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Sure-P: Jonathan Remove Gen Agwai, Ishaya Dare Akau Takes Over @Richard

President Jonathan this afternoon fired the Chairman of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P), Gen. Martin Luther Agwai (rtd.) pictured above. A statement by Reuben Abati says Ishaya Dare Akau, a high-level administrator in the nation’s public service is to replace Gen. Agwai with immediate effect. Reuben Abati’s statement below

 In furtherance of his efforts to continuously re-energize and reposition agencies of the Federal Government for optimal service delivery, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has appointed Mr. Ishaya Dare Akau as the new Chairman of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P).

Mr. Akau, whose appointment takes immediate effect, replaces Gen. Martin Luther Agwai (rtd.) who served as Chairman of the SURE-P until today.

The new SURE-P Chairman hails from Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State and holds Bachelors’ Degrees in the Arts and Law. Mr. Akau comes to the job with years of experience as a high-level administrator in the nation’s public service.

His record of service includes tenures as Chairman of the Kaduna State Universal Education Board and Chairman of the National Assembly Service Commission. President Jonathan thanks the outgoing Chairman of SURE-P, Gen Agwai for his service to the nation and wishes him well in his future endeavours.

Reuben Abati Special Adviser to the President (Media & Publicity)

(Photo News) Davido In The Same Trend Of Dollar Bills @Richard

Nigerian boys can never stop been in the business of dollar bills. Latest in the trend is non other than the Omo baba olowo himself, Davido. Though most of them pose with fake dollars, omo baba olowo’s own is by no doubt the real pepper. oboy! phone no the answer call again o, na dollar be the coco.

(Chrissy Corner) Revolution Man Part 2, by Chrissy Chrissy @Richard

Enjoy, give me your honest feedback, unless you wanna see something CRUEL than don’t….thanks


I have never felt so much hatred for a human being like this in my life. The lady was pleading with him, but he still wanted to have his way with her. The more I thought about it,

the angrier I became. I had a firm grip around his neck and by this time he was turning blue. I couldn’t control myself even if I wanted to. I cannot let him get away with this .

“Please, put me down,” the man begged. “I can’t breathe.” “You want me to put you down,” I asked. “You want me to stop? What about when that girl was pleading with you; If I

wasn’t in the room for her to escape, would you have stopped?” I was about to throw him out of the window until: “If you kill him, I will kill ten Ogutons.” The false prince of the

Ogu Kingdom was standing in the doorway with three of his men. “And who are you,” I sneered. He smirked and replied, “You foolish Oguton, boys kill him,” and with that the

prince left the room. As the three guards charged towards me, I threw the rapist into them. They all fell as I jetted out of the room. As I was running, more and more guards were

appearing, trying to catch me. They were like wolves anticipating to feast on red meat, which is me.

Though I fought off as many as I could, they greatly outnumbered me. I was forced to surrender. “You’re finally tired,” the Prince snarled as I was lying weak on the floor. I have

never been so ashamed of myself. The True King of Ogu Kingdom personally gave me powers to fight these murderous criminals, but I failed him. I thought that I would have

defeated them easily. That was when I remembered that they were also using special powers. “Prince you dropped something,” I said to him. “And what is that,” he asked. “Your

face,” I spat. I kicked him in his pelvis and he fell down hard on the floor. I laughed hysterically at this disgrace of a prince. “Off with his head,” the prince yelled, feeling ashamed

of himself. “There will be no killing in the castle!” I looked up and saw the most beautiful damsel that I have ever seen in my life. It was also the same woman that I have been

seeing in my dreams since my 25th birthday. She had beautiful, glowing brown skin, beautiful brown eyes, and braids that fell down her back. She was extremely lovely, like an

angel. “You’ve already murdered once in this castle,” she continued. “If you murder twice everyone will run mad including you.” “Let me go,” screamed prince Kwame as his guards

lifted him off of the floor. “Arrest him and throw him in the dungeon.”

In order to save this kingdom, I really have to think strategically. Even if I was held in a cold, rat infested, dirty dungeon, the Ogutons had it worse. I will surely save them from all

this destruction. As I was dozing off, I noticed a hooded figure coming closer and closer to my cell. Though I told myself that I would surrender to the foreigners, the hooded figure

was just too suspicious. The blue electricity in my hands ignited, ready for a fight. As the figure removed the hood, I was surely amazed. It was the princess. “Princess, you’re

welcome,” I greeted, kneeling down before her. She unlocked the cell with the key and came in. “Stand up,” she demanded. “Who are you and why do you have so much strength?”

“My princess,” I started. “My name is Ikenna and I am here to save your kingdom.” “Really,” said Adaeze. “That wasn’t quite the response that I was expecting,” I joked. “I’m sorry,

I’m just in shock,” she confessed. “Don’t be,” I said touching her shoulder. All of a sudden she screamed in pain. Blue electricity was coming out of her body and she howled in more

pain. This was the same exact thing that happened to me the night that her father transported special powers to me. After a moment she was back to normal. “What did you do to

me,” she asked aggressively. “I think I just gave you some of my power,” I told her. “Let me see,” she said. SLAP! I though my mouth was going to break. “I think the power works

dear. She laughed the apologized. “I have an idea,” I said. “What is it,” she asked. “The same way that I sent my powers to you, we can send them to majority of the Ogutons.” “You’re

right,” the princess said. “Well well well.” Princess Adaeze and I turned around to see at least 10 guards stand before us. “Wait until the prince finds out where you’ve been,” the main

guard sneered. “What will he do,” shrieked Adaeze. “What more can he do to me, stupid.” “I’ve had enough of you, the prince lets you talk anyhow. Adaeze rolled her eye and said,

“Nwa mkpi, you can do nothing.” She punched him in the face and smashed his toes with her high heels. He screamed in agony and ordered for his cronies to retaliate. Kick, high

kick punch. Adaeze and I were beating them ferociously. After the last one fail to the floor, we ran out of the kingdom before more guards could come. “Ogutons, there has been a

rude awakening,” I yelled as we were running. Our people were coming out of their houses to see what the yelling was about. I was touching as many Ogutons as I could in order

for them to receive the power. Adaeze was doing the same. By that time it was full blown war. The Ogutons were twice as strong before. They were defeating the foreign invaders

easily. “Adaeze, in the forest,” I yelled. I’ve seen the forest in my dreams. This was where the foreigners were receiving their spiritual powers. “What’s in the forest,” she asked as I

caught up to her. I explained everything to her.

We walked for a few minutes until I saw the brown elixir. All of a sudden there was a powerful wind. Everywhere was shaking. The trees were falling down. “We have to destroy

that elixir,” I told her. “But how,” she asked over the wind. “You can’t stop it,” we heard a deep voice yell. It was the foreign king of Ogu Kingdom. “Fools,” he laughed. “You think

you’ve thwarted us.” The foreign king looked so evil, almost as if he was the devil. The wind was so strong that Adaeze and I had to run and take cover.
“No one can stop it but me! I own Ogu Kingdom now and there’s nothing that anyone can do about it.” As soon as he said that a tree fell down and crushed him. The wind stop

blowing and the brown elixer stopped flowing. “No you’re the fool,” Ikenna snarled at the foreign king’s dead body. “If you want to be evil, wish for immortality, stupid.”

As we got back to the main ground the Ogutons were cheering. We have finally defeated the foreigners. Although most were killed, some fled out of the Kingdom. The only

Foreigner left was Prince Kwame. He was tied to a chair, cursing everyone. Ikenna smirked and Kwama and yelled, “We won!” Everyone cheered for their new found freedom.

There was a huge celebration at the Ogu Kingdom that following night. Goats, cattle, and chicken were killed that night for the feast. All of the best soups such as Egusi, Vegetable

and Nsala soup were prepared. The remainder of the women and children were dancing while the men were getting drunk off of palm wine. By then, I informed Adaeze on how I

came to Ogu Kingdom and the meeting with her dad. She cried tears of joy. Right there in front of everyone she gave me a long passionate kiss. After all, that isn’t the only thing I

received that night! I am the Revolution man.

(Chrissy Corner) Revolution Man Part 1 by Chrissy Chrissyy

These are dark times in the Ogu Kingdom. The once powerful empire fell into the hands of strangers from a foreign land. The King was murdered and the citizens of Ogu were turned into slaves. Disobedient men were beaten to death, women were getting raped, and the children were being sold. Ogu used to be such a happy place; it is rich with oil, diamonds, and
petroleum. The land is also filled with fruit, fish, and livestock. Before tragedy struck there was rarely any conflict in the Ogu Kingdom. The
Ogutons enjoyed their lives and also loved the King and his daughter. He was a noble and kind man. He kept the economy booming by trading with neighboring Kingdoms for their goods. His daughter Adaeze is also a phenomenal woman. Not only is she beautiful, but well disciplined and intelligent. She is a no nonsense princess and enjoyed hard work. Though the foreigners treat her people like garbage, they still honor and respect her. She isn’t allowed to leave the castle without her guards or her soon to be husband: Kwame. Kwame’s father, the unofficial King of Ogu threatened genocide against her people if she refused to marry his son.

(Princess Adaeze)

How these foreigners took over Ogu Kingdom is still a mystery to me. Ogutons are well trained; we were taught how to
fight, swim, and make weapons. The foreigners were out numbered 5 to 1 and they still defeated us.Even now my men are
being beaten mercilessly when I know that they could have easily ripped these foreigners from limb to limb. Something is not
right— “Princess you haven’t touched your food, is everything alright?” I ignored the unofficial Prince Kwame and
returned to my thoughts. This idiot knows that I rather eat dirt for the rest of my life than to speak to him. He chuckled
at my stubbornness and sat beside me on the bed. “Look at me dear,” he asked nicely. I continued to ignore him until he
forcefully grabbed my chin. “Listen you little brat, I have tolerated your bad attitude long enough but it has to end
today.” I jerked my head away from his grip and spat in his face. As he grabbed my arm, I smashed his feet with my high
heel shoes and ran out of the room. I ran as fast as I could down to the other end of the hall way. By that time I heard
the foreign guards chasing after me. I was forced to surrender because I remembered the unofficial King’s threat against
my people. “You’re hurting me,” I screeched as the guards squeezed my arms. “Handle her with care, she’s still a
Princess.” Prince Kwame came limping to where we were; I smiled with satisfaction as I remembered stepping on his foot.
He gently grabbed my wrist and took me back to our room. “If you ever try that again, I will kill all of the Ogu women in
this community, do you understand?” I walked away from him, letting him know that I heard him loud and clearly.


I have been having the strangest dreams lately. I was seeing people that I have never ever seen before in my life. They would go into a forest and rub a brown substance on their hands and weapons. After that, they would use it on men who spent most of their day doing manual labor. I’ve had dreams of these people so much that I was afraid to sleep at night.
What were these dreams about and most importantly, who was that beautiful angel that locked herself in her room all day. I smiled at the thought of her. I got up from bed to get a glass of water when I heard something drop. I quickly searched to see what it was. I lived alone so someone had to have snuck into my house. I silently grabbed a knife from the kitchen table and tiptoed quietly to see if I will catch the intruder. As I was quietly walking, I saw a bright blue light coming from my room, when I got there I saw the scariest thing. There was a man in my room, coming out from the glowing light. I screamed and took off running until he jumped in front of me. “Ikenna, do not be afraid for you are the chosen one; the lost son of Ogu Kingdom.” “Ogu what,” I asked. “Ogu Kingdom,” the glowing visitor replied. He was a tall and muscular. Though

he was up in age, he was extremely handsome. “What are you doing here? Leave me alone.” “Listen to me,” the glowing figure

said again. “My kingdom is in danger and only you have the power to stop it.” “Me,” I said backing into a corner. “Yes,

you, he said coming closer to me.” “There was a prophecy about you and now it’s being fulfilled.” “What is the prophecy,” I

asked frightened. “That Ogu Kingdom will be in danger and that the lost son is the only one who will bring it back to

glory.” “I’m sure that the dreams started occurring on your 25th birthday?” The figure was absolutely right. I’ve been

having dreams about his Kingdom as soon as midnight struck and my 25th birthday arrived. “I am scared,” I confessed.

“Don’t be dear one,” the figure assured me. “This might hurt a bit,” he added. “But you will thank me when this is over.”

Electric blue light was forming in the figure’s hand and without warning the light burned through my body. I screamed in

agony. It felt as if I was being electrocuted.

While Ikenna was unconscious, the murdered King of Ogu transported the boy’s body to his empire and then disappeared.

I woke up with a severe headache. I was lying in an unfamiliar room when I heard voices. I quickly got up and hid under

the bed. As I was watching from under the bed, I saw two peers of feet come in. “Get on the bed you slut,” I heard a male

voice command. “Please sir, don’t do this to me please,” I head the voice of a woman plead. SLAP! “Take your clothes off,

I won’t tell you again.” I started becoming angry. She began sobbing and I head the man slap her again. Is it by force?

Why must a man rape a woman when there are so many cheap girls doing it willingly. I quickly slid out from under the bed.

While the man was about to climb on top of her, I easily pulled him off. “What are you doing here you cockroach?” Before

he could punch me, I kicked him in his groin “Run,” I shouted at her. She quickly grabbed her clothes and left. The man

got up and jumped on my back. I spinned around until he fell and hit his back on the wall. After that I grabbed him by his

neck and held him in the, “Your evil reign against these people ends today, there’s a new man in town but you can call me

Revolution man.”


(Sex Talk) “Secret Affair” by Chrissy

3LYQwglMqlWarning:     Sexually Explicit Content (Must be 18+) If you’re sensitive, judgemental or highly religious please DON’T READ THIS!!!! “Secret Affair” by Chrissy Chrissyy

My name is Iniobong and my life “was” perfect.
I’ve been married to my Alhaji Muhammad for almost a year now. He picked me up from the streets of and groomed me to be the woman I am today. The media had a field day when they found out that the famous Hausa businessman married a poor Calabar girl who should be in the age bracket of his daughter. Not only were we being scrutinized by the media but his family members blatantly disapproved of the marriage because of tribal and religious differences. Alhaji has three daughters; Amira, Halima, and Nafisa. Amira and Halima are older than me while Nafisa is my mate. These ladies hate and disregard me.
During the early stages of my marriage to their father, they abused and maltreated me severely. They did many cruel things to me such as ordering the cook to over-spice my food and that forced me to start cooking for myself. They often throw my latest clothes and accessories to the dirt, and one time paid a group of boys to Vandalise my Mercedes C-class. But it all came to a stop when my husband found out and threatened to Disown them.
I have no siblings nor friends so was really looking forward to having a relationship with them but realised it will never happen.

Then came the d-day, Amira’s suitor Abdul was coming to meet the Muhammad clan. The house was full with my husband’s family members. As I greeted them they returned the favor but I knew that once I walked away they would talk about me. negatively, I looked around the room and saw Nafisa and Halima sitting with their cousins and glaring at me as if I was the devil himself. I turned away from them and smiled around the room at the guest. All of a sudden I felt liquid spray on my face. Nafisa poured liquid on my face.”It was an accident,” she lied. “I’m sorry.” She was trying so hard not to laugh. I ignored her and went upstairs to change my clothes. As I was going to my room, I heard a strange noise coming out of Amira’s room. It sounded like moaning. I tiptoed to to her room and pressed my ear on the door. She was definitely moaning! As quietly as I could,I opened the door to see what was going on. Oh my goodness! I could not believe my eyes; Zeynab the maid had her hand in Amira whilst sucking off her nipples. I had to get my phone fast to record what was going on, they were already deep in so did not notice my presence in the room, I brought out my Lumia 925, at this point Zeynab was sitting on Amira’s face. I pressed record and got everything on tape. I watched as Zeynab had her hands on Amira’s shapely waist and her tongue in her clit, they gradually curved into the perfect “69”. It was so intense, I sat on the floor and spread my legs wide, still they did not notice me, I removed my underwear and wanked to Amira and Zeynab’s rendezvous. After I exploded, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I’ve never been with a woman before but I just had a very good orgasm by spying on two women. I quietly got up and sneaked out of the room. After getting dressed up in my room, came out and I saw Zeynab leaving the room. I coughed to catch her attention. “Good day ma”, she greeted nervously. “Good day, ” I said passing by her and walking down stairs.
After Amira came down and finished the introduction, there was a big feast in the dining room. “Amira can I talk to you for a moment,” I asked.
“About what,” she sneered. Nafisa and Halima stopped eating and became interested the conversation. “In the parlor, it’s private.” Amira ignored me and returned to her food. I smiled and said, “Zeynab has been missing all afternoon where has she been?” Amira stopped eating and looked at me. For the first time, she looked at me with fear in her eyes. “Ok let’s talk,” she agreed. As we went to the parlor I showed her what I recorded on my Phone. She got on her knees. “Ini, I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you, but please don’t show that to anyone”, “And why shouldn’t I?”, I questioned folding my arms. She came closer to me and knell before me, as she was begging me er hand was on my waist, from there she started running her fingers all over my waist and before I knew it she had grabbed my ass and planted a kiss on my lips, she lifted my dress and pulled down my underwear. I was enjoying it so couldn’t resist her. I screamed in ecstasy as she tasted me. I pulled her up and we walked like two love birds upstairs. When we got to her room she pushed me on the bed. We hurriedly took our clothes off and hungrily grabbed each other like hungry lions. She sucked my breast like a pro then I felt her fingers enter. I almost died because the pleasure was too much for me to handle. Not only was she using her fingers on me but she also added her tongue. I had to beg her to stop because I couldn’t take it anymore. But she didn’t care, she kept going faster with her fingers, they seemed to be going deeper, driving me crazier and crazier .It was time to switch roles. I’ve never been with a woman before but I would love to try. I went down on Amira and she moaned in pleasure, the more she moaned the more excited I got. She professionally switched us into the 69 and All of a sudden someone opened the door, it was, Zeynab
How is she so strong? Did she want in? What the actual FUCK? She pulled off her clothes and joined us and we had threesome. Amira and I became good friends and secret lovers from then on. As for Zeynab, she just had to go so Amira and I schemed and got her sacked from the house so both of us can have ourselves all alone

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