(Sex Talk) “Secret Affair” by Chrissy

3LYQwglMqlWarning:     Sexually Explicit Content (Must be 18+) If you’re sensitive, judgemental or highly religious please DON’T READ THIS!!!! “Secret Affair” by Chrissy Chrissyy

My name is Iniobong and my life “was” perfect.
I’ve been married to my Alhaji Muhammad for almost a year now. He picked me up from the streets of and groomed me to be the woman I am today. The media had a field day when they found out that the famous Hausa businessman married a poor Calabar girl who should be in the age bracket of his daughter. Not only were we being scrutinized by the media but his family members blatantly disapproved of the marriage because of tribal and religious differences. Alhaji has three daughters; Amira, Halima, and Nafisa. Amira and Halima are older than me while Nafisa is my mate. These ladies hate and disregard me.
During the early stages of my marriage to their father, they abused and maltreated me severely. They did many cruel things to me such as ordering the cook to over-spice my food and that forced me to start cooking for myself. They often throw my latest clothes and accessories to the dirt, and one time paid a group of boys to Vandalise my Mercedes C-class. But it all came to a stop when my husband found out and threatened to Disown them.
I have no siblings nor friends so was really looking forward to having a relationship with them but realised it will never happen.

Then came the d-day, Amira’s suitor Abdul was coming to meet the Muhammad clan. The house was full with my husband’s family members. As I greeted them they returned the favor but I knew that once I walked away they would talk about me. negatively, I looked around the room and saw Nafisa and Halima sitting with their cousins and glaring at me as if I was the devil himself. I turned away from them and smiled around the room at the guest. All of a sudden I felt liquid spray on my face. Nafisa poured liquid on my face.”It was an accident,” she lied. “I’m sorry.” She was trying so hard not to laugh. I ignored her and went upstairs to change my clothes. As I was going to my room, I heard a strange noise coming out of Amira’s room. It sounded like moaning. I tiptoed to to her room and pressed my ear on the door. She was definitely moaning! As quietly as I could,I opened the door to see what was going on. Oh my goodness! I could not believe my eyes; Zeynab the maid had her hand in Amira whilst sucking off her nipples. I had to get my phone fast to record what was going on, they were already deep in so did not notice my presence in the room, I brought out my Lumia 925, at this point Zeynab was sitting on Amira’s face. I pressed record and got everything on tape. I watched as Zeynab had her hands on Amira’s shapely waist and her tongue in her clit, they gradually curved into the perfect “69”. It was so intense, I sat on the floor and spread my legs wide, still they did not notice me, I removed my underwear and wanked to Amira and Zeynab’s rendezvous. After I exploded, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I’ve never been with a woman before but I just had a very good orgasm by spying on two women. I quietly got up and sneaked out of the room. After getting dressed up in my room, came out and I saw Zeynab leaving the room. I coughed to catch her attention. “Good day ma”, she greeted nervously. “Good day, ” I said passing by her and walking down stairs.
After Amira came down and finished the introduction, there was a big feast in the dining room. “Amira can I talk to you for a moment,” I asked.
“About what,” she sneered. Nafisa and Halima stopped eating and became interested the conversation. “In the parlor, it’s private.” Amira ignored me and returned to her food. I smiled and said, “Zeynab has been missing all afternoon where has she been?” Amira stopped eating and looked at me. For the first time, she looked at me with fear in her eyes. “Ok let’s talk,” she agreed. As we went to the parlor I showed her what I recorded on my Phone. She got on her knees. “Ini, I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you, but please don’t show that to anyone”, “And why shouldn’t I?”, I questioned folding my arms. She came closer to me and knell before me, as she was begging me er hand was on my waist, from there she started running her fingers all over my waist and before I knew it she had grabbed my ass and planted a kiss on my lips, she lifted my dress and pulled down my underwear. I was enjoying it so couldn’t resist her. I screamed in ecstasy as she tasted me. I pulled her up and we walked like two love birds upstairs. When we got to her room she pushed me on the bed. We hurriedly took our clothes off and hungrily grabbed each other like hungry lions. She sucked my breast like a pro then I felt her fingers enter. I almost died because the pleasure was too much for me to handle. Not only was she using her fingers on me but she also added her tongue. I had to beg her to stop because I couldn’t take it anymore. But she didn’t care, she kept going faster with her fingers, they seemed to be going deeper, driving me crazier and crazier .It was time to switch roles. I’ve never been with a woman before but I would love to try. I went down on Amira and she moaned in pleasure, the more she moaned the more excited I got. She professionally switched us into the 69 and All of a sudden someone opened the door, it was, Zeynab
How is she so strong? Did she want in? What the actual FUCK? She pulled off her clothes and joined us and we had threesome. Amira and I became good friends and secret lovers from then on. As for Zeynab, she just had to go so Amira and I schemed and got her sacked from the house so both of us can have ourselves all alone

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