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My Relationship With Former President Olusegun Obasanjo-Alex Ozone

The name ‘Alex Ozone’ is practically one of the most popular names in the Nigerian entertainment and social circle. The CEO of O3media who is believed to be the engine room of most successful Nigerian artistes in this first batch of his no holds bared interview with Fujipop Online Magazine, beared his mind on the state of the Nigerian nation. He also cleared the air on his relationship with former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and other issues.
IMG_0927_filteredxRecently you posted a picture and a video clip of you and former President
Olusegun Obasanjo in a flight, what is your connection and relationship with the former Nigerian leader?
You see, I actually wanted to pass a message particularly to the
Nigerian youth through that my little encounter with Chief Obasanjo, I used the term ‘little’ because it wasn’t a major. As an aspiring Entrepreneur, as
an artist, as a young person, whoever you are,  what a ever you want to
do or be, they say opportunity comes but once. So when you see an
opportunity don’t fail to grab it no matter the obstacle you might
face. What I did there was to pass a message to our youths to take a
good advantage of the opportunities that comes their ways no matter
what. No matter who the person is, if you feel he is who you really
desire to meet please go ahead, he may bless you, he may cures you but
the most important thing for you is to play your own part which is to
take the bold step to approach him, and also be ready and willing to accept whatever the outcome of that your step. But most importantly never fail to cleared your conscience because if you
don’t, one day you will look back and regret not taking your chances.
Meeting Obasanjo for me was an ordinary thing because it was not
actually major, it was not planned, we were just on the same flight returning to Nigeria,
and when I saw him I observed that no one was going to meet him or exchange pleasantries probably they were scared or something. Image result for alex ozone picture with obasanjoThough
initially I was like, what is baba doing here? because ordinarily baba
was supposed to be rolling with private jet as former president. So I got up from my seat and
approached him. When I got him I simply said, ‘baba o’ and he said ‘’how are you’’ I
responded and introduced myself as Alex Ozone of O3 Media, from there
we started talking. Obasanjo I must say is really a nice and jovial person. In the
course of our discussion he asked me what I do,  I told him that I am into
entertainment business, and that coming back from tour with my artist, from there I  introduced Skales, in fact it was Skales that actually informed in the
first place that OBJ was in the plane with us, I introduced him and also his
manager and his producer too. Of course I’m the promoter. Baba said
‘really?‘’ I said yes, then he asked ”what work is now left for me, can I be the distributor”? I
said of course. From there we chatted all through the journey back home. Of
course we snapped pictures and exchanged contacts, it was a very nice
and pleasant experience for all us on the flight.IMG_1108_filtered Have you tried to contact or approach him for any favors since you came back?
Not really, I am also important in my
own right, so when I need baba I will reach out to him but for now I
will not want to abuse the privilege he gave me by calling him
unnecessarily. I survive through myself, I
hustle, I work hard for myself, for my family for the Nigerian youth, and
for the general society. I help push and positively project the
image of Nigeria to the outside world through my work. So when I need
person in the capacity and position of Obasanjo, why not, I will approach
Based on that experience with Chief Obasanjo, what would you like the youths
to learn from it?
My message to everybody out there, not just the youths, though the
youths are my primary constituency, is that they must believe
in themselves. Self confidence leads to so many good things in life,
you must believe that nobody is better than you, you must believe that
nobody is bigger than you, you must believe that you can achieve
whatever you set out to achieve.Image result Obama is the next person I really
want to chill with and it will surely happen soon.
Looking at the general society and the polity, what do you think
of Nigeria, is this the Nigeria your dream?
My brother nothing is working in this country I won’t tell you lies.
In fact, Nigeria feeds me with pain and sorrow whenever I come back
into this country. Right from the airport nothing is really working
here. Hunger everywhere, suffering everywhere, anguish, pain,
frustration all over the place. Its no longer funny, they promised us
change but the way it appears now it seems we are now in chains, it is
even so funny that nobody is talking about this, we all travel outside
this country, we see how things are done over there, but rather than come
back and do what is right to help our people, we will be doing the
opposite. They promised us change and nobody is asking questions, what
is happening to the change. Is this the change they promised us? What
is happening? Why is no one asking questions? No electricity, no food,
no job, nothing and everyone pretends as if though all is well.IMG_0808_filteredx

I have
been reading about the increased cases of suicide and suicide attempt
in Nigeria, and it’s becoming so alarming. How did we get ourselves to this
position? Why is no one talking? If want to come back to Nigeria sometimes I will become agitated and filled with anxiety because I know what I
would be coming back to face. I know the kind of suffering and
frustration I would be coming back into.
Don’t you think the poor health condition of President Muhammadu
Buhari is part of the reason things have not really worked as they
The president’s health has got nothing to do with what is going on in
Nigeria because it has always been like this. The president is just an
individual, he has his cabinet and runs the affairs of the country
through these cabinet members, so the president illness does not stop
his ministers from working, or is all the ministers, heads all
departments also sick? Must the country be grounded because Mr.
President is sick? Don’t we have vice president again? What is he
doing? The problem is not the health of Mr. President, the problem is
actually those who are working with Mr. President. Take for example, I
have been away for some time now in Europe and my office is still
functioning because I put capable hands in place. We Nigerians need to
start thinking outside the box because these so called politicians are
like wolves, the only thing they think about is how to feed themselves
and their families and make themselves comfortable. I even feel pity
for some youths out there who are killing themselves and destroying
the little they have because of these politicians who doesn’t care
about them. Look, these people only care about themselves, check out
the recent the wedding ceremony of the daughter of former head of
state, Ibrahim Babangida, all these people both from the north, south,
east and west, they all gathered, they were all smiling as they merry
but the poor masses were shut out because that place is not for them.
Then you will see these poor masses marching the streets, killing one
another because of their collective enemies, and that to me is the
irony of life for you. Look, we must rise up and say to these people,
you promised us change, where is the change? We must do something, we
must say enough is enough. Buhari is not the issue here unless we want
to deceive ourselves. Anyone can fall sick, I can for sick and my
office will still be running because everybody have got their jobs to
do, everyone has got their role to play.IMG_0863_filteredx
Based on what you have just said, are you by any means trying to say
that those Mr. President have chosen to help him run the affairs of
the country are not capable of doing the job?
They are all capable but they don’t want to do the job, they are
selfish. They always want to blame someone else for their failure. You
have to own up to your responsibility, that way you can be able to
evaluate your progress. Minister of power must own up to his
responsibility, the minister of Agriculture must own up to his
responsibility, minister of Sports must own up to his responsibility
and so on. The reason the previous person was removed and you put in
that place is for things to change and work for better. Not for you to come
back to us every now and then with excuse of how the previous man did not
do it therefore the thing cannot be done. To match Interview NIGERIA-BUHARI/So why are you there? If the
previous man had done it then there wouldn’t have been a reason  to
change him and put you there in the first place. Minister of works
must make sure that the roads are in order, minister of agriculture
must make sure there is food, minister of power have to make sure
there is electricity, that is why they put them there, they were not
put there to come and be giving us excuses or blaming another person
who was there before them. You don’t blame your predecessor for your
failure. Because your predecessor failed doesn’t mean you must
fail too.IMG_0927_filteredx
Do you think Nigerians made a mistake by
electing this administration into power?
Don’t misquote me here, nobody made a mistake but we Nigerians don’t
want to face challenges, we don’t want to face reality. You elected
somebody and that person should take responsibility, that is all I’m
saying. The person should deliver on his promises, not blaming another
person for his shortcomings. We elected you because we felt the other
person was not delivering, now you are there rather than deliver even
on your own promises you’re blaming the other person for not
delivering. How do you want to progress by blaming your passed
leaders? You only move forward by making a difference, you move
forward by setting aside ethnic, tribe and religious sentiment. Look,
we don’t ask for too much o, the only thing we ask for is electricity,
communication and good roads, that is all and we can survive. A person
like me all I need is my phone, once I have my phone I can do so many
things and make money, likewise many Nigerians. We don’t ask for much.
With the way things are now in Nigeria, if President Buhari present himself for elective post would you still vote him in?
I will vote for you In fact I want you to come out. Do you know why I
will vote for you? Because you’re a youth, the power belong to the
youths. Again because you’ve gone through what we’re going through you
will understand the pain of the common man on the street,and when you
get there though you will want to make yourself comfortable, still you
will remember where you are coming from and the plight of those you
left behind. Another reason I will vote for you is because I can
challenge you when you are no longer doing what you should do, but all
these big men over there, I can’t challenge them because they’ve
criminally enriched themselves and surrounded themselves with security
that we the people can no longer reach them. But as a youth, I believe
we share the same view and ideology and you understand where I am
coming from, so I will vote for you.Image result for alex ozone picture with obasanjo

Trending: Aisha Buhari sneaks into Nigeria

Related imageReports reaching Fujiipop has it that, wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, in the early hours of Tuesday returned from London, United Kingdom, one week after she travelled to join her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari who is receiving medical treatment in the British capital.

Mrs. Buhari left the country last week Tuesday, three weeks after her husband embarked on his latest medical vacation that started on May 7.

According to a statement by the Director of Information to the Wife of the President, Suleiman Haruna, on arrival at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja on Tuesday, Mrs. Buhari conveyed the President’s  appreciation to Nigerians for their constant prayers.

She was further quoted as saying that Buhari will soon return to join Nigerians as he is recuperating fast.

Mrs. Buhari was also said to have called on Nigerians to continue to be strong in the face of challenges and to support the Federal Government in implementing the agenda for which the present administration was elected.

“Mr. President thanked the acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo for his loyalty and called on Nigerians to continue to support the acting President in his effort to actualise the mandate of the All Progressives Congress,” Mrs. Buhari was further quoted as saying.

Nigerian Embassy In US Shut Down

 The Nigerian Embassy in Workers Washington have been shut down as a result of the sit-in by the embassy workers which in turn has paralysed activities at the mission in the United States.

The workers said they have not been paid salaries for the past five months, forcing them to embark on the strike.

Although some departments of the embassy are said to still be functional, they threatened to report the embassy to the U.S. Labour Department.

There were no official functions at the embassy on Tuesday, as the workers only gathered at the lunch room in the basement.

The embassy in Washington and the consulate in New York are said to be currently cash strapped, with staff and local workers not being paid for months.

A source close to the Presidency said there has been a lot of mismanagement of resources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, causing a lack of concern for staff welfare and difficulty in the missions being able to carry out their functions.

Obasanjo, Babangida And Abdulsalami Abubakar meets over Buhari’s failing health

Three former Nigerian leaders, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, General Ibrahim Babangida (rtd) and General Abdulsalami Abubakar (rtd) yesterday met behind closed doors in Minna, the capital of Niger State.

It was gathered that the meeting which lasted for over two hours was held at the hilltop home of former military president, IBB.

It was learnt that visitors who usually besiege Babangida’s house were streamlined, with some of them stopped from entering the house ahead of the arrival of former President Obasanjo at about 3:00pm yesterday.

Before the arrival of Obasanjo, former head of state, General Abubakar was already in IBB’s house waiting.

On arrival, Niger State governor, Abubakar Sani Bello, recieved Obasanjo at Minna airport and took him to IBB home at hill top without official retinue.

Sources told reporters that the governor led Obasanjo to the inner chamber where the duo of IBB and Abubakar were waiting.

Buhari’s health worsen in Aso Rock

Image result for buhariTrending news has it that there is  anxiety is mounting over the state of health of President Muhammadu Buhari, who returned to the country on March 10 after a 49-day medical sojourn in London, United Kingdom.

The 74-year-old Nigerian leader was only seen in public once throughout last week, when he joined other Muslim faithful for a Juma’at service on Friday at a mosque located near his office inside the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The service lasted less than one hour after which Buhari returned to his residence.

Before Friday’s brief appearance, the last time he was seen in public was penultimate Friday when he attended the same service at the same venue.

Presidency sources attributed the President’s continuous non-appearance at public events to his ailing health and the need to take further rest.

“It is no longer news that the President has been sick. His ill health coupled with his age is responsible for the scaling down of his activities,” one of the sources said on Saturday.

In  the Presidential Villa, there have been continuous whispers among workers over Buhari’s continued absence.

The concern was further heightened when it was observed that many of the President’s assignments were transferred to the Vice President.

During the week, a delegation of the Arewa Consultative Forum had met with the vice president and told him they were welcoming Buhari from his medical vacation through him (Yemi Osinbajo).

“Was it that they were denied access to the President himself due to his ill health?” some workers wondered aloud.

One of our correspondents reported that, although some government officials were reported to have met with Buhari in his office during the week, to update him of developments in their ministries, no photographs or video recordings of such encounters were made available by the Presidency, which was contrary to the usual practice.

Although the government officials spoke with reporters after their separate meetings with the president, the absence of such photographs and video recordings raised doubts as to whether, indeed, the government officials met with the President.

When confronted with such suspicion on Thursday, the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Mr. Usani Usani, who was one of the government officials that met Buhari during the week, said those who held the opinion that he did not meet the president were entitled to their opinion.

He, however, insisted that he met Buhari and briefed him on developments in his ministry.

Others who met the president during the week were the Head of Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winnifred Oyo-Ita; Minister of Solid Mineral Development, Kayode Fayemi; and the Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Solomon Dalung.

Speaking on the development, a former Joint House Leader of the defunct Peoples Redemption Party and Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, as well as a member of the Defence Committee in the Second Republic, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, told SUNDAY PUNCH that there was every reason for Nigerians to be worried about the president’s health, especially because he has hardly been seen in public.

Mohammed said, “The Presidency needs to tell the truth. It is disingenuous and not good for the country for the people to be told lies about their president.

“We  need to know the truth and not be told lies. People have genuine cause to be worried because they don’t see their president as they should. Knowing about the health of the President is not a personal issue; it is of public interest. Nigerians are genuinely concerned.”

Also speaking on the rare appearance of Buhari in public, a member of the National Executive Committee of the Arewa Consultative Forum, Mohammed Abdulrahman, said Nigerians should be worried that the cabal in the administration of the president might have hijacked the care of Buhari from his wife, Aisha Buhari.

“That was what happened to Gen. Sani Abacha. The same happened to (ex-) President Umaru Yar’Adua when he took ill and eventually died. Aisha has to learn the ropes and should not allow the cabal in her husband’s government to mismanage the President’s health. While I think the President’s illness is due to old age, there are concerns in the public that he has continued to stay away from the public and the Presidency keeps saying the President is fine. People are worried because Buhari is a president they love,” the ACF chieftain told SUNDAY PUNCH on Saturday night.

Similarly, the leader of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Yerima Shettima, stated that Nigerians were worried about the continued absence of the President in the public. He noted that Buhari was not elected to stay indoors.

“Nigerians want to see the President they voted for. Nigerians want to know the status of his health. We are praying for him to get better but nobody should hide him from us. We are worried. It is disturbing and worrisome that we have not seen him in public and that we do not know his exact health status. Nobody should hide him away from us because we feel he has been kidnapped from Nigerians. He is being treated with taxpayers’ money so they deserve to know the status of his health.

“It is sad that against all odds, a cabal in the government has turned Buhari to a private property. But Buhari is a public property as an elected president of the country. Tradition and constitution demand that we should know about his health. No one has the right to hide him from us. We are concerned; we are worried. We feel that our mandate is being hijacked by some people. The electorate must know what has happened to their mandate,” Shettima said.


How Jonathan’s kinsman in trouble over $289m special votes for NIA

It has been reported that a former boss of the National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS) may have  some questions to answer from the Presidential Investigative Panel on   the $289 million allegedly withdrawn from the company’s accounts ostensibly for national security.

NAPIMS is a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

The investigative panel, headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, is currently probing  the $43.4million haul made recently from the Orborne Towers,  Ikoyi, Lagos, and the  N200m curious contract awarded by the Presidential Initiative on the North-East.

The erstwhile NAPIMS boss, said to be a kinsman of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, was in charge of the company when the huge withdrawal was made during the last political dispensation.

The Ikoyi cash is believed to be part of the leftover of the NAPIMS funds.

But he won’t be the only to face the panel.

The committee said yesterday that it will invite “all relevant officials and private individuals who may be connected to both cases.”

For now, it is unlikely that Dr. Jonathan will be summoned by the committee, contrary to widespread speculations.

Media reports had suggested that Jonathan gave the go ahead for the release of the $289 million to the NIA and other security agencies from the account of NAPIMS.

It was also gathered yesterday that there will be no soft handling of anyone implicated in the $43.4million haul and the  N200m contract award.

Two top government officials – Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal and the Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Ambassador Ayo Oke – were sent home last Wednesday over their suspected involvement in the matters.

President Muhammadu Buhari is understood to have told the investigative panel not to spare the rod or give soft landing to anyone found wanting.

Buhari demanded a thorough job no matter whose ox is gored, sources told The Nation.

The panel announced yesterday that its assignment will take place behind closed doors to avoid speculations and distractions.

Sources told The Nation that Buhari’s instruction to the Osinbajo Committee is straight forward.

“The President directed that there should be no cover up for anybody no matter how highly placed. He said there will be no soft landing for the suspended officials or any official or anyone closer to him who is involved,” a highly placed source said.

“And Buhari demonstrated this on Wednesday when the affected officials were suspended. Before the announcement was made, SGF Babachir Lawal earlier wanted to see him but he sent a message to him to go and see the Vice President.

“As a matter of fact, he had expected that one of the two suspended officials would have resigned given overwhelming public opprobrium on the allegations against him but he refused. “The President then decided that he cannot be bearing the burden of anyone.

“So, this committee is not the Kangaroo type or a soft landing panel to save anybody.”

The committee yesterday shed light on its mode of operation.

It said its sessions will be closed to the public to avoid speculations and distractions.

The committee made the clarifications through a statement by the Senior Special Assistant on Media & Publicity to the President (Office of the Vice President), Mr. Laolu Akande.

It said: “The Presidential Committee ordered earlier this week by President Muhammadu Buhari to probe certain allegations against the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engineer Babachir Lawal, and the Director-General of the National Intelligence Agency, NIA, Mr. Ayo Oke has commenced its work in earnest.

“President Buhari on Wednesday established the three-man panel headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, with Attorney-General & Justice Minister, Abubakar Malami and National Security Adviser, Rtd Major General Babagana Monguno as members, to investigate allegations of legal and due process violations made against the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF and the discovery of large amounts of foreign and local currencies by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) in a residential apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos.

“In the discharge of its work, the panel is expected to invite all relevant officials and private individuals who may be connected to both cases.

“It will also obtain and scrutinize documents that may throw some light on the issues raised in both cases. All its proceedings will however be in closed sessions to avoid speculations, allow for full disclosure and enhance the pace of proceedings.

“The panel which is expected to submit its report to the President at the expiration of the 14-day deadline, will conduct its work with utmost diligence and without fear or favour.”

Investigation confirmed last night that ex-President Jonathan might not be summoned by the Osinbajo Panel.

On the alleged huge withdrawal of funds from the account of NAPIMS  termed Special Intervention Funds for the NIA,the source said: “”Since Jonathan’s kinsman was in charge of NAPIMS, it was convenient for the former administration to withdraw some funds from the account of the agency.

“Apart from NIA, some security agencies and offices benefitted from the Special Intervention Funds.

“The Presidential Investigative Committee may interact with a former Group General Manager and some select officials of NAPIMS who disbursed the Special Intervention Funds.”

A separate source said:”There are so many documents, EFCC investigative report, Senate Committee report and public officers involved in some of the projects or activities and funds being probed.

“The committee is unlikely to summon ex-President Jonathan. He is actually not on our radar. Let each public official carry his or her own cross.”

The three-man committee is expected to:

  • enquire into the circumstances in which the NIA came into possession of the funds,
  • how and by whose or which authority the funds were made available to the NIA,
  • and to establish whether or not there has been a breach of the law or security procedure in obtaining custody and use of the funds.”

International: USA pardons visa conditions for Nigerians

Image result for trumpThis is a fresh news from United of America on Visa related issue. Reports have it that sequel to the international outcries that greeted recent maltreatment of Nigerians in the Diasporas, the Federal Government has successfully secured a relaxed and more humane visa application process for Nigerians, promising to reciprocate the same for Americans who wish to visit the country.

In the newly secured visa application process, Nigerians may no longer need to tender extraneous documents, compared to what used to obtain.

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