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IPOB, MASSOB activities affecting South-East’s economy- Orji Kalu

Related imageFormer governor of Abia, Dr Orji Kalu, says the agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra is adversely affecting the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the South-East. Kalu spoke on Tuesday in Abuja, at a joint press conference with members of the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), after a closed meeting with the group. He said that he opened up consultations with the group following recent developments in the country, threats and counter threats. The former governor said that Nnamdi Kanu was not the only one talking about Biafra, adding that he had access to all of them and would continue talking to them. “It is an issue of great concern to the region; the young people on the street do not know the damage the Biafra agitation does to the GDP of the region. “ The GDP of the area has gone down grossly; I am an entrepreneur and I know it. “Cameroon, Chad, Niger and others used to buy goods from Aba, now how many of them still go there? “We resolved this issue when I was the governor of Abia; I resolved it with Ralph Uwazulike and he listened; we will speak with Nnamdi Kanu and he will listen.’’ Kalu said that the diversity and demography of Nigeria was its strength. According to him, every part of the country has something to offer for its development, anybody who thinks otherwise is making mistake. Kalu urged the group to support the call for restructuring as it did not mean breaking up the country. “Nigeria needs to restructure economically and other wise. Many states cannot pay salaries. “We need to put more money on capital projects,I recommend 25 per cent for recurrent and 75 per cent for capital. “If the federal and state governments had invested in agriculture, the North should be making about 150 billion dollars from agriculture yearly. “This is the only country that traverses from Atlantic Ocean to Sahara desert; some people are asking God to give them just one; we have to keep the country united,’’ he said. He thanked Shettima Yerima, the Chairman of CNG for coming for the meeting, adding that there would be further consultations in order to reach a common ground. Kalu assured southerners living in the North that they were safe and Nigeria was also safe. On his part, Yerima said that he had been engaging with Kalu via telephone since the quit notice issue came up. Yerima, who is also the Chairman of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, said Kalu had shown a lot of concern and was worried that the unity of Nigeria was being threatened. “We have had series of meetings with a lot of prominent Nigerians and we want the unity of Nigeria. “We identify with Kalu because he believes in the unity of Nigeria, going by his antecedents; we have assured him of our commitment to one Nigeria and our meeting was fruitful. “We strongly believe that Nigeria is one and it is for us. “We held meeting with Northern governors and we promised to make a statement and this is part of the process. “Be rest assured that there is no cause for alarm; we assure everybody who believes in Nigeria of their safety,’’ he said. Yerima said that the coalition would engage in further consultations before taking a final position.


Yoruba group declares Oduduwa Republic

Image result for oduduwa flagA Yoruba group, Yoruba Liberation Command (YOLICOM) has said that it is too late for the restructuring of Nigeria, saying what the South-Western Yoruba region needs now is Oduduwa republic. The group, in a release at the World Press Conference held at International Press Centre, (IPC) Ogba, Lagos said Nigeria has failed to solve the challenges of peaceful co-existence and that politicians are rather in government for their selfish benefits.  The group said it is in support of the Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra for self actualization irrespective of whatever hate speech he has been accused of. It said it wants an end to marginalization of some regions in the country and sought for a relation with the Biafra nation by the Oduduwa republic. Yoruba group demand Oduduwa republic, say too late for Nigeria’s restructuring It also called on the Federal Government to maintain the international laws and allow the Igbo nation to go and form their Biafra nation. The group condemned the call for restructuring, saying it is a ploy by the ruling government to reorganize Nigeria to their own interests. The full release read thus: “ You will recall that since 1914, when Nigeria was amalgamated at gun point, the country has been thrown into one turmoil or the other.  For over a century, Nigeria has failed to meet the international benchmark of socio political and economic development. “The only references to Nigeria’s  grandeur were the striking achievements of the then three regions of South West, South East and the North. Since the collapse of federalism and  the three  tiers founded to a large extent on the civilisations and values of the ethnic configuration in the country, Nigeria was remained in the tunnel of misery, pangs and pains, including the fact that the country was plunged into an avoidable civil war that took now fewer than I million lives. “Since the end of the war, millions of Nigerians as individuals and collectively as a society, have continued to wage and fight wars of survival characterised by extreme hunger and lack of the essentials of life like housing, good water, shelter, health and drinkable water. “It has been most traumatic for the Yoruba Nation, which, between 1953 and 1966, raised one of the most advanced political economies in Africa and in the entire black world, parring on the same level with many countries in Europe by the standard of the time. “ The Yoruba educational, cultural and political institutions were not only some of the best in Africa, the then Western Region gave hope to the entire black world with the highest Human Index development in Africa by the rating of the UNDP. “The destruction of the regional system of government has turned Nigeria into a unitary state dotted with a savage vulture of corruption, ineptitude, inefficiency, moral degeneration, deaths, violent crimes and now violent religious extremism. “The so called democracy is nothing but the imposition of individual will through an orchestrated mass corruption where the poverty of the voters is exploited for electoral gains by politicians seeking political offices. Democracy is not about the interest of the few elected people and their cronies. Democracy is now government of the party for the [party leaders and by the party members. “Since 1914, the recurrent question has been: Should Nigeria remain one or not? Should the bottled up energies free s and liberate themselves from the shackles of misery, the fetters of iron and the muddy mess of agony or they should remain in eternal servitude? The question has come up again in the past few months with various groups making demands. “You will agree with me that the self-determination groups in Nigeria are the engine of our history today. We have tIPOBmmmmmmmhe largest population with which all the members of the main political parties in Yorubaland combined together cannot equal. Our members are not in these movements for personal gains like we have in the political parties. Our members are in these organisations to make sacrifices and if necessary lay down their lives for the Yoruba nation. “We wish to announce to this important gathering, that we in YOLICOM  representing some of the finest leaders of self-determination groups from across the Yoruba nation, has weighed the options extensively. For the past three months, we have been consulting with all the Yoruba self-determination groups, meeting poor and malnourished Yoruba people, talking to our people in the villages, towns and on the hills and mountains in the rural communities of Yoruba nation. “In the light of the foregoing, and in response to the occurrences in Nigeria of the past few months, including but not limited to the releases, utterances and comments certain groups representing the Igbo nation in Nigeria, IPOB (The Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB) Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, (MASSOB) among others to the effect that they desire to leave Nigeria and cease to be called Nigerians; and certain groups representing the (AREWA) people of Northern Nigeria, to the effect that the Igbo people should vacate the territory of Northern Nigeria before October 1st, 2017. “That we support the aspirations of the Igbo Nation irrespective of the unfortunate hate speeches, infantile savage utterances of a certain Nnamdi Kanu, who appears to have singled out Yoruba Nation for ridicule and revulsion. “We take solace in the fact that we work with many large-hearted, better-exposed, principled and consciousness Igbo leaders who have a richer sense of history and understands better the complex nature of nation building and who also realize that importance of alliances, networking in statesmanship and international friendship and solidarity. We look forward to a viable and mutual relationship to the future Igbo nation, based on cordial respect within the framework of international best practices. “We observe the panic measures of the government which has been to attack proponents of self-determination and even exterminate them. We also note the setting up of a committee to handle the issue of restructuring as led by the Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam El Rufai. OUR DECLARATION “The Yoruba Liberation Command (YOLICOM), the core of the authentic representatives and defenders of the values, rights and demands of the Yoruba Indigenous people, rejects the deceitful and self-serving tactics of the Nigerian political leadership, an extension of the Fulani oligarchy. We now make the following declarations:   “That what we want as a people of Oduduwa Republic. We have no apology for this. That the Yoruba people wish to see an end to the over 100 years of bitter acrimony, ethnic rivalry, savage killings, blackmail of the Yoruba nation by some recalcitrant ethnic groups, herdsmen killings, forcing millions of our people to stop going to farms and the excruciating burden of coming from a country with the stigma of terrorism. “That our people have endured for a century the misery of Nigeria, her destruction of our values and the inestimable cultural genocide inflicted on our heritage by the rogue Nigerian country. It is time for the Yoruba Nation to exit from this axis of evil. “That we totally reject the idea of RESTRUCTURING as proposed by the Nigerian state and the political elite. It is an attempt to restructure Nigeria on their own terms and not on the terms of the people. Nigeria will never be genuinely restructured by the present crop of political leaders who are themselves beneficiaries of the same skewed system. “That even if the country will be restructured, it will still pass through the National Assembly which was created during the era of military rule of the Fulani to ensure an upper-hand for the Fulani North. The NA is an organ of the Fulani and their agents so also is the Nigerian military which has continuously been used to repress, intimidate and humiliate Nigerians. “Nigeria has become a burden on Yoruba people. We suddenly have been exposed to unimaginable threats of violence, wiping off entire families through clubbing to death, kidnapping of women and adults, savage killings, kidnap of school children, rape of infants, stealing of public wealth and the public display of the stolen wealth, with arrogance by the criminals, the complete annihilation and confrontation of the poor people by the Nigerian state and many other ills that were hitherto strange to our long-lasting ancient civilization and values. “By here policies and material relations, the Nigerian state with her ruinous gene, is breeding a disastrous crop of younger generation of people in Yoruba land. This is unacceptable to us. “That any referendum at this time will swing on the side of the corrupt and irresponsible political class who continue to use ill-gotten public wealth to bribe, influence and manipulate elections and all institutions of politics and economy. “Democracy itself has become an element for all forms of crooks and criminals to seek legitimacy to continue to rape the people and steal their resources in the most brazen, inhuman, primitive and callous manner. A developed country can never emerge out of the charade of elections, form and content of Nigerian version of representative government. “That we hereby and here, display the proposed flag of the Yoruba nation as a symbol of mobilization of our long suffering people out of the huge slum and prison called Nigeria, a country built and sustained by corruption, blood shedding, malicious damages and total contempt for humanity. “That the entire proposed Yorubaland Nation lies almost completely within the trough encompassed by the River Niger, to the North and East, River Volta to the West and the long stretch of the Atlantic Ocean to the South. This geographic space more or less roughly describes the totality of the area occupied by Yoruba people over the extent of our known history. “This includes stretches of land from the West at the borders of Togo, through Benin Republic to the Delta end of Warri in the creeks of the Niger delta (between Longitude 2°30′E and 6°30′E).The upward sweep commences from the Atlantic ocean coastline up to the immediate westerly bend of the Niger river, (below the confluence) (between Latitude 6°N and 9°N). “That we assert our right to self-determination as espoused in Article 3 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which recognizes Indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination, which includes the right “to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” “Article 4 affirms Indigenous peoples’ right “to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs,”, and Article 5 protects their right “to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, legal, economic, social and cultural institutions.”. Article 26 states that “Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired,” and it directs States to give legal recognition to these territories. “We in YOLICOM totally agree with the desire and demand of the Igbo to vacate Nigeria. It is within their inalienable rights to so demand. We shall do all within our powers to assist and encourage the Igbo to achieve this. “In the same vein, we agree that the Arewa groups are within their rights to demand that all Igbo should vacate their territories within the time frame given.   “As the deadline approaches, we see the threat being actualized. We also see the quit notice is also directed against the Yoruba people. There are about 6.5 million Yoruba in the 17 Northern States minus Kwara and Kogi States. “We only urge the international community to  recognise that this expulsion order, however, has automatically grouped every other southerner, or non-Muslim northerner, together in the order, because there is no verifiable way to differentiate between the Igbo and the Yoruba, between the Igbo and the Ibibio, Efik, Urhobo, Itshekiri, Ijaw or the Northern Yoruba of Kwara and Kogi. The Igbo do not carry a mark on their heads identifying them as such. “Therefore this is an expulsion order to all Southerners and people of the Middle Belt by the core north of North West and North East. By this order, the North has automatically asked its people resident in the south to vacate the south of Nigeria and go back home to the North. “Southerners, and especially Yoruba people resident in any part of the North are advised and encouraged to come back home, to Yorubaland where they are guaranteed one hundred percent protection of their lives, limbs and properties. “It is important you do not fall victim to the wholesale slaughters, massacres and all the horrendously horrible things the Hausa-Fulani are known for if we are to judge by past experience. In the confines of Yorubaland, they dare not try any of these crimes because they know we have the antidote to their madness. “We hereby repudiate, repeal and destroy the amalgamation proclamation of 1914, bringing the peoples of Nigeria together by fiat has come. “We hereby assert the right of the Yoruba people to self-determination. This desire will be pursued using all local and international instruments until the Sovereign Nation of Oduduwa Republic is realized within the shortest time possible. “We urge Yoruba people from all over the world to prepare for this battle which will be waged with all the power and energy within our disposal. This is the only way out of the political and economic quagmire we find ourselves as the Yoruba Nation. “We call on the United Nations, (UN) to immediately put the machinery in motion for the immediate dissolution of Nigeria. Set the captives free. If Nigeria fails to heed this advice to dissolve the unholy and cruel union, the perpetrators and beneficiaries of the blood sucking nation will have themselves to blame.”

Caution Biafra agitators, supporters of restructuring, Northern governors tells South

Northern governors has listed agitation for restructuring, creation of a Biafran state and the Fulani herdsmen’s attacks on communities as vices threatening the unity of Nigeria – The governors say the hate speeches being propagated by groups such as IPOB and MASSOB are inimical to the unity of Nigeria – The northern leaders urge southern leaders to condemn the Biafra agitation Governors from the northern region of Nigeria have cautioned pro-Biafra activists and those calling for restructuring to refrain from conducts that could risk the unity of Nigeria.   The governors gave the caution on Thursday, July 27, at a joint meeting of the Northern Governors’ Forum (NGF) and traditional rulers at Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in Kaduna state. Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno state, who doubles as the chairman of the NGF, described agitation for restructuring, creation of a Biafran state and the Fulani herdsmen’s attacks on communities as vices threatening the unity of Nigeria.  Shettima, who was represented by the governor of Katsina state, Aminu Masari, at the two-day meeting which began on Thursday, July 27, said the hate speeches being propagated by groups such as IPOB and MASSOB are inimical to the unity of Nigeria. He said: “Agreed that being citizens of a democratic country, Nigerians are entitled to exercising their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech and association, and the clamour for the restructuring of the country falls within the purview of these freedoms. But the exercise of such rights outside the confines of responsibility is not acceptable. “The resort to shenanigans, hate speech, and sometimes incitement to violence by organisations such as IPOB and MASSOB must be unconditionally condemned as they are inimical to national unity, stability, peaceful coexistence and national security. “These elements must be encouraged to pursue their agitations within processes enshrined in our constitution and with the full and willing participation of all parts of our nation. The governor called on the southern leaders to condemn the Biafra agitation the way northern leaders condemned the quit notice issued by some northern youths to Igbos residing in the north to leave by October 1.

Election boycott: Kanu call is against Igbo interest

Image resultThe Biafra Reformation Movement, BRM, has said that the call by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB to boycott the election is not in the interest of agitation for a separatist state of Biafra. The group argued that it is an invitation to anarchy  and an opportunity for enemies of Ndigbo to unleash their desire on the Igbo nation. The group also further argued that such calls could also lead to the declaration of a state of emergency in the state. Nnamdi Kanu of Biafra The leader of BRM, Comrade Ndubuisi Igwekani (aka Agu Biafra) at a press conference in Enugu recalled that the Movement for Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, stopped the Ndigbo from participating in the last national census, a development that partly led to the depression of the official number of the population. “Most Igbo’s were not counted, and our number continued to decrease. So we must be careful in our decisions and tactful in some actions we ask our people to take, especially those that will not benefit them. “Asking our people to boycott the election in Anambra may be an opportunity for an enemy to rule the state, and I don’t see how beneficial it is to the Biafra struggle; it is rather against the interest of our people. “The person championing that cause I am even suspecting him because whether we boycott or not, elections will still hold and boycotting will not help us achieve Biafra rather we will be creating room for our enemies to come in. “So we are saying that there must be an election in Anambra state; that boycotting the elections is not in the interest of the people. Everyone may not participate but let those who want to take part be allowed to exercise their fundamental human rights and chose who would rule them so that our territory will not be one to be hijacked by the enemy. “Anyone saying there won’t be elections in Anambra state is making a great mistake because there shall not be a vacuum. There will be election in Anambra come November 2017.

You cannot stop Anambra election, Obaino tells IPOB

Image result for nnamdi kanuGovernor Willie Obiano has vowed not to allow the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB repeat the mistake made by the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB who dissuaded the people from coming out during the last national census. Nnamdi Kanu Obiano who spoke during his visit to an erosion site at Odume Layout, Obosi in Idemili North Local Government Area of the state, while responding to the statement by the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu that there would be no election in the state in particular and in Southeast zone which he described as Biafra land, said: Obiano “there is going to be an election on that day. Whoever says there will be no election is not carrying the interest of the people at heart”. According to Obiano: “we will not repeat what happened during the national census period in the years back here in the state when those who called themselves MASSOB disrupted the exercise in Igbo land and the consequences of that disruption led to rating our population figure very low which is what we are still suffering today because we were counted less than what we are.” The governor appealed to the electorate to vote for him on November 18, during the state gubernatorial election in the state for sustaining the good governance he inherited.Image result for willie obiano

Your style is out of tune with what we want, Ohanaeze tells Nnamdi Kanu

Igbo apex socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has disagreed with Igbo youths clamouring for Biafra in retrospect, saying their style was out of tune with the body language of Igbo elders who have seen war and its devastation and would not want anything that would bring another calamity.Ohanaeze also frowned at the call for referendum, saying although “referendum is not a bad idea, but it’s not a tea party either; it is an option that will be more potent, if restructuring clamour fails.”

This came  as governors of the South East and South-South geopolitical zones rose from their joint inaugural meeting in Enugu, in the early hours of yesterday, stating that the two regions had common heritage, culture and affinity.

They subsequently agreed to enter into political and economic integration of the two regions, pledging to work together and realign as a people that share similarities.

This is even as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, said present agitation by some Nigerians for the restructuring of the country was because of lack of transparency and accountability in the management of issues affecting the interest and relationships of the people. But the Indegenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in a reaction, reiterated that it had never shifted ground  and would never agree to anything that would perpetuate their “current slave status and misery in the colonial contraption called Nigeria.”

Ohanaeze Ndigbo, in a statement signed by Chuks Ibegbu, National Deputy Publicity Secretary, said:  “There is a raging debate on whether Igbo want Biafra, restructuring or referendum. Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s position has been constant and clear. It advocates that a restructured Nigeria with justice and equity will serve Ndigbo more than secession.

‘’It took into consideration the past, present and future before arriving at this crucial decision. Good enough, key voices in Nigeria are keying in to this mood.

“Referendum is not a bad idea, but it’s not a tea party either. It is an option that will be more potent, if restructuring clamour fails.

“Our children in IPOB and MASSOB, though with genuine grievances, need to be on the same page with Ohanaeze Ndigbo. Our son, Nnamdi Kanu, has done well in heightening the mood of Ndigbo in Nigeria, but there must be some caution and restraint on the strategy and methodology.

“Biafra of the mind is not a bad idea, but a physical Biafra at this point in time need a very deep retrospection, introspection and analytical brainstorming which is not decided in the market.  It is only more plausible if the event of 1966 repeats itself in Nigeria.

“Chief Nnia Nwodo and the new Ohanaeze Ndigbo leadership is poised to aggregate the diverse views and opinions of Ndigbo and synthesise an option that will ultimately give Ndigbo their desired leverage in Nigeria. While diplomatic tact and pressure is not out of place in this, superior arguments that will not jeopardize the position and future of Ndigbo will be more attractive.”




MASSOB, IPOB kicks as Igbo leaders demand restructured but united Nigeria

Igbo Leaders of Thought, including governors, members of the National Assembly, leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, traditional rulers and church leaders, met at Enugu, yesterday night, and pledged their support for a restructured but united Nigeria where there would be justice, equity and fairness. The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has however, rejected the opposition of the Igbo leaders to the splitting of the country, saying the leaders were helping the Nigerian government to delay the imminent disintegration of the country. From left: Gov. Rochas Okorocha of Imo, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu, Gov. David Umahi of Ebonyi, Willie Obiano of Anambra and Okezie Ipkeazu of Abia addressing newsmen after South-East Governors Forum in Enugu State.

Leader of MASSOB, Comrade Uchenna Madu, made this known in a statement in Enugu, yesterday, stressing that the leaders had always avoided the issues that had fuelled the Biafra agitation whenever they had the opportunity to sit with the Presidency officials. This is even as  the President-General of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, reiterated his assurance to Anambra people that their elections scheduled for November 18, 2017 will be held. Igbo Chiefs According to Madu, “we are not interested in restructuring of Nigeria because the foundation and intention of establishing Nigeria as a state does not favour restructuring.” Attendance Those who attended the Igbo leaders’ meeting included President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo; five governors of South East geopolitical zone led by Chief Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State: Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Enugu); Chief Willie Obiano (Anambra); Owelle Rochas Okorocha (Imo); Dr Okezie Ikpeazu (Abia); members of the National Assembly as well as the former Chief of General Staff, CGS, during the General Ibrahim Babangida administration, Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe (retd). They also included the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu; former Senate President, Ken Nnamani; Chairman of South East Caucus in the National Assembly, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe; former Governor of the Central Bank, CBN, Prof Chukwuma Soludo; Senator Sam Egwu; Catholic Bishop of Nsukka, Prof Godfrey Onah; the Archbishop of Enugu Diocese of the Anglican Communion, Dr Emmanuel Chukwuma; the Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe;National Chairman of the United People’s Party, UPP, Chief Chekwas Okorie;Prof. Barth Nnaji; Mrs. Josephine Anenih, and Senator Gill Nnaji, among others. In a communique read by Chairman of the South East Governors’ Forum, Chief Dave Umahi, after the meeting, which lasted till the early hours of yesterday, the Igbo leaders declared their full support for a united Nigeria, where peace, justice, love and fairness reign supreme. Also speaking at the event, Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, who steered the leaders towards adopting the position of restructuring of the Nigerian federation, in his presentation entitled: “Biafra: The Legal, Political, Economic, and Social Questions,” said Ndigbo would thrive better if given autonomy. He said: “The Igbo must continue to emphasise restructuring, which is currently enjoying acceptance in South-South, South-West, North-Central, and well-meaning people from other parts of the North. I believe that at the discussion table for restructuring, we will have sufficient allies that will enable us extract a good bargain for a just and equitable society, where we will, no doubt, excel.” MASSOB kicks The statement by MASSOB signed by its Leader, Comrade Madu, and entitled “MASSOB blasts Igbo religious, traditional, political and opinion leaders for their nonchalant and insensitive attitude towards the current consciousness and realities of Biafra,” read: “Why is it that whenever these self-acclaimed Igbo leaders meet among themselves or with the Nigeria presidency, they always side-line the primary and principal reasons and cause of Biafra agitation? “Yesterday’s meeting of Igbo leaders in Enugu is tactically helping Nigeria government in postponing the explosion of the inevitable and unstoppable ticking time bomb which Nigeria comfortably  sat  on. “Their decisions are not the true minds and positions of the people of Biafra. We want Biafra and nothing but Biafra. Nigeria must disintegrate. Her faulty foundation has broken beyond repair. “The non-violent struggle for Biafra actualisation and restoration is a reactionary revolution against the continued neglect, political injustices/imbalance of federal structures against Ndigbo by successive governments of Nigeria since 1970. We are in this self-determination struggle because of political, economic, academic, religious slavery which the government of Nigeria had subjected Ndigbo into in Nigeria.”

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