressmen by EFCC  on his arrest…

Barely two weeks after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, declared former Adamawa State Governor, Murtala Nyako and his son, Abdul-Aziz, wanted, operatives of the anti- graft agency, this morning arrested the younger Nyako in Gombe, Gombe State. He was immediately flown to Abuja where he is currently being grilled by a crack team of detectives who had been working on the Adamawa investigation for several months.

Abdul-Aziz, who was declared wanted by the EFCC in the case of stealing, abuse of office and money laundering, is currently telling investigators all he knows about illicit funds traced to companies where he has interest.

Specifically, he will have to explain how over N15billion funds belonging to Adamawa State was laundered into the accounts of five companies owned by him-  Blue Opal Nigeria limited, Crust Energy Nigeria Limited, Blue Ribbon Multilinks Limited, Tower Assets Management Limited and Blue Ribbon Bureau De Change.

The funds was funned into the accounts of the companies from Adamawa State accounts domiciled in a new generation bank by the account officer who incidentally is the manager and an in-law to ex-governor Nyako.

The manager claimed he transferred the funds through verbal instruction from the former governor  for purposes which are not stated.

Investigations revealed that from 2007 to 2011 within Nyako’s tenure in office, before he was impeached in 2014, he had directed that all of the state owned accounts domiciled in various banks be transferred to the new generation bank .

Abdul-Aziz’s company, Blue Opal, is said to own, among other investments in Nigeria, an estate  in Abuja, while his father’s account officer owns several properties and investments scattered around Abuja, Yola and Kano.
Former governor Nyako is still on the run.
Wilson Uwujaren
Head, Media & Publicity
13th February, 2015

Check Your Girl Genevieve Nnaji’s Breath Taking Pictures @Richard


MI Reacts To Etcetera’s attack, Calls Him A Failure @Richard





Political Campaigns: Etcetera Attacks Nigerians Musicians @Richard


One time a singer but now columnist, Etcetera, has come out hard on all the Nigerian entartainers who have  been campaigning for politicians. Read the article below…

Some say Afro Candy is a prostitute. Some say she’s not or at least, not yet. A few others say she’s a porn star, which is not in the same league as prostitution. Porn stars are taxed, prostitutes are not. So Afrolicious baybay, you have to up your game to get into the league of prostitutes, if it is what you really desire. My suggestion would be; instruct your agent or booker to get you appearances in any of the political campaign videos, so you can put to use that floppy behind your mama gave you. And if you are lucky enough, you can get cameos and wiggle that thing around the aspirants themselves. You have to get your bum (sorry your hands) bloodied to earn the highly coveted “Political prostitute” tag. Now my Candilicious Afrolistic baybay, these are a few names of the latest political prostitutes in the country: Olamide, Banky W, Don Jazzy, Flavour, Duncan Mighty, D banj, Mercy Johnson, Ibinabo, Ini Edo, Mama Gee, Naeto C, Joseph Yobo, Daddy Showkey, Kanu Nwankwo, and Sammie Okposo.

I have been asked several times if our celebs should get involved with politics. But today, let me push the same question in different words to everyone reading this article. Do politicians making affiliations with celebs prompt you to vote for them? For me, it’s a definite No. Nigerians are not influenced by celebs to indulge in certain acts because their favourite celeb says so. For instance, I like Kate Henshaw but expecting me to vote for a candidate she supports in the forthcoming elections is like asking me to start buying a particular milk brand because Don Jazzy endorsed it. Puh-leez, things like that don’t cut it here in Naija. Naija is a different kettle of fish compared to what is obtainable in places like the US.

The politicians using celebs for their campaigns should ask themselves what on earth the average person has got in common with Dbanj. He has millions and he may never have to lift a finger again in his life if he so desires. And you think the boys in Okokomaiko who are not smiling will listen to his unrealistic rants on TV and radio? Using a celeb for election campaigns is as stupid as the political aspirants themselves dancing in their campaign musical videos. Imagine Jimmy Agbaje and Ambode dancing in their campaign videos? Ok, I am sorry, no imagination is needed. I feel sorry for the politicians that Nigerians are not fooled by all the media images of celebs pushed at them every day on TV. It has become so much that we can’t tell the difference anymore between political campaign videos and the Nigerian musical videos.

The only cocktail of politics and celebrity that the masses are bound to endorse is that of creating useful awareness that will benefit the larger society. People like Bono have political views which bring attention to real, humanitarian issues that transcend the established political doctrines and have nothing to do with producing those plastic karaoke like political jingles our entertainers are paid to produce. Those entertainers who see nothing wrong in frolicking with politicians will say I am speaking from a misguided perspective. Go ahead, defend your support for that politician. Tell me you are campaigning for change. You can’t fool anyone but yourselves.

Hey, my Afro Candilicious baybay, you go ahead with your trade okay? Don’t let the criticisms of your fellow entertainers bother you anymore. Tell them your porn is definitely a kinder and gentler version when placed side by side with their political prostitution. Now, good day ladies and gentlemen. Please don’t forget to tip the waitress on your way out.

2baba Take Family Out For Valentine, Check Out Pictures @Richard


Boko Haram Dropping Letters In Gombe, Warning People To Stay Away From The Elections @Richard


 Information reaching us from Gombe has it that some suspected members of the dreaded terrorists group, Boko Haram are at the moment circulating letters to residents of the land of the savannah, Gombe state, warning them to stay away from the elections or risk been attacks from them.

Exposed: Sex Hungry And Desperate Yemi Alade Begs Phyno For Sex On Instagram@Richard


Yemi Alade’s official Instagram account has been hacked and the hackers started a conversation with her “Taking Over Me” collaborator Phyno. The hackers who tried to ignite a sexual conversation with Phyno; posted part of the conversation on Instagram suggested a relationship between Phyno and Yemi Alade. The concluding part of the chat between Phyno and the hackers has been made available by Phyno and Yemi Alade via Twitter

Boko Haram Attacks Military In Gombe @Richard


Dadikowa town in Gombe state was this morning attacked by a suspected terrorist group, Boko Haram. The sect members reportedly arrived the town around 6am today in 36 Hilux buses and a dozen motorcycles and attacked soldiers at the security checkpoints of the town. They then forced their way into the town and burnt the quarter guard of the 301 Artillery Regiment. They bugled some shops and also burnt down public institutions including the police station in the town.

The Nigerian military has launched airstrikes on areas the sect members are currently attacking. The state government has imposed a 24hr curfew in the state.

Sack Northern Service Chiefs Now, Arewa Youths Leader Tells Jonathan, Says They Have A Hidden Agenda @Richard


 President of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Alhaji Settima Yerma, in this accuses servic chiefs from the North of not working towards stopping the Boko Haram activities in the region. He also saidthat peace may continue to be elusive if some ethnic groups are treated as second class citizens in the Nigeria project, adding that justice and fairness can only ensure the much desired peace in the country.


The inflammatory statements here and there especially coming from politicians and ex-militants on the general elections are source of worry. You agree?

I am worried because this is not what we expected from this country at this time. I am very worried also because we don’t need these inflammatory statements coming here and there at this particular time. It baffles me when I see our democracy turning into something else. People don’t talk as patriotic Nigerians. Politicians don’t talk about what will benefit the people any more and those who are beneffiting from the government shy away from the truth. Most of them believe that they can do anything and go away with it.

Many Politicians seem to have forgotten that election will come and go but the country will remain.

We have done it in the past and we are going to do it again. Those who are making inflamatory statements are those who have not contributed any thing to the growth of the country, they were not on the trenches when there were problems but they have the opportunity to be there not because they are better than us. Let all politicians be mindful of what they say because if anything goes wrong, they will all be affected. If they think they will run away, they may not be able to escape and if they do, their families will be affected.

With some of these war threat, people are apprehensive of possible post election violence, what are you doing to stop it?

The post election violence in 2011 is still fresh in my memory. So many people were killed and many families were wiped out in Kano. I saw how people were lynched. It was good that it didn’t escalate to the south. We liaised with various ethnic nationalities and it was controlled. We have worked alongside some international organisations and built a good relationship. But we have been able to manage the situation and those leaders from various organisations that are based in the South have actually seen our efforts and have trusted us.

As one of the Northern leaders, I give updates to people and educate them on what to do. Where danger looms, I call the attention of the government and security agencies to avert it and to protect people.

Right now, are you doing the same inorder to forestall a repeat of the post-election violence in 2011?

We are doing it. As I speak with you, we are in touch with various ethnic national leaders. I have spoken, with Fredrick Fasheun, Gani Adams, Asari Dokubo and the rest of them. We are discussing extensively and we might hold a press briefing very soon on the need for violence-free elections before and after election in all parts of the country.

These people are of the view that they are being treated as second class citizens. Yes! I agree with some of their views because we are all the same in this project Nigeria.

There is hope if we have equity and fairness. The politicians have to watch their utterances. These days, the campaigns are not based on issues but attack on personalities. It has even extended to generations of a families. I don’t think it is right, people must be called to order. The politicians are too rascal in their approaches.

To me, both the ex-militants and TY Danjuma are wrong. The call for war is wrong and also depriving somebody of his freedom of speech is also wrong. If Jonathan loses through normal process, they have no reason to raise any eyebrow; again, there are other channels without war. You can go to court and challenge the verdict. Nigeria must be seen to be bigger than any individual. Again, the call by Danjuma that they should be arrested is uncalled for because similar statements have been made by other people in the past. What happened? Was there any arrest? No. So, anybody talking now is enjoying his liberty under a democratic government.

But from the discussion I had with so many of them, nobody wants war.

What efforts are the Northern leaders putting in place to ensure that there is no repeat of 2011 post election violence?

You can see that I spend most of the time, in the north. I move from one state to another trying to consult with various youth organisations. We are trying to educate them on the consequences of violence. It usually starts when somebody initiates a bad idea and put it on people. These people believe whatever they are told and they start killing people. We try as much as we can to diffuse that mindset, sensitize them and make them realise the effect of their action. Be that as it may, I don’t think that is enough, government must also rise to the challenge that adequate security is provided during and after the elections.

The Boko Haram insurgents seem to have defied all government’s strategy to wipe them out, what do you think government should have done?

In fairness, I don’t expect President Jonathan to go to Maiduguri and fight. There are people saddled with that responsibility. It shows these people have demonstrated total incompetence. The government then must rise to the occasion to saction them, sack them and bring fresh people who will deal very well with the situation. So, when people tell me Jonathan is behind Boko Haram, I get confused the more. Most of the people involved in security of the country are from the Northern area, so, are they in any way sabotaging the efforts of the government or serving the interest of a particular people?

We should ask Minister for Defence, the National Security Adviser, NSA, the Inspector General of Police, Attorney-General of the federation, all of them are from the north. Instead of pointing accusing fingers, these people should tell us about it and we will know where the problem is coming from rather than blaming Jonathan alone.

But these people get order and directives from the President…

Yes! I am sure there is an order and if there is none, I challenge them to come forward and say it. So, if there is an order and they refuse to carry out the order, or they don’t carry it out well he should sack them. Fire all of them and bring in fresh blood that will tackle this problem and save our nation. What is affecting Maiduguri and other places, is indirectly affecting other parts of the country.

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