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My One-Night-Stand Experience With A Lesbian, Youth Corper Tell Her Story @Richard


My name is Stepeanie and I’m 32 years old. I’m happily married to a lawyer in Port Harcourt and have two children. However, although I’m happily married to a good man who makes me forget my sorrows, there is one experience I had during my youth service in Lagos five years ago that I can never forget.

Then, I had just graduated and luckily, I got posted to Lagos. I gladly joined my colleagues at the camp at Iyana-Ipaja and soon settled to the military routine of camp life.

I made friends while at the camp and it was during that time I met a big business woman.

She had come to visit her younger sister at the camp, who happened to be my closest friend in camp.

Immediately this woman saw me, she developed an instant liking for me and promised me that she would use her connections to get me a good company to work in after camp.

True to her word, she secured a space for me to serve in a well-paying company after my three weeks at the camp.

However, I noticed that this lady likes flattering me by telling me of how beautiful I am and how beautiful and shapely my breasts look. She was always complimenting me as though she were a man complimenting a woman.

At first, I didn’t think much about her compliments. I felt that maybe she was jealous of me bedcause I was much taller than her.

However, her flattery and compliments continued and she kept on inviting me to her house.

Whenever I went to her house to visit her, she would telling me that she wanted us to be very close friends.

I used to wonder what she meant by that statement until one saturday that she asked me to spend the night at her place at Ikeja. She said she was not feeling fine, that I should help her cook dinner and do a few house chores.

I obliged and spent the night in her house. That night, she took me into her bedroom to ‘gist’. We gisted till late into the night, then she started telling me that she had falling in love with me from the moment she set her eyes on me at the NYSC camp.

She told me that she is a ‘sister’ and before I could ask her what she mean by ‘sister’, she started kissing and touching me all over my body.

I protested, but she begged me to give in to her.

The woman told me about how she became a lesbian.

She said to me, I became a lesbian while I was in secondary school. I attended an all girls secondary school where some girls who missed having boys around to have sex with them resorted to experiment sex with their fellow girls.

” I had a female friend in the hostel of the school who was sexually attracted to me. I was “straight”, by the way. I was just a young, wild girl, fooling around, and it wasn’t serious. But it was. Because I loved her too.

That girl gave me the most sexually-crazy experienceof my life. I can never forget her, even though we lost contact not too long after we finished secondary school.

We sat next to each other, and giggled. ” Are really going to do this?” I laughed. She laughed. I told her I have never done this before.

Eventually, I gave in, and she satisfied herself throughout that night with my body. Everything was so disgusting to me, but I did it to please her.

The following morning, I said goodbye to her and swore that I would never have anything to do with that woman again.

For weeks after that, she kept on putting pressure on me to remain her lesbian partner but I rebuffed all her entreaties.

When she sent her younger sister to me, I told my friend that I now know why her elder sister is not yet married at 38.

Months later, In married the man who is now my husband. But as long as I live, I can never forget the one night stand I had with that rich lesbian woman, because it was an eye opener and a bezare experience for me in Lagos.

Many people believe that it is a sin for two women to kiss. I believe so too. But beyond that, I also believe that there is a man for every woman, especially for those women who claim that they became lesbians because they couldn’t find the perfect man for them.

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