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Trending: Star Actress, Toyin Aimakhu (Abraham) reveals wisdom words

Image result for Toyin AimakhuControversial Star Actress, Toyin Aimakhu (Abraham) has  revealed words of advice to her fans, based on her life experiences. She took to social media today and advised people to be with whoever makes them smile. In her words:

“Life has knocked me down a few times..I’ve seen things I never want to see again…But I’ll always get back up, I will never stay down..And remember life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy,and be with whoever makes you smile.. Go out and stand tall..Love You Guys and have a wonderful week. #AlakadaReloaded”


Trending: Star Actress, Toyin Aimakhu brand name in Cacophony

Controversial Yoruba actress, Toyin Aimakhu, has changed her name to Toyin Abraham.

Explaining the decision, the actress who is no stranger to scandals, said, “It is a family decision and I will like to be officially addressed as Toyin Abraham henceforth”.

In addition, she now goes by the name Toyin Abraham on all her social media handles.

Although the actress declined speaking further about what necessitated the move, industry sources say the re-branding is as a result of the unpleasant occurrences in her personal life and career in 2016.

“Of all issues linked to her name in 2016, the shame of being associated with Seun Egbegbe is indescribable.

The robbery incident that involved Seun Egbegbe at the Computer Village in Lagos and the media reportage, which hinged headlines to her name, must have shamed the actress.

“Aside from that, the latest discovery of how she tried to cover up for Seun during his arrest at a GOTV dealer store in Ibadan was also shameful. She wants to start 2017 on a new note and a clean slate. All these media reports are affecting her career especially her image which has put a hold on her forging ahead especially in endorsement deals,” a source say.

Shortly before her messy romantic liaison with Egegbe made news headlines, the actress was embroiled in a messy separation scandal with her husband Adeniyi Johnson. The union, which was contracted on July 3, 2013, crashed like a pack of badly stacked cards on August 2015.

Egegbe and Toyin became an item almost immediately.

A highly celebrated Yoruba filmmaker, Egbegbe’s romance with the actress, shot him into prominence it made news headlines in every medium.img_20161229_113148

Seun Egbegbe releases statement denying he stole iPhones at Computer Village


Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend, Seun Egbegbe was accused of stealing iPhones at Computer Village and was allegedly beaten by an angry mob.

He has therefore released a statement denying he stole iPhone as was widely reported. In a statement released to journalists, he said:

“My attention has been drawn to an online publication of the aforementioned. The story is pretty laughable and better left in the court of public opinion. Ordinarily, 1 do not want to join issues with the writer of the publication but I have a responsibility to set the records straight for my fans, friends and foes , in the defence of the truth.

“To say the least, the news did not only grossly misinform unsuspecting public; it also portrays traces of campaign of calumny by some mercenary hirelings hell bent in destroying my name, for reasons best known to them.

“Having read with keen interest the completely self-serving spirited attempt to destroy my person, it has become imperative and timely that a rejoinder is written to state the fact clearly. “I want to state here categorically and emphatically that though I was at Computer Village to address some issues, but I was never arrested for stealing 10 I phone 7s, as stated by the writer of the story, the matter has since been resolved by the Nigeria Police; and the issue of me stealing phone is devilish from the said writer.

“Furthermore, It is rather unfortunate that the said writer will amount to cheap blackmail to deceive the unsuspecting public with a view of gaining cheap popularity.

“It is germane to note that I am a charitable, humane, and grass root person, who has exhibited selflessness in communal service, which have used as a veritable tool for social development.

“Finally, I wish to inform the general public to discard the report. I am presently at home relaxing!”

Trending: Seun Egbegbe didn’t steal at Computer Village, former media aid reveals

Though the news has been everywhere that Lagos Socialite, Seun Egbegbe was arrested hours ago at Computer Village over some Iphones.

Rumours has it that Seun, Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend, was allegedly arrested at Computer village for allegedly stealing 9 iPhones. According to reports, Seun this morning went into a phone shop pretending that he wanted to buy a phone. He asked the salesgirl to bring out two iPhone 7 and five iPhone 6+. He carried the phones and told the sales representative that he was coming back. He then crossed the road and entered into a waiting taxi.

The sales representative who claimed she was hypnotized, said she came back to her senses and raised an alarm. They chased after Seun and caught up with him. He was beaten up by angry traders and then handed over to the police.

Fujiipop findings later revealed that Seun didn’t steal the phones. A source very close to Egbegbe revealed that the owner of the phones was owing Seun Egbegbe some huge amounts of money.

” The owner of the shop is owing Seun Egbegbe some amount of money. He had given Seun Egbegbe appointment to meet him at Computer Village market this morning over some huge amount of money he is owing him. On arriving there the debtor’s office, he was no where to be found. His colleagues lied that he went out. Seun met only the sales girl in the shop. He pretended that he wanted to buy the phones. And noting that by the time he takes the phones away, the owner of the shop-debtor- will come out where he hides. But the sales girl didn’t know Seun Egbegbe or anything about the issue. At the time Seun arrogantly took the phones away, the sales girl angrily shout thief thief. People came out and started beating Seun in the public. He was later handed over to the Police,” the source said.



Toyin Aimakhu laments campaigning for scam cancer patient, as doctor reveal that is a fraud!


Nollywood Star Actress, Toyin Aimakhu , who was one of those who spearheaded the fundraising campaign has really lamented that her name could be mentioned for negative reasons. As you read this,  Toyin is at LUTH right now with police officers.

Reports revealed, two days after we were all happy that Nigerians kindly donated to cancer patient, Mayowa Ahmed, for surgery she needed for ovarian cancer, LIB learnt that Mayowa and her family scammed kind hearted Nigerians.

You see, Mayowa is really sick. She truly has Ovarian cancer. She’s admitted at LUTH but she didn’t need money for surgery, because doctors had told Mayowa she was beyond treatment and no hospital in the world could treat her as she was extremely far gone. Mayowa had reached stage 4 and doctors, unfortunately, already told her family she won’t survive it and had advised them to take her home. Her family instead used her situation to raise money from Nigerians. The doctors in LUTH have also denied giving her family a medical report advising her to seek treatment abroad.

It was leanrt that some people also went to the family’s home and the place is locked up.

#SaveMayowa raised over $100k on GoFundMe and millions of Naira.

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Actress, Toyin Aimakhu finally parts way with Seun Egbegbe

News trending has it that the love affairs between star actress and Lagos socilaite Suen Egbegbe has parked up.
The actress has openely  dissociated herself from the romantic fling she had with film producer, Seun Egbegbe. She shared a statement on her IG page to this effect. According to her,

“Without going into details of why I went into an affair with Mr Seun Egbegbe, I am very much aware a lot look up to me as a role model and considering this salient fact, a detour at this point is very necessary.

However, against the backdrop of my moral responsibilities to my fans and the general public, I wish to state unequivocally that henceforth, I dissociate myself from Mr Seun Egbegbe. I will implore all and sundry to please avoid connecting me with Mr Seun Egbegbe or whatever he represents from now on. I humbly request and would appreciate if I am allowed time to recuperate.

Once again, I apologize for all the negativity that emanated from the whole drama in recent times, trust me on this I am sincerely sorry. My attention and energy are now focused on re-uniting with my work, friends, families and fans. I thank my ever loyal and steadfast fans. You all are my strong pillar of support .God bless me and you all.He is the greatest pillar in times of tribulations.. You will always be part of me.

Miss Toyin Aimakhu.”

Who kidnap Star Actress, Toyin Aimakhu?

…why seun Egbegbe was fingered

Though star actress, Toyin Aimakhu might be enjoying where she is right now, but  close friends are saying that she had been kidnapped.

Toyin’s friend said that she got several emails and screen grabbed shots from people last night sending her messages saying that someone was controlling her page. Photos were posted and deleted on her page and that her friends had raised an alarm on social media that she had been kidnapped by her man, Seun Egbebe, because she wasn’t at the location she was supposed to be and a man kept answering her phone each time they called.

Seun Egbegbe, acclaimed Toyin Aimakhu later responded and took to his Instagram page and posted the message below then he deleted it.
“Lol this is funny I don’t do this but I really think Is needed# cos i need to clear my hand off what I was wrongly accused of#is it possible for a man to kidnap his woman living in his house as house wife#if I kidnap her who will pay the randsom ask by the kidnappers #am in my house when I read a post on Instagram that I kidnap my wife @aimakhutoyin #let just give a clue of what happen #i was at home in my living room this morning when my friends and family called me about toyin post on Instagram that she post another man as her crush# and crying about the man on her page ur husband doing everything I want for u that is what is called adultry ,she left from my house this morning to kemi Korede movie shooting so I was angry and I went to the movie location I took her phone from her#cos I don’t want a slap on my face anymore#i guess taking that step is not too much me #how can I kiddnap a woman with my car of millions of naira# I won’t say more than dia but I know very soon the truth will be out soon#but the comedy I love about the all story is that she said I kiddnap her phone she kiddnap my rangerover jeep”

Additional information from LIB

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