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Bimbo Queens Breaks bounds

Its even a long way coming and keeping the struggle intact with great focus is definitely an expensive price to pay.
BimboQueens have been on the verge of breaking bounds since the beginning of this year. In the course of achieving this are series of events she has been part of ranging from musical performances at events, interviews, contributions to Nigeria’s national issues, endorsements and a lot more.
However the queen who just changed her look has made Nigeria and Nigerians in general both home and in diaspora proud as she represented SALFORD  BUSINESS SCHOOL, UNITED KINGDOM at the just concluded SMALL BUSINESS CHARTET SUMMIT alongside top female entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.
“Having the opportunity to represent my school in the United Kingdom is a great privilege most especially as a Nigerian that am proud to be”  she  said.
Looking at the pace at which Nigerians are breaking bounds in the world today shows God have a lot in stock for us in this country, so we should make use of the opportunity and build a better future for the country.

Star Singer, Bimbo Queens changes look

IMG-20190422-WA0000Change is only one constant thing in the life of every human and as we know ppl do this to show they are on the next phase of life.
Artist Bimbo Queens has recently taken to her Instagram page to show of her new look. The act cum model who had been known for her former look said her fans home and abroad are loving the new look.
“I just felt change is the only constant thing and my fans are really cool with my new look and style” but according to her some things remain unchanged about me cos of my fans and these are #GoodVibes and #ElectrifyingPerformances

Bimbo Queens cries on regulatory bodies over Lagos Island collapsed building

IMG-20190320-WA0018Only families who were victims of Lagos Island collapsed building would understand how it is very painful to loose pupils abruptly on that faithful day.
Afro Pop female singer cum model Bimbo Queens has sympathized with the families who lost their loved ones in that incident.
She has cried out to the authorities to quickly take action and prevent re-occurrence in the future .
In her statement ” Though accidents happens but yet can be averted, if proper checks are put in place all that happened ranging from the Ethiopian Airline to the collapsed buildings on the Island and the explosion of the kerosene tanker that claimed so many lives”
Authorities in charge should please put on check the activities of every sectors that are involved in activities that affects human lives directly.
According to her, “Nigeria is my beloved country despite studying abroad I have the dream of coming back home to do a lot for my people. But if everyone dies who are we going to impact on or who will the government govern? For years we have been fighting the insurgents and now losing lives of future leaders and prospective world class business men and women. Let’s all come together and put things in place. Nigeria is a great nation let’s build on it and make things better”, she said.

The Queen is back with Manya cover

IMG-20180214-WA0000Bimbo Queen is back and promise to hit the industry hard this time. The Queen who went on a short break to finalise some unfinished businesses said “I promise my fans and the entire industry nothing but good vibes”.
Breaking in with the cover of Mutay X WizKids ” Manya” she commented on the the song “I love this song so much WizKid has always been giving that vibe and never a dull moment listening to him, he has made us proud home and abroad I give the credit to him. Meanwhile he should put the money on my head and waist”
RADAR my original song drops soonest wait on it.


After a year of being missing from the musical scene, our  diva is back with her own rendition of RunTown’s MAD OVER YOU. Bimbo Queens who says she’s ready to make that change once did  an amazing cover to ‘Hello’ by Adele where she sang so beautifully with heart felt emotions.

The Queen has also been nominated along the years before her one year break off scene. Part of which she won the ‘Best Female Artist’ in the year 2014 in Ukraine where she originally started her musical career.

In her remark she said  the most beautiful is back and better than ever. Here her voice below:


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