Trending: Seun Egbegbe didn’t steal at Computer Village, former media aid reveals

Though the news has been everywhere that Lagos Socialite, Seun Egbegbe was arrested hours ago at Computer Village over some Iphones.

Rumours has it that Seun, Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend, was allegedly arrested at Computer village for allegedly stealing 9 iPhones. According to reports, Seun this morning went into a phone shop pretending that he wanted to buy a phone. He asked the salesgirl to bring out two iPhone 7 and five iPhone 6+. He carried the phones and told the sales representative that he was coming back. He then crossed the road and entered into a waiting taxi.

The sales representative who claimed she was hypnotized, said she came back to her senses and raised an alarm. They chased after Seun and caught up with him. He was beaten up by angry traders and then handed over to the police.

Fujiipop findings later revealed that Seun didn’t steal the phones. A source very close to Egbegbe revealed that the owner of the phones was owing Seun Egbegbe some huge amounts of money.

” The owner of the shop is owing Seun Egbegbe some amount of money. He had given Seun Egbegbe appointment to meet him at Computer Village market this morning over some huge amount of money he is owing him. On arriving there the debtor’s office, he was no where to be found. His colleagues lied that he went out. Seun met only the sales girl in the shop. He pretended that he wanted to buy the phones. And noting that by the time he takes the phones away, the owner of the shop-debtor- will come out where he hides. But the sales girl didn’t know Seun Egbegbe or anything about the issue. At the time Seun arrogantly took the phones away, the sales girl angrily shout thief thief. People came out and started beating Seun in the public. He was later handed over to the Police,” the source said.




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