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*Bitches saying rubbish, what has your man done for you?” – Oritsefemi’s wife shuts down women criticizing their billboard extravaganza

Image result for oritsefemi and wifeOritsefemi’s wife , Funke Nabila Oritsefemi has replied ladies criticizing  her husband, Oritsefemi for displaying their pre-wedding photos on billboards in Lagos that they are bitches.

Reacting to harsh comments she supposedly got from some ladies over the extravangaza, Nabila revisited the billboard and shared a video on Insta stories mocking them.

*Bitches saying rubbish, what has your man done for you,” she asked while laughing.


How Fuji Music Stars Malaika, Osupa, Oritsefemi others shut down AFRIMA 2017 Music Villa

AFRIMA 2017King Of Fuji Music, Sulaimon Alao Adekunle Malaika, Saheed Osupa, Oritsefemi, Sound Sultan and other Nigeria Stars were big music stars that highlighted Afrima 2017 Music Villa from Friday 10th till Saturday 11th morning November in an hilarious event that was held at Water Front, Bar Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Afrima platform shut down the streets as fans
connected with their favourite stars in a secure environment provided by
the Federal Government and host city, Lagos State.
The hosts,Gbenga
Adeyinka and Olisa Adibua, who are also entertainment industry buffs, made
the right cuts on the artistic performances which left the audience
wanting more African music. Ace African Disc Jockey, DJ Jimmy Jatt rocked
the show with the 2017 top charting songs in Africa. Dance Competitons
sponsored by Supreme Noodles also played tribute to multiple platinum
Afro-beat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. The event was also supported by
DSTV, Smartcar, and Trace TV.AFRIMA 2017Pop acts, Tay Grin from Malawi, Nigerian local rapper, Seriki, Alternative
Superstar, Sound Sultan, Diaspora Star,VI (London), Coeback Pop-star,
Bigiano, AFRIMA Jazz nominee, Ed Izycs, YNBL Princess, Temmie Ovwasa,
amongst others commanded the stage to the awe of the huge audience. Fuji
lords, Adewale Ayuba, Maliaka, Atawewe, Osupa Saheed were some of the
raves of the show.From Morayo’s Alternative rock, to Ara Thunder’s
Afro-beat, Lagosians enjoyed all the performances.
Meanwhile, Africans on the continent and in the diaspora are eager for the
AFRIMA 2017 awards ceremony as the African-American Pop-icon, Akon and
Cameroonian diva-broadcaster, Sophy Aiida will host the World Class music
event 6PM on Sunday, 12 November 2017, Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria
Island, Lagos. The main awards ceremony will take place after the Red
Carpet session where the crème of the creative industry, music lovers and
diplomatic and government personalities will make their presence grand at
the AFRIMA 2017 Red Carpet. Tickets for the AFRIMA Main awards ceremony
are available on and other

Music: Oritsefemi features Olamide in Kelele

Oritse Femi ft. Olamide - Kelele Download Audio Mp3Musical Taliban, Oritsefemi is here again. He has released another hot single. But this time, he duets with Olamide Baddo .

This is one of the greatest joint effort fans have been sitting tight for, Oritse Femi collaborates with Nigerian Rapper/Wo Crooner Olamide on this hot single titled “Kelele”.

Oritse Femi centered “Kelele” as a Jam for club and roads, The dancehall tune which upon download strolls straight to your playlist was tweaked with Olamide’s Comical Rap.

“Kelele” is spin-off of the MSN Gang Boss Oritse Femi as yet exasperating banger “Bodija” which was debuted few days prior, Download and Listen up to “Kelele” by Oritse Femi and Olamide beneath,

Stream and download blazing hot tune Kelele by OritseFemi ft. Olamide on Music+

Oritsefemi releases new song, Bodija

 Pum Pum Nice Musical Taliban Singer, Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele has released two singles. The tracks are Bodija and Pum Pum Nice . In just few days that the songs were released, it has been gathering momentum in the entertainment circles. According to Shetade Images, Oritsefemi media management, the song is a dance hall track. It talks about what is happening on the streets of Lagos. Bodija expressed how Lagos city can’t be compared to Bodija in Ibadan. Pum Pum Nice, the second track talks about happening stances around entertainers and the beautiful things around human being generally. It would be recalled that Bodija and Pum Pum Nice make it four songs the awards winning singer released since he returned from European and American musical tour. He dropped Our Government I Beg and Unity earlier


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Nigerian Government has failed the youths – 03media boss

IMG_0927_filteredxAlex Ozone is the CEO of 03media and by no doubt one of the pillars of the Nigerian music and entertainment industry. In this interview he talked about the challenges in the industry, he also shield light on the business misunderstanding between and Danku and Oritsefemi that was all over the media not too long ago.

The Nigerian music business seems to be enjoying
a boom of sort. As an insider  what is the secret?

The only secret I can say I know is the passion, passion to make it
work, the passion we have for entertainment that is all I know is the
secret because we’re not getting any support from anybody, no support
from government, no support from corporate organizations. Go abroad,
government provides funds for entertainment, if artist want to promote
his song he will apply and government will assist him with finance to
promote the song, that is why I said earlier that we do the opposite
of what we see in other countries when we get back home, or are you
trying to tell me that all these people in government that always
travel abroad doesn’t know that this is the practice other there? In
overseas radios stations will pay you money in form of loyalty for
playing your song but here the reverse is the case. Here it is the
artist that pays the radio stations, same thing with the television.
So passion and determination is only secret of that young artist you
see on television, and that is why I said I will vote for you earlier
because if the Nigerian youth want to succeed he goes all out to
succeed, and I believe more than 70% of the Nigerian youths are into
entertainment one way or the other because there is no job out there
and some of them believe entertainment is the easiest job anyone can
go into since it requires only talent. So boom you talk about is just
the share determination of that youth you see out there to succeed.
Entertainment has provided that opportunity for them to excel, quote
me anywhere, the Nigerian entertainment industry is the poorest in the
world because they are not even making it and that is why we made it
to be a make believe business which is not supposed to be,
entertainment industry world over is a lucrative business but because
of the poor structure, we don’t even have any structure on ground and
because of that we do it as a make believe business hoping it will

Wizkid and some other Nigerian artistes seems to be doing very well
internationally, what is your take, how do you see the industry and
what the future of the Nigerian music?

Well it’s always good to move forward than moving backwards, like I
said earlier these guys are supposed to be established over there they
are not supposed to be trying to break into, they are not supposed to
be struggling to break into because the other people are not
struggling to break into, they’re not even supposed to be attaching
themselves to certain people over there just to break in because their
music is global, but we lack the structure here, we lack government
support, we lack corporate support and all that. Do you
think Drake wouldn’t have turned up for that wizkid video shoot if the
right support and structure were there?  Imagine that young boy who
have struggled all the way to that level and lack of support let him
down? Do you know what must have transpired behind the scene? Now look
at what that has caused the young boy and by extention, Nigerians. These
people in government don’t reason that way, they don’t just think at
all because as it is in entertainment so it is in sports. Take the
case of Anthony Joshua who is now the world boxing champion, what did
the government do for him? How did they assist him to achieve that
feet? Nothing, it was after he had suffered and achieved his feet that we
remembered that he is our son and the Ogun State government started
doing some gragra of how they will name this and that after him. What
was the government role in the success of the young man? Look I don’t
want to talk about all these things because they make me angry. Do you
know the kind of work these guys put in? do you know the kind of money
they spend on some of this projects? But they don’t have any form of

In the past we’ve had some of our artistes nominated for some of these
international awards like the Grammies but they were not given. The
likes of Fela, Femi, Sunny Ade and the rest has at one time or the other  nominated. Do you think with what we have on ground now these
awards are coming?

That is part of what I am talking about, no structure, no government
support, and instead of we moving forward we’re moving backwards.
Nothing like our president putting a call through to his counterpart in another country to help talk to
the organizers of this awards, or one corporate organization in
Nigeria putting a call through to the organizers of these awards to like, ‘hello, we are aware that our boy Wizkid is
nominated in this award, we are behind him and
will appreciate if he receives the award’’. Nothing like that, it happens
but we don’t have anybody who can do that. Some of these things you
see are politics, the outcome of some football matches
has the influence of international politics, some awards has strong
political and interest influences, unfortunately we don’t have the
people who understands this things in leadership positions. Imagine that
they nominated Drake for an award in Nigeria, I can bet you that Trump
will pick up his phone and call Buhari to talk to the organizers of
the award to make sure Drake is given that. Trump and his team understands that the award is
for Americans not for Drake alone. Do you know what it means if Wizkid
or any Nigerian artist stands on that podium of the Grammy awards to
receive the award? Do you know how it will project the image of Nigeria globally? You are a journalist and you should know much
about PR work. Is there any other PR work to project something greater
than that? Do you know how many million people world over watching the
award ceremony live? If Wizkid is nominated
no Nigerian government official, not even the Minister of Culture and Touring will pick up his phone and call the organizers of the award. Everybody have their interest, the government
have their interest, the corporate organizations have their interest,
the artistes have their interest, the record labels have their
interest, the fans have their interest and so on. They don’t seem to understand this things, all they understands is how to steal more money from the treasury. I will keep saying it that the problem we have
in this entertainment business is lack of structure. We don’t have a backbone who we can rely on to do the
diplomatic work for us. These guys are trying, do you
know how much they spend? Do you know how they struggled
to get to this stage? I’m even praising them for what they have
achieved so far. Go to most countries of the world and see things for
yourself, our artistes are making strong waves but
that little push and support needed from government and corporate
organizations is what is lacking.

Just like the Euro tour we’re doing,
nobody is sponsoring us, I’m the one sponsoring it because some people
believes it is Alex Ozone private business, they don’t know that I am
promoting the image of this country, I am exporting the culture of
this country to the world because music is culture. Go to Ghana, their
government is the one sponsoring their international tour through the
ministry of Culture and Tourism, yet they don’t even achieve half what we achieve. Chata Wale is on tour, Stone Bwoy is on tour sponsored by
Ghana ministry of Culture and Tourism for about 3-6 shows but
Nigerian artist sponsored by an individual like me gets 18 shows or
more. Now use that to imagine when the Nigerian government through the
relevant ministry comes in with some little assistance and some
diplomatic support and say look, ‘we know it is the image of our
country that you are promoting, Wizkid we are behind to any length
because you are promoting the image of our nation to the outside
world. As little as that, it will go a long way. To get
visa here is very difficult because nobody is backing you, but in
Ghana Chaka Wale has about 2 years diplomatic visa because the Ghana government
is backing him. So in a nutshell Nigeria is the problem of Nigerians any way you will want to look at it.
Wizkid would have been far bigger than he is if he had come from sane
country because he is far more talented than Drake, Wizkid is more
talented than all these so called American super stars, but because over there
they enjoy government and corporate organization support while we here
don’t .
Considering all you’ve said so far how do you think government can
come in, what do you think government should do to support the
Nigerian entertainment industry?

Well the government people should know better because they are in a
better position to know this things. Who are the people in the
entertainment industry? Youths! How do you empower the youths? You
empower the youths through what they do most. I put it to you today
that more than 70% of the Nigerian youths are into entertainment one way or the other. so when government invest in the
industry it will benefit them far more than we the
practitioners because by supporting the industry that employs more
than 70% of the youths of the country they have succeeded in
empowering the youths and creating more opportunities for others and
at the same time using these youths to launder the image of the
country as the youths will be good ambassadors of the country.

You’ve worked with so many artistes, tell us how it has been working
with them particularly after they have become rich and famous?

Truth is, the Nigerian artist is the most difficult to work with most
especially when they became rich and famous as you said and the reason
is very simple. More than 80% of the Nigerian artistes are from a
certain background and you know as fame is, most of these guys never
believed they will ever find themselves in the position they found
themselves and when that came they weren’t prepared for it because
they didn’t imagine it. And another problem is the so called artiste
managers, they play too much, they play with their business, you don’t
have to be a friend to your artist because if you are you will not be
able to tell him the right thing, you will be afraid that if you tell
him he may feel bad and when you eventually do he will see you as a
bad person because you gave him that chance from the beginning. Don’t tell
your artist what he wants to hear, tell him what the people out there
want to hear, tell him what the radio and the tv stations out there
want to hear, tell him what the music fans out there want to hear, tell
him what your clients want to hear, tell him what the business people
out there want to hear.

Some years back while on this same Euro tour with Oritsefemi you had
an issue with Danku and his management team. What actually happened Oritsefemi is in Europe as we speak, he played in Italy recently. I
give him shows, but the big question is, where is Danku? That is the way this
life is bro. I don’t really want to talk about this things because
like I said earlier if you remember we are family, the entertainment
industry is one big family but sometimes we should be mindful of what
we do, we should not attach sentiments, you don’t attach sentiment in
business, and as a manager you don’t need to befriend your artist
because artistes are a kind of people, they don’t have bus stop they
are not loyal to anybody, they are only loyal to their career. They
can be with you today and tomorrow they are with someone else. You
fighting and making enemies unnecessarily  because of them is wrong
because tomorrow they may still leave you and go to that person you
were fighting because of their interest. What happened between us was
a business misunderstanding that some people for whatever reason best
known to them decided to blow out of proportion just to pull me down
and dent my image but as you can see I’m still here doing what I’m
doing and even bigger and better. Everybody is doing what they are
doing but the question now is, where are we now? Where are we now? The
truth is that we are all where we are supposed to be. So to me that is
also a lesson because I have learnt that in whatever I do I must never
do anything to pull anybody down. What actually happened was a case of
somebody somewhere trying to pull me down but the fact still remains
that I am still here. It’s only God that knew what happened. We are
still together, Danku is probably my best friend, Oritsefemi is my
artist and we are one big family.



03 Media Showcases Nigerian Music to the World

It is no news that Nigerian music in recent times has become a global phenomenon. With the crop of new artistes giving their contemporaries a run for their money, certainly has come of age. no one understands this better than 03 Media, a music promotion and event firm. The premium brand is in the business of exporting the best of Nigeria hip hop artistes to the world.

Recently, the firm packaged an European music tour for rising hip hop star, Kiss Daniel.

The tour took Kiss Daniel to Amsterdam in Netherland and 13 other cities across the nation in July. The event recorded huge success as the prodigy shut down the concert with his music, proving that he’s the next big thing to happen to Nigerian music, perhaps after Wizkid.

Kiss Daniel and his team was also hosted on *The Nkechi Late Night Show* on HiRadio in the Netherlands.

Until now, 03 Media, founded by the ace show promoter, Alex Ozone, had packaged successful tours in Europe and beyond for a number of Nigerian artistes like Terry G, Chuddy K, Yq, Jaywon, Oritsefemi, Skales, Tekno and Patoranking, showcasing their music beyond the African continent.

Ozone says the firm is not resting on its oars, but will continue to do more to showcase Nigerian and African artistes to the outside world via music tours, mega concerts and shows that will give their numerous fans great music and live performances.

Oritsefemi rocks Germany this Saturday

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Multiple awards winning singer and performer, Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele will be performing at Essen, Germany on Saturday. The musical taliban who has been in Europe since April for his Musical tour will dazzle his fans on Saturday. He is also getting ready for his tour in United States of America.

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