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Tolulope Oke, a film actor and a film producer. I’ve been around for a while now doing movie production and also featuring in a couple of films.

I started as an actor but after a while i also into production.


Well both are lucrative, it’s relative because when you act you get your money paid on set almost immediately but of course huge profit comes off production because you are the producer you know how the film is distributed. It based on buying and acting is also based on bargaining but at some point for production it’s about what you want and you can insist on what you want and can decide not to do business if you are not getting what you want. I can say they are both lucrative but it depends on the angle you are looking at it from.Image result for TOLU OKE pictures


I’m from a strong family background, the only girl of my family and I’m from Osun State.


I think it started when I was pretty young, in fact my friends whom I grew up together will say: “We have always known that we are surely going to be actors”. Acting has been part of me, it’s something I always wanted to do. But while growing up our parents always have ideas of their own. I mean what they want you to be. They want you to be a doctor, a lawyer, a banker or any of those big grammar professions. They want you to work at an office and all that. Especially my mum, has also wanted me to work an office and attend board meetings.

So it was a matter of you must finish school first and you must study this and that. But the signs of me acting was there right from when I was very young because when I was in primary and secondary I was involve in cultural and social activities and after my secondary school I wanted to study Theatre Art or Mass Communication because I also wanted be a news caster too, they were both relative. But you know parents will always want you to do what they feel is the best for you so I had to yield to my parents and do what they wanted me to do and after that I had to go back to OAU because I wanted to learn the basics and in between those years I was shuffling film locations. Now I am more experienced more exposed and I know how it works.

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Well it all depends on what one had to bring to the table. Education is not guarantee that you are going to be successful, it only gives you an edge to do what you can do. On those you referred to as uneducated, it still depends on the kind of education you mean. We have formal  and informal education, but I must also add that one goes to university may not necessarily mean one is educated in what he does and on the other hand one not been a graduate from the university may not necessarily mean one is not educated.

You may be formally educated but not educated in what you do and you may not be formally educated but well educated what you do. Though I believe at this age, everyone should be formally educated, even if its not up to the university level, at least secondary school. But we must also understand that a lot of people are not graduates but they are doing very well also. So I believe it’s all about what you have in your head. Educated people are in the entertainment industry. They are not necessarily there when they were younger but they dare not say it to the hearing of their parents or family members. I think most even hide it from their families until it has gotten to that stage that they have become a bit popular and their families will now be proud and starting them.

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This is what I have always wanted to do, it’s like I’m living my dream. You know, when we were younger, we have always wanted this dream of what we wanted to be. For me, this is my dream and I’m living it.


I’m very much single


Not really, I’m not putting guys off, it’s only that at every stage of your life, there are things you want to do and you have the chance now. You just have to take your chances now because when i am married it’s a different ball game. When am married now and start having kids what I’m gonna tell my kids? It’s not how far but how well.

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It depends on your person. You see, the kind of person you are determines the kind of person that is attracted to you. Even bankers and people in other professions do have marital problems. I think it’s more of individual problems. I think why our own is all over the place is very simple. We are in the eyes of the people so generally. So celebrities do not have private life or in most cases our private lives are not recognized and respected. Take example, a divorce or marital issue involving people in the entertainment industry is far more likely to make media headlines because entertainment is always in the eye of the media and media friendly. Though I still strongly beleive marriage break ups has to do with individuals because we still got people like Omoni Oboli, Omotola Jalade, Joke Silver and others who have been married for long and no negative news has ever come from their marriage.


I’m a star too (general laughter) you bigger colleagues? I’ve worked with Funke Akindele, Odun Adekola, Femi Adebayo, Funsho Adeolu, Kunle Afolanyan, Damilola Tunji, Iyabo Ojo, Jaiye Kuti and so on.


There are all my favorites, and I love all of them. I love people with good work ethics and these are the people that when you are working with them you know you are in safe hands.


For my role models because mentor is someone you talk to and he or she guides you on what to do. So for role models Funke Akindele is one, I have always loved Genevieve, Rita Dominic, Mo Abudu, Tope Alabi.

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Wife of Vice President, Dolapo Osinbajo celebrates birthday

Image may contain: 3 people, people smilingWife of the Vice President, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo  @dolapoosinbajo and Ace Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo Salami , daughter Lil @femiadebayosalami celebrate birthday today. LLNP from @fujiipopmagzine management.

Interview: I didn’t quit acting but in film school in Canada -Star Actress, Amada Ebeye

Related imageNollywood star actress, Amanda Ebeye, who had a son in Canada last November, had kept her relationship private and is yet to return to Nigeria since then.

Ebeye denies the rumour that she had the child for a certain married man, she also gives reason why she is still unmarried and why people call her prostitute.

How has life been since the beginning of the year?

It’s been amazing for me; different dreams, different aspirations. I wake up every morning feeling totally different. I must say so far this year looks like one of my best because I know God has larger thing in store for me.

You’ve been away from the movie industry for a while, does that make you feel bad?

It doesn’t. I would be back soon. But for now, I need to look into other fields and improve myself. I’m currently in a film school in Canada.

What inspired you to study more?

I’ve always known I would go to school for another course, and it would definitely be filmmaking. It’s always been my dream and I’m living it now. So, I’m super excited.

When should your fans expect you back to Nigeria?

I’ll be done with school in 2018, so I would be back at that time. But I have a couple of projects I would come into the country to work on. I’m not around but they would still see my work. When I’m back fully people would get a more improved me and they would be glad I took this break. 

How do you cope with school and single parenting?

I cope perfectly. I take my son to daycare after which I go to school. When I’m done, I’ll pick him up and we go home. When he’s awake, I’m doing what I have to do. Then when he is sleeping, I sleep a little too. I just work around him. Everything I do has to correspond with his and it makes parenting so much easier that way.

You faced lots of criticism on social media after the birth of your son, how do you handle critics generally?

(Smiles) Na dem get their mouth. It doesn’t affect me one bit.

Has criticism ever made you cry or regret getting pregnant in the first place?

Nobody in this world can make me regret having my son. That’s the best decision I ever made in my life. Do people cry because of social media? I doubt it.

I read in one of your interviews that you are not in good terms with your baby daddy, has that changed?

Yes! We are in good terms. People fight and people make up. We’ve made up.

Has he seen his son?

Yes, he has.

Is marriage plans coming up soonest?

Hmmm. (Laughter)

Can I take that laughter to be a resounding yes?

I never said so. Do you want Aso ebi? Don’t worry when it’s time you will be invited. Don’t mind me, I’m always laughing.

If the opportunity comes, would you marry one of your colleagues?

(Laughter). No I won’t. I wouldn’t have minded a few years ago but now I don’t think so. 

Are they not your type?

Do human beings have types? We say one thing today and say another tomorrow. There is nothing like type, I just wouldn’t want to.

Would you venture into movie production when you are done with school?

Oh definitely! I’m already working on the script.

Are you going to do a movie based on your life experience, like a true-life story?

No, I won’t. I’m working on fictitious stories. 

What has your break in the entertainment industry taught you?

It has taught me to love; it has taught me that in life, family comes first. No amount of work can replace a child. I could have bundled my son home to be on the next location, but no, because he comes first. For me, it’s God, family and then work.

Talking about family, how did your parents react when they knew you got pregnant out of wedlock? 

My mum told me it’s my life, my decision and not hers. I have amazing parents. I have done my obligations as a child. I got my Bachelor of Arts degree when I was 19+. And I made a decision (to have a kid) when I was 29. So, there’s really nothing to worry about.

So, you got your Bachelor of Arts degree at 19?

Yes, I studied International Studies and Diplomacy at Benson Idahosa University, Benin City.

After you bagged the degree at 19, what was next for you?

I dropped it and asked my mum if she could introduce me to Osuofia (Nkem Owoh), because I was ready to act immediately. I reminded her that I’ve done my part of the bargain; I’ve gone to school. Anyway, I later started modelling not too long after; then acting came.

So, you practically went to school to please your parents?

(Laughs) Yes! I didn’t like school, but at some point, I just wanted to be like Genevieve Nnaji. I was watching too much of Sharon Stone movies and used to dream of becoming someone like Tina Amuziam, Gloria Young, Ann Njemanze, Ayo Adesanya, and Shan George.

And when you finally met them, you became fulfilled? 

Sure. I haven’t met all, though.

Looking back, how challenging was it for you to break through?

Sometimes I got so broke I couldn’t make it to auditions. I wasn’t used to ride in buses. But after my allowance and modelling money finished, I had to start jumping into buses. I remember one day I took one of those big buses called Molue to an audition. When I got to my bus stop, I started shouting ‘stop stop’. The bus conductor looked at me and said ‘so, I go stop because you be Miss Nigeria?Abeg hold my hand and make you jump’.

When I tried to jump, ha, the way I fell down wasn’t funny at all. Till today, I still nurse the swollen ankle. 

How then did you cope with the audition you went for? 

Me? I still went there limping. Another day, my friend and I tried to take a bus. Next thing, I couldn’t find her again. Then I noticed she was signaling at me. I looked up and there she was in a Molue. I just told her that we would meet at the audition. I waited and took a small bus (Danfo).

When you finally became a popular face, have you encountered any sort of embarrassing moment?

I can’t think of anyone really. It has been more of good memories. Good comments.

Even with some stubborn male fans?

I have heard some people call me prostitute probably because of a role I played in a film. At that time, I was officially deaf. I didn’t bother myself with the comments. I’m of the school of thought that you’ve got to do your roles the best way you can, to make them real. Let it be believable then you’ve done your job. If I play a role of a prostitute and someone sees me and says ‘ha, I watched you, I know you’re not like that but you tried’. Then I have failed in my delivery. But if you see me and feel I am one of those call girls who hang around at night at Allen Roundabout, then I have done my job well as an actor and I deserved the money I got paid.

Last year, your mum remarried and tongues wagged that you remained single while your mother got hooked, how did you handle the situation?

I didn’t even know people felt that way. People said this; people said that, na dem sabi.

Dating and having a child for a married man unknowingly, you might have learned one or two lessons, what’s your advise to ladies about men?

First of all, it’s very pathetic that a blog would not confirm its news first before posting. How can they just sit, imagine and sell lies to the public?

They claimed I got pregnant for a man that I met once in my life at a function. This same man is a happily married man with children. He has them all over. How could that man have denied his status to anyone? Do they want to break the man’s home? I don’t know what they are talking about. Then they photo shopped my son’s picture with him and put it on the Internet. My son would grow up and wonder why that ever happened. 

Please, my son’s father is not married, and that man (in the picture) is not my son’s father. It’s just a figment of someone’s imagination and the person was trying to make his or her story sweet. These people should confirm their stories before they post.

What would make you more fulfilled as an actress?

When I become a producer and start doing my own jobs. That would be the beginning of another journey of my fulfillment as an actress. When I can do my own films and direct some of my jobs; that would be the highpoint.

Star Actress, Kikelomo Adeyemi celebrates birthday

Image may contain: 1 person

Nollywood Star actress, Kikelomo Adeyemi has added a year today. She a movie producer cum actor.

Congratulations !

Star actor, Kunle Afod celebrates new baby

Nollywood star actor Kunle Afod and his wife Desola Afod who welcomed their fourth son last week have christened the baby boy amidst pomp and pageantry.

The actor and his wife who before now had three lovely boys celebrated the birth of the boy.

Parents had the naming ceremony yesterday. See more photos below: 

Interview: Why guys have negative intention about me – Uche Ogbodo

Image result for Uche OgbodoStar actress,  Uche Ogbodo’s story very emotional . After her crashed marriage she travlled to U S. Now she is back  to face her love profession acting . The actress and a mother talked about her life:

You’ve been a bit slow at doing movies lately, why is that so? It hasn’t been slow actually. The industry has gotten bigger. That you haven’t been seeing Genevieve in movies doesn’t mean she hasn’t been doing something. The industry is wider now, with more productions and more people. But I’ve been working. What are you working on at the moment? Right now, I’m about to commence the shoot for a new project down in the East. I’m also still in post production for my movie that I’ve been talking about for a while now. I ventured into production and I have two jobs coming out soon. They’ll be out in August hopefully.

What was it like producing your own movie?

It’s the most stressful thing. I didn’t know producers go through so much to have a project out. Now I know what it takes to be a producer. It’s really difficult. If I used to have issues with producers in the past, now I know better and I’m asking for forgiveness. It’s a mad zone really.

How is life now as a single mum compared to when you were married?

Life is more fulfilling for me. As a single mother, life is more fulfilling than it would have been as a single girl without a child. Though, I’m still single and unmarried, but I would say if I used to be too emotional, needy or petty, all that is gone, my child fills that vacuum for me. When I want to look into someone’s eyes and feel loved, I have all that in my daughter. She has helped me rebuild myself. 50% of the woman I have become comes from my having a baby. It has turned me around to the very destiny I was born to accomplish.

Does that mean you’re not looking forward to a new relationship? I’m still hoping to find that wonderful human being that would fill the remaining part of my needs. I’m open to anything. Yes, I’m dating, but I haven’t found the one.

What’s your idea of ‘the one’?

I don’t like to say, because you never know. Back in the days, I used to say this is the kind of man I want and all that but you know, we’re women and when a different kind of man comes and lies to you, you just fall head over heels. In the past, I always painted pictures, but eventually I fell for the wrong person. So, let God give me the kind of man that he knows is best for me. I’m open to that different kind of man that is not in my picture. What is your relationship with your ex like, Are you on talking terms?

No, we’re not talking. He doesn’t keep in touch, but that’s fine.

You’re looking so different and trimmed, what’s with the new look?

It’s all in the package of becoming a better person. You can’t keep saying ‘I want to be successful’ when you don’t look successful. You need to work on yourself, though it takes a lot of endurance and discipline. To get there, I knew I had to grab it ‘by fire by force’ and it has to begin with my appearance. I have to impress people, so that my looks will match my name. My former body was banging but not exactly how I wanted it. I want the banging killer body and this (my new body) is killing it (Laughs)

Would you be delving into cinema movies? Yeah, definitely. I’m already there. One of my projects is premiering in London and Spain, and the other is premiering here in Nigeria. ‘Stolen Vow’ is premiering in London in August and in Spain in September. ‘Rib-Tied’ is premiering in Nigeria.

What has fame robbed you of and what doors has it opened for you?

Fame has brought me recognition. Fame has brought me pain and fortune. Fame has also erased the real me from the eyes of people, but I’m not going to cry about it. I believe that I have two personalities, so I project my famous part as ‘goddess’ and my personal part as ‘Uche’. I have been able to separate both. So, if I’m getting any hate from people, I channel it to ‘goddess’. You’re not insulting the real Uche. People judge me based on who I’m not and refuse to see who I really am. I don’t blame them because they don’t know the real me, they just take me at TV face value. But it’s fine. Fame has also brought me negative attention from guys in the area of relationship. People tend to fall in love with the you on TV and not the real you. And when they get to know the real you, they might not like it, but still stick around just because you’re famous. And then you end up hurting each other, because the relationship is fake and based on fantasy. Whichever character I played that you fell in love with is not me. So, it’s really crazy.


Trending: Fathia Balogun, Bimbo Oshin, Others graced Night Of Tributes For Late Moji Olaiya

It was a pathetic story seeing late star actress, Moji Olaiya’s corpse arriving Nigeria last night.

Her colleagues in the entertainment industry and Nollywood at large, such as Fathia Balogun, Bimbo Oshin, Queen Salawa Abeni and several others on Tuesday poured encomiums on the late Moji Olaiya during a night of tributes organized by artistes as part of her funeral programmes at the Blue Roof of the LTV8 in Ikeja, Lagos.

Moji Olaiya died in a Canadian hospital of cardiac arrest on May 7, 2017 three months after she was successfully delivered of a baby.

The event was attended by popular actors, actresses and other stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

The night was punctuated by emotional and humorous stories about Moji’s life; as told by her family members and friends.

It was a memorable gathering of family and friends, that featured emotional words and a service of songs for their departed colleague.

The rain of tributes and service which lasted two hours and 19 minutes, afforded various speakers to share their memories and describe how Olaiya impacted on their lives and the entertainment industry.

Some of the moving parts were when actresses such as Fathia Balogun, Bimbo Oshin and Foluke Daramola struggled to hold back their tears while paying their tributes to the memory of Moji.

“I can’t believe that my sister is gone; she was a loving person, kindhearted and always smiling,“ said Funmi Olaiya, the elder sister to the deceased.

She continued by saying, “Even if you fight with her, she will always find ways to come back and make peace with you.

“When I heard she was dead; I was expecting a miracle from God that would wake her up and bring her back to us. But today and now is the wake, meaning she is not coming back.

“I just pray for her soul to be with God and that her gentle soul to rest in peace.

“I will miss her so much. The last time we talked, I forgot to tell her I missed her but now I’m telling her that I love her and I will miss her so much,“ she said.

Also, popular actress, Fathia Balogun said, “ Moji loved this job a lot; she kept telling me that she had not done enough for this industry.

“She had a lot of projects pending. Giving back to the society was what Moji Olaiya had always wanted to do. And she was doing it in her own little way.

“Losing Moji in the industry for me is a minus because Moji was a fantastic and a very strong person that nobody would want to miss as a friend, sister or mother.

“We have great plans for the kids, but you know we say it and God does it.

“We pray that God will give us the strength to continue with the plans and fulfill the promises we made to the kids, but I know that they are not going to suffer.

“We actually planned this burial arrangement in one week, thanks to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who gave us money to bring back her corpse (the precious cargo) from Canada to be buried in Nigeria.

“And I am so happy that Moji will be buried in her father’s land. It will have been sad if she was buried over there,“ she said.

In the same vein; another actor, Adeoye Adewale, popularly known as `Elesho`, said that the late Moji Olaiya she was a very humble, reputable and nice lady.

“I felt bad when I heard the sad news of her death, it is a great loss to the entertainment industry and may her soul rest in peace, “he said.

Also, Shola Shodimu said “It’s a big loss, Moji was good, professionally she was good.

“She had so much humility around her; we are all going to miss her.

“If I should begin to itemise all I knew about her, it would be an endless miss, because she was a thorough professional.

“I can only say that God should grant those she left behind, especially, the family, the fortitude to bear the loss. It’s a big loss, “ he said.

Veteran musician Queen Salawa Abeni said, “I felt so sad when I heard about her death, and I’m going to miss her beautiful smile.

“I pray for her mum and dad, for almighty Allah to console them. Then for the children, we need to stand up and join hands to see the children grow and succeed.

“We cannot just pay our last respect today and turn our back; I advise that we contribute toward her children and family’s welfare, “she said.

Popular Fuji artist Pasuma said, “The last time I saw her was during one of her movie premier.

“This is a sad thing to happen and we need more prayers in the industry. We have to pray for her and her family and children.

“May her soul rest in perfect peace, “he said.

The remains of the 42-year-old actress would be interred on Wednesday at the Ebony Vault in Ikoyi Cemetery.


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