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Aftermath Mayweather defeat Manny Pacquiao stages come back to April 9th



Manny Pacquiao finally made his decision and his choice, though hardly unexpected, isn’t going to thrill many of his fans.

Pacquiao, in his first bout since being beaten by Floyd Mayweather Jr. in May, has chosen to faceTimothy Bradley for a third time. The bout will be on April 9 at the MGM Grand Garden. Pacquiao chose Bradley, whom he lost to via a highly controversial decision in 2012 and then defeated in a 2014 rematch, over 2014 Fighter of the Year Terence Crawford, Amir Khan and dark-horse candidate Adrien Broner.

Promoter Bob Arum understands the choice isn’t going to be met with widespread acclaim and said it is his job as the fight’s promoter to build an audience for it. The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, which had been six years in the making, drew record numbers across the board, though it was terribly disappointing as a sporting event.

But it was a massive success from a business standpoint. It sold a record 4.6 million on pay-per-view, nearly doubling the previous record of 2.48 million set by Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya in 2007. It generated over $400 million in revenue, squashing the prior mark of $150 million set by Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez in 2013.

The public wasn’t happy with the fight in the ring, though, and it clearly impacted Mayweather’s bout with Andre Berto in September. That bout sold around 400,000, Mayweather’s lowest total since 2006. It was clear the public was unhappy with the May bout between Mayweather and Pacquiao and took its wrath out on Mayweather in his follow-up bout.

Davido buried his ego,apologies to Dele Momodu and family

Davido_ShhhNigerian pop star, David Adeleke aka Davido has buried his ego. He has finally apologized to Dele Momodu and the family for all the insults.

read his tweet below:

(Unedited) Real reasons i (Dele Momodu) stopped them travelling abroad with my cousn’s child



In September 2015, I got a call from Dr Adedeji Adeleke, a long time family friend, telling me his son had fathered a baby girl with my cousin, Sophia Momodu. I rejoiced with him as any reasonable soul would do. He apologised that he had not called all along because he wasn’t sure if Sophie’s baby was going to turn out a fake one like that of two others who had turned up at his doorstep. But mercifully, according to Dr Adeleke, Sophie’s baby passed the DNA Test by over 98 percent and he was elated. I congratulated him again as a proud grandfather. He said he would like to meet me with Sophie since Sophie’s dad, Uncle Jibola Momodu, passed on years ago and Sophie mentioned me as her cousin.

I had known about Sophie’s baby through her first cousin Ruth Abraham and had called to congratulate her. I was happy when she sent me pictures of the baby and other romantic pictures with David Adeleke, aka Davido.

But I never contacted David’s dad deliberately so as not to create the impression of begging for marriage. Where we come from, it is the man who approaches the lady’s family to plead to be allowed to marry into the family.
Prior to this phone call from Dr Adeleke, Sophie had narrated to me how on the 11th July, 2015, she was tricked to Davido’s sister, Coco Adeleke’s house with her baby, Imade Aurora Adeleke. After getting to the house on Baderinwa Alabi Street, Lekki Phase I, Lagos, her baby was forcefully taken from her and she was thrown out of the premises with the threat that she would be decisively dealt with if she ever bothered to return there. There were armed policemen in the premises and to avoid what could have been a messy encounter, instinct prevailed on her to make her leave her breast suckling baby behind, with so much pain in her heart.
By daybreak on the next day, Sophie was again at Coco Adeleke’s house to take her baby, but she was prevented by armed policemen from gaining access into the house. She was again threatened and warned never to return for the child.
Despite the pain and trauma my cousin was made to undergo, I restrained myself from getting directly involved in the matter and appealed to her to stay calm and take it easy with the Adelekes.

But after the phone call from Dr Adeleke, precisely on September 10, 2015, I picked up Sophie and her mum and drove to Dr Adeleke’s home in Lekki, Lagos. All through this time, I had waited patiently to meet Dr Adeleke with questions probing for answers.
Dr Adeleke invited two of his close friends to the meeting namely His Majesty OBA ADEDOKUN ABOLARIN and Mr Wale Adeeyo. We went into lengthy discussions. His daughter Coco had brought in the little baby and both attended the meeting.
Dr Adeleke explained why it took some time to call me and I said I understood.
Dr Adeleke said the baby was discovered to have traces of marijuana in her during medical test and said he believed Sophie and David were smokers and he needed to protect the child from two irresponsible parents, as he described them. He told the gathering that the baby would be under temporary custody and observation. He directed that Sophie would come to his house every Sunday to see her baby. Our family agreed. He promised to pay Sophie a monthly upkeep. We thanked him for his kindness. He promised to buy her a car. We were grateful for his generosity. We had dinner with him and left. David was not present.

Sophie said she got the monthly upkeep but never got the car and that she prefers to have her baby back and the Adelekes can keep their money.

I called Dr Adeleke and he said I should allay her fears. I pleaded again for patience. I was shocked when Sophie called me desperately and said her daughter was being taken to Dubai by Coco. I immediately called Coco and she said she was taking the baby for intensive medicals and I wondered how she would pass through the airport without the consent of Sophie but she actually did and even sent me pictures from Dubai. I played it cool and encouraged Sophie to calm down.

Sophie became withdrawn and extremely saddened. The situation went from bad to worse. She and David became aggressive enemies. At a point, David sent messages to Sophie and using the ‘f’ word against me. His father was shocked and called him to apologise which he did and I accepted and even told him how much I love him.

The worst came when my wife came from London and went with Sophie to check on the baby at Coco’s house and they were literally walked out and told they were not welcome in her house. My wife called and I called Dr Adeleke who said they should go to his house and wait for him.

Their meeting did not go well because my wife asked when the baby would be returned to her mum and Dr Adeleke went into the same old story of marijuana abuse and Sophie said she was ready for a test which Dr Adeleke wasn’t interested in. Dr Adeleke explained why the car had not been bought and my wife told him the baby was the issue and not the car. Dr Adeleke didn’t like the sound of this but it was reaching a point that some truth needed to be told that a baby cannot be bought with money.

I flew to Nigeria on December 28, 2015 after Sophie told me the Adelekes were travelling to Dubai with her baby without her consent again. As soon as I landed I called Uncle Wale Adeeyo, a close confidant of Dr Adeleke and expressed our displeasure at the way Sophie was being treated and he promised to speak to Dr Adeleke. When he came back to me he didn’t sound too positive. We spoke several times and nothing tangible came out of his supposed intervention.

I called Oba Dokun Abolarin but he was busy at a wedding in Ibadan. I then called Uncle Wale again and told him Sophie has plans to stop the trip on the knowledge that David has collected an American passport for the baby and the rumour that the baby was being abducted to America. I pleaded that we should avoid a confrontation.
I headed to the airport to alert the authorities including Immigration and Emirates. As predicted, the Adelekes arrived the airport with the baby where Immigration had laid in wait for them. Coco came forward and was asked who the mother of the baby was and she claimed ownership and her passport and that of the baby were taken away by Immigration. Her dad was alerted and he came to the office of the Comptroller with others to try and rescue the passports but the Immigration stood their grounds. I saw him making frantic calls but he gave up after the flight departed. He repeated the same boast that no one could ever take the baby from him and I told him to stop talking like God.
No one likes a fight but we have been treated shabbily and had to stop the charade. We could not be intimidated and everyone at the airport expressed shock and horror at such a brazen attempt to export a human being only seven months old without the mother. We thanked the officers who rescued us from a powerful family. We are always for peace, justice and equity. No one threatened the Adelekes with any expose unless they were using reverse psychology. Personally, I’m not a junk writer and would never descend so low to abuse those permanently connected to us through an innocent baby. We love the baby like they do and such an innocent child deserves to be protected by both families.

(Politics) Hmm Read what Buhari is spending N6.94bn on recreational facilities at the State House

To match Interview NIGERIA-BUHARI/

According to reports, the Presidency is proposing to spend a total sum of N6.94bn on wildlife conservation, fuel and lubricants, purchase of C-Caution triangles for vehicles, fire extinguishers, construction of recreational facilities at the State House and maintain the presidential fleet.

Details of the spending are contained in the 2016 budget, which President Muhammadu Buhari presented to a joint session of the National last week.

A copy of the budget for the State House was obtained by our correspondent on Wednesday in Abuja.

It states that while the sum of N3.65bn is allocated for the presidential fleet of the State House alone, the balance of N3.27bn is proposed for items such as furniture, electricity, wildlife conservation, fuel and kitchen equipment among others.

For instance, it states that the Presidency is planning to spend a total sum of N326.08m on wildlife conservation.

The budget document also makes a provision of N387.98m for general renovation of the guest house at the State House while additional amount of N45m is budgeted for “complete furnishing of the entire guest house.”

It also indicates that the sum of N764.67m is proposed for “construction and provision of recreational facilities”, while N322.4m is allocated for the linking of cable for the driver’s restroom at the State House.

Installation of electrical lightings and fittings, according to the budget document, is estimated to gulp N618.6m; linking of cable from the generator house of the guest house to the gate, N213.87m; while the sum of N189.17m is being proposed for a bulletproof ambulance as well as other operational vehicles.

In the same vein, the purchase of C-caution (triangles), fire extinguishers and towing ropes of booster cable have a budget of N27m; upgrade of Internet infrastructure, N111.4m; purchase of canteen/kitchen equipment, N89.17m; fuel and lubricants for motor vehicles and generators, N90.49m; and welfare packages, N107.25m.

For the presidential air fleet of the State House, the budget document states that out of the sum of N3.65bn, about N3.275bn would be spent for recurrent items while the balance of N376.78m has been proposed for capital expenditure.

Some of the expenditure items listed for the presidential fleet are maintenance of aircraft, N1.05bn; aircraft fuel, N582.48m; cleaning and fumigation services, N4m; insurance premium, N320m; miscellaneous such as refreshment and meals, N40m; and security vote, N183m.

Similarly, purchase of fire fighting equipment for the presidential air fleet is to cost N7.9m; purchase of navigational instrument, N262.4m; medical expenses, N7.4m; and loss of foreign exchange, N8.7m.

Also, the sum of N28.7m is budgeted for purchase of motor vehicles; computers, N6.7m; gaming equipment, N20.26m; security equipment, N15.4m; industrial equipment, N3.7m; and provision of fire fighting station N9.43m among others, which include newspapers, periodical, printing of security and non security documents, instructional materials, stationery and computer consumables.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, had in November put the number of aircraft in the Presidential fleet at 10.

He had said in a statement that between May and November this year, the sum of N2.1bn had been spent on the presidential fleet.

Buhari had, while presenting the budget to the lawmakers, said he would ensure that the nation’s resources were prudently managed for the public good.

(Developing Story) Davido, Dele Momodu in verbal war on social media

Image result for dele momodu and davido

After Omo Baba Ololo crooner , Davido Adeleke’s babymama petitioned Adeleke’s family, immigration have been reportedly seized the passport of the Pop star, Davido dad, Pa Adeleke along side a sister on their way to Dubai.

However, he is currently involved in a public war of words with foremost media mogul, Dele Momodu following issues relating to the former’s little baby, Imade.

In a series of posts shared on photo sharing app, Instagram few minutes ago, Davido spilled some nasty details about the mother of her baby, Sophie Momodu and also took a jibe at Dele Momodu, who is Sophie’s uncle.

According to the music star, he was scheduled to travel to Dubai with his family alongside his little baby, Imade who is meant to receive special treatment for an alleged drug infection. He however claimed the passports of his dad, Deji Adeleke and his sister, Ashley Adeleke were impounded by security officials who are acting on the instructions of Dele Momodu.

Dele IG post

Davido IG

(Photos) Fuji Star, Adewale Ayuba’s daughter Tiwalade married in Lagos


Tiwalade, daughter of Fuji Music Star, Adewale Johnson Ayuba married Olumide in Lagos. The wedding ceremony held at KFA Lekki Lagos on Monday,28th 2015. Celebrities from all works of life were present at the one in town celebration.

Top Fuji music star, Alhaji Alao ‘Malaika’ Adekunle was the hired musician of the day. He dished good music from Ayuba’s hits songs, Mr Bubble and Ijo Fuji.

See more photos from the event below:


(Photos) 9ice electrifies Badagry at One Lagos Concert

bada 9i

Adegbola ‘9ice’ Adigun danced Shakiti Bobo on the stage while performing at One Lagos Concert in Badagry on Wednesday morning. After ace comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka De 1st introduced him . The Alapomeji boss dazzled the his fans with 15 songs. Even at that, his lovely fans  were asking for more. He started with Photocopy, Party Rider, Lonini, Gongo Aso and lots of songs that made the event tick.

See more pictures below:

bada 1bada 2baba 6



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