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I Now Realized What It Means to be a Parent-Malaika

IMG-20170126-WA0007.jpgFuji Music Star, Alhaji Sulaimon Alao Malaika’s first child Alimot Sadiat, has graduated from University of Lagos, Unilag.  She reads Business Administration. Her father, Sulaimon AlaoMalaika was there live with his entire band crew and some other celebrity friends.

How was the bringing up before her graduation?

I give big kudos to my parents, it is now i know what its takes to be a parent, its not easy. For my daughter to be graduating today, i thank Almighty Allah, though she still has younger ones, but am very happy, because many people started but not everyone  was able to finish.

What the next step?

She will be furthering by doing her masters degree after her youth cops service, and getting a good job, and a life of her own.

I will like to cease this opportunity to beg our government, though they are trying, but we need to do more, there are many graduates but just roaming about the streets, no job, no skills, so its very sad, after so much efforts and sacrifice they put in their study.
Though i didn’t have this opportunity while i was growing up, so i made up my mind to assist my children to achieve their aim, she’s 22 now, as for me i dropped out of school dued to lack of fund, but since when i became established as an entertainer, i futhre more in my studies, which has really helped me, especially in my communication skills, which is very important.

Any regret that none of your children are not following your footstep ?

Not at all, i believe everybody has their own destiny, although, my grandfather was a musician, my father was a musician also, and so am i too, but nobody forced me to do what am doing right now, so for my children, its their choice, mine is just to support and guild them morally.

I will advise all youths  who wish to be something in life to try get education, because its enlighting one and makes you more useful to yourself and to the entire community at large, i won’t support anybody claiming to do music and ignoring education. To be a successful artiste, you have to be prayerful, loyal, faithful to God and also people around you.

Malaika Daughter interview Alimot Sadiat

How do you fell graduating?

I give Thanks to God, and then to my parent, especially my dad, he has also been there for me everytime i need him, he cuddles me, advises me, and encourages me when am down, he also gears me up and also creates  time for me despite his busy schedule.

what is the next step now?
Being a graduate is just the starting  new phase of life of  entirely, life is all about a growth process, we move from one stage to another, this is just the beginning for me, and by the special grace of God, i will be pursuing my masters degree and my Phd..
I graduated from the department of insurance, faculty of Business Administration.
How does your dad personality pressure you among your peers in school?
Well, its has not hinder me to get what i want to get, my dad has always warn me not to brag about myself, and always preach to me to be humble and friendly, which i heeded to and its really worked for me, many of my friends don’t  really know how influential my Dad was, and i really enjoyed that modesty.
Have you though to pursue his line as an entertainer?

I like entertainment, but it is just that my dream in life is not going to that direction at all, for now i want to still further more on my education, and work in a reputable company and later set up a venture for myself.
How social were you will in school?
I was not social, i only sometimes accompany my friend to departmental programme as a result of me being the only one left in the hostel, i don’t like partying but only attend family gigs or a friends birthday occasionally.

Video Teaser : Mc Galaxy ft Beniton – Bounce it Remix

[MUSIC] Coby (@theycallmeCOBY) – Inside My Room Ft. Solidstar


Coby debuts with his first official single – Inside my room featuring Solidstar.
The song was produced by popito, co produced by solid star(most people don’t know he’s also a producer, and a good one at that) mix and mastered by indomix. Coby is currently signed to TSBC ( The Sureboi Company)


[INTERVIEW] There Is No Rift Between L K T And Edlyne – Fuji Pop Singer, LKT

Fuji-pop singer, LKT, who became famous in 2007 when he featured on Olu Maintain’s monster hit, Yahoozee, is set to finally release his debut album.The 15-track album is titled ‘The Journey’ and captures the singer’s journey from his past to his present; as well as his likely future. It is expected to hit the market by mid July before the singer embarks on his European tour later in the month.Artistes like 9ice, Jaywon, Vector, Olamide, Psquare and Davido would feature on the album. In this interview with Music Entertainment, spoke on his musical career and other interesting issues.

Being an artiste, how could you describe success of Alaye?
Success is good for an artiste whose song is everywhere. You also need to access yourself, when you do a song, give it to people to listen to it. Is it is not good, work on it again. That is how to be a successful artiste. Seek advice from your elders who are in showbiz. Alaye my hit song has been doing great. Everything has been fine. I dropped Follow Follow with P Square then. I further did Shibaraba with Terry G before Alaye over shadowed everything later. I pushed Alaye that is why lots of people loved it. Success of Alaye has made me to travel to a lot of states in Nigeria. I will soon be on Alaye Musical Tour abroad. A lot of good things has started happening. This is just the beginning. Watch out for L K T debut album. It is dropping soon.

What gives you that concept, Alaye which later becomes hit song?
After I recorded like three songs, I told my producer, Young D, I need a special beat. While recording this song, Timaya is recording his song as well. So we were both at the studio recording. The producer later gave me that hit beat. I just settled for it. And I started composing the song. Alaye as far as I am concerned is like your boss at the office. Someone, who is there for you, He is your personal person. We thank God everything is moving the way we want it.

Could you reveal your journey so far in showbiz, having worked with P Square, Eldee, Terry G, Olu Maintain and Puffy T?
You just need to be good as an artiste. I have worked with lots of big artistes. I am a kind of person that is hard working. I keep working until I get what I want am very close to every artistes in the industry. When I do a job, I take it to elders in the music business to listen to it in order to get their view. I even take it to Keke Ogungbe, D One, Jude Okoye, P Square and lots of them like that. They help me to review the song. They criticize it. This helps me a lot. If I have to go back to studio, I do that quickly. Another reason that delayed my single was the fact that I have done a lot of collaborations, and people are waiting for me to drop it songs. And I don’t want people to say this guy is good at doing duet but not good at recording his solo songs. More so, Follow Follow was the song that was there. I never believed in the song. When I wanted to record the song,I went to Jude Okoye. He said they are your friends. I could only come in when it comes to money issues. I later met Peter, that I want them on my new song. He said I should go and record my part and leave their part so that they could do their own part. They selected Follow Follow out of five songs that I gave them. Imagine P Square had to drive down to Allen in order to record their part. The journey has been very tough and rough. I didn’t stop that is why I am here today. I am still aiming higher. This is the starting point for me. Having worked with artistes that have been up and down gives me lots of challenges. It thought me how to be focus, determine, humble so that what draws them down would not weigh me down. I learn a lot from people. I feel like this is what people go through after making fame, money in the entertainment world. It is not easy my brother. I give kudos to artistes like P Square, 2Face, 9ice, D Banj, Wizkid e t c that are hard working. There was a day I was with P Square, I met them rehearsing at 1am. I later joined them at 2am. It shows they are hard working.

What about the artistes you featured?
P Square is there. Faze, Lord of Ajasa, Terry G, Olamide and other artistes in the album.

There was a time it was everywhere that you had a rift with your label, Edlyne. What is the relationship currently?
Edlyne Records has been there. It’s signed the likes of Late Dagrin, D J Zeez and others. The truth is L K T is under Edlyne Records. We don’t have any issue. What we just deliberate on was the video we wanted to shoot. It was an in-house issue. There is no rift between L K T and Edlyne Records. My boss based in U K but I’m in Nigeria. We communicate every time.
You are handsome, lots of ladies would always surround you, tell us about your love life?
Ladies are part of showbiz. They are inevitable. Even when I record in the studio, I allow few of my female friends to listen to my songs. They always come around and tell me what they thing about my songs.

How did you get the inspiration for your smash hit, Alaye?
Alaye came about when I and my brother, Puffy Tee, were in the studio working with Young D. And after recording about four songs with Young D, I asked him to give me a standard beat and he did and I had to do something good with it and what I did was Alaye and everybody loved it.

What is Alaye all about?
Alaye is like your personal person, someone you look up to, like your boss, you know. And I’m very happy with it because it’s a big song just like my Follow Follow featuring P-Square so it means I’m moving forward in my career.

What has it done for you?
It has done a lot for me. It’s the reason I’m being hosted here at Industry Nite (last Wednesday). They’ve wanted to host me since last year but I told them that I expect Industry Nite to bring together people like Kennis Muisc, those that own record labels, marketers and industry people in general so we can sit down and interact on how we can move our industry forward, since it’s Industry Nite. I told them it’s not about performances, we’ll do the performances, but let us talk to the marketers, the producers like Don Jazzy and Puffy Tee, Kennis Music, everybody should sit down at a round table and discuss on how we can make money. Apart from we doing shows, how do we make money? So they told me I shouldn’t worry, that they are working on it, that everything will be fine, that definitely they want to do that, but that when they want to do a big event, that’s when they will call everybody.
Since you blew with Yahoozee some years ago, everyone has been expecting your album. When is it coming?
I have a lot of songs I’ve recorded so I have more than even an album with me right now. The point is that I’m not listening to just an album, I’m listening to like 35 songs when I’m dropping just a 15-track album featuring the likes of 9ice, Jaywon, Vector, Olamide, PSquare and so many others.

When will it be drop?
It comes out this month, July, because I’m going on an European tour, so I have to drop it for my fans before I travel out. It’s called The Journey and it’s all about my journey so far from the past to the present and then the future.

Having been in the industry for several years, who can you say has been of the most help to you?
Everybody. Everybody that’s been close to me and that I’ve been close to. Because there’s something about me, the way I work, I move close to a lot of people to ask them how did you do this or that? It’s not easy for the likes of P-Square, Timaya, 2face, 9ice to still be there after so many years, and they are still there and doing good, so I work with and I move close to everybody that has been in that top, I speak with them, relax with them, ask them what do you think I should do, what is the next move, what is the way forward, what do you think of my music, what do you think of my style? And the style is so good. You can see everybody’s doing it. The likes of BrymO, Wi z k i d , they are tapping one or t w o t h i n g s f r o m fuji music. So every-body’s do–ing it and it makes m e happy.

Is it true you had to change to fuji style to sell yourself ?
No. I started with fuji music, but 15, 20 years ago, people used to look at fuji as very crass, so I had to blend hip-hop and R&B into it. And when I was to be on a gospel song that was supposed to have Dekunle Fuji and he wasn’t around, I did my fuji hip-hop thing in it. The second time I did it was in Yahoozee and it brought me to limelight with Puffy Tee and Olu Maintain.

Many years after Yahoozee and the widely known problems you had with Olu Maintain, what is your relationship with him now?
Yeah, we are still cool. The last time we were together was at Encomium Black and White Ball. He hugged me, h e ’ s doing g o o d , he and P u f f y Tee too are still have a good relationship. A lot of people are challenging why I don’t have him on my album, and I tell them that when the time comes, we’ll certainly work together again.

What are your plans?
I see myself having my own record label and doing talent hunts all over Nigeria and Africa because upcoming artists call me every day in need of help and I really want to help them.

How would you advice an upcoming artist so he can become successful like you?
You can’t be LKT oh, you have to be yourself. The most important thing is you have to be yourself and be original in whatever you are doing and be good in what you’re doing and be very prayerful.


After debuting “Mo Bad”, his brilliant collaborative effort with Dammy Krane only a week ago, which has been featured and supported by several key online tastemakers, BASKY is proud to present his debut mixtape titled High Definition out now via Honored By Kings (HBK)

Featured previously released singles such as “Disco Pemperempe”, “Aboki Freestyle”, fan favourite “Gentleman” as well as the recently released “Mo Bad” featuring Dammy Krane, the 10-track mixtape is a very strong debut offering from HBK’s staple Hip-Hop artist BASKY which shows his heavy lyricism, excellent versatility and superior knack for making dope records.
Also featuring two future hit songs, “Gold Chains” and “King Freestyle”, which will more that whet fans and critics’ appetite for the forthcoming debut EP from Basky which is already in the works and will be released shortly after the High Definition mixtape.