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Enyimba eliminate Buffles, set up date with Egyptian side Smouha

Enyimba eliminate Buffles, set up date with Egyptian side Smouha

 The People’s Elephant qualified to the next round of the Champions League where they will face the North Africans

Enyimba will face Smouha Sporting Club of Egypt in the first round of the Caf Champions League after seeing off Buffles de Borgou of Benin Republic 4-0 on aggregate in the preliminary round fixture concluded on Sunday evening in Cotonou.

The Aba Millionaires had already beaten Buffles 3-0 in the first leg played in Aba two weeks ago but the threat from the Beninois side that they would overturn the deficit meant that Enyimba went into the return leg with anxiety at the Stade de l’Amitie de Kouhounou in Cotonou.

The hosts had the better of the early exchanges in the first half and in fact Enyimba had to rely on the good reflexes of their goalkeeper Chijioke Ejiogu to deter Buffles from scoring an early goal but things changed for the better for the visitors in the second half.

Kadiri Ikhana’s boys were able to soak the pressure in the first half but in the second half they capitalized on the loopholes in the Buffles team to net the only goal of the match in the 50th minute after Andrew Abalogu struck through a powerful header.

Buffles surged forward in numbers to make the scores respectable but Enyimba were resolute and held on.

The hosts however resorted to bad tackles when they became aware that there was nothing they could do to salvage even a draw and in the process Enyimba midfielder and national U23 player, Bobby Sokari was injured.

Enyimba stood their ground and they got a famous win in Cotonou. It was the club’s first away win since March 9, 2014 when they secured an inconsequential 1-0 victory in Bamako, Mali but still lost out to Real de Bamako in the first round of the same competition.

The People’s Elephant will battle the 2013/14 Egyptian Premier League runners-up, Smouha Sporting Club next in the first round with the first leg coming up in Aba on March 15 before the return leg in Cairo on the weekend of April 3-5.

(Sports News) Mourinho Praises His Players In League Cup Victory @Richard

Mourinho: Courtois, Filipe Luis & Christensen men of the match - even though they didn't face Tottenham

 The Portuguese paid tribute to the the role the trio played in the Blues getting to Wembley, where they defeated Spurs 2-0 on Sunday

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho hailed the members of his squad who did not play in Sunday’s League Cup final win against Tottenham as his “men of the match”.

The Blues saw off their London rivals 2-0 on Sunday, with captain John Terry scoring the first just before half-time and Kyle Walker netting an own goal from a Diego Costa effort early in the second half.

While Mourinho says that he and his side will not dwell long on their success, with work still to do in other competitions, he sought to pay tribute to the players who helped them to reach Wembley.

“I’m going to be honest with you: For me, man of the match is [Thibaut] Courtois, who brought us here with a fantastic semi-final against Liverpool,” he told reporters.

“Man of the match is Filipe Luis and he didn’t play today – he played fantastic two matches against Liverpool.

“Man of the match is Andreas Christensen, [who] played against Shrewsbury and played so well.

“All these guys are men of the match for me, maybe more than John and maybe more than the lucky ones who played this final.

“I feel sorry for them so, for me, they are the man of the match because this is a team and a final is a final, Wembley is Wembley, the League Cup has prestige, Tottenham is Tottenham, is not a normal team and I am really proud of the guys.

“But celebrations are over in 20 minutes. Goodbye, we train tomorrow, we have another game on Wednesday …”

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(Interview) God, My Only Inspiration-Myro

Oghenemairo Ozah Daniel, otherwise known as Myro who just returned to Nigeria from South Africa where he went to shoot the video of his latest single, Ocha spoke to one of our reporters recently.

FP: Welcome back home Myro

Thanks bro

How was your trip to South Africa?

Cool, cool, thankful to God for all

We understand you went there for the video shoot of your new single, Ocha?

Yea, yes I was in SA for a couple of businesses and also used the opportunity to shoot the video of Ocha.

From the way you sound, it seems you did not travel for the sole purpose of the video shoot?

Ehmmmm, well I will not say I did not plan the video shoot here before jetting out of the country, but aside the video shoot I   also took some time off to rest after so much work here and attend to some other businesses. I have been busy attending shows here and there and needed some time out to rest the body, you know if the body is over stressed, the mind can not function well, so I took some time off to rest.

You said you took out time to take care of some other businesses. If we may ask, aside music do you do any other business?

Yeah, sure I do some other things too. I am an artiste and at the same time I design and customize shirts. As you may know. I have designed and customise shirts for so many A list artistes in the country. I designed and customised the popular Alobam shirt by Phyno, I have also designed and customised shirts for some notable Nigerian A list artistes like Dbanj and the rest. Name of my brand is ALIEN DNA

That is very interesting to know, but why leave such a lucrative job for music?

Well, it may not be correct to say I left my job for music, music is my life. Truth is, I have been in music for a very long time, e don tey my brother, we don tey for the hustle. I have been doing music for some time now, yes God said this is my time to shine, but I have been around for some time now. I got songs with Mode 9, Terry tha Rapman back then. so no be today.

Like you said, you were in South Africa to take care of some businesses. What kind of business if we may know?

(General laughter) No, sorry but I will not tell you.

But your fans may want to know?

well, the interest of my fans is the video shoot wish we have done, I don’t really think they need to know the other things too.

May be, if you don’t mind?

I mind (general laughter)

Ok, back your music. How has the journey been so far?

Well I thank God, He has been kind and faithful to me and my career. He alone is my strenght and inspiration.

Can you elaborate a little more on that. How has the journey been so far generally for you.

Like I said before, na only God, there are other artistes who have been here before me who have not been signed or given the same opportunity as I have, there are others who have been here for so many years but have not achieved what I have achieved witthin this short period, shows everywhere. All thanks to my boss, the CEO of Masterpiece Records, Mr Emmanuel Alisiobi, popularly known as master. He took me in like a son and we have been like family, not withstanding the business side of it.

You just talked about your record label, what is the contract agreement between you and them like?

(General laughter) You know I will never disclose that to you.

But your fans may want to know, because we have seen a situation where some young talented artistes like you have signed what I may chose to call slave contract and all that?

Well like i said before, at masterpiece entertainment we are all like one big family. Everyone, all the staff are together in the vision and mission of the company. As regards my contract and slavery as you may chose to call its all good, as you can see, I don’t look like someone who could sign a slave contract, or do I look like a slave? (general laughter)

Ok, as an artiste there is no question girls will be falling over themselves for your attention. What is your relationship with girls generally like?

My relationship with girls is good, I love them as they love me. Infact I purposely did my latest single Ocha for my female fans and all beautiful ladies out there. Ocha is a love song dedicated to all ladies out there. I just tried let them know how I feel about them.

There was a report of you dating a Canadian lady who flew all the way from Canada to be with in South Africa, how true is the story?

Honestly I don’t know where people got that story from, there is nothing like that. May be the lady they are refering to is one of the models we used for the video shoot who flew in from Canada at the instance of Godfather who produced the video. I have read that story too and will like to use this opportunity to clear the air on that, I am not dating any Canadian lady, that story was fabricated by some people for some reasons I don’t know. People have been calling me on this matter, one reporter even wrote that the said lady is expecting a baby for me.

But behind every smoke there is always fire?

But in this particular smoke there is no fire at all. I honestly will not want to answer further questions on this matter.

Ok tell us, what is your relationship status like?

My relationship status is good.

Are you in any serious relationship at the moment?

Well I keep my private life private, I will not wish to discuss that, at least not to the press.

Ok, lets go back to your music. What genre of music do you do?

My brand of music can easily be described as Afropop, but with some fusion of regae ragga and some sort of african roots.

After the drop of the Ocha video, what else should your fans be expecting from you?

More and more good music. After the Ocha Video, I ‘ve got a surprise package for my fans. I will keep it wrapped at the moment but its a pleasant surprise and I know they will love it.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

At the top. I see myself at the biggest stage, not just in Nigeria but Africa and the world.

How do you see the Nigerian music industry?

The Nigerian music industry has grown from what it used to be. We are now competing with the best in  the world. I can proudly say that we have long conquered Africa and have breaking into the main international music market. I think the only country I know at the moment that is a bit ahead of Nigeria is the USA and with a little more hard work and support we will soon come to a level with them or even surpass them.

Who is your musical mentor?

Ah! This question go hard small o. Honestly I can not pick any single person as my music mentor because I listen to many differend artistes both local and international. I listen to Sir Victor Uwaifo and you can easily feel his vides in Ocha. I listen to so many artistes and they all influence my music. I also decided to honour Sir Victor Uwaifo in the video of Ocha. If you watch the video, you will readily see his picture at the back ground of one the scenes of the video. I just wanted to say thank you baba for blessing my career. I respect Mode 9 too. The list goes on and on, I just can’t mention everybody.

What do you have to say to young ones out there who are looking forward to be like you?

First and formost I will say that they should always believe in themselves, believe in the power of your dream. Don’t give up, dream big and never forget to always remember that all power belongs to God. Believe in God, trust in God, never give up and never give in, and I assure you, he will see you through.

To your fans out there, what do you say to them?

I love them, they are the only reason I’m here. They should keep on supporting me. They should keep on supporting the brand. We are together forgether forever in this. I Love them all.

Thank you for speaking with us Myro

Always my pleasure


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