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How MC Oluomo , NURTW sent boys to cause trouble at Pierro RTEAN park in Agric, Ikorodu


…C S P, Margareth Okonkwo intervenes for peace

This is unrest situation in Agric, a suburb in Ikorodu of Lagos state.

War drums were beaten on Monday 1st September 2020. Security high alert was fully focused on Agric Bus-stop, Ikorodu as reliable source confirmed that bloody clashes may erupt should the Government fail to intervene in the impasse between members of National Union Of Road Transport Workers, NURTW; the aggressors whom have threatened to forcefully take over road territories from Road Transport Employer’s Association RTEAN who are the present controllers, having been they who fought for its establishment years back.
NURTW believes it has the right to claim the remaining 6 LGs, having already conquered 51 out of 57 Lagos LGs in existence and are ready to perpetrate grim violence against any group or gathering standing in their way.
Fujiipop.con spoke to the RTEAN Zonal Chairman (Ayangburen Unit) in the area, Mr. Segun Omole, A.k.a Pero, and the soft-spoken, dynamic leader who has been in charge of the affairs of the Association for a long time by popular demand stated that the issue could have been a minor one had NURTW agreed to a peace plan they had proposed where the days of work could be split equally between the two bodies but the latter preferred an all out war.

Also, Mr. Seyi Odumosu, the RTEAN Vice Chairman, Agric Unit also spoke saying that RTEAN has been peacefully handling operations in the area being the recognized pioneers for over 30 years, till now, that NURTW suddenly popped out of nowhere to try and hijack all they had worked for in decades under a flimsy excuse that the Government granted them permission to unfollow the due process of Law to cause mayhem.
However, a large sea of Yellow RTEAN shirts could be seen enmasse, as all members of the Association gathered to signify readiness for anything
Also being the gallant and ever-ready officer she is, DPO of Owutu Police Station, C S P Margareth Okonkwo, her combat ready anti-riot team and several patrol vehicles could be seen stationed at the bus stop, watching and waiting to forestall breakdown of Law and Order in her Jurisdiction.
Now, as the arms of the clock ticks away slowly, everyone is watchfully waiting, tense and ready for anything.
Residents of the area who spoke on condition of anonymity said they pray that the government should quickly Wade into the matter to forestall break down of law and order which would also affect residents and businesses, or worse, countless lives may be lost, should violence erupt between the two parties.
Police sources revealed that our our is to restore peace and order in Agric.
“We have to call Commissioner of Police before everything could calm down. We don’t fight in these areas. “

In one one interview with Segun Omole Peirro, read below:

Can you tell us what happened when you were attacked at agric motor?
It was on Monday,some people came and want to take over our park and they promise they will give us another park,but before we can move, we need to have a concrete agreement first. So that same Monday, we called every individuals that can be involved. From DPO, local council chairman etc. Alausa was also informed that National is coming to take over agric park.
I could remembered that there was an agreement we made in 2008 between national and road union at obalende and every documents is with us here and out of fifty seven local government in Lagos state, National are working in fifty one.The remaining six left, they shared with RETAN . So agric park is the only one left with Road union , yet they want to collect it. This is very sad. So we call on every individuals to please help us about the situation on ground,we are peace loving association.

Can you kindly introduce yourself and tell us the name of your motor park?
My names are Omole Segun Pierro . I am the Vice State Chairman, Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN ) Lagos state, owutu motor park at agric in ikorodu.
What is the collaboration between your association and National?
State chairman of National is Mc Oluomo..Collaboration between us is smooth because we both belong to team Lagos.
So am certainly surprise now that things like this is coming up.
We have been together from the start of AD government till APC government and we still remain in the same caucus.
I am still finding it hard to believe why MC wants to take over our park in Ikorodu.

Do you involve the authority , maybe police or..

Yes, we informed the D P O of Owutu, Agric, CSP , Magreth Okonkwo about some people who came to cause fight here.
She’s a lovely woman.Instantly she makes radio calls to every stations from commissioner,area commander . So some police men were sent here , may be should there be any commotion.

She is a lovely and nice woman. When you see a vibrant and agile woman in the force it will make you happy. In her case, what a man can do, woman can also do better.

Have you in any way contact the head of national, who is Mc Oluomo?
When this thing was about to happen, I was in Abuja. I received a call from police station that national brought letter that on Monday, national is coming with task force to agric park and take away every vehicles here. So I called MC,he didnt pick so I called the vice and also called Sego. That am in Abuja,so they told me to come and when I came back on Friday I went to see Mc and we discussed. Mc said the directive is from Governor, then I said if any thing is coming from the governor we should sit down and agree on certain things before taking steps. So I let them know that if agreement is not made , problems can occur. So he told me there won’t be problem so I said that is good , we will be expecting them.
To my own surprise , the way matter is going is not what I expected . Our Local government chairman , he never gave them approval. This baffles me a lot . I said to my people , what is going on?
I will really thank the DPO for not allowing any fight to start.


So what do you want the media,government and Nigeria as a whole to do for you?
The government only approved two factions in Lagos state which is National and Road.
National is not following due protocols which is in the their constitution. Every one knows Road association never engage in trouble. This is our boundry . They came to meet us. So I want the government and well meaning people to call them to order. We belong to one party and we should live in peace.

How do you orientate your fellow motorists, Because people outside see them as tout,thug. So how do you make them to look as a lovely as other professionals?
I talked to them regularly. I will thank our good boss Alhaji Musa who teaches us the right norms of good behavior. We are also following that steps . Road union don’t involve in fight or any uninteresting thing. So we are good and loving people.This association has really brought us good things and we are proud of that . We travel out of the country and live a better life there without any fear of anybody . We want that also in our country. This is our target . So Road union is different and good now.CF9D6B2D-6146-4437-AFA4-5C9DB61EBE26

However , all efforts to reach out to MC Oluomo proved abortive at the time of this reports.

– Segun Iruobe, Tijani Adegbola

OGIDAN releases new song, HUSHPUPPI


Man arraigned in court for defiling two friends

Man arraigned in court for defiling two friends The Ekiti State police command on Tuesday, June 23, arraigned a 27-year-old man, Taiwo Odetunde, before an Ado-Ekiti Chief Magistrates’ Court over alleged defilement of two friends, aged 13 and 14, who he lured with a promise of sewing face-masks for them.

Police prosecutor, Inspector Monica Ikebuilo, told the court that Odetunde committed the crime on June 9, 2020 in Ado-Ekiti.

She urged the court to remand the defendant in the correctional centre pending legal advice from the office of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The Chief Magistrate, Mrs. Adefumike Anoma, did not listen to the plea of the accused man. She consequently ordered that he be remanded at the state Correctional Centre and adjourned the case till July 27, 2020, for mention.

‘The Undertaker’ ends wrestling career

The Undertaker announces retirement from the WWE as he has ...Lovers of 55-year-old Legendary Wrestler, Mark William Calaway, popularly known as The Undertaker will not see him anymore on Wrestling ring.

On Monday, The Undertaker announced his retirement from the WWE, he declared this announcement in the last episode of his documentary series ‘The Last Ride.’

According to, The WWE star claims that he has “nothing left to accomplish” in the ring and It’s time for new guys to come up.

“I’m at a point, it’s time this cowboy really rides away. There’s nothing left for me to conquer or accomplish. The game has changed. It’s time for new guys to come up. The time just seems right.

“This documentary has helped me discover that and opened my eyes to the bigger picture and not judge myself as harshly these last few years.

“I can do more good outside the ring than I can inside. I’m finally at a place where I can accept that.”

With 30 years in the ring, The Undertaker made his wrestling debut in 1990 and has gone on to win every championship and event possible.

He also had an incredible winning streak at Wrestlemania that only recently came to an end.The Undertaker Announces Retirement From WrestlingGuardian Life ...


Photos : CSP Magret Okonkwo wins ORAN Best D P O May 2020

Online Reporters Association of Nigeria, (ORAN) paid a courtesy visit to one of the best female Divisional Police Officers in Lagos State, Nigeria, CSP Magret Okonkwo for doing great job in Owutu, Agric of Ikorodu as far as security is concerned.

In this insane times and clime where corruption and wanton disregard for the rule of Law and Order holds sway, there is an urgent, irrepressible need for heroes and heroines; true role- models with untainted hands and unblemished records, to bear the torch of justice, honesty and truth aloft, even in the face of violent opposition and daunting challenges.

One of such outstanding individuals still left in a controversial setting as the Nigeria Police Force is a woman with uncommon abilities and unparalleled resolve; a woman of timbre and calibre; a woman with the will of a lion and a heart of gold. She is a mother, a prophetess and a career Police Officer, with numerous local and International awards, citations and laurels to attest to this fact.
The irony of her story however, is that this was a woman who resolved as a little girl to join the Police Force to enforce positive changes in retaliation for a police injustice meted out to her way back then.
Today, the beautiful, fit, law enforcement officer who has come a long way since her discovery by the then sitting governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola himself while she was defiantly directing traffic despite an ensuing torrential downpour, now sits gallantly behind the DPO’s desk of the Owutu Police Station, tending to the business of maintaining Law and Order within her jurisdiction with efficient dispatch and professional courtesy.
On further investigation, it was later revealed that she got a citation, medal of distinction, and Two hundred thousand Naira as well for her gallantry and uncanny dedication to duty.
CSP Margaret Okonkwo is many things combined; prophetess by virtue of God’s Divine calling upon her life, mother, friend, counselor, mediator, negotiator, advisor, nemesis, law enforcer, judge and so many others on matters of crime, to so many people, who daily throng her office for help, financial assistance, justice or courtesy visitations.
That is how accessible an officer of high cadre like her is to her charge, unlike some uncouth, uncivilized personnel of lower ranks and cadre.
It was so amazing to also learn that she even had her direct cellphone number painted on walls in strategic locations around the station to forestall situations where members of the public are denied access to her by over-zealous or racketeering officers!
During our time with her in the roomy confines of her air-conditioned office, she spoke on many issues including Crime, Community Policing, Cultism, Rape and some her ingenious methods of tackling crime. She gave a no-holds- barred account of her negotiations and intermediary tacticts in averting mayhem and cult-related unrest within her Division, which is why it is one of the safest area to live within Ikorodu. She corroborated the joint efforts of CDAs, local vigilantes, general public and the Police in exposing and prosecuting criminals with prompt dispatch.
She touched on the issue of Rape and stressed the non-compromising stance of the government to try and jail convicted rapists. She was also quick to mention the Police’s alliance with the Department for Social Welfare and Girl-child Rights Advocates in counselling, confirming and rehabilitating the victims.
On the issue of Corruption within the Police Force, she pointed out that it is what the community puts into the Force that would be churned back out to reflect on that same community.
Citing some classical examples of Police Misconducts, she explained that unlike the bad misconceptions of total corruption and indiscipline that most people have about all policemen, many would be surprised to learn that the Force requires highest levels of integrity and discipline in it’s higher echelons. she stated that many of the atrocities which are widely reported mostly result from the misadventures of errant rank and file personnel.
She said she is aware that there are always bad cops within every community which every new DPO inherits but must learn to manage or do away with, and that she is always on the lookout for such bad eggs whom are promptly disciplined, redeployed or dismissed.
The sad thing about this bad trend, she mused, is that it is always the people in charge who get axed when issues run amok.
She commended the press for its efforts at keeping Nigerians enlightened and informed, while stressing the need for more cooperation between Police, and gentlemen of the fourth estate. one of ORAN members lead all the association members to the Police station in order to present an award to her on Friday 12 June 2020.

See more photos below:

Real reason we won’t impose Ondo deputy gov on aspirants – Secondus

Uche Secondus Under Pressure To Resign As PDP National ChairmanBarely 24 hours after the defection of the Ondo State Deputy Governor, Mr Agboola Ajayi, to the Peoples Democratic Party, the National Chairman of the party, Mr Uche Secondus has welcomed the deputy governor, saying he will add value to the PDP.

Secondus, however, declared that the deputy governor, who has also indicated interest in contesting the governorship election, would not be imposed on other aspirants of the party.

Ajayi defected to the PDP on Sunday.

The PDP national chairman, who spoke at the party secretariat in Akure on Monday, while welcoming  Ajayi and other 34 defectors from the All Progressives Congress, said the PDP would take over the state after the election.

He said, “The APC has damaged the security and the economy of the Nigeria. Everybody has seen that the APC is taking us to nowhere. I believe Ajayi is coming to the PDP to add value and to make difference.

“We in the PDP do believe the constitution of the country and the constitution of our party. We are one family. Ajayi is not coming to alter any rule. There would be free and fair primary. Everybody has equal right in the party. We are not going to impose any aspirant on others because our target is to take over the state.”

Etebo stops to play

Oghenekaro Etebo joins Getafe to get career back on track [ARTICLE ...The Nigeria midfielder was forced off with an injury in Saturday’s league draw against Eibar

Oghenekaro Etebo will not be travelling with Getafe for Tuesday’s La Liga fixture against Real Valladolid, the club has confirmed.

The Stoke City loanee suffered a muscle injury after breaking his duck in the Spanish top-flight during Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Eibar.

Etebo limped off after 69 minutes of action over the weekend, and he is yet to regain fitness ahead of Tuesday’s visit to Valladolid.

D’banj on hot seat, after lady , Seyitan Babatayo alleged him of rape

It is very obvious that popular Nigeria singer, Oladapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D’banj is on hot seat due to the rape allegation with a scout model, Seyitan Babatayo at a Lagos hotel.

He has once again reacted to the backlash he’s been receiving on social media after a lady, Seyitan Babatayo, took to Twitter to accuse him of raping her in 2018, an allegation which the singer denied.

Fujiipop reports emerged last week, claiming Dbanj ordered the police to arrest Seyitan over her allegations and this angered lots of Nigerians including celebrities, as they took to social media to call the singer out and accuse him of intimidating Seyitan.

Reacting to the backlash he received following the alleged arrest of Seyitan, Dbanj shared a video on Instagram of him dancing to his hit song ‘Olorun maje’ which is a Yoruba phrase that means ‘god forbid’.

He captioned his video post; ”Innocent until proven guilty…., STOP SOCIAL MEDIA TRIAL  #SAY NO TO RAPE AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION”

Trending: How man stabbed lover to death in Lagos, commits suicide uncovered

Friends mourn as woman named Olamide is murdered by her fianc? Chris NdukweNews reaching us have it that a man, Chris Ndukwe, has been reportedly committed suicide after stabbing his lover, Olamide Alli, to death at his place of residence on the Victory Point Estate in the Ilasan area of Lagos State.

Although the reasons for Ndukwe’s action remain unclear, Fujiipop information gathered that the 39-year-old and Olamide had been in a complicated relationship that produced two children and they were living apart in the Ilasan and Ogba areas of the state.

Before the tragic incident, it was learnt that Olamide and her yet-to-be-identified sister visited Ndukwe in his house, and while the children and Olamide’s sister slept in a room, the lovers were said to have slept in another room.

However, a disagreement was said to have ensued between the lovers and Ndukwe allegedly stabbed the 25-year-old to death with knives and allegedly committed suicide by drinking a substance suspected to be an insecticide.

“We don’t know why he killed her, because the two of them were the only ones in the room. “The man stabbed Olamide with knives and drank an insecticide to kill himself.”

The lovers’ bodies were discovered when the yet-to-be-identified sister went to ask them to tune down the volume of the music emanating from their room.

The Ilasan Police Division was immediately informed and its personnel found Olamide in a pool of her blood, while, Ndukwe was motionless and had a foamy substance coming out of his mouth.

Confirming the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, said the corpses had been deposited in a morgue for autopsy, adding that the Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, had ordered an investigation into the case.

He stated that two blood-stained kitchen knives, two empty bottles of the insecticide, three empty cans of energy drink and a pair of pliers were recovered from the scene of the incident

Elkana stated, “On Sunday, June 21, 2020, around 4pm, the Ilasan Police Station received a piece of information that a couple, identified as Olamide Alli, 25, and Chris Ndukwe, 39, were found dead in the man’s residence on Road 5, House 16A, Victory Point Estate, Ilasan. A team of homicide detectives was deployed in the scene and the crime scene was preserved for forensic analysis.

Neighbours are still mourning as you are reading this piece we were told. .

9ice confirms Burna Boy as Odogwu of Nigeria music industry aftermath Grammy Awards lost

66AE62ED-85A5-46B5-95FE-806514B96A5E9ice confirms Burma Boy as theOdogwu of Nigeria Music aftermath Grammy lost

Top Nigeria singer, Abolore Adigun aka 9ice has described BURNA BOY as the Odogwu of Nigeria music industry after losing Nigeria only chance at 2020 edition.
He said this while unveiling his new artiste, Olamyte on Wednesday 17th June 2020 that the main reason is the fact that Burna Boy is on top of his game right , and everyone will want to associate with him.
“He has worked hard to be here. Burna Boy has been doing great music in the past. Nobody will appreciate you in the music industry when you have not cut across. So he is on top of his game right now, that is why people will say he is Odogwu . For Grammy Awards organizers to have reckon with your music, it shows that you are doing great music. Burna Boy is also representing all Nigerians musicians at the Grammy Awards either you like it or not“, 9ice said.
The Living Thing crooner added that he will be dropping many songs online to continue dazzling his fans home and abroad in order to reminisce them during this lockdown .
“We have dropped Zaddy Zaddy . The song is doing well right now .I dropped many songs that are doing well online currently also. My team is not relaxing. Trust me, I don’t have any job than dishing out great music”, 9ice added this chatting with Fujiipop online magazine Publisher, Tijani Adegbola in Lagos.


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