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Cancelled protest: A national shame, embarrassment – Soyinka

 In a an article shared on Shararepoters, Wole Soyinka said that he had written a letter to the Inspector-General of Police, through the Commissioner of Police, Lagos state demanding that the protest be allowed so as to respect and safeguard the constitutional rights of Nigerians.

The media offered the nation a space of relief when it carried the expected news of a mutual accommodation reached by the organizers of the demonstration planned for tomorrow Monday February 6th. The theme in summary: public discontent with the state of the nation and its governance. From the beginning, the organizers had cited quite an extensive list of such areas of concern and demands for urgent attention. To my personal consternation, today’s (Sunday) the same media countered that announcement with a stiff repudiation from the apex of the Police command – the office of the Inspector-General. It is such a huge disappointment, and a disservice to the cause of democracy, tolerance of dissent, and principle of inclusive governance. An unnecessary but important reminder: the battle for the right of lawful assembly of citizens in any cause, conducted peacefully, has been fought and won several times over. It is time that this contest is gracefully conceded. It must be consolidated by its routineness as a choice of action at the front of any people’s democratic participation. This battle has been won legally, constitutionally, and even morally. It enjoys near global acceptance as one of the means of actualizing the protocols of a people’s Fundamental Human Rights. It comes therefore as a deep embarrassment and a national shame that this latest attempt at denial of these protocols rears its head at a time when one of the largest gatherings of humanity is taking place in one of the former totalitarian states of Eastern Europe – Romania. Its size has been assessed as the largest in former Eastern Europe since the fall of the Berlin wall. It was triggered by the state attempt to water down the criminal code against corruption and has brought out hundreds of thousands of people into the streets and stadia, day after day, until the much-awaited announcement of the withdrawal of the obnoxious decree. This should resonate within the current Nigerian governance that has made the anti-corruption crusade its mantra. The Police attempt to reverse the hands of the democratic clock is even more appalling at a time when open demonstrations are taking place all over the world against the policies of a recently elected president of the United States, whose democratic formula this nation allegedly serves as Nigeria’s adopted model. Across numerous states of that federated nation, ongoing at this very moment, is the public expression of rejection of a president’s policy that has also pitted the Executive against the judiciary. We have heard of no preventive action by the police, nor arrests of demonstrators. Again and again, efforts, both under military and civilian orders have been made to stifle the rights to freedom of expression by Nigerian governments – Buhari, Babangida, Obasanjo, Abacha, Jonathan….and now again, Buhari? These efforts have been, and will always be resisted. It is a moral issue, as old as settled humanity. It has been settled in other parts of the world. Nigeria cannot be an exception, not as long as her citizens refuse to accept the designation of second, even third-rate citizens. I have sent a message to the Inspector-General of Police, through the Commissioner of Police, Lagos state, urging both to respect and safeguard the constitutional rights of the people. I hope that, even at this eleventh hour, legality and the democratic imperative will prevail. Finally, I shall be less than honest if I do not add the following, mostly directed as a warning to the very polity on whose behalf the democratic war is joined, again and again: Dear Nigerians!!! Due to security concerns and public safety consideration. I hereby announce the cancellation of the planned March. A video posted by Innocent Idibia (@official2baba) on Feb 4, 2017 at 1:59pm PST Minus a minuscule but highly voluble minority, mostly of pitiably retarded polluters of the common zones of public interventions, I do not know of any citizens of civilized community who do not subscribe to the fundamental Right of the Freedom of Expression in any form, as long as it is peaceful, and non-injurious to humanity. I would hate to conclude that the security agencies, or the government they serve, at this stage of national development and recent history, would choose to align themselves with such an unteachable minority.

Wole Soyinka

Top Senator, Na’Allah, Obasanjo at war over corruption statement

…I rejected his N50m bribe for third term ambitionThere is verbal war between Deputy Majority Leader of the Senate, Bala Na’Allah, and former President Olusegun Obasanjo over corruption statement.

On Tuesday, Na’Allah took a swipe at former President Olusegun Obasanjo for describing  members of the National Assembly as corrupt.

“I am not corrupt and I have integrity,” he stated.

The senator said it was Obasanjo who allegedly bribed lawmakers in the legislature to back his third term ambition when he was the President.

Na’Allah stated, “My attention has been drawn to a purported statement attributed to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, in which it was alleged that he made a sweeping statement to the effect that there are no men of integrity in the National Assembly.

“I am respectfully taking exception to the statement, which I express the hope that it is not true. To start with, it is not in my character to take issues with elder statesmen, who have had the privilege of superintending the affairs of our great country, Nigeria.

“If former President Obasanjo can come out with one proven record of corruption against me as a person, I promise to vacate my seat as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  For the records, I was the only member from Kebbi State, who did not find it worthy at that time to collect the sum of N50m as an inducement to subvert the constitution and provide a constitutional framework for the third term ambition of (then) President Obasanjo.

“I find this statement, if it is true, to be reckless and terrifying. The implication of the statement is to say that the entire over 170 million Nigerians have not elected a single person with integrity among the 469 members of the National Assembly. This is definitely rhapsodic and does not conform to common sense and reason.”

Obasanjo had, on Monday, said the ongoing revelation by a former Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin, on budget padding in the National Assembly had proved him right that the lawmakers were corrupt.

The former President spoke to State House correspondents shortly after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari behind closed doors at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Obasanjo, who had earlier described the lawmakers as “armed robbers and rogues,” said the best way out of the current mess was to ensure that only men of integrity were elected into the National Assembly.

(Photo News) See More Photos Of ObJ In Football Action @Richard

Baba I dey kampe. LOLX


(Politics) Real Reason Obasanjo Is Fighting Jonathan @Richard

Chief Augustine Onyemaechi Mazie, is the Chairman, Board of Trustees, New Paradigm Transformation Initiative, NPTI, and strong advocate of unity, peace and progress of Nigeria. A retired Air Force personnel, he served as the Chairman Unity Campaign Team for the Election of the National Chairman and National Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2001 and is a two-time Principal Secretary of PDP, 2001 and 2005. In this interview, he bared his mind on the chances of the presidential candidates of the two major political parties in the forthcoming elections, saying that Gen. Muhammadu Buhari would have toppled Jonathan’s administration if he was still in the military. He also spoke on why former President Obasanjo is having issues with President Jonathan. Excerpts.

What is NTI’s assessment of Jonathan’s re-election bid?

The New Paradigm for Transformation Initiative, NPTI, is a socio-economic and Non-Governmental Organization, committed to the improvement and sustenance of peace, unity, positive transformation of Nigeria, and socio-economic wellbeing of the Nigerian people. In essence, one of the cardinal principles of the organization is to support any leader that upholds the principles of good governance.

Chief Augustine Onyemaechi Mazie

Presently, it is pledging its support to President Goodluck Jonathan because the members were convinced that the President truly inspired them through his transformational policies and initiatives like FoI law, free and fair elections, institutional restructuring, economic reawakening and the ongoing infrastructural revival. As stakeholders in Nigeria, we in NPTI can talk about what is wrong with Nigeria, if the President is not tackling the Transformation Agenda, which he promised Nigerians, but if Nigerians are misunderstanding what he has been doing, we will help him to project his good work.

Don’t you feel jittery that the President is not getting the expected support?

Well, I can tell you that there is no fear at all in the Jonathan camp as I speak. I have come to realize that some people criticize everything that is begin said about the President without actually knowing what is being done. Some people said that President Jonathan has not built roads and other infrastructure, you cannot say that of him. If they are saying that, what were the situations of our roads when he became President? If you travelled during the last Christmas and saw the condition of the roads. You would agree with me that he is working.

But some people will wonder if it is only roads you could point at?

But he has performed in other areas as well. Take a look at our railways. I was so happy  because I have little children who didn’t know when the rail were running, but this past December, we saw train running from Port Harcourt to Enugu.

The President has not hidden his plan for the aviation sector. When you go round, you will realize that he has worked on that sector too, including agriculture, economy, and attracting foreign direct investments.

What is your take on his anti-corruption war?

I am surprised that the opposition is talking about corruption. Obasanjo in his inaugural speech as President in 1999, commented on corruption. He said he was going to fight corruption, but this corruption turned back to fight them. And you can see that is what is happening to Jonathan now.

Do you think his approach to the fight is yielding result?

The fact that the President has not jailed anybody does not mean he is not fighting corruption. He said “I am putting structures in place to be sure that if you block the way people steal money, there will no more corruption’’. The President is devising a system that was created by past leaders that will not tempt people to commit corruption. He said we have to put some processes, checks and balances in place, so that people do not just steal money anyhow. If those things are put in place, how do you think people will engage in corruption?

But the opposition insists his government is corrupt?

Those pointing accusing fingers at the President have not cleaned their cupboard very well. How could Buhari say he wants to come and fight corruption? When he was Minister of Petroleum, it was reported that $2.8 billion was missing. He has not accounted for it till today. At that time, one NTA journalist, Ms Vera Ifudu, reported it extensively.

There is also this case of 53 suitcases that passed through Buhari’s ADC, Jokolo, which has not been accounted for till date. What do we see in this country as corruption? Those corrupt people who fought Obasanjo are still fighting back. Buhari committed the greatest disservice to Nigeria by toppling a civilian government. If Buhari was still in army, the way he is fighting to become president, he would have toppled this present government. If Jonathan were to be like Buhari, he would have probably sent Buhari to jail for the atrocities he committed.

Do you think the Transformation Agenda is real?

Remember that the President told Nigerians that when he was growing up, he had no sandals. The same man who said he had no sandals  after going to school is now trying to prove to Nigerians that there are so many people like that by building 125 Almajiri schools. That is impacting because most of these Almajiris did not have the privilege to go to school, rather, they go pan-in-hand begging for food.

These young lads, through Jonathan’s intervention, are now in classrooms and would be future leaders. So, if you are building for the future, you are impacting lives. We were spending billions of naira importing rice. The agricultural reform plan of this administration has changed all that, that we now have rice.



Former president Obasanjo has so many past that coming back to hunt him. It is a well known fact that Owo born retired General is not a friend to Anikulapo kuti family. Here is what Seun, second son of late Fela had to say about Obasanjo’s face off with President Goodluck Jonathan.

(Politics) PDP Expels Obasanjo Over Anti-Party Activities @Richard

The game is not over yet. Even though former president, Olusegun Obasanjo earlier today announced his departure from the ruling PDP to avoid iminent expulsion, he however did not escape the big hammer as the Ogun state chapter of the party has expelled him from the party following the public tearing of his party membership card at a ward meeting this morning.

Speaking to newsmen today in Abeokuta, Ogun state, the state PDP Chairman, Bayo Dayo, said Obasanjo has been expelled and has lost all privileges and respect of other party members

“The totality of the executive, leaders and members of PDP family in the Ogun hereby state categorically as from today Monday 16 February, 2015, Obasanjo Aremu Olusegun stands expelled and excommunicated from the party thereby losing all rights previous, privileges and respect of our teeming party members.” he said

Real Reason Obasanjo Is Fighting Jonathan-Fani-Kayode @Rrd


THE Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation (PDPPCO), on Sunday, gave reasons former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, wants President Goodluck Jonathan out of office by all means, saying the former leader has a personal grouse against Jonathan.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja, the director of publicity of the campaign organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, said Obasanjo was not happy that he had not been able to bring the Jonathan-led administration under his control.

He said Obasanjo was not interested in genuine democracy and, therefore, advised the former leader to stop using Nigeria as a pretext in his desire to realise his selfish objectives.

“After Jonathan came to power, Obasanjo not only tried to control and teleguide him, but he also asked him to do a number of things that were simply wrong and unacceptable.

“It is for President Jonathan himself to divulge those things and I am sure that he will do so at the appropriate time.

“Needless to say, President Jonathan refused to be teleguided and told what to do, though at all times, he accorded Obasanjo maximum respect, privileges, access and courtesies due to a former head of state and a father and mentor. This continued to be the case, even after Obasanjo consistently attempted to undermine his government and ridicule his efforts.

“Yet Obasanjo could not be appeased and was not satisfied. As far as he was concerned, he must either control Jonathan or Jonathan had to go. That is why he decided to secretly support the APC and became their ‘navigator in chief’.

“He was determined to pull the whole house down rather than to allow Jonathan to return to power. This is simply because he believes that if he cannot control someone, that person must be destroyed. Control and domination is an obsession for Obasanjo.

“That is the bottom line. He is prepared to put even the devil in power, provided he can control him. That is why he is so determined to stop Jonathan and put in place an interim government which he, or one of his surrogates, will head. That is his plan and he is determined to achieve it no matter what it takes.

“Obasanjo does not want genuine democracy. He only pretends to want it. What he wants is control and a stooge in power. It does not matter what type of government it is, as long as he controls it and it is headed by his puppet.

“It can be a military government, a civilian one, a democratic one, an interim government or a government of national unity. To Obasanjo, it does not matter, as long as he can control it. That is his objective. That is why he hates Jonathan so much and that is why he wishes to stop him at all costs.

“Obasanjo’s grouse with President Jonathan is personal and it has nothing to do with Nigeria. He should leave Nigeria out of it and let us all be. If he has a personal score to settle with Jonathan, he should not do so at the expense of the peace and stability of Nigeria.

“If he wants to stop Jonathan, then let him attempt to do so through the democratic process and through the ballot box and not through foul and unconstitutional means.

“We continue to hold Obasanjo in high esteem, but his recent actions and utterances are beyond the pale. He has been unfair to Jonathan, to Nigeria and even to himself.

“Most importantly, the days of intimidating others with his harsh words and overbearing influence are long over. Obasanjo is not God. Only God is God and He alone determines the fortunes of men and the destiny of nations.

“Whether he likes it or not, democracy has come to stay in Nigeria and the will of the Nigerian people will be done in next month’s presidential elections and thereafter. We believe that is God’s plan and not even one million Obasanjos can stop it.”

The campaign spokesman observed that the allegations Obasanjo made against Jonathan were serious and reckless as he has raised “issues and made assertions that are capable of derailing our democracy and creating chaos in the land.”

According to Fani-Kayode, Obasanjo was aware that Jonathan would win next month’s presidential election “and that is why he wants to destroy the credibility of the whole process right from the outset.”

He added that “what he is trying to say in his latest contribution is that if President Jonathan wins, then the election must have been rigged right from the outset.

“This is not only wrong but it is also unfair and uncharitable. If President Obasanjo has any evidence to prove his weighty allegations, he ought to present it before the Council of State and take it up there.”

On Obasanjo’s reference to President Laurent Gbagbo, Fani-Kayode reminded the former Nigerian leader of the prominent role Jonathan played in getting the former Ivorian president out of office.

“If anyone doubts this they should ask President Alhassan Outtara of Cote D’Ivoire the role Jonathan and Nigeria played in helping to restore democracy and stability back to his country.”

“They should also find out the role Obasanjo played in attempting to keep President Laurent Gbagbo in power at all costs and the deep friendship that exists between the two men.

“Again, it is ironic that Obasanjo has accused President Jonathan of having a grand plan to stay in power at all costs and by all means, yet it is the same Obasanjo that tried to stay in power for a third term, though the Nigerian constitution specifically forbade it.

“He tried all he could to change the constitution, but the whole thing failed and he was compelled to leave power.”

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