My Music does not promote immorality- Rukayat Gawat Oyefeso


Image result for Rukayat Gawat Oyefeso picturesAce Islamic singer, Alhaja Rukayat Gawat had an exclusive interview with Fujiipop, read what she said about her kind of music.

Please tell us a little about  yourself

My name is Alhaja Rukayat Gawat Abolanle Oyefeso. I was born and raised precisely in Lagos island, I’m graduate of Mass CommunicationOlabisi Onabanjo University( OOU). I’m married for the past seven years with 2 kids, a boy and a girl. My first child is five years old now and the second two years.

As a graduate why did you chose music, Islamic gospel music for that matter. Why not other professions?

Well number one is that I love music naturally, and as you may know already no profession in this life gives more sense of fulfillment to what you love doing naturally all you need to do is just to find a way to develop it and you are set. All over the world and all over the ages you will find out that those often stand out in their chosen professions are often those who pursued their dreams based on their natural talents. So for me music is that one thing that gives me joy and fulfillment and coupled with the fact that I come from a strong music background.IMG-20170817-WA0001

After you graduated the university you decided to become a singer, when did you discover that music is your calling?

Like I said I’m from very strong music background, my dad is also into music so I have been singing right when I was a child. When I was in school I was only well known for one thing and that thing is music.

Of all genre of music you chosed Islamic music, what was the motivation for that?

Like I told you earlier, nothing in this life gives more fulfillment like what you do naturally. I love God, I’m a Muslim, and again I come from a music background because my dad also sings when was around. So somehow I was brought up with it, haven said that I must also add that it gives me joy to sing for glory of Allah, it gives me joy to do the kind of music that motivates people to worship Allah. It gives me joy to know that my kind of music does not promote immorality in the society or turn the people away from Allah. I’m a good Muslim so I have to practice and also preach what my Quran is saying. I’m not just singing simply because I want to sing. Image result for Rukayat Gawat Oyefeso pictures

Can you tell us a little about your family background?

I come a strong Muslim background, my dad was a Muslim, my mum is Muslim, we are all Muslims in my family. My dad was also a singer, he had about 3-4 albums that he has done already since then no one has seen him.

You just mentioned something about your dad been missing, what really happened?

My dad has been missing for the past 5 years now, he left home saying he was going to Ikeja and did not come back and since then nobody has seen him. We have done everything we could but still we’ve not found him.

What efforts has the family made to really find him?

We have done practically everything necessary to find him and that is why I do host prayer meeting for him every 10th of July because 10th of July was the date he got missing.

What was the effort of the security agencies to find him?

They have also tried their best, even the Lagos State government because I can remember then that the governor announced a price for anyone who could find Alhaji Gawat but unfortunately for us we did not hear the positive news we expected.

Has the family given up hope of finding him already?Image result for Rukayat Gawat Oyefeso pictures

No, we have not given up hope. There is nothing Allah cannot do because there were people that got missed for like 15 to 20 years and later come back home, so I still have hope and I know every member of the family still have hope of finding him.

Have you ever think in the direction that he might have left with another woman?

No, he is not the type. Even if he wants to leave with another woman is it possible that he leaves all his family for a whole five years? He is not the type.

Do you think he was kidnapped?

I honestly don’t know because initially that was what we were thinking, and even at that time we expected whoever or the people that kidnapped him would reach out to the family to demand for ransom but that was not the case.Image result for Rukayat Gawat Oyefeso pictures

What are you asking from Nigerians, the general public, the security agencies, the government and to whom it may concern?

My appeal is that Nigerians should keep praying for him because I really don’t know how I’m going to feel the very moment I set my two eyes on him again, I just can’t imagine it.

You are a wife, a mother and also a singer, how do you combine them?

Well my husband knows that I’m a singer and right from the beginning. However, he has been a pillar of support. He has always been there for me. In fact, he has been a blessing to me and my music career.

You have series of songs and albums in the market, looking back which song would you say is the song that actually shut you out?

I have about five albums in the market and I think the song that really brought me out was Aiyele Gawat and it was released in 2012, it was actually my first record.IMG-20170817-WA0005

Lets also look at your last album in the market, how is it doing?

My last album in the market is titled Temitope and it is doing fantastically well in the market.

You won Best Islamic artiste at just recently held City People Music awards. How do you feel?

I feel great winning the award. It gives me joy that my fans out there appreciate my efforts. It shows that people are following me. This makes me have more courage and determination to succeed.

Ijo Ope, your new album just hits the market, what is your expectation?

My expectations are very high. I want my fans to keep enjoying the music. I implore them to buy the album. Without my fans, i am nobody.Image result for Rukayat Gawat Oyefeso pictures

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