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9ice wishes Lord of Ajasa quick recovery as he celebrates 39th birthday

Image result for 9ice clocks 39Abolore ‘9ice’ Adegbola celebrated his 39th birthday on Thursday 17th January 2019 at his home in Lagos.

Lots of celebrities assembled to rejoice with Gonso Aso fame music star .

At the gathering, he used the platform to wish himself all the good things in life and comment on the news going round about his colleague, Lord of Ajasa who was reported battling with his health.

” Ajasa has been facing the ailment for some times now. Though this shouldn’t have been in the public. We have been contributing little money among our selves to make sure he is back to normal. But i was shock when i read it in the news. It is not my joy to read this every where. He will be fine soon. I wish his quick recovery”, 9ice said.

It was reported in the media that the Nigerian rapper Olusegun Osaniyi who is more known as Lord of Ajasa had been suffering from Peptic ulcer and currently needs funds to undergo an operation.

The news was broken on Instagram during the week by Afrobeat singer Alariwo who also disclosed that the rapper is currently receiving treatment at Ikorodu General Hospital, Lagos.

Though, an amount of the money required was not disclosed, Alariwo said: “Let’s all come together as fast as we can to help out as nothing is too small.”

According to Alariwo,”I got a message from his wife begging me to speak to his colleagues to save her husband. When I called Ajasa earlier today, he (Ajasa) confirmed that the story is true. Let’s all come together as fast as we can to help out as nothing is too small. Supporting him financially to stay alive is the best remedy than saying sorry, which we reject in JESUS name. Send your donation to his account details: 0015198342; Osaniyi Olusegun; GTB. GOD Bless us all.”

After the news broke, Lord of Ajasa’s colleague and friend, ID Cabasa, said that the artiste was responding to treatment and debunked claims that he was abandoned by his friends. He noted that he was in touch with the rapper and his family.

“Let everyone be clear that Ajasa has not been neglected as has been widely suggested by certain people,” he wrote.

“He is responding to treatment and hopefully might not need surgery. Please let’s pray for Ajasa.”

Lord of Ajasa is known for pioneering Yoruba rap and inspiring the likes of Dagrin, Reminisce and Olamide. Some of his hit singles include ‘Mai Lo’, ‘Ara Awe’ and ‘Otiya.’

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Danku wins CFA Best Talent Manager Award

…Danku dedicates CFA award to Davido, 9ice
 One of the foremost talent managers currently in vogue, Yusuf ‘Danku’ Adepitan has won best talent manager of the year award.
Creative Faith Academy Awards organizers that from United States of America presented the prestigious award plaque to him after he returned from United Kingdom 9th November 2018 in Lagos.
While receiving the award, he stressed that the award is being dedicated to Davido and 9ice.
“I thank God Almighty to this opportunity. Many are called but few were chosen I’m among the few that are recognized today in the Nigeria music industry.  It is not my power. But It is God Almighty that should be acknowledged. I am also dedicating this award to Davido and 9ice. These artistes played major role in my career”, Danku said.  “I wrote songs for them and they gave me the credit. I will forever be grateful for their professionalism”.
His management experiences started with Afro Pop Singer, Lawal Olumo aka Konga. He took him on Nigerian Musical Tour. He toured Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna Enugu, Port Harcourt, Oyo State and other major places in Nigeria.
Danku was later recruited as the A & R of Foxtrox Music. He was at the helm of affairs at the record label. He released Slim joe, ‘Oti Yan Yan’ album. The song was a national anthem in the country.
After the singer left the label, he convinced the label that the next artiste the label could bank on was Lace. The Benin Republic music star never knew he could become a star suddenly. But Danku with his dexterity made him a star. Lace under Danku leadership, released ‘Se Bi Wo’. The song became instant hit in the entertainment industry.
However, Danku who has love for raw talents invested in another upcoming artiste, Oluwaseun. Under Danku, Oluwaseun released Olele ft Olamide. The song was well promoted. He drives the young lad to record with Terry G, Reminisce and Oritsefemi.
As a result of his versatility, Afro Pop Singer, Klever Jay approached Danku to work with him. Klever Jay teamed up Danku to drop Omo Aye and Peperenpe respectively. The songs top music chats on Radio Stations in Nigeria.
When Afro Beat star, Oritsefemi reads his profile as one of the consistent artiste managers/promoters of our time, Oritesefemi called him for a meeting. The rest are history as both started working together. Double Wahala and Sexy Ladies ft Davido were concept of the Epe born artistes’ manager.
After finishing his contract with Oritsefemi, one of the prolific producers cum singer, Rayce pitched a tent with him. Both worked together to release Watin Dey. The song became hit. The song later featured Davido in the remix with little effort from Danku.
Danku also worked briefly with D Banj . Feeling The Nigga, Breaking News, Emergency and other songs.
Ijoba Na Danku promoted talented singer cum actor, Jigan Baba Oja Aka Shomo Age Mi Ni master to fame.
The prolific Danku as well worked with Terry G. House of Ginjah boss made him head promoter at his empire.
Danku is a bundle of talents as far as promoting music and artiste management are concerned.
Danku worked on international events. He took Slim Joe on seven cities musical tour in United Kingdom in 2011-2013. He took Terry G to U K, and others countries 2013-2014.
He took Oritsefemi to Malaysia, United Kingdom, Egypt, Russia and some European Countries 2014-2015.
Danku has won City Pride Artiste Manager of the year -2015, Islanders Magazine Music Promoter of the year 2016 and Creative Faith Academy Awards Best Talent Manager of the Year 2018.
See more photos below: IMG-20181110-WA0008

Ice k, Ruggedman systematize with Tony Tetuila on mother’s death

It was reported that veteran music star @tonytetuilaofficial mother’s died few days ago.

Lots of his colleagues in the music indutry have been sending condolence messages to him.

Ruggedman, Ice K of Artquake , Eedris Abdul Kareem sent condolence messages to Udon Hit My Car crooner reports revealed.



Photo: 9ice producer, Olumix celebrates birthday

Image may contain: Olumix Awolaja, smiling, text

Prolific music producer, Olumide Awolaja aka Olumix has added a year . The brain behind Alapomeji Ancestral Records production will be hanging out with friends tonight in order to mark the memorable birthday.

Olumix releases 9ice Street Credibility Guitar version

Now we know the type of musicians that really got talent. OLUMIX aka the Jah-Elo master currently known for the block burster hit “OJA TI BURST” has finally released the melodiously cooked guitar cover to the legend’s evergreen tune “STREET CREDIBILITY by 9ice @Ancestor.

This is big. Olumix revealed to us in an interview how happy and honoured he felt getting permission from ancestor to make his own version.

He said: “Baba has always been a blessing to me,  I’ve always loved him so much. This track has been one of my favorite Ancestor’s songs way back. I listen to it timelessly, this is a track that has got some magical feeling that synchronized in the soul while listening. Tubaba also did great justice to it……. shout out to my day 1 mentor in music production @IDcabasa. He inspired most of us producers to be a standout, passionate”.


Article: Why 9ice, Olamide, Davido don’t make big money in music due to Nigeria structure-Ninalowo Boladale

Image result for 9iceAbolore  ‘9ice’Akande, Olamide ‘Olamide Baddosneh’ Adedeji and David ‘Davido’ Adeleke are artistes that have made Nigerians proud home and out of our shores.

There are still many questions that they have been asking reasons they have not earn big money like their conterparts abroad.

According to information it is due to the in balance structure in the Nigeria music industry.

No doubt music is one goldmine where every young mind focus on these days, but is it really true that this avenue is really money generating just the way people see it?

Yes some say there is money in it yet I met some artistes that are even known and are not comfortable, this made me conduct a research and discovered that there are lot of things wrong with the music industry.

Music is profitable but only for those that understand the business aspect of it, many artiste do music as entertainment and expect magic to happen they come to realize they are doing the wrong thing only when age is telling on them and they see needs cannot be met. Lets take our time to analyze music in its entirety.

Meaning of Music

According to the dictionary “Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and color. Another definition sees Music as “The tones or sounds employed, occurring in single line (melody), and sounded or to be sounded by one or more voices or instruments, or both.

Music defined will at least make artistes give us that good sound and tune when delivering for public hearing.

Why Most Artiste Don’t Make Money

Most artistes don’t make money from their contents because they are yet to understand the structure of the industry they work in or the circle they are in.

A banker will resume work in the morning to attend to clients and the bank itself make money from different angles which when one look at will not really see it as something reasonable but when the law of multiplication set in we discover it’s a whole lot of income.

The first thing an artiste need to have in mind is if he or she is doing music for entertainment or business purpose this will give a guide to how he or she runs the concept. But irrespective of the purpose it is very paramount we all understand the structure of the music industry. And sometimes even when you are doing music as entertainment money can still be seriously made.Image result for davido

The Structure:

Record Label

According to Wikipedia “A record label or record company is a brand or trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. Sometimes, a record label is also a publishing company that manages such brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos; also conducting talent scouting and development of new artists (artists and repertoire or “A&R”); and in derives from the circular label in the center of a vinyl record which prominently displays the manufacturer’s name, along with other information.”


Label Manager: Just like every other manager in the other disciplines as banks, Press, Media etc. Sees the growth of the label and make sure every other sectors of the label functions accordingly without lapses

Assistant Label Manager: This person stands in for the label manager where he/she is not available to attend to some matters. The label manager therefore makes available to the assistant every information needed and all the activities of the label are not carried out behind him.

Talent / Artiste Manager:

People often mistake this for the road manager and every body even a road manager addresses themselves as Artiste Managers.

A talent/artiste manager is the seasoned individual or an established organization comprising of seasoned staff that guides the professional career of an artiste in the entertainment industry. It is the duty of the talent manager to oversee the day-to-day business activities of an artiste. The artiste is always trying to write songs, do recordings, and a lot of other things, which makes him/her not been able to think business wise. The absence of talent managers has made some artistes signed unfavorable deals.

The talent manager here takes care of business deals and advises the artistes professionally on his/her career.


Though some talent managers or label managers take up this position, but I just have to separate it to make it more elaborate. This is a very critical position in any organization most especially in the music industry.

A Brand manager sees to creating a long lasting positive impression among consumers and improving product sales and market share. The market is not static so it is the duty of the Brand manager to monitor market trends and overseas all advertising and marketing activities to ensure the message is delivered for their product or service.

The reason I postulate that the job of a brand manager in the music industry is a bit tedious is simply because musical artists are not like other products such as drinks and food that can be given to consumers or client to sample, a whole lot of work had to be put in place to convince your client to book your artist(s) for their next event and remember the market is very competitive and you have to beat your competitor(s). The question is how do you do that?

A Brand/Marketing manger helps builds artist(s) career beyond the audio and bring the music to the market for and consumers.

A Brand manager makes sure attention is driven towards a project and get people invest and excited by an act that they want to buy their music.

You as a Brand manager must work closely with the artist and their management from the moment they are signed, in developing their entire aesthetic and branding.

Our product here as mentioned earlier are our artists or bands so consistent and memorable brand can definitely be created generated around them. We identify what makes out act or brand standout working on this precedes their marketing.

Artists also contributed to their branding because they already have an idea of what makes them exceptional.

Campaigns can only begin after proper brand positioning, during campaign process a whole lot of people are involved in the promotion of an artist at different levels and stages, ranging from online, print, videos, commissioning, radio and to plugging, sales and commerce The Brand manager creates a plan that incorporated all the promotional elements and hold a overview of target of and deliverable of each of these elements.

Road Managers:

These managers are the closest to the artistes sometimes they stay together, the road manager oversees the personal life of an artiste, he is always found with the artistes whenever they are out or in they do more of the talking on behalf of the talent. In most cases best friends of artistes are recommended for this post.Related image

Rayce former manager, Danku marks multi million naira birthday in lagos

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