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Fuji Music is not threatened by Hip Hop –Fuji Star, KS1 Malaika


Image result for Alhaji sule alao malaika pictures Alhaja Sulaimon Alao Adekunle will release another album, Golden Jubilee come 28th August 2017. The yet to be released album has become talk of the town. Fujiipop caught up with him.

Can you tell us little about your forthcoming album?

The title of the album is Golden Jubilee, It talks about a stage in life. I mean an elite stage. What we should do  a certain stage. For example what you do when are in your 20s is quite different from what you do when you are in your 30s and so on like that.

For example, before you turn 18 you are not responsible for what you do or even for yourself. Your parents are responsible for you and your well being including your actions. When you turn 18 you have become an adult but may not still be independent from your parents because they are still responsible for you and your wellbeing. But from 20, you have to struggle to survive, when you turn 30 the struggle continues but when you turn 40 you will start taking things easy because at that stage you have matured and probably learnt some lessons from the mistakes you must have learnt in your 20s and 30s, and again age is another thing because your body may not be as strong and may not be able to do some of the things it used to do when you were younger.

And that is the reason I have always advised younger ones to always work hard when they are young.Because they may not be able to do  many things again when they  are older. You just have to work hard in your 20s and 30s something that you will fall back on when you are older.Image result for Alhaji sule alao malaika pictures

That brings us back to the title of this your latest song. Why did you title the song Golden Jubilee?

The album is all about age, especially about 50. There is a track in the album specially dedicated to one of my brothers who clocked 50 years last year.

Looking at you, people dont  know you will think you are 30 or in your 30. How old Are you and what is the secret to your wellbeing?

I’m 44 now and the secret is very simple, take life easy. There are people that when you see them they appear very old physically but in real age they are not old. I think the is actually stress and money issues. And  they think too much on how they will survive. Some people don’t really know how to leave things to God.Image result for Alhaji sule alao malaika pictures

Talking about age, when did you really start music because you have been around for long and have series of hit albums?

I have been in this music industry for about three decades now, I started when I was 11 and that was over 30 years now, I released my first official album in 1993 and I have over 20 albums now.

Lets look at your last album before this one, how is the album performing in the market?

I thank God because all my albums are doing well in the market because my marketer is not complaining which is an indication that the albums are doing well. In fact they have always commended me and request  for new album. Actually, this  particular album we are releasing, we couldn’t have done it but because of the popular demand and pressure from the marketers to bring something out , i  have no choice than to yield because that is the desire of my numerous fans out there. I am very optimistics that the new album will not disturb the last one because it has been up to 7-8 months in the market .  Also, the money is there , my own is to deliver.Image result for Alhaji sule alao malaika pictures

What is your relationship with other fuji music artistes,  the future of fuji music in Nigeria?

The fuji music in Nigeria has a very good and brilliant future, and my relationship with my colleagues is cordial.

Though non can be said to be attributed to you but there is this rumours of fighting in the fuji music industry. What do you think is the cause of this infighting?

I don’t think there is any fighting in the fuji music industry, though there may be one or two disagreements between or two persons in the industry but that may not necessarily mean fighting. I personally  i don’t think anyone is fighting anyone in the industry. And some people also have their publicity strategy which other people interperted it to fighting and war of words.

We know that you are a very stage performer. Your performances at the Lagos @50 performance was the talk of town. What really inspired that performance you put out there at Lagos @50?Image result for Alhaji sule alao malaika pictures

I have heard so much about my performance at Lagos @50 but honestly I must say that I am still surprised because I did not see anything special about my performance that night. I went to the stage and did what I know how to do best and the fans were happy. I did not do anything spec tacular or extra ordinary? But all in all, I give God the glory.

Looking at the music industry generally, do you at any giving point feel threatened that Hip pop music might affect the fuji music?

There is no room for such fears, if you really understand the fuji music and the Nigerian music very well you will never entertain such fears. Hip pop artistes are doing their own, and  fuji music artistes are doing our own. No threats and no such fears.

What do you have to say to upcoming fuji artists who are looking up to you?

They just have to be patient , work hard, prayerful and respectful. The person will surely succeed in whatever he or she does.Image result for Alhaji sule alao malaika pictures



IMG-20170825-WA0003All is now set for the much anticipated release of the latest album of King of Fuji Music, Alhaji Sulaimon Alao Adekunle Malaika titled ‘Golden Jubilee’. The album will be released into the market this Monday, 28th August 2017. The album has three tracks. It is distributed and marketed by Okiki Music. Ff @ks1malaikaIMG-20170825-WA0004

Photos News: Malaika thrills as Alhaja Simbiat Ajeigbe Shitabay is Coronated Yeye Oge Eyo

Photos : Jabita Hotel C E O’s wife Alhaja Simbiat Ajeigbe Shittabay Coronated as Yeye Oge Eyo Orisa Oniko of Lagos yesterday Sunday 13th August 2017 at Yoruba Tennis Club, Lagos. Fuji Music Star, Alhaji Sulaimon Alao dazzled as the guest performing artiste of the day.

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Photos: K1, Malaika, 9ice others light up Global Excellence Couple’s Nite

k1 on stage

King of Fuji Music, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, K1 De Ultimate bubbled guests at Global Excellence Couple’s Nite 2017.  Another versatile Fuji artiste, Alhaji Sulaimon Alao Malaika added to the vibes at the event. 9ice , Jaywon , Myro, Junior Boy were also stars that turned up at the annual event.

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Fuji Star, Malaika surprises fans at Ibray Seaside

Photos: Lai Muhammed talks on Fuji Music progress with Fuji Music Star, Alhaji Sulaimon Alao ‘Malaika’

Lai Muhammed with Ks1 MalaikaHonourable Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Muhammed With Fuji Music King, Alhaji Sulaimon Alao ‘Malaika’ at COSON 7th year Anniversary which took place at Ikeja Saturday 15th July 2017.

They discussed about the progress of Fuji musicians generally.
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