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You Stand With Buhari or You Stand Alone?

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari speaks at COP 21.


Have you seen the hashtag #IStandWithBuhari circulating all over the social media for some time now by some loyalists of the ruling party,APC? If yes and you live in Nigeria, then you just may need to ask yourself if Buhari is truely standing with you or standing alone. Minister of Information, Alhaji Lia Mohammed was recently quoted to have said that the situation of the country has now totally gone out of the control of the Buhari led administration. Also, in the midle of the on-going fuel scarcity which has seen Nigerians spend days on the queue at the filling stations, the Minister of Petroleum under Buhari administration bluntly told Nigerians that the government has no solution at hand.

Nigerians are truely suffering and are standing alone in this difficult times, no eletricity, no good roads, no pipe burn water, and no food on their table. Simply put, the suffering of the Nigerian masses has multiplied times 200 since President Muhammadu Buhari took over the affairs of the nation Nigeria.

I Stand With Buhari is said to be a lobby group founded in January this year, and claimed to be a non-governmental organization with the sole aimed of supporting President Buhari. Though the presidency came out recently to disassociate itself from the group, questions of doubt is still been asked by most Nigerians of the sincerity of the government.

Why Pasuma apologized to Osupa



According to Fujiipop findings, Fuji star, Pasuma wonder has tendered his apology before the king of Music, Saheed Osupa over the ongoing controversial live CD titled ‘Atenuje’ released by Pasuma wonder.
The CD that carries the pictures of Saheed osupa and K1 de ultimate while eating together in an hotel is currently generating heat discussions and arguments among the fuji fans.

Since the released of the CD, some fans have condemned paso and marketer that released the CD which may reawaken the rested rift between Pasuma and saheed osupa.
Although, while on a live TV programme, pasuma who just arrived from Canada said he knows nothing about the poster.
To wash his hands off the mess, orobokibo fuji star apologized to his arch-rival in the same trade, Saheed Osupa. It was also gathered that Music Advertising Association of Nigeria (MAAN) has banned the further sale of the music.


Lineo shares throwback photo

Run away singer, Elepepe fame, Yusuf Adekoya Adegboyega who is popularly known as Lineo shared throwback photo. This photo was released in 2009 while he was promoting his first single, Feel It, featured 2face Idibia.

Meet Anita ‘Mizz Spice’ Akpojotor, Captainment Africa 1st Lady

mizz spiceThough much have not been heard about Anita Akpojotor , also known as Mizz Spice. But we can tell you authoritavely that she is the new singer coming out under Captainment Africa, an international records label and pitch tent with Shetade Images Management. She is a graduate of marketing and a native of Delta State.

Mizz Spice will release her maiden single titled ‘Voltage’ produced by DJ coublon. Voltage will be released any moment from now.

See another sexy pic below:mizz spice 3

Double Wahala! Man stabs prostitute to death

Not real photoAs news revealed, a Zimbabwean man, Given Ngqabutho Nyoni, was recently arrested for allegedly killing a prostitute, Agnes Mulazi.
Report says Nyoni paid the sex worker $2 but was not satisfied with her service after having sex with her, so he demanded for a refund. Agnes refused to refund the money and this led to an argument between them. Nyoni grabbed a beer bottle and stabbed Agnes on the forehead when she made to run away. She died the next day at Mutare Provincial hospital.
According to a police report: “They reportedly agreed on a $2 fee for a short time sex session but later, Nyoni demanded his money back, saying he had not enjoyed the romp. The two had an argument which degenerated into a fist fight. Nyoni reportedly picked an empty beer bottle and struck the woman on the forehead as she tried to flee from the scene. Agnes sustained a deep cut on her forehead and bled profusely. She was rushed to Murambinda hospital before being transferred to Mutare Provincial hospital where she died.”

Africa Cup of Nations – Qualification Results

Nigeria1 – 1 Egypt
Mauritania 2 – 1 Zambia
Guinea 0 – 0 Malawi
Algeria 7 – 1 Ethiopia
Ivory Coast 1 – 0Sudan
Mali 1 – 0 Equatorial Guinea
Tunisia 1 – 0 Togo
Swaziland 1 – 1 Zimbabwe

Saraki’s trial tears APC apart as exco blasts party Tinubu and Cos

SarakiThe continued trial of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) has reportedly torn the All Progressives Congress (APC) apart, Premium Time reports. The party’s deputy national publicity secretary, Timi Frank, in a statement issued on March 25, described the continued trial of Saraki as “worrisome.” He said there were blemishes in the processes leading to his arraignment, noting that it was dangerous for the leadership of the party to sit down and watch the Senate president “swim or sink in his trial.”
“I sincerely hold that the current trial of Saraki is not only underserved, but amounts to paying a good man with evil. I also want to say that the leaders of our great party have unfortunately remained quiet in the face of evil. “I don’t believe we have forgotten that the victory of the APC during the last general elections could not have been possible without courageous strategists like Saraki who lent their political weight in favour of the APC at the risk of their own lives and personal survival,” he said. Frank recalled that Saraki as a Senator in the 7th Senate brought to the fore, the fraud committed by the last administration in the name of fuel subsidy. “I don’t think we have forgotten so soon how Saraki led five other governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) into the APC – a development that successfully turned the political tide against the PDP and eventually tipped the electoral scale against them during the 2015 general elections.“I don’t think we have forgotten how Saraki led scores of Senators to cross over to the APC on the floor of the Senate. “I don’t think we have also forgotten what he gave of his time, personal resources and energy to ensure that the APC emerged victorious both at the National, State and Local Government level,” Frank said. The party’s deputy national publicity secretary who questioned why Saraki’s case is treated differently recalled that in 2011, a case against some national leaders of the party were stuck out as he was not given the chance to deny or admit the alleged inconsistencies in his asset declaration forms as stated in section 3(d) of the CCB/CCT Act unlike 11 other ex-governors who had similar cases of irregularities whose cases were dropped by the CCB after they were invited by the agency. “For the avoidance of doubt, Section 3(d) of the CCB/CCT Act which has been so undermined by the CCT in its Thursday ruling states that the CCB shall: ‘Receive complaints about non-compliance with or breach of this Act and where the Bureau (not the AGF or EFCC) considers it necessary to do so, refer such complaints to the Code of Conduct Tribunal established by Section 20 of this Act in accordance with the provisions of Sections 20 to 25 of this Act: provided that where the concerned makes a written admission of such breach or non-compliance, no reference to the Tribunal shall be necessary,” he said. According to him, it was important to note that when the particular section of the Act was pleaded in the defence of one of the leaders of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria in 2011, the same chairman of the tribunal, Justice Danlandi Umar struck out the case for lack of jurisdiction to entertain the suit when he ruled that: “On Section 3(d), I feel compelled by the argument of the learned SAN for the accused. It is a condition precedent for referring a charge to this Tribunal that the accused ought to have been invited to either deny or admit the allegations against him. This is missing in this case as the complainant has no such evidence of a prior invitation. It would be proper for me at this stage to simply decline further exercise of jurisdiction having held that the co diction precedent to the instituting of charges against the Accused has not been complied with. I hereby resolve this issue in favour of the accused” “It is based on the above precedent that I want to ask why Saraki’s case is different? Why is the judiciary suddenly giving in to apparent blackmail from a section of the media by refusing to do their job as required by law? “Already the Senate President has told the world that the trial has nothing to do with corruption but that he is being persecuted for emerging as the Senate President. To me the ominous silence of our leaders since the day he was arraigned uphill now serves to validate the claims of the Senate President that he is being persecuted. “Or where else in the world will the number three citizen of a country be hurled before a tribunal over alleged irregularities in his asset declaration forms 13 years ago, and the hierarchy of the ruling to which he is a bonafide member will not come out to show solidarity or defend him? “If it is true that the trial of the Senate President is not borne out of genuine desire yo fight corruption but is being carried out for selfish political ends, then who is next? I think the party need to be courageous enough to speak out against this unwholesome trend whose outcome will definitely not augur well for the overall development of our party and by extension the country at this hour.
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