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Police, Presidency intimidates 2face to cancel feb 6th mass protest

Image result for 2FaceReport reaching us has it that African Queen singer, 2Face who had planned a peaceful protest scheduled for Monday Feb 6th, has canceled it due to police intimidation and threat to arrest him. He shared a video online, “Dear Nigerians!!! Due to security concerns and public safety consideration. I hereby announce the cancellation of the planned March”.

It must be reported that 2face has been under immense pressure not hold the protest due the perceived negative effect it will have on the president Muhammadu Buhari administration. Again, considering the fact that the president is expected to resume work on the same date that the supposed protest would have taken place. President Buhari supporters had quickly put their own solidarity march on that same day just to cause confusion and mayhem in order to discredit the protest.


2face Protest: Police vows to stop Planned Protest, Says ”we will arrest him”

The Nigerian Police, yesterday, said it would not allow the anti-government protest planned by popular music star, Innocent Idibia, (2Face Idibia) to hold in Lagos, just as Ekiti State Governor and Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Governors Forum, Mr Ayodele Fayose; lawyer and human rights activist, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa; among other Nigerians, insisted that Nigerians have a right to freedom of expression. The popular Afro-Pop artiste, 2Face Idibia, had earlier in the week, called for the support of his fans and colleagues via his social media platforms to join his march against the crippling economic state of the nation. The protest is slated for February 6, 2017. 2face In a video posted on his Facebook account on Tuesday, 2Face urged Nigerians to come out in a “peaceful and articulate manner” for the march, adding that “the need for urgent solutions to the challenges facing Nigerians has become very clear. Things are not getting better for the majority, we are still where we are, poor and desperate. I will no longer be quiet.” The group coordinating the protest, @EiENigeria, wrote in its Twitter handle: “In view of the latest police update, how do we proceed with the march? Protest continues as planned. #IStandWiithNigeria. Our leaders owe us their ears too and they must hear us. This march is about connecting the government with the citizens.”   We ‘ll arrest him, if… —Police But the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said the command will not let the protest hold in the metropolis.  Owoseni said intelligence reports indicates that criminals might hijack the process to wreak havoc in Lagos. He said: “Information reaching us revealed that some hoodlums are planning to hijack the peaceful protest and at such, we won’t allow it to hold in Lagos. We know that Tuface does not have the capacity to contain such a crowd and we will not fold our hands and watch while things go out of hand,” Owoseni said. According to him, “no matter how good an intention is, hoodlums would always find a way to harass, rob and attack innocent members of the public who may wish to go about their lawful duties. Owoseni had earlier said, the protest planners have not officially notified the police of their plan, stressing that the police encourage civil society groups to inform the force anytime they want to stage a protest because of their safety and that of others, as hoodlums seize such medium to perpetrate evil. The Police, however, threatened to arrest the singer if he dares hold the protest. Fayose, Adegboruwa react Reacting to Owoseni’s position, Governor Fayose reminded the commissioner that “the duty of the police to secure Nigerians is mandatory, not optional. Therefore, if there is any intelligence report suggesting the possibility of criminals hijacking the process, it is the duty of the police to provide security cover for the protesters.” In a statement by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose noted that the All Progressives Congress, APC-led Federal Government must be made to understand that leadership is about accountability and to be accountable, leaders must listen to public opinion either by civil or peaceful protest.” Fayose continuing, said:  “Court of Appeal affirmed in its judgment in Inspector General of Police Vs All Nigerians Peoples Party that protest or gathering do not require police permit or interference as obtainable in an advanced democracy. “Most importantly, the protest is said to be for and about good governance. So who is afraid of the protest? Who does the police represent or is representing in this issue?” Justifying the protest, the governor said: “Nigerians are hungry and angry, our currency is now above N500 to $1. If Nigerians want to show their anger, no one should prevent them. Nepotism, extra judicial killings, disobedience to court order and human rights abuses must stop. “The conscience is an open wound and the guilty is afraid. If the APC-led Federal Government is now acting as if the protest is against it, it means the federal government has accepted to be guilty as charged. Like I said before, I support the protest. Also, lawyer and human rights activist, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa called the bluff of the Police Commissioner, asking him to get a copy of the Nigerian constitution to guide his actions instead of threatening to cut short the wishes of the masses. This is also as Niger Delta ex militants have pledged support to the protest, saying it is the best way to go. The ex militants vowed to heed the 2Face call for peaceful protest if it would call the attention of the government to the plight of Nigerians. Adegboruwa said: “I have read reports credited to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police declaring that the rally slated for Lagos on Monday February 6, 2017, will not hold. I consider this to be an attempt to intimidate those who wish to partake in the rally, otherwise it cannot be a message for us veterans and indeed the deprived, oppressed and hungry people of Nigeria. “For the information of the Police Commissioner, Nigeria is a democratic country governed strictly in accordance with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution. Section 39 of the Constitution grants freedom of expression, including the right to be heard and to disseminate information and ideas. Section 40 grants the right to associate and gather together. Section 38 grants the right to freedom of movement and peaceful assembly. I believe that Mr Fatai Owoseni has a copy of the Constitution, to guide his actions and utterances on this matter, instead of threatening 2Baba and law abiding citizens, who are responsible for his salary.” He reminded Owoseni that the issue of police permit for citizens to gather freely expired with the coming into force of the 1999 Constitution and that hinging on it to deny people right to gather was like going back to the military era of shutting up citizens from legitimate expressions. “I therefore, urge the good people of Nigeria, especially those who reside in Lagos, to join us en mass at Ikeja, for the rally on February 6, 2017. We cannot be intimidated in our own country, by the same people who are paid to protect us. “This is not a rally by miscreants or thugs as to warrant the fears being expressed by the police commissioner. The statutory duty of the police is to offer us protection on Monday and help to maintain orderliness, throughout the period of the rally. So come rain or shine, we shall hold the rally on Monday, as scheduled, because it is illegal for the police to seek to ban a lawful assembly,” Adegboruwa added.

Trending: Seun Egbegbe didn’t steal at Computer Village, former media aid reveals

Though the news has been everywhere that Lagos Socialite, Seun Egbegbe was arrested hours ago at Computer Village over some Iphones.

Rumours has it that Seun, Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend, was allegedly arrested at Computer village for allegedly stealing 9 iPhones. According to reports, Seun this morning went into a phone shop pretending that he wanted to buy a phone. He asked the salesgirl to bring out two iPhone 7 and five iPhone 6+. He carried the phones and told the sales representative that he was coming back. He then crossed the road and entered into a waiting taxi.

The sales representative who claimed she was hypnotized, said she came back to her senses and raised an alarm. They chased after Seun and caught up with him. He was beaten up by angry traders and then handed over to the police.

Fujiipop findings later revealed that Seun didn’t steal the phones. A source very close to Egbegbe revealed that the owner of the phones was owing Seun Egbegbe some huge amounts of money.

” The owner of the shop is owing Seun Egbegbe some amount of money. He had given Seun Egbegbe appointment to meet him at Computer Village market this morning over some huge amount of money he is owing him. On arriving there the debtor’s office, he was no where to be found. His colleagues lied that he went out. Seun met only the sales girl in the shop. He pretended that he wanted to buy the phones. And noting that by the time he takes the phones away, the owner of the shop-debtor- will come out where he hides. But the sales girl didn’t know Seun Egbegbe or anything about the issue. At the time Seun arrogantly took the phones away, the sales girl angrily shout thief thief. People came out and started beating Seun in the public. He was later handed over to the Police,” the source said.



80-year- old woman arrested with dead baby in Lagos

Trending reports have it that , an 80-year-old woman, Kuburat Ayinde, has been arrested by the police after she was caught with a dead baby boy in the Oshodi under bridge area of Lagos State.

The woman had allegedly abducted the baby alive from Abeokuta, Ogun State, and strapped him to her back.

The infant, however, died before she arrived in Lagos. The octogenarian was arrested on Sunday.

It was gathered that Ayinde wanted to board a bus to Ikorodu from Oshodi at about 2pm on Sunday when a commuter noticed that she was fidgety.

The man and other passers-by were said to have asked her about the whereabouts of the baby’s mother, but she could not give a convincing reply.

It was learnt that the baby was discovered to be dead after the octogenarian was forced to remove him from her back.

A witness, Tunde Aruna,revealed that Ayinde would have been mobbed but for her old age and the intervention of some elderly people.

He said, “The woman alighted from a bus en route from Abeokuta and she wanted to board another one to Ikorodu. While she and others were waiting for a bus, a man noticed that she was nervous. He alerted people around the bus stop and they confronted her.

“She was initially reluctant to remove the baby from her back, but people threatened to beat her up. When it was discovered that the baby was dead, she was told to strap him to her back again. Some hoodlums wanted to mob her but some people came to her rescue.”

A commercial driver, Dele Alabi, said the crowd made the suspect move around the area with the boy strapped to her back, adding that she was later handed over to policemen from the Mosafejo division.

“The woman was fortunate that people were able to prevail on the hoodlums. She would have been lynched. I believe she abducted the boy. We want the police to do a thorough investigation and find the mother of the child,” he said.

It was gathered that Ayinde, while on the bus from Abeokuta, had been told to put the baby on her laps so that he could have fresh air.

A trader, Tayo Folawiyo, said, “A lady who boarded the same bus with the woman from Abeokuta told us that she had asked her to remove the boy from her back while they were on the bus, but she refused.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, said the suspect claimed to be the baby’s grandmother, adding that investigation had commenced into the matter.

She said, “Around 2.30pm, the woman was brought to the station with a dead six-month-old baby, strapped to her back. She claimed to be returning with her dead grandchild from Abeokuta to her base in Ikorodu.

“She claimed the baby died in transit from Abeokuta en route to Lagos and that his mother is mentally unstable. The baby has been deposited in a morgue for autopsy. The case is under investigation.”

See Devil: Man Cuts His Wife’s Neck In Oshodi Area Then Poisons Himself.

Too bad! A man who gruesomely murdered his wife in Lagos and poisoned himself is currently cooling off his heels in police net. Jafaru Sougie, 49, from Edo State, allegedly killed his wife of 26 years yesterday at Araromi Street, Oshodi, Lagos State.

Roseline, 46, was a trader and the breadwinner of the family as Jafaru was jobless. He had serially assaulted Roseline, a mother-of-five, on the grounds of being unfaithful.

He also reportedly beat her for collecting gifts from her relatives for the upkeep of the family. Their child, Richmond, 16, said:

“My 3 siblings, our aunt and I slept in the living room while dad and mum were inside. Around 4am, dad called me from the bathroom. .I went to meet him but he did not say anything. I went outside to urinate and when I came back, I checked the bathroom and saw him lying down, vomiting some black substance and excreting on his body. I think he poisoned himself. I told my aunt to wake mum up to attend to him. .

But she didn’t wake up. I shone a flashlight on her and saw blood on the bed with a wide cut in her neck. I fainted when we discovered she was dead. It was mum that took care of us. She was the one sponsoring my elder brother, Collins, who just gained admission into a university in Abia State. . I don’t know our fate now. 

The landlord of our former rented house sent us out because dad always quarrelled with mum. We were also sent away from another house for the same reason.”

The aunt, Veronica Imomoh, who confirmed the assault, said:

“Our family had warned him to stop beating her. He didn’t have any work. Yesterday (Thursday) he demanded N10,000 from the wife, saying he wanted to travel. She was trying to raise the money from her friends.” 

A neighbour, Simeon Nnoron, said he had tried to prevail over Jafaru to stop assaulting the deceased to no avail, adding that he suspected he was on drug and wanted to use the woman for rituals.

Roselin’s elder sister, Kate Yakubu, said she had wanted to divorce the husband two years ago but her family enjoined her to rescind the decision, because of the children.

The Deputy spokesperson, Lagos State Police Command, DSP Damasus Ozoani, said Jafaru had been transferred to the State CID for further investigation.

Arase Orders Withdrawal of Police Orderlies From Politicians @arthurrichard61

 With the debate over the need for state police still raging, Inspector General of Police, Mr. Solomon Arase has lamented the inadequate number of police to provide adequate security for the country, and urged the various state Police Commands to embark on and strengthen community policing in their respective states to curb criminality in the country. This call is coming in the wake of increase in incidents of insecurity in the country, and brings to the fore the frequent debate over the level of adequacy and competence of the Nigeria Police to stand up to their statutory responsibilities and confront these challenges. The never-ending evil activities the country is presently embroiled under Boko Haram, the increasing rate of kidnapping and armed robbery, alarming social vices among other criminal activities all appear to overwhelm the nation’s security agencies, including the Nigeria Police, which by many indices have not been able to live up to their billing. These, no doubt, were factors which apparently spurred Arase to make his call for the strengthening of community policing. Policeman get sets to quell protect of students of Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago-Iwoye in Abeokuta Policemen Community policing, it will be relevant to note, is anchored on a systematic relationship between the police and the entire citizenry, whereby police roles and functions are not simply law enforcement but also include tackling a huge range of community problems, with the assistance and cooperation of community security outfits like vigilantes. Arase’s call for more community policing, although a welcome idea in Nigeria, was an indication of the inadequacies of those entrusted with the security of lives and property in Nigeria for which the police are in the vanguard. His call should raise concern for the Federal Government especially as the old debate over state police rages. It regularly attracts condemnation by those who consider state police as a policy that will weaken the central government and strengthen the powers of state governments, therefore posing challenges of the continued unity of the country with renewed threats of secession from some agitators in the South-East. Arase who was in Minna, the Niger State capital yesterday, in continuation of his nationwide tour of Police Commands told a large audience of security stakeholders in the state that there was the need for every Nigerian community to rise to the challenges of insecurity in the country by laying emphasis more on community policing. The IGP however added that the directive was not applicable to politicians holding top government offices like the Senate President, House Speaker among others. He disclosed that there were less than 8000 police to provide security for the entire people of Niger state, adding that from the land mass and population of the state, the police were grossly inadequate to man the state effectively but assured that even at this, the police would rise to the challenges. The Inspector General said the inadequacies could be attributed to lack of recruitment into the Force in the past five years but which he said was being seriously looked into by the Mohammadu Buhari administration. Arase said he had given a directive that policemen on postings as orderlies to individuals including politicians be withdrawn immediately and redeployed to other more sensitive posts in order to provide the needed security across the country. He called on individuals, private organisations and communities to come to the aid of the Police in the country by providing logistics to them to facilitate their activities, pointing out that government could not shoulder the responsibilities of security alone. The IGP directed the state Command to embark on periodic interaction with various stakeholders, including students in the state to know their feelings and problems and chart a new way forward. The stakeholders included religious leaders, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, National Union of Road Transport Workers, students, FRSC other security agencies among others.

Lagos hoodlum leader, Sunday Terror kills


According to punch reports, a gang leader popularly known as Sunday Terror has been shot dead in the Oyingbo area of Lagos State during a shootout with policemen.

It was learnt that Sunday Terror was killed on Monday on Ondo Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos.

Reports have it that on January 5, 2016, that Sunday Terror’s second-in-command, identified only as Isiaka, was killed during a New Year robbery in the Okobaba area.

It was gathered that at about 7am on Monday, Sunday Terror led his gang to unleash violence on residents of Ondo Street during which he exchanged fire with policemen who went to the scene.

A police source told said that Sunday Terror was shot several times before he finally died.

It was gathered that the deceased had been on the watch list of the Area C Command, Surulere.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the gang leader’s death, adding that the command would continue to ensure safety of lives.

She said, “The men of the Denton division, led by the Divisional Police Officer, responded to a distress call in the area and they had an exchange of fire with the suspect. He died in the shootout.”

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