(Celebrity Interview) Why i can’t date Burna Boy-Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan is one of fast-rising dancehall female artiste who isn’t afraid to flaunt her sensuality. The willowy diva signed to Jude Okoye’s North Side Entertainment has been getting buzz  from her hit song ‘German Juice and Baby Mama’. In this interview, she opens up on the inspiration behind her hit songs, why she took raunchy pictures, how
she met with P-Square, her relationship with Burna Boy, and shed more light about challenges he faced while growing up in Benin.
What did you think worked for you?
I actually Thank God for the level i am in my career now, its hasn’t been easy, even as a female artiste in an industry which is dominated by males, where you have isolated, but by the grace of God, we have been able to break that limits and we made people believe, you can make different with your style. So people have really understood my kind of music and brand and am grateful for that. Thanks to my fans and supporters.
What are challenges making your music and differentiating your style ?
For me, something’s many people see as challenge, I don’t see it that way, and I can’t even remember all the bad things I went through before now again, right now it’s all about my Craft and My fans, me Dishing out Good music, because before I started I knew there were going to be lot of difficulty and that has really made me strong over the years. Whatever I have been through before now, got me to where I am today, I believe those things were not strong enough to weigh me
Your Craft
Thanks to my label because they have never thought of changing my style to suit the Nigeria commercial music industry, when nobody knows me, they believe I can sing, Rap and do Dancehall but it’s still rare for any label to want to support a Reggae artiste  which is not saleable in this part of the world until you do the Dance song, You know, but thank God, they do what i am really  ready to do and am grateful to them now.

How did you meet?

I meet Jude Okoye and P-Square first time in 2013 in Atlanta during P-Square tour I the US, it’s was just a normal meet and greet, but I never knew am going to get signed to them, until Jude Okoye listened to my music and he confessed he knew me from the song I did with Jybo in 2010, and promise to work with me when we get back to Nigeria, so when I got to Nigeria couple of months later, he called my manager, Joy Tongo and proposed to work with me, that’s how we started.
Your Genre of Music
I have different songs from different genres of Music from RnB to Hiphop, Afrobeat, Dancehall, so I call my genre of music, Cythnia Morgan Sound, when you listen to my Music, you will know this is Cythia Morgan, so I could pitch to any genre of music, because you will listening to different music in my album. Have Yes they have been a lot of Modification since I did the song with Jyhbo till date, have released a lot of records like Don’t take my heart, Kuchi Kuchi, Am Taken, German Juice and now Baby Mama, so it has always been a rising progression, have been improving in my craft since then.
What do you think many people mistake you for?
I believe that everybody is opportune to say his or her own view about someone or something and I wont be an exceptional, were I grew up, we don’t care about what people think about us, because at the end of the day, a lot don’t matter, am just concern about my Music and my fans. They have always been there, so what anybody thinks about me is very
little. But truly many people believe am controversial but I just believe am over confident in my music.
You reply your critics on social media, Why ?
Let’s say, when fifty people say a lot of thing about me on social media, I tend to ignore but anytime I try to reply someone who says something naughty at me, that when the media sees that and its becomes news and persecution set in, like it was a crime, so I believe it’s the life we live, so they all my fans, no matter what they say about me. For me Social Media is Fun.

Many people criticized some new picture, carrying a baby and holding a
Cigar, what does that mean to you?
When I put up a picture for my new single Baby Mama, it really causes a lot of highbrow, and so many interpreted it the best way they can, but it’s just a picture, am an actor in that shoot, the concept was me acting a good mother and a bad one, some people got the idea while some don’t but they helped promote it well but I don’t see any sense in condemning that picture.
Your Background ?
I grew up with a lot of people in Benin, and I got to study different kind of people because they all love music but they love different kind of music, some people love, Bob Marley Raggae while some Fela Afrobeat, some 2pac Rap, and some Gospel song. So I grew up listening to all this kind of song, and you know while growing up, you tend to know all kind of songs. So that was really the foundation for me, I didn’t studied music, it’s was a result of the environment and Gods
Will for me.
How did music started for you ?
I started from the teenage choir to the Youth Choir with my Mum so she was all along with me throughout my time in the choir, and my Mum is a professional Gospel Singer too and she also sells album which really helped me, I  started being one of her backup singer at 15, before I started  my recording professionally at 17 when I moved to Lagos , and
that was when I recorded the song “Run Dia Mouth” with Jyhbo which became quite huge then.
Are you collaborating with your mum soon ?
Definitely yes, we will be working on a record soon in my forthcoming album next year, by God’s Grace but she is a better singer than I do, so am looking forward to a great collaboration with her.

What do you think you missed while growing up?
I believe I have the best Parent while growing up, I lived with my Grand mum who was very strict but I loved her more while growing up, because she thought me so many things I understood today and why she needed to be strict at that time, but the only thing I think I missed was living with my dad. I was not able to be with him for a long time, I meet him while I was 7 (Seven), and he was not even close to me then, and it’s was my Uncle that showed me who my dad was, he came
back while I was 12 year old again, and we separated again due to differences with my other parent, so I believe I didn’t grow to be with my him, that what I feel I missed while growing but big thanks to my Mum, stayed with me all along and I pray God continue to bless her and my Dad too.
What do you at leisure?
Am more of an in-door person, I love to staying with my friends, gist and play around, am more of a family person, when I build relationship with my friends, they become family, that a lot of fun for me.

Are you planning to build your family soon?
Sure, though am still 24 year old but am just coming up and really look up to that time that I will have a family.
Do you feel any competition?
Not at all, we are all artistes and we all doing our stuffs well, at the end of the day, my Business is mine, ShoutOut to all the female artistes doing well like Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Seyi Shey, Chidinma etc. I believe we are all doing fine and we need to assist each other at all time, even though we are not selling the same sound. It’s a growing industry and we need to inspire more female artiste, so that should be the aim.
How do you handle your Male admires?
I and my male fans are cool, I believe it is all about being clever, my fans adore and appreciate me and I appreciate them too that’s all. We won’t do than that and they shouldn’t be anything attached to that.

Are you in a relationship?
No, am not in a relation, am not single and am not taken. Am just here (Laugh)
In your recent video you romanced Burnaboy, are you guys dating?
I and Burnaboy are fan of a fan, I love his music and he does respect my sound too, so it’s was fun staring Burnaboy on that particular video, it was just an acting and a lot of people interpreted many meaning to it, but I and Burnaboy just acted in the video nothing between us.
What are you happy for?
Am happy the way everything has turned out to be in a my career, the joy is people listing to your sound anytime you releases them, so that enough for me and am happy feeding from my talent and other people making a living with it, so am happy and I pray it all ends in praises
When are you releasing your debut album?
I will releasing my album next year, and will be dropping the video for my new single Baby Mama. On my album I will be having my big brothers, P-Square, BurnaBoy and couples of other artiste.

You nominated for the Headies Award this year, tell us about it?

I have been nominated for the Next Rated artiste 2015 and the best Dancehall single n this year Headies award for German Juice, and am optimistic about it, but at the end of the day, it just the Award its not that any monetary value is attached. But i appreciate what the award organisers are doing, trying to keep motivating the artiste for good music made, and that means a lot for the artiste to be recognized.

Davido tweet, he will choose Lil Kesh over all other artiste nominated in that category, what will you say?
For me, I don’t have any problem with what anybody saying anything about anybody, people can say whatever they wish, so if Davido tweeted about Lil Kesh winning the Headies Next Rated , cool but I believe people who will vote will judge that.
Message to upcoming artiste?

Strive hard and believe in yourself, ad don t care about anybody who wont believe in you, because a lot of people will make you feel you don’t know what you are doing, but just keep been strong and prayerful to God.

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