(Politics) Collect Your Share From Jonathan Money, APC Tell Lagosians @semaotakeit

jonathan-1dpAccording to http://www.punchng.com, the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has advised residents of the state to ensure that they get their share of the money which is allegedly being distributed by President Goodluck Jonathan and his campaigners in the state.

Jonathan has, in the past two weeks, been holding meetings with various segments of the electorate in order to win majority of the votes in a state which has the highest number of voters in Nigeria.

There had been allegations by Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, that Jonathan had been distributing dollars to leaders and youths in the state.

However, Lagos APC, in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, urged all residents of the state to collect their share of the money.

The APC, however, urged Lagosians not to vote for Jonathan after collecting the money.

He said, “For over one week, President Jonathan has permanently been holed up in Lagos, where he is meeting all manner of religious, ethnic and tribal groups and unleashing stupendous bribes in every currency on them to buy their support for the coming presidential election.

“We feel assaulted that the President of Nigeria could resort to this illegal tactics of enslaving the victims of his corrupt and inept governance with such brazen inducements when he would have leveraged on his achievements for continued support of the people.

“Lagos APC is further assaulted by pictures of various shades of people lining up at the State House Marina to see the President and partake in the sharing of naira and dollars which is a putrid resort of a desperate PDP to hang on to power.

“We want Lagosians to invade the State House Marina to partake in the free sharing which Jonathan is supervising in Lagos, as the money now being used to bribe them is the money that would have been used to fix our dying power sector, used to create employment for millions of our hopeless, unemployed youths.”

The APC said instead of doling money out to people, Jonathan should have spent the last four years repairing the federal roads in Lagos and rehabilitating the Federal Government hospitals in the state.

It said, “We urge Lagosians to see any money from the PDP as their share of the commonwealth. We urge them to collect Jonathan’s dollars and vote overwhelmingly against the PDP in the coming election. We urge Lagosians to ponder whether the Nigeria Jonathan has presided over in the last six years is the Nigeria they desire for themselves and their children.

“We urge all Lagosians to continue to provide the bastion of the progressive revolution of change from an inept, ultra corrupt and clueless government to an assured future for our children.”

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