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Happy New Month, June

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The management of Fujiipop online magazine wishes our ardent readers happy new month. May the month bring favour, progress and success.


(Greetings) Happy New Month February

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Fujiipop Magazine Management wishes our ardent readers  happy blessed news month of February 2017.

May this month bring progress, success at large.

Fresh: Davido, Malaika plans duet

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Fuji Music Star , Sulaimon Alao ‘Malaika’ Adekunle and David ‘Davido’ Adeleke are planing something big together.

Information gathered by Fujiipop has it that both music ambassadors met yesterday at Banana Island, Ikoyi to engineer the collaboration.

Malaika has duet with Olamide, Dammy Krane, Oritsefemi and others in the past.

The imeku of Fuji Music is still in the euphoria of his just released album, Original which is trending till date.

(Photos) Fujiipop is working on re branding 9ice

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This is the official 9ice magazine that you will be seeing his stories and events, what out.

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[INTERVIEW] Babalaje discovered my Talent – Alao Malaika

Alhaji Sulaimon Alao Adekunle Malaika is one Fuji artiste that has made a niche for himself. The Ogun State born Fuji Musician said in this chat that Babalaje is the person that made his music appeal to the whole world. ‘At 40th, I will give kudos to Babalaje for discovering my talents’.

What are the latest things you are doing now?
There is nothing so special about Malaika. We have lots of things on ground. I released my musical video few months ago, Special Day. At the moment, we have started working on our new album. At the same time, I did a duet with Olamide, the popular Fuji Pop rapper. The song is on callertunes as we speak. So my fans could start use it as their ringback tunes.

What is the title?
It is titled Bose Njo, (The Way You Dance).

Is this the first time you are collaborating with Hip Hop artiste?
I have done collaboration with a lot of Hip Hop artistes. But this is the first time am doing with Olamide.

Do you see yourself doing collaboration with other Hip Hop like Wande Coal or Wizkid?
Yes. I could do with other artistes. I am simple person, anytime they call me, I will honour them.

You are 40, do you see more responsibilities before you or has nothing changed?
Age is number. Nothing has changed in me. I believe life goes on.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement?
I thank God, I have a lot of things that I would I have achieved. I don’t like to blow my trumpet. All I have achieved are personal to me.

At 40, what do you think you could have done that you didn’t do?
There is nothing that I could have done that I didn’t do. There is no straight road without a bend. There would be a time you would thank God that you have passed through a lot. There have been a lot of positive and negative things about me. I thank God for my life generally.

There was this rumour that you donated for O J B, what is the true picture, because we only heard of P Square’s donation?
Yes ,I donated for O J B. He is my friend. Though he has not produced any of my job. But he is a colleague as far as entertainment is concerned. When I heard that he was sick, I went to his house to check him at Surulere. I felt bad when I saw him. I thought that was all to the sickness. But later, I saw the campaign that O J B needs support. I went down there secretly. I collected his account number. Two day later I send sum amount of money to his account. This kind of crusade, we need to help our colleague. It is not only Hip Hop artistes that have donated for O J B. Fuji has done also. The music industry is very big. We don’t need to discriminate. If you did not ask me this, I wouldn’t have said anything.

After that, were you able to check him back to know follow up?
Yes I called him back, someone picked his phone that he was at the hospital resting. I later delivered my message that he should tell O J B that Malaika called. I called him to know the follow up to his health. But I learnt he will be flying out of the country August for the Surgery.

You are 40, are you thinking of having a record label in order to develop upcoming artistes?
I have been supporting young artistes. Fuji artistes and record label do not work like Hip Hop setting. When you sign the artiste, he will start demanding for what you don’t have. They don’t know what Malaika has gone through before getting to this stage. They could be saying malicious things behind you that are you not a Fuji artiste, why are you doing this kind of thing to me. But, they don’t know that Malaika had gone through a lot of obstacles before I get to this level. That is the area am just looking at. I had been thinking about the record label thing for a lot of years. What I just arrived at is, I can’t do it. The best thing I could do is to help them or introduce them to record label that I know. The only record label I have now is Malaika. So, I am pushing myself.

While growing up, did you see any record label signing you on?
The only person that discussed about taking me to studio was Alhaji Saliu Akamu Adetunji. He is my record lable owner today. He was the person that approached me. We later agreed. I was so amazed. We met at a naming ceremony that I performed in 1992. Alhaji Saliu was at the party also. That was where we met. He sent somebody to call me. My stature was so small then. That was how we started. Though a lot of recording companies had been romancing me, they wanted to take me from them. As I said earlier, there is no straight road without bend. Sometimes, we disagree to agree. Money had always been the major issue. At the end of the day, they would agree with me. Even, if I had done any album for a recording company, there was always clause that I can’t sign under your label. To be realistic, Babalaje made. When I was nobody, they saw me, they didn’t not even think they would make money at the first place. That had been the respect I am giving them till date. It wasn’t that I signed any document with them. I just know that their mind is at rest with me. They know me, I am a straight forward person. My relationship with Babalaje was so close. And they understand me so much. I thank Alhaji Saliu for the opportunity they have given me. We have been working together since 1992.

We learnt you did your 40th birthday in London, Benin Republic. You are planning another one in South Africa . Could you let the cat out of the bag?
I would have done another one in United State. But my schedule was really tight. Even till date, it is still tight. I have been thinking of the date to give my fans in U S A. There is date for South Africa show. August 16 Pretoria and 18 J’burg. It is just five days in South Africa. Then, I would be going to U S A. But few days to this time, I am going to Saudi Arabia for Umura (Lesser Hajj).

From the name you formerly answered Tekoye, now Malaika, why do you like that name?
When I started music, I answered Tekoye. I got it from my late brother. He was a musician also, Wasiu Tekoye. It is not that I was under anybody. I started my music career straight with my band. My brother was just my adviser, mentor, likewise King Ayinde Marshal. I could not just bear Talazo. You understand the love is there. At the time I was growing up, I love the name. I later thought about the future of my business. Tomorrow, I could change my style of music. I might not sing Fuji music anymore. So, if my name still remains Tekoye, it would be very difficult for me. So whatever one wants to do in life, you need to thing about the future. The future is very important. When I pray, God always answers my prayers. There is nothing about future without God Almighty. So, those were the things I thought before arriving at Malaika.

Aside God that gives inspiration, how do you source for contents before going to studio to record or show?
I get my content through what is happening in the society. So when I see things like that, I note it down. I later develop it. My fans also give me inspiration.

What do we expect from Alayeluwa Malaika?
Expect the unexpected from me. I would keep surprising my fans. They didn’t expect Proper Music to be a big content. They didn’t expect Special Day would shake the music industry. I would keep surprising my fans in a positive way. I’m working hard to make sure that I meet up expectation. After Proper Music, Special Day Video is out. It is the album that is rocking the town presently. A lot of people are showing me love. Proper Music has helped Special Day album. The album talked about my Dubai Birthday. I used the platform to shower encomium on people and loyal fans that went there with me. The experience is awesome. While recording this album, there was fun in the studio. I am working on the new album as well. It is going to be another hit by God’s grace. Interesting songs are in the album. We have started composing with my team. I don’t like dicing people in my album. There are a lot to talk about in the society. You also need to show great love to people that have been there for you. Although, there are challenges here and there, but we are coping. May God assist us the way He has been doing.

Oyin Adenuga Explores Reality TV?

It’s been Rumored that the drop dead gorgeous daughter of popular Nigerian billionaire Otunba Mike Adenuga: Oyin Adenuga might become an overnight screen diva! If rumors of her starring in the upcoming reality series Real Housewives of Lagos are confirmed, this might just make it the must show to watch. Surprisingly, Oyin has managed to stay away from the news for a long time but she appears to want to make a big bang as she comes into the international limelight!


Sawm or Siyam (fasting) is a special kind of a service to Allah (‘’Ibadah’’) by able- bodied and sane persons, by observing a particular kind of abstinence (from food, drink, marital relationship, etc) for a specific period (from dawn to sunset), being compulsory in a specific lunar month called Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar.
Fasting is a universal custom and is advocated by all the religions of the world, with more restrictions in some than others.
It is not a mere starvation, or just an act of self denial and ascetism and therefore, a renunciation of the world, it is not inactivity rather it is an activity by the body, the mind, the soul and the spirit. Let not call ‘’SIYAM’’ by the word ‘’fasting’’, for the purpose of this article, let call it ‘’Islamic Fast’’.
All Muslims are obliged to fast in the same month of the year, which is Ramadan. This strengthens the bonds of unity in Ummah (Muslim community) as well as making fasting easier.
The following categories of persons need not fast:
(a) The very young, the elderly, the sick, those suffering from a severe disease, the infirm, the insane;
(b) Menstruating women, pregnant and nursing mothers. They must make up for the lost non-fasted days later, in the following months as soon as they are able to keep up the fast;
(c) Travellers also can postpone the fast, if they wish to;
There is a big difference between the Islamic fast and mere starvation. The Ramadan fast is an exercise itself- discipline involving food intake, use of tongue, hands, eyes, ears, thoughts, sex etc. Many of the undesirable habits and traits of the previous months are automatically corrected during this month. Some of us might have been habituated to a particular type of wrong doing e.g., gambling, smoking, drinking, backbiting, fraud, hot temper, domestic violence, etc. Fasting breaks that habit either gradually for some or immediately for those with a stronger will power, especially if supported with constant supplications. To do so, it needs faith and determination. The Holy month of Ramadan is an annual training period for an examination wherein all the perceptual organs of the body are disciplined, those organs given to us by Allah as trust with a view for us to become His vicegerent on earth.
(a) THE TONGUE – the tongue is too noble an organ, and must be kept and should not be used for backbiting, slander, ridicule, obscure language and telling lies. In fact all these violate the sanctity of fasting and cancel the fast. The Prophet (S.A.W) said: ‘’fasting is a protecting shield as long as the fasting person does not harm his fast’’. The companions ask the Prophet (S.A.W) how the fast is damaged. The Prophet (S.A.W) answered ‘’ by, lying and backbiting’’. The backbiters refrain from eating during the day time but because of their backbiting Allah remarked that they eat human flesh. Hence their physical fast is broken. In another saying of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), he said, ‘’whoever does not give forged and vain speech and evil actions, Allah is not in need of his leaving his food and drink. The Prophet (S.A.W) says ‘’among many who fast their share is only hunger and thirst. There are many who perform night prayers and their share is only exhaustion’’. The very same tongue that could have been used to spread evil could also be used to spread righteousness instead. This is also classified as charity and has an added advantage in building a friendly environment.
(b) THE HAND- with the same hand, we can take away people’s money and yet with this same hand we can give. To give is a Divine quality; to take is human. Man succeeds in developing himself who first deserve what he gets, and what he gets he freely gives to others. With this same hand, we can knock down a person weaker than our selves. But strength lies not in knocking down a poor man or the wife. Strength lies in lifting someone who has already fallen on the ground.
(c) THE LEGS- surely these legs can carry us to the discos, the pubs, and the night clubs. But these same legs can also carry us to the Mosque or to the orphanage or to the hospital to visit someone who is sick.
(d) OTHERS- similarly, the other perceptual organs of the body given to us by Allah as trust, should not be abused. The eyes must not intentionally look at anything evil, the ears must intentionally listen to gossips, and vulgar jokes, the mind that minds the body should be tuned to a different frequency of clean thoughts and intentions, the sexual organs can only be used for the legal partner and that too is have the fast is broken at sunset.
During Ramadan, we have to get up for ‘’sahur’’ early meal before dawn, stop eating and drinking before the break of dawn; abstain from such and such actions during the day and deliberately take ‘’iftar’’ (breaking the fast) in the evening at the exact time of sunset. This is precise timing. The month of Ramadan teaches to be exact and precise in our dealings and in our timings and to be punctual at all times.
Fasting during the month of Ramadan gives us an opportunity to fine tune the body, to develop qualities of endurance, and to control anger, hot temper and malicious tongue.
One of the objectives of fasting is to bring our unruly passions under control. The man who can rule his desires and make them work has Allah want has attained true moral excellence.
Allah put our faith to a several test for one month for many long hours a day with strict non-indulgence in physical gratifications. If we emerged triumphant in this test, more strength develops in us to refrain from other sins, and our brain responds by sending recurrent and frequent signals to us to protect ourselves by rejecting immediately.
Fasting is an institution for the improvement of the moral and spiritual character of man. The purpose of fast is to help develop self restraint, self purification, self modification positively, God-consciousness (Taqwah), compassion, the spirit of caring and sharing, to love humanity and to love Allah and His Prophet (S.A.W).
Allah’s says in the Holy Qur’an: O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may attain God-consciousness (Taqwah)’’ (Baqarah, 2:183)

By: abdurazaaq mubashir woleola

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