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Fuji King, K1 De Ultimate supports President Buhari for 2nd term

PHOTO-2018-06-28-17-20-38Fuji Music King, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Marshal who is popularly called K1 De Ultimate has supported President Muhammadu Buhari for second term in the office.

See another photo with the president below: PHOTO-2018-06-28-17-28-18


Why Wole Soyinka is angry with Buhari over Fulani herdsmen killings

Image result for wole soyinkaAccording to Punch, former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, on Wednesday knocked President Muhammadu Buhari for doing little to stop killings by herdsmen amid the general insecurity in the country.

Obasanjo, who paid a condolence visit to Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State on Wednesday, said the magnitude of security challenge the country was experiencing under Buhari’s watch was on the high side when compared to what happened during his tenure.

However, Soyinka noted that killings by herdsmen had been persisting because the Federal Government under Buhari had been treating killer herdsmen with kid gloves.

Obasanjo challenged the federal and state governments to identify the root cause(s) of insecurity and deal with them so that people would get a reprieve from the incessant violence in the country.

Obasanjo admitted that although there were problems during his time in government, “but not in this magnitude.”

“Even in my time, we had problems but not in this magnitude; we thought we were dealing with them as of that time but the earlier we deal with it, the better. I believe we can find solutions, we must find solutions,” he emphasised.

The former President, however, expressed optimism that solutions could be found to address the challenges and extended his condolences to the bereaved families.

Obasanjo said, “I’m here (in Jos) to express my condolences; what happened is very sad that in this day and age, this type of barbaric act is taking place in our country. I have suggested and I will say it again that we should find out the root cause of this problem and deal with it.

“There must be the remote and immediate cause, if we deal with it; we are not going to be multiplying condolence visits. I believe that any human problem has human solutions, I do hope and plead with the government at the federal level, those of you in states and even local government level, to join hands even at the community level to find the causes and deal with them permanently. We offer our condolences to the bereaved families, all we can say is that God knows the best.”

In his response, Lalong appreciated Obasanjo for the visit, saying that a phone call would have been okay.

He said, “Insecurity is not new to me, we thought we could handle it. When we came in, we quickly put up a team including Berom and Fulani. They came out with a road map to proffer solutions, we adopted the recommendations and have implemented some and was in the process of implementing the remaining ones. We have done our best, we have learnt our lessons. We will be very firm.”

But Soyinka in a statement titled, “On Demand: A language of non-capitulation, non-appeasement,” urged President Buhari to make killer herdsmen pay for their crimes to send a strong warning that his administration would not tolerate forceful land seizure anywhere in Nigeria.

The Nobel laureate said Buhari’s claim that it was unjust for the public to accuse him of being silent on the killer herdsmen’s activities was based on their observation of his “erstwhile language of complacency and accommodativeness in the face of unmerited brutalisation.’’

He added that Buhari had yet to speak in the language that the “murdering herdsmen” understand by exhibiting that forceful seizure of land would not be tolerated in any part of a federation under his governance.

Soyinka said, “That the temporary acquisition of weapons of mass elimination by any bunch of psychopaths and anachronistic feudal mentality will not translate into subjugation of a people and a savaging of their communities.’’

The playwright noted that certain unconscionable events had taken place in the country which could not be ignored, adding that entire communities had been erased from the national landscape, thousands of family units in mourning and survivors scarred and traumatised beyond measure.

He stated that famine loomed in many areas, even in those lodged in acknowledged bread baskets of the nation, adding that “impunity, gleeful and prideful impunity substitutes for decent self-distancing from once unthinkable crimes – let us not even speak of expressions of remorse and human empathy. The instigators, increasingly fingered as directors of human carnage are strutting around, defiant, justifying the unspeakable, daring a nation…’’

Noting that land-grab must be reversed, Soyinka said the restored would still require to be defended and aggressors also served a lasting lesson both from the manifested responsibility of governance, and the resistant will of the people.

“Accounting for crimes is also part of that responsibility, and such criminality must not be seen to be rewarded through idealistic solutions that paper over crimes against humanity. For that is the present actuality. Crimes against our humanity have been committed, and restitution must be made. Nothing less will restore confidence in a government, and reassure the people of its integrity, its commitment to equity in internal relationships and the rightful custodianship of ancient resources,’’ Soyinka said.

The playwright said it was a time of far-reaching, yet immediate decisions, because the nation was dying.

According to him, the time for false pride is over and if the nation lacks the necessary technical resources, then there remains only one blameless, overdue  recourse and it is for the President to ‘Get help.’

Soyinka, who bemoaned the recent attacks on Barkin Ladi council area in Plateau State, noted that five young men were recently sentenced to death by a high court in Zamfara State for allegedly killing a herdsman.

The playwright stated that though he was not condoning murder in any cause or by anyone, it was necessary to insist on transparent and impartial justice.

He said, “The agitating question then is this: since this rampage began, has even one herdsman been brought up before those same courts on a charge of murder, much less sentenced to death at such lightning speed? Shall we wake up and find that they have been hanged? Yet Zamfara has lost hundreds to the homicidal orgy of these same herdsmen. There is a skewed application of justicial proceedings here that baffles many, this writer among them.’’

He revealed that when he visited the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, some weeks ago, he bitterly lamented that security agencies had ordered his communities to surrender even the very machetes of routine use in farming.

Soyinka also said what he termed as ‘the Danjuma thesis’ that helpless Nigerians should defend themselves was neither new nor strange, but simply a restatement of the logicality of human response in the face of aggression.

He told the President that he strongly believed that the recent planned massacre had a numerical target which was the formal annunciation of a new law.

The playwright stated, “From now on, for every missing, maimed, even legally seized cow-perhaps for trespassing and damage-one human being shall die, and the commensurate land shall be forfeited. Make no mistake, that is the message! Berom or Ondo, Tiv or Efik. Egba or Igalla — it makes no difference — this is the language, and if your government does not understand it yet, we, whose field is language, both spoken and symbolic, must decode it for you.’’

Soyinka said he also learnt that a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Chief Olu Falae, whose ordeal of being kidnapped by the “marauders was still fresh in the nation’s mind,” was still under siege by the same forces as neither he nor his workers could routinely attend to the farms.

“An aggressor who sniffs, however faintly, the permissive air of immunity, is near totally beyond recall. Only the stern language of reprimand, manifested in act, will deter him,’’ he stated.

He noted that the language of the leaders of Myetti Allah whom he described as ‘self-vaunting instigators’ in the nation’s herder colonisation was being promoted by the Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali, on behalf of the government.

Soyinka added that if an individual qualified to be the guinea-pig for testing the outrageous hate bill speech contemplated by the nation’s lawmakers, it was the ‘unedifying pronouncements of the Minister of Defence, who “continues to defend the indefensible through his arrogant, provocative dismissals of an agenda of ethnic cleansing, dehumanising the victims anew, and camouflaging the failure of the government by his gratuitous blame-passing.”

According to Soyinka, the language of the Dan-Ali is a language that is now being contradicted by the meaning of ‘land grabbing shall be reversed.’

Lawyer attacks NASS over budget row

Image result for sarakiMalam Inuwa Abdullahi, a Gombe-based legal practitioner, has described the changes made to 2018 national budget by the National Assembly(NASS) as counter-productive, bias and unconstitutional.

Abdullahi, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gombe on Thursday, said the budget was a product of procedural consultation and statutory role of the Executive to structure, as a proposition to the National Assembly.

NAN reports that President Muhammadu Buhari expressed misgivings over the role the National Assembly played in tinkering with the budget signed on Wednesday.

According to Abdullahi, any deviation from the constitutional appropriation of powers by any arm of government is a breach of the law.

“The budget is a product of procedures and consultations. Budget is a product of advice, inputs and other contributions from experts, which the Federal Government presents as a proposition.

“It is the Executive that is saddled with the responsibilities of proposing the budget, because they are the policy makers. By our constitution, no one is allowed to go out of its powers.

“Undoubtedly, the action of the National Assembly is counter-productive, bias, unfortunate and unconstitutional.

“We have three arms of government which must operate within the purviews of their assigned powers.

“Based on consultations, Federal Government proposes a budget with a plan in line with national policy. It is from the consultations that budget emerges. National Assembly does not do consultations of that sort,” he said.

Abdullahi added that the National Assembly did not have enough experts within the assembly to consult on budget matters, stressing that it was unconstitutional for it to propose a budget.

Politics: Buhari plans to send me to jail- Obasanjo says

Image result for ObasanjoIt has been reported that former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has raised the alarm that the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has put his name on its security watchlist.

Obasanjo claimed security agencies are plotting to arrest and put him in detention.

The former president made these allegations in a statement signed by his media aide, Kehinde Akinyemi, on Friday in Abeokuta.

Obasanjo noted that the present administration wanted to blackmail him into abandoning his divine mandate to protect the rights of Nigerians to a better life.

The statement read in part: “Since Chief Olusegun Obasanjo declared in his State-of-the-Nation special statement on January 23, 2018, the desperation to frustrate, intimidate and blackmail him into abandoning his divine mandate to protect the rights of the people to better life and living continued unabated and has even taken a bizarre dimension.

“Impeccable security sources have alleged Chief Obasanjo’s name is on their Watch List and that the security of his life cannot be guaranteed.

“According to these informants, many of who are in the top echelon of the nation’s security management and close to the corridors of power, the operatives are daily perfecting how to curtail the personal liberties of the former President and hang a crime on him.

“Ordinarily, we would not have dignified these reports with a response but for the fact that many of these informants are not known for flippant and frivolous talks.

“This government has demonstrably exhibited apathy, and in some cases, encouraged by its conduct, daily loss of lives and property in many states of the country, the office cannot be indifferent.

We are currently in a nation where the Number Three citizen is being harangued and the Number Four citizen is facing similar threat within the same Government they serve.

“There is a groundswell of our nationals that live in fear that they could be hounded, harassed, maimed or even killed as the battle for 2019 takes this worrisome dimension.

“…The content of the alleged beastly designs, it was learnt are two-fold for now. One, to seize his International Passport and clamp him into detention indefinitely, in order to prevent him from further expressing angst on the pervasive mediocrity in the quality of governance, economic management and in the protection of lives and property by the government.

“But, since that could expose the government to a swath of international condemnation, embarrassment and outrage, it is said that another plot being hatched is to cause the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to re-open investigation into the activities of Chief Obasanjo’s administration using false witnesses and documents.”

World Cup: Coach Rohr drops four players from World Cup camp

Image result for dele ajiboyeSuper Eagles , coach Gernot Rohr has dropped four players from  World Cup camp.

The German coach Gernot Rohr announced the development this morning. The Nigerian team are expected to be hosted by President Muhammadu Buhari before travelling to London in preparation for the friendly match against England at the Wembley Stadium. According to reports the players dropped includes; Dele Ajiboye, Uche Agbo, Stephen Eze, and Junior Lokosa.

Politics: Buhari insists Oyegun must go

Image result for Muhammadu BuhariReports at our disposal have it that advocates of extended tenure for All Progressives Congress (APC) chairman John Odigie-Oyegun and others have lost their battle.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s insistence on due process and the failure to get more governors into the pro-extension plot forced its few supporters to back down, it was learnt yesterday.

At a meeting with President Buhari at the Villa, some of the governors, including Plateau State’s Simon Lalong, who was appointed by Oyegun to head the technical committee on the matter, were making a case for tenure extension. But the President reportedly insisted that there would be no room for illegality.

The governors met on Tuesday night and agreed to back the President’s position, leading to the collapse of the Lalong technical panel. It had to hurriedly wind up with a report in favour of an elective convention in June.

The governors sent a five-man delegation to the Villa yesterday to convey their new position to the President. They also went to the party’s secretariat to meet with the National Working Committee (NWC).

The governors nominated Jigawa State Governor Abubakar Badaru as the Convention Committee chairman with a promise to send recommended names of members.

A source at the meeting of the governors with the NWC members, said: “The governors met with Oyegun and other members to convey their decisions after Tuesdaynight session and yesterday’s audience with the President at the Villa.

“Bothe Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, Abdul-Aziz Yari and the Chairman of the APC Governors Forum, Rochas Okorocha, addressed the NWC on behalf of their colleagues. They said they had agreed to abide by the provisions of the 1999 Constitution and the APC. They asked Oyegun to accept their recommendations.

“They also said in line with their agreement, they have appointed Governor Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa State as the chairman of the National Convention Committee. They submitted a list of other members of the committee.

“But the NWC told the governors that it is its prerogative to constitute the convention committee and make recommendation to the National Executive Committee (NEC).

“We said we won’t allow the governors to foist any list on us because the power to raise Convention Committee rests with the NWC.”

Another source said the governors’ session with the NWC was not without drama by the Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, in a submission, to add value to Yari’s and Okorocha’s messages, said: “They are saying that I have problem with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; that is why I supported tenure elongation.

“I have no problem with Asiwaju, he is my leader. And President Buhari is the leader of all. I was supporting you (Oyegun and NWC) but we have to hold National Convention.

“I am an ardent supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari, who has said that we must stick to the 1999 Constitution and APC Constitution. If Buhari asks me to jump into fire, I will not hesitate to jump into it.”

The pro-tenure extension governors backed out when they discovered that the President would not change his mind.

On why the pro-extension governors surrendered, a governor, who spoke in confidence, said: “When we met with the President on Wednesday, he maintained his position that it is illegal to go into 2019 poll with nominations by a Caretaker Committee.

“The President asked: ‘I cannot understand this tenure extension thing. When we were not the ruling party, we had a successful national convention; why are we changing the rules at a time our party is supposed to be a symbol of democracy and electoral model?’

“The President felt there was more to it and, at this point, some of his ardent loyalists backing Oyegun decided to chicken out of the plot.”Image result for oyegun

Article: Historic visitation, Lagos chained for Buhari

Image result for buhari visit to lagosThursday, 29th March 2018 Lagos and its residents would live to tell the story of their pains and sufferings as their lives is abruptly disrupted and put on hold with grave economic and social loss because the person they voted, campaigned and some of them even starved to put in power through the ballot came visiting them. Can any visit be more historic than that?

In a world where Presidents commute in public transports and even have coffee right in the midst of the city square, Nigeria is still gauged with so much of nothingness and ravaged with so much of charades paraded across the length and breadth of our dear country. It is obviously like Emir Sanusi described recently, a country where the few decide the cause of the life of the majority when the few are visiting, the majority should suffer. What a country!

There is no doubt that Lagos woke up this morning to untold hardship. Lagos is the economic base of Nigeria and to imagine that the most viable economy base of Nigeria is under lock and key for 48 hours simply because the President is visiting at a time they claimed Nigeria is coming out of recession. Yet they call it historic…how more historic can it be to lose about N8billion in revenue when a nation is just trying to recover? The question is which competent manager or leader have done this?

To make it more historic a visit is to put that average boy and girl on the street of Lagos who earns and survives on the daily earnings to hungry and fasting for today, and to get every nook and cranny taken over by traffic gridlock, and then the major highways of Ikorodu Road and Victoria Island cleared for Mr President just to commission a bus terminal, and yet the people who voted him are trekking miles to reach their destinations, simply to get them to come out and welcome their historic visitor according to the Governor of Lagos State.

What a price Nigerians have to pay to get the change that really has no change to offer. A change from bad to worse. A change where the average Nigerian amounts to nothing and the interests of the very few is considered well and above that of the hundreds of millions that elected them to represent them in government with a view that they would offer them a future without pain, but this is a far cry from expectation. And Lagos is in chains for President Muhammad Buhari to visit Lagos.

Nigeria must come forth anew. A New Nigeria is imminent, Alliance for New Nigeria is the difference. For the truth is that we cannot be having the same people and expect them to bring forth a New Nigeria where this kind of visits happens, and life goes on without anyone and everyone experiencing this type of pain.

Today, we relate the voice of millions of Nigerians. He may be poor because they have made him so. She may be sick because they have offered no quality health care or social security. But this Nigerian will rise again and make his or her voice count come 2019 when the Nigerian shall form an Alliance to birth a New Nigeria that when the President is visiting any part of Nigeria, the Nigerian would have no reason to be in pain or his or her city in chains.

As a party, we want to register our condemnation of this act and do not think it reflects and shows any change from the old. Therefore we are registering our voice in alliance with the people of Lagos State who have gone on social media and have registered their pains for the chains Governor Ambode put on Lagos today because of his cohorts who are visiting. We are calling on all Nigerian youth and those young adults across our nation that we cannot continue to allow this type of leadership and governance anymore, and we are going to be trusting that through the instrumentality of the ballot we shall change this, because a NEW NIGERIA must emerge where life is valued and catered for.Image result for buhari visit to lagos

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