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Limpopo Master KCee Opens Up On Many Controversies Trailing His Marriage And Musical Career

Kcee at the Star Music Trek Festac 2013

Okpekete Master, Kcee whose real name is Kingsley Okonkwo is one of the artistes to watch out for in this 2013. His eight singles has been the toast of every DJ and club punters as the cool dude keep shunning out good music that meet the taste of the moment. In this interview with Isaac Oguntoye, he spoke on the controversy trailing his marriage and the story making round about him and star actress, Ebube Nwagbo.

Suddenly, your music has become an anthem in the social scene, what is the secret?
There is no special secret, it is just God. And secondly, hardwork and determination are just the keyword for me.

How do you feel when you realized it is you that everyone wanted to listen to?
I’m excited, happy and I thank God because I never expected it but today, Limpopo is everywhere. I can’t even imagine how many places I’ve been to since I dropped the single. So, I feel good. I’ve been to the Villa to perform for the President for over three times in a roll in one month. So, it makes me feel good and I know that people appreciate the songs.

Do you expect this to happen this fast?
Like I said, I never expected to be this heavy. All I know is that, I’ve been working and I’m consistence and I know definitely when you work hard, you are going to achieve it one day.

How do you feel working alone without Presh?
The truth is that, our breakup wasn’t a fight or quarrel. We just said we should do a solo project and see how is going to be. And right now, when I started initially I was definitely missing him, then we use to recording together now, I’m doing it alone, I will be the one to do the chorus and do the verses. I grew up in that line too trying to do it myself and right now no regret because it makes me sound like me. And it makes me grow more musically. The challenge has giving me more ideas. So, for me I will just say, its God blessing

You are using your own platform or what?
The record label that I’m on now is called 5star music. It is owned by my brother, E-money. He’s the president of the record label and I’m the vice president. For now, I’m the only artiste but we have plan of releasing other artistes before the year runs out.

What is the relationship between you and Harrysong?
Harrysong is my friend. We met four…five years ago. I met him when he was singing at the Ojez Bar in Surulere. And when I saw him, I realized he has talent and I promised to support him. That was when he moved to my house and since then, he has been staying with me. He’s just someone that I met the way I met Iyanya. I met Iyanya in Calabar before he came for Project Fame. And I brought him to my house. He was in my house when he registered for the MTN Project Fame. He was in my house when he won Project Fame. He was in my house when he released his first album. He left few months when he released Kukere. So, I’ve always been supporting talents in as much as I don’t make noise about it or try to sign them. So, Harrysong is like a family and friend that I’m also supporting musically.

You have almost eight tracks already, when should we be expecting the album?
Yea! My album is ready and I have lots of marketing coming everyday to my house that this is the biggest album that everybody is expecting in the market. So, I have that traffic but the truth is that I’ve been working ahead of time. So, I’m ready for an album. I have over forty something songs now and we’ve selected the songs that are going that are going into the album. In the next two to three months the album should be out.

Are you planning the usually concert album lunch or what?
I don’t know what you mean by usual because I always like being myself. Just like when I started my career, I will do a single and shoot the video immediately. Most people don’t do that but right now they’ve started emulating me because they saw it working for me. So, I don’t think I must do an album lunch or not but I will love to but I will flow according to my spirit.

You said according to you spirit, what does that implies?
I’m the kind of person that listened to my quiet time. I move with the spirit and I know before the album will be dropping, I will get a direction of what to do.

Like you said, you drop video of every singles that you released, and also going by the fact that Piracy is killing the industry, how do you intend to recoup this money?
Well, there is nothing we can do the system is corrupt already and we’ve been talking about Piracy for the past 20years and we are still talking about Piracy. As for me, there are other avenue and opportunities that we can use to recoup the money. The music industry has grown and we are making money from downloads, Caller tunez, event and other avenue. So, we are definitely getting income but we know we are lacking in terms of sales. We are not excited about it thou but there is nothing we can do for now until government comes to our aids. I’ve always say this, the only way we can stop piracy is when government comes into it and see this like a big business. Maybe registered people that sell CDs, they must have a license before they sell CDs which will reduced the rate of piracy. That’s the way it is in Ghana. It will reduce even if it doesn’t stop it because people will be scared since government is above everybody. But right now, the government is not interested and people have tried their best and nothing is happening. So, we just need to make ends meet elsewhere.

Why is it that happening stars like you never joined PMAN?
I’m a PMAN member. I’ve joined PMAN over and over again. When Charley Boy was the PMAN’s President, I was a member, when Tee Mac was the president; I was a member, the same thing with Tony Okoroji. So, it’s sad sometimes because it’s not growing. I think we need government. We need good structure.
There is two acclaimed collecting society, COSSON and there is MTCSN, which of the two do you belong to?
Well, I can’t disclose right now but I’m definitely on one side.

How is your family doing?
God is good and we thank God for everything. I have never denied my family. Anybody that knows me would tell you I only separate work from family. That is my own way of keeping them from the prying eyes of the public except when it’s absolutely necessary. My traditional marriage in Anambra State was a star studded.

There is this rummour that the Limpopo song is actually portraying what happened between you and Ebube Nwagbo, how true is this?
That’s not true. If you listen to the song, it has nothing to do with what you said right now. The song is a happy song. Limpopo means let’s have fun. I’m asking a girl to come and have fun, lets party. I want to be your maga. It is just and inspiration, it has nothing to do with me and Ebube.

What impact did your parents make that made you what you are today?
My music career today, I will give to my parent because my father was a DJ then. Most people don’t know that I grew up in the home of music. my father was a DJ and he used to sell CD’s and records (Cassette) so whenever I come back from School; I’m always with them selling records. With that, I was opportune to have listens to a whole lot of records. I know a lot of old school songs and different ideas. So, my parent really helped me and when I started my career, my mum was so supportive. She used to give me money to book for studio; she encourages me and always praying for me. Initially, when I said I was going into music, my father wasn’t in support but at a point, he started praying for me.

What is style to you?
I’m a man of style. When you talk about style, it is in my blood, most people don’t know.

What is the most expensive fashion item you have in your wardrobe?
My wristwatch, I know I have some crazy wristwatch and if I need some money tomorrow, I can trade them and get good money. I have some necklaces that I bought in Dubai too that I can trade and get some good money. I will know tell you the amount before they cut my hand.


[INTERVIEW] I wanted to quit music when things were rough- Alayeluwa Malaika

Alhaji Sulaimon Alao Adekunle popularly known as Malaika has announced that he had wanted to quit Fuji Music while things were very challenging for him. In this exclusive interview with Editor-in-Chief of FUJIIPOP Tijani Adegbola at his Ebute Metta home, where he is planning for his 40th birthday in London,UK and USA. He revealed why he is not celebrating his 40th birthday in Nigeria.

How do you feel becoming 40?
I feel very good. Clocking 40th on earth is not easy. You must have gone through many positive and negative things in life. Some people have come and gone . But today i’m still alive. I give Almighty Allah all the glory.

How would you describe the experience?
I would describe the experience in some ways. In this life, there is no straight road without a bend. Out of my experiences, there are the good and bad. You don’t have a choice. You have to carry on with your life.

What are the things you have gone through in the past years
I’ve gone through a lot. There was a time i decided not to sing anymore. It was due to the challenges and what i’ve gone through. It is not something i can narrate. At a time, the negative in music was more than the positive. I thank God today, and i pray that all the negatives i’ve passed through should never come back again in my life. In fact, i dont pray my enemy should pass through the same challenges.

What is your moment of joy?
God has done a lot in my life. I can not even describe it. The first time i was really happy was the day i got the news that i would be going to the studio to record my first album. It was 1992. I met Babalaje Records, Alhaji Saliu Adetunji and Ambali Ishola Adetunji. They asked me if i could do an album under their label. I agreed with them. In 1993, i entered the studio. The maiden album was released in 1994. I never knew that the road to fame would be that fast. That gave me joy .

What lesson has life thought you at 40?
Like i said earlier, i have seen a lot. Out of the experiences , i share it with my fans and friends. In my latest album, Special Day, i composed in the album that it is not easy to be a Fuji artiste and celebrity. I also said that it has been a long time we have been doing this job before God starts blessing our hustle. Briefly, life has thought me many things. I have also learnt many things.

Some people believe that life begins at 40th. could you tell us some things you always do but hoping to drop?
As for me, i would not say life begins at 40. But life goes on at 40. There is nothing i have done yesterday that i can not continue today. What i need to do is to add to what i’ve been doing that are good.

But Some people agree that maturity starts at 40th?
I’m a matured man. It is the age that changes things in you. You can not decide to change things. For me, i don’t plan for myself, But God plans for me. That is why i always put everything i do in God’s hands.

What are the plans to celebrate the birthday?
I’m doing thanks giving prayer on Friday 15th February at my Mosque. After that, i’m moving to SOS, Motherless home at Iyana Isolo, Isolo, Lagos. The event would start 2pm. We are going to extend arms to them. We are giving them lots of gifts. We are not doing party in Nigeria this year.

Why are you not celebrating in Nigeria?
It is because we are doing one in London,UK and USA. That is the main reason. The plans we had initially didn’t work. Lagos State Government turned it down. In November 2012, i had a letter from them that how would i feel if they celebrate my birthday for me? I wrote acceptance letter to that effect. Up till date i’ve not seen any follow up. At this moment, i would not say that i would be planning any party in Nigeria. I don’t want to be distracted. i have lots of challenges a head. So my management just decided that we should leave the one in Nigeria in order to focus on the events abroad.

Any album to celebrate the birthday?
Yes. There would be an album. I have started working on it already.

How do you think your fans would respond for the fact that you are not celebrating the birthday in Nigeria?
It is good to have fans and friends that understand you very well. They understand the way i work. That is why i appreciate them a lot. They have never complained about my steps. When am wrong, they call me.

What was your background like?
I grew up on the island . The road was very rough while growing up.

Did you have any name?
No,i don’t have any name. i started music while i was very small. We have paid our dues.

[INTERVIEW] D Banj will soon look for me- Zeeno Foster

Zeeno Foster is one producer you cant’t ignore anyday as far as Nigerian Entertainment Indusrty is concerned. In this Interview with Fujiipop entertainment reporter, Busayo, Foster revealed why D Banj will soon find him as he is making wave with P Square.

Read on:

How has it been so far?
Well, for one to be alive today ,is more than money so I owe God quantified thanksgiving and i must say am grateful being alive and breathing the air I don’t need to pay for. Am strong and healthy, business is fine everything is fine.

Out there some people are still asking who Zeeno Foster is?
Zeeno Foster is the same guy they know . Zeeno Foster is a sound engineer, a music producer, a TV content provider called Crunch on TV; that is the new baby am nursing right now. Zeeno Foster is a guy that cannot sit in a place for too long when it comes to creativity. Zeeno Foster is an innovative and creative person, technically inclined and open to grow more than where he is.

Your greatest achievement and challenges you went through and how you came through?
Life generally is a challenge world. Living it is a challenge. When you have God, everything will be added unto thee. Am not preaching but if you know the bible which is our daily guide. The more challenges I face the more successful I become as far as i’m concerned . Good things don’t come free so every challenge I face takes me to the next level. With God’s wisdom we will able to conquer it and at the end of the day am a winner.

Your greatest achievement?
The greatest achievement I can say is that (laughing) I can’t name them all. Like I said last year one of my greatest achievements is me bestowing some fear about TV programme. People know me for sound but they never knew I have experience as far as TV programme is concerned . I have been meeting different people and the challenges were kind of tough but fortunately couple of month back last year. I think crunch on TV is like four to five month old. Thank God we are on TVC twice a week, MITV every Sunday 2:30 pm. The rest i can’t talk about them, this is the one I can feed the public with.

Your experience working with Wizkid, Dbanj, Tiwa savage and the rest of them?
Working with every individual artistes, they all have different characters, different orals. But working with them 2face, Wizkid, Dbanj, flavor, Tiwa savage, Iyanya, Bracket, P-square, J-matins, May D they all have their different orals. The kind of person I am, I can fit in any thing because the best way to deal with people is to be the listener. I listen a lot I find out that I flow easily with them. And working with them was a great experience. Any time am working with them in the studio it always a different experience and aside that we do business we are like brothers and sisters.

D banj in particular why did you stop working with him?
Not that I stopped working with Dbanj, the business is full of every artistes, it is your choice, who you want to work with. I believe we will still work together. There is no restriction to whom you can work with in the industry. Soon I know he will come and say I think I need Zeeno Foster Vibe on this joint. Nothing really happened between me and D Banj .

You want us to believe nothing happened?
(Laughing) nothing really happened. He is my own boy, the industry is big, and you can’t keep working with one person forever. We have many people doing the same thing, but the good thing is that everybody has their own feel. Right now he has people that he is working with.

You are the master mind behind P-square’s success. How has the journey been so far working with them?

Well when you say mastermind behind their success I won’t take that, God is every man’s success. We are just tools. God uses me to affect people’s lives. It has been a long long time coming, I see P-Square like my brothers, we are so close we are like family, so when we work, we work for a reason to achieve the best. You can see us working in the studio and start arguing but the argument is for us to achieve the best. It is not like business thing there is this kind of relationship I have with them that i cannot explain, the connection is just so tight I think it’s from God.

Have you ever thought of stop working with artistes due to challenges?
No how can I quit working with them. They say winners don’t quit. There are challenges that come my way as far as I have wisdom . And I believe for you to be successful in life there must be challenges, that means success is not far from you.

Could you reveal one or two challenges you went through with them?
Well the major challenge is that we argue a lot (the musical argument) like if the vocal is too sharp, Paul will say no it not too sharp enough, I will say no the vocal is too sharp or they are not loud enough, Peter will say no no I want the key louder. You know kind of (laughing) technical argument. And at the end of the day from that argument we are able to achieve the best. I believe those argument or challenges. They are necessary, they are part of the job that we do and it leads us to achieve what we want to achieve .

About their latest single “Alingo”. How did you come about the concept of the video and the challenges faced?
Alingo as a single, we were many that are involved in the video. Thank God , there is division of labour in music, the video it was directed by Jude Okoye who is P Square elder brother and their manager along side with Clearance Peter. The beat was mixed by their drummer Papi J and was mixed and produced by Zeeno Foster. So the whole names I have mentioned now are division of labour. Like me I enjoy what I do. I enjoy when they give me a rough recording of any material, I enjoy doing the cleaning up, adding the necessary effects. I enjoyed it, it’s a wonderful experience being part of the alingo single.

Let talk about your private life?
It depends go ahead (laughing).

Why do you prefer laying low?
Well,I have a very humble beginning, a very humble background, I don’t belief you are Mr this or Mr that. Am this kind of person that believes just do what you have to do and let people feel it, you will be celebrated. They know Zeeno Foster but they don’t k now him by face and I love it like that. Am a coded guy, it doesn’t get into my head when people see as a celeb i tell them am not a celeb but a normal guy. I can be free like every other person. When people see you as a celeb they see you as a perfect human, they will be expecting so much from you, forgetting you are doing that thing as a career, make a living and take care of your family. You are not doing it because you want people to know you are special. You can call me a celeb but I see myself as a normal person.

You signed a contract with Airtel, tell us more?
(Laughing) I didn’t sign any contract with Airtel. The only contract they gave me accepting to appear to do a kind of TV advert not that I was endorsed by Airtel, no o o. I agreed to do it, it is a special contract.

But you were paid greatly even though the amount was not disclosed?
Well I don’t understand you (laughing) I was appreciated.

So when are you getting married and who is the lucky damsel?
Well am still looking out for. Am not married, there is no room for restricted time for one to get married, you can get married at anytime. It’s a personal thing. Like me i love family a lot, I love kids so definitely am going to get married.

Where and how do you relax?
People that know me always make jest of me because i spent most of my life in the studio. Perhaps they are right. One thing is that I do hang out, go to club ones in a while with P-Square, with my staffs or colleagues, I do loud music, go to a pop bar listen to cool music, watch football, have some drink, eat good food, chat with friends. Ones in a while I go for swimming. That is.

Tell us who Zeeno Foster is in the showbiz and on a personal level?
Zeeno Foster when it comes to showbiz is the person that likes to work. The person who wants to satisfy every clients. The person that prays on any job he’s involved with to come out as a hit, that is my career. But when it comes to my personal person am the low key guy, am the regular kind of guy, am this kind of guy that prays that God should bless more to affects peoples life. It is the best investment affecting people’s life. That is Zeeno Foster for you.

Have you ever thought or work towards helping the Nigeria music industry, and have you been able to achieve anything?
Yeah, this is a business, what comes to your mind is let me do my business and go. Am not this kind that hides when I am doing something I won’t let the next guy to know about it, you will be the one to go preach the gospel. So in my own way, I do lot of free job. I do lot of discounted job for both big and upcoming artistes, I have like three artistes that am pushing now, I open doors for lots of IT guys to come and do their IT. From the little that I have I tried as much as possible to share with people. Then when it comes to charity, as much as I make I try as much as possible to give out of my one tenth. I| share with the orphanage, street children, widows and the less privileged. And sometimes I enjoy doing that, God gave me direction to be doing that.

Which other artistes are you producing aside from P-Square?
Right now am master and mixing a single for May D, I just finished the full album of Iyanya.

Artistes you would like to work with in the industry?
All the whole artistes are in my mind and am working with them right now.

[INTERVEW] I don’t fear D Banj, Wizkid or Davido- Pre

David grew up in Festac later moved to Ajah, Lagos State. The locations he stays have influences in his music. He also recoded a song with 2face which is making wave at the moment. In this interview with Fujiipop magazine, he revealed why he is not scared by any artistes success.
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Why do you choose that name, Preety Rude Entertaining (Pre)?
The name has to do with my personality and the kind of music I make.

Could you give us a little about your background?
My name is David. I came from family of seven. I was born in 1989. First eight years of my life was in Festac, Lagos. I later moved to the Island.

Why are you in music?
I want to sing because that is my passion. I believe that is what I was born to do. Making music and listen to music are two things that make me happy. I want to make a living from what I enjoy doing.

Was there any influence from Church that makes you to be in music?
There was no influence like that. My dad listens to lots of classical music. He listens to Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston etc. I was brought up around that kind of music. My mum was not in the choir or dad. Nobody used to sing in my house. But I used to sing in my room.

How would you describe your kind of music?
I would first say I’m a versatile artiste.I have more than one style. I could sing Afro Hip Hop and other styles of music.

Let us talk about the song you recently recorded with 2face Idibia, why 2face amongst talented artistes we have in Nigeria?
2face is one of the artistes I look up to in Nigerian music industry. He is good and I listen to his music often . When I heard the beat of that song, the first person that came to my mind was 2face.

Could you reveal more about the song and what people don’t know about it?
The song is about getting things done. Things people think you could not do. And how people started seeing you when you are now doing it. It is a motivational song.

Who gave you the motivation?
The inspiration came from Bayelsa State. Most especially Portharcourt, that was the area that gave me the motive.

All the songs you have done, which is your favourite?
All the songs are my favourite. That is the honest truth. If I should pick my favourite, It has not even come out.

How many song have you done?
Currently, I have enough materials to put up an album.

What would you say about the songs you are promoting, Tatashe and Bad Oh?
I want to give Nigerians something to wine and dance to. That was why I gave them Tatashe. Bad Oh was a song I decided to do with my friend Phenom. It is to tell people that we believe in ourselves. We believe we are talented and good. People should watch out for us in the industry. Take it Up is another good song. Take it Down is the remix of Take it Up. People could dance to the song.

Do you have what it takes to do better than D Banj, Wizkid, Davido and the rest?
I would not like to blow my trumpet. I want people to listen to my song first.

When are you dropping the album?
I think we would be dropping the album in 2013. When the demand is high, and you understand the song is everywhere.

How many songs are we expecting?
It should be like 14 tracks or more than that.

What about the producers you work with?
I worked with D J Clem of Knight House. I work with J Sleek and others.

What about the record label that signs you?
I work with Twisted Minds Records. It is a self-own label. Am enjoying it and my team is working hard.

I have a good relationship with Prince Adekunle – Sir Shina Peters

Ace Juju maestro, Sir Shina Peters, needs no introduction in the music industry. SSP started his Juju musical career with Juju legend, General Prince Adekunle and he later teamed up with another popular juju icon, Segun Adewale In this interview with he opened up on other things he’s doing.
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Happy New Year to you?
Same to you.

What’s your New Year resolution?
I don’t have New Year resolution in my dictionary; I’ve learnt how to get closer to God on daily basis.

What’s your New Year Project?
Whenever I have any project, I always put it before God. I will pray and fast and if He wants me to do it, He will tell me and if He doesn’t, He will tell me and I will back out. I want to start Afro Juju Academy School, which will be a big project, by the grace of God; I want to start at the middle of this year. This project will cost me a lot of money; this is a legacy I want to leave for the younger artistes who want to play Afro Juju. I can’t die with this bunch of talents in me, that’s why I want to pass it unto the younger generation. This Academy will give basic training to people.

At your age, you still have that energetic performance on stage, where do you derive that energy from?
My passion for music still gives me that energy. Music is highly spiritual; it is rare to see a music star reign for 20 years. Star doesn’t die, no matter what.

Are you putting any new album together for your fans this year?
I’ve started working on a new album but when I discovered lots of things, I decided to stop but I’m still going back to put the album in the proper way.

Why is it that you always feature along with hip hop acts these days?
They are featuring me with the hip hop artistes basically to bridge the gap between the new and the old. When the likes of D’Banj, P-Square and Tuface entertain the youths, I perform to entertain the older ones. However, those who use me see me as concert material.

Would you like to take us down memory lane?
My first album after I have formed my own band was Way To Freedom, then Showers Of Blessing, Ace, Shinamania, Experience, My Child, Mr. President, Kilode?, Ife, Playmate, Reunion, Shina In Canada, Happy Hour, Splendor, to mention a few.

Prince Adekunle, your former boss was 70 years last year, how is your relationship with him like now?
If there is anybody I respect so much in the industry, it is Daddy, Prince Adekunle. Unfortunately, each time I have arranged to see him, something would happen, it was either I travelled out of the country or busy involving in a project. There is no way I can forget him. I always appreciate people that have touched my life in positive ways.

What about your relationship with your ex-ally, Prince Segun Adewale?
Our relationship is cordial. In terms of business, we are separated but our brotherhood is still intact.

Have you thought of featuring him in your album in the future?
Let’s leave that in the hands of God.

You’ve not endorsed any brand so far, why?
I’ve a contract with Hennessey. If there’s anything, I don’t joke with my name, endorsement is not an easy thing to do. I do proper endorsement; to win an endorsement you must not have a negative history.

Why do you think corporate organizations are using the younger artistes for endorsements much more than they use old artistes?
I think that’s only way they can help them to grow.

How true was the rumour that you abandoned your former dancer, Tessy Yembra, when she was sick?
That’s not true. If you ask Tessy, she would deny it. Tessy lived with me for years. I’m like her brother.

[INTERVIEW] I admire Barrister, He is my role model – Adewale Ayuba

Adewale Ayuba is an outstanding Fuji musician. He started music at the tender age of seven and today, he has taken Fuji music to several countries of the world. In this interview he opened up why he admires Barrister as his role model.

You have remained evergreen as a Fuji musician, and you are still very relevant in the industry, what has been the source of your success?
I will give the source of the success to my Father in heaven, whatever you are doing, the talent, you are given everything by God, and He has been managing it for me. We all seek for the spiritual wisdom to be able to do well in all our endeavours, and it is only God that gives it, so, I have to give Him the kudos.

Talking about your new album, ‘Sugar’, what inspired the album and its title?
One day, I was playing the music for my children in the house and my eldest daughter just said, ‘daddy this is sugar, this is very sweet’. And I said yes, that’s the title, so, I now sang one of the tracks and included sugar in it.

Tell us about your journey into the music industry
I started very early, at the age of seven. Then, it was a tug of war between me and my parents because they didn’t want to allow me to do Fuj,; they believed that once you become a Fuji musician, you tend to marry more than the normal number of wives you can cope with, you tend to be drinking, smoking, forgetting about education. But we now sat down, we had a round table meeting and they told me that if I must do Fuji, the first thing would be to finish my study, then when it is time to marry, I must marry just one woman. Naturally, I don’t smoke and I don’t drink alcohol.

Your kind of music appears corporat,; did your parents have anything to do with this?
Well, I’ve known that education is very important. I would say, education helped me to define the type of music I do. It was ‘Bubble’ that brought me to the limelight. I’ve had five albums before ‘Bubble’ but these were done in the typical ways Fuji is done; having to sound lslamic. But I just decided on my own one day that, what kind of music is this that students can’t dance to. So, I changed the rhythm. And that was it.

Can we know your first five albums before ‘Bubble’?
My first album was when Dele Giwa died, it was titled “Ibeere (Beginning), another one was in 1987 when Obafemi Awolowo died, it was titled “Igi Da”, I did another one “Bonsue Knockout” then “Love”, before “Bubble”. I want to give it to my parents, for their understanding. When I enrolled at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere, Abeokuta; they didn’t allow me to be an 100% Fuji artiste until after my OND.

Who were your role models in music?
All the good musicians, from King Sunny Ade, Chief Ebenezer Obey and Chief Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, I could have been doing Juju but you will need to have some training on how to play keyboard and acquiring guitar. Yes, I wanted to do Juju but because my parents were not there for my musical career initially.

How many copies did your first album sell?
It sold about 6,000 copies because everybody in Remo supported me. I was so popular in Remo because I’m from there.

Can we say that your being educated influenced your kind of music?
No doubt, that is number one reason why I’m where I am today. Education helped me a lot.

There was a time you relocated abroad; what prompted that decision?
I didn’t relocate abroad; I was there because of the political crisis in Nigeria then. I left Nigeria in 1995 for a four-month concert and somebody called me that I should not come back home because they were looking for me. That was when they arrested Chief Orlando Owoh and every musician that sang the praises of MKO Abiola. I released an album for Abiola before traveling. So, I didn’t return to Nigeria until after General Sani Abacha’s death.

Looking back at the industry, will you say that you are fulfilled?
I give glory to God. I know I’m still there and I’m still growing, but I pray to God to use me to popularize Fuji music the more.

What is your definition of a successful Fuji musician?
The first thing is to think about your lyrics, think about the people that will listen to your songs and sing what they will benefit from.

You started over 20 years ago and you are still relevant, what is the driving force?
Anything I do, I give the glory to my God. I talk to God first before doing anything, I don’t see myself as a star; that’s just it.

What are your hobbies, how do you relax when you are less busy?
I’m an indoor person and all my friends know and can testify. I love to be with my family always. I love watching soccer and listening to music as well.

Talking about your music, there is none you have done that you don’t teach people new dance steps, why do you do that?
That I can say is my identity. I started with it and people always look out for the next dance style I will introduce in any new album.

You always look good what is the secret?
I’m not fashion crazy; I wear something that fits into the mood. You are addressed the way you are dressed.

What has life taught you so far?
Life has taught me that 2+2 might be 4 to us human beings but to God, it might be 18. And also, when you experience any disappointment, say thank you God.

Is Adewale Ayuba a Christian or a Muslim?
I am a Christian. I’m from a Muslim background but I’ve now converted to Christianity.

[INTERVIEW] Samklef Talks About His Relationship with Wizkid, His Son and Plans For 2013

Fujiipop Magazine was with prolific music producer, Samklef. In the interview, he revealed the main reason people speculate that he has rift with rave of the moment, Wizkid. Samklef said he does not have any issues with Wizkid.

Who is Samklef ?

Samklef is a businessman, a music director, a family man, a video director, Samklef is a jack of all trades and master of all and an artiste.

Tell us about your greatest achievement last year, the challenges you went through and how you were able to over come them?

Hmm, last year i didn’t really do much last year, but i travelled at the middle of the year with 2face for his tour. We went to four or five states. I came back to invest on my studio. Right now i have both audio and visual studio. Am opening a school which was supposed to opened last year but will be opening by February this year. I ended the year with stupid love featuring Olamide and dropped a single ‘The Rain’ which is still on right now. 2012 was another foundation for me and 2013 is a good year for me.

What is new about you?
Well (laughing) what is new about me is that i have a so, am now a father. So am doing well basically.

You made Wizkid first album superb, there is this rumour that you guys are not in good terms?
There is nothing like that . Wizkid is an artiste, for the fact that someone is not working with you does not mean you guys are not in good terms. It’s not that we are in a group or under the same record label. You can work with who you want to work with. I think right now, he doesn’t want to work with me but right now he’s busy doing stuffs.

So that is why you didn’t produce his new song?
Yeah, everybody has been busy

Tell us about the artiste you are producing now?
I produce for everybody. i just produced a song for Durella Ma lo mo to, i did a song for Olamide she Carry front, she carry back, i did a single for my self.

Aside your duet with Olamide, what project are you working on?
For now, am trying to venture into other businesses. You know you can’t lay your egg in one basket including music especially when you are doing your stuff yourself. Basically i have other investment am venturing into. So aside being a producer am doing other things for myself.

Tell us about those investment?
Well, for now its on low key (laughing)

So when are you dropping your second album?
For now am not sharing anything about the album, am just going to be dropping a video for now. Am dropping one video this January, February and March each .

Tell us about new innovation you are bringing in this year?

Yeah, you know my music is always simple, am just trying to keep doing what am doing this year nothing new

Let’s talk about your private life?

Being a father and at the same time working in the industry, tell us how you’re copping?
Well i have been copping.

But it hasn’t been easy?
Actually it is not about being a father but having a wonderful woman who understands the job. You know am lucky to have a wife that understands what i do. She is not troublesome, she understands me and am always there when ever she needs me. So basically my office is not far from my home so (laughing) it is much more easier. At least am still doing my business.

So where and how do you relax yourself?
Most of the time because of the weather, i go to swim, sometimes i go to my friends place to chill am not a club guy. Once in a while i just go clubbing that is when i have an event. That’s all

In the industry who do you see as a challenge to you or someone you are looking up to in the industry?
I look up to Dbanj, i look up to 2face, Cobams, Don Jazzy and couple of producers. I respect people both the young and the old, i believe in this business there is nothing like age. So far you are doing well, i celebrate with you when you are doing well.

Nobody stands as a challenge to you?
The only challenge i face is myself. I look at myself and i always want to be better than before

Agenda for the year 2013?
2013 is a good year for me. Am starting the year with full force. Everything is segemenge on point. I just came back into the directing of video so i will be directing stuffs too. The name, the brand and the class is going to be there too. am under my label called Clef Sound Records

Any new artiste you are working on or signing?
Yes, there is this new artiste her name is Peggy, she is a rapper. She will be coming out this year

What should we be looking up to ?
Good music.

What do you have to say to people out there?
Put God first in everything you do.

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