Photos: How Chief Samsondeen Ogunkoya Ajagungbade , Ibeju Lekki Land lured his brother, Alhaji Ismaila Ogunkoya to become Baale of Okegun Odofin Land


In the big boys settings in Lagos State, Alhaji Chief Samsondeen ‘Ajagungbade Ibeju Lekki Land’ Ogunkoya is number one who has lots of influences.

The latest about him is the coming coronation of his younger brother, Alhaji Chief Ismaila Ajibola Ogunkoya who becomes Baale of Okegun Odofin Land, Ibeju Lekki on Friday 9th December 2016.

Sources revealed that  this high chief, personally penciled down his younger brother to become the Baale of the land due to their tight and blood relationship.

The hilarious Baale coronation comes up at Okegun Odofin Town, opposite Eleran’gbe Junction, Epe Express Road, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.

King of Fuji Music, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde ‘K1 De Ultimate’ Marshal will be the musician of the day.

However, there are lots of activities to make the day memorable.

See photos of Chief Ajagungbade below: aja-3ajagun


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