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Ivorian Goverment Rewards Elephants With Houses And Cars @Richard


Ivory Coast’s football team has been rewarded with millions of dollars in prizes by the country’s government for winning the Africa Cup of Nations.

Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara is giving each member of the 23-man squad a house worth $52,000 (£34,000) and the same amount in cash, the government says.

The team beat Ghana’s Black Stars 9-8 on penalties in the tournament’s final in Equatorial Guinea.

There were also six-figure rewards for the Ivorian Football Federation and the team’s technical staff – in total the government has shelled out more than $3m (£2m) in celebration of the victory.

It wasn’t a total loss for Ghana’s team, despite their penalty defeat. Each player is being given $25,000 (£16,000) by the team’s sponsor, the state-owned Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), a figure that the country’s sports minister thinks is a little low.

Mahama Ayariga says the bottle-throwing endured by players during their semi-final victory over Equatorial Guinea in Malabo means they deserve their reward.

“For those who think that GNPC rewarding the boys with $25,000 is too generous, I wish they were in the stadium” in Malabo, he’s quoted as saying in Nigeria’s Daily Post.

“Then they will know whether $25,000 is worth that kind of experience. I don’t even think it is enough.”

I Will Pull Down Lekki/Epe Toll Gate if I’m elected —AGBAJE @Richard

agbaje1Peoples Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, has promised to pull down the Lekki/Epe toll gates, if elected next governor of the state.

According to the PDP governorship hopeful, the arrangements behind the project lack transparency and sustainability.

Agbaje, who made the promise at a peaceful protest, tagged March for freedom, organised by Freedom Group in Lekki, Lagos State, also said that BRT and Lagos light rail projects were collapsing because the arrangements on ground were not sustainable.

He said: “I am here to show solidarity with you on the issue of the toll plaza for which you are marching today and assure you that when we get into office, these toll gates will come down; I will demolish all of them.

“The public/private partnership, PPP, arrangement behind this project is not transparent. Look at the BRT and Lagos light rail projects, they are collapsing because the PPP arrangements they have on ground are not sustainable.

“The light rail which was supposed to have been ready since 2012, is grounded and this is because of vested interests of a few people. The PPP arrangements are skewed to favour only a few people, so for me, I am in solidarity with you and a vote for us is a vote for freedom, a vote to bring down the toll plazas.”

In the same vein, coordinator of the march, Gabriel Odu: said: “This march is all about freedom, freedom from tolls, freedom from oppression and freedom from god-fatherism.

“We are saying that no more tolls on this road. We want a government that will come in and free us from this and we have seen it in the person of Jimi Agbaje. This is a direct call for freedom for the good people of Lagos.

“The March for Freedom chose the Lekki Toll Plaza as the focal point as it is a symbol of oppressive governance. The toll is nothing short of exploitation of defenceless citizens by those who simply feel they can get away with it.”

A resident who spoke on the issue said: “This is a peaceful way of expressing our grievances over the imposition of toll fees on Lagosians.

“What we are saying is that enough is enough. We are tired of being exploited. Even as we speak, they are planning on erecting two more toll gates. This is unfair and oppressive and we are saying enough is enough

Buhari’s Aim Is To Destroy The North —Gov Lamido @Richard


Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State has expressed disgust over what he described as the level of threat some northerners were facing for not supporting the presidential ambition of the former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, warning that the type of siege mentality being inflicted on the people was the beginning of the failure of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, at the polls.

“The fear of Buhari is the beginning of leadership failure; therefore Nigerians and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, government must stand up to its mandate,” he said.

Lamido, who spoke during the party’s presidential campaign in the state, however, warned that the siege mentality under which the people were currently experiencing in the north because of Buhari would backfire.

According to Lamido, any northerner who is not supporting Buhari was being threatened an seen as an infidel.

Apart from northerners, Vanguard investigations also revealed that most residents, who wear caps depicting them as natives of some southern parts of the country were being molested by street urchins as “infidels.”

Lamido said he would not be perturbed by any intimidation or name callings because of his support for PDP because he was a democrat and would continue to promote the truth.

Describing Buhari as the only individual decorating the APC as a party, Lamido said the greatest mistake Nigerians would make “is to give their mandate to an individual who does not believe in democracy.”

He then faulted the APC for lack of political ideology just as he observed that the party did not have a strong team that can liberate Nigeria from its current political and economic problems.

“If you remove Gen. Buhari from APC, most of other members that rally behind him in the party lack sincere commitment and focus that Nigeria requires at this present time,” he added.

Buhari Is A Traitor – Arewa Youths

buhari2Arewa Youths slammed the former Military Head of State and the Presidential candidate of All Progressive Congress, APC, General Muhammadu Buhari over his threat of a bloody revolution if 2015 election did not go his way. The youths in a statement described General Buhari’s outbursts as misguided, treasonable and uncalled for.

According to the group, Nigerians must ensure that the threat of General Buhari of imminent bloodletting does not see the light of the day as such will not only bring disunity, but has the tendency of producing numerous widows and orphans.

In a statement signed by the group’s President, Abdulkareem Tijani, the group while calling on Nigerians to shun Buhari’s call for violence and embrace peace and unity, said, ‘’Buhari’s recent statement that in 2015, violence that will follow the election will make the 2011 violence a child’s play, is uncalled for, misguided and treasonable.

“Buhari by the statement he made before the election in 2011 precipitated the violence that followed the 2011 presidential election and till now Nigeria has not recovered from the same.

‘’We call on all Nigerians irrespective of their states and religious back ground to see Buhari for what he truly is.. We hereby call on Nigerians to shun Buhari’s call for violence and embrace peace and unity.”

Also, the National Council for Peace and Unity stressed the need for leaders to control their anger and sentiments at all times especially at difficult periods like what Nigeria is going through at the moment.

The group in a statement signed by its Chairman and former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Engr. Muhammed Abba-Gana, said that there was the need for Nigerians to put heads together to ensure speedy and happy resolution of all crises particularly that of insecurity so that we move on to bring progress and prosperity to our people.

According to Abba-Gana, the National Council for Peace and Unity will be setting up a peace and security committee that will be holding public hearings in major geographical zones in Nigeria starting with Lagos.

According to the statement, “Instead of Nigerians to vent their anger on the pages of newspapers or on fellow Nigerians, the committee shall provide a platform where people can discuss their grievances and it shall be documented. Nigerians are tired of losing their friends and loved ones as a result of violence. The number of orphans and widows in the northern part of Nigeria is on the increase. We must say no to disunity.”

(Sex Talk) 45-58 Women can still enjoy sex in menopause @tj_shetade



Apart from the menstrual flow that stops when a woman reaches menopause, one other thing that goes out of the window for most women during this period is their libido.

According to physicians, one of the most common complaints they get from their post-menopausal patients is a decreased desire to have sex.

They say that between one-half and three-quarters of women age 45 to 58 reports a significant drop in sex drive once they stop menstruating.

Consultant gynaecologist, Dr. James Onore, says that a major reason why women often lose interest in sex after menopause, which is the permanent end of menstruation, is reduced hormonal secretion.

Onore explains that once a woman stops menstruating, the rate at which her body produces the female hormone, estrogen, decreases at a significant rate, making sex less enjoyable for her.

“There are two main causes for libido flameout. One has to do with estrogen, and the other, testosterone. Loss of estrogen can affect your mood, but this in itself will not necessarily depress your libido, though the physiological side effects can make vaginal sex so painful as to render it virtually impossible or at least undesirable.

“When estrogen loses its decades-long influence after menopause, the vagina narrows, and the skin in the genital area gets thinner and less moist and loses its elasticity, leading to the number one complaint of women in this age range: which is sex hurts.”

Onore adds that along with the loss of estrogen, women stop secreting testosterone from their ovaries, which diminishes their ability to become aroused and sometimes affecting their ability to reach orgasm.

While few women will barely notice these changes, for others, the symptoms could alter their life. While it’s no picnic for anyone, libido loss can be particularly distressing for married women in long-term relationships who have enjoyed a good sex life and have now lost interest, much to their – and their partner’s – chagrin and surprise.

Consultant Gyneacologist, Dr. Olaremi Adeniji, says no woman should succumb to these signs, as loss of libido in women could encourage their spouses to cheat, which may lead to the end of the marriage in many cases.

Adeniji notes that rather than accept fate, post-menopausal women must look for other ways to tackle the challenges headlong.

He warns that should they fail to do so, they may suffer chronic depression and mood swings, not to mention a broken marriage.

“Vaginal sex is going to be more tedious after menopause for any woman, because the woman is not well lubricated and cannot be easily penetrated.

“However, she could remedy the situation by talking it out with her spouse before he starts thinking she desires him less or he feels she’s is just being stiff.

“The man may see it as a reason to have extra-marital affairs, which will expose both of them to sexually transmitted diseases and infections, and also cause tension or a break in the relationship.”

If you are above 47 and you have been asking yourself, ‘what happened to my sex drive?’ the answer is right in front of you, but don’t give up. Like the doctors have said, there are many ways you can enjoy sex after menopause, based on the following therapies…

Vaginal estrogens

Local vaginal estrogens are safe and easy to use and have been on the market for more than 30 years. After just a few weeks of using it, experts say, the woman will become more comfortable and feel more receptive to sex.

Local estrogen comes in three different forms: a cream that needs to be applied every few days; tiny pills that are inserted vaginally every few days; and a ring that releases a very low level of estrogen and can be left inside the vagina for three months at a time. The ring’s main drawback is that it may be difficult for the patient to insert or remove it. While some have no problem doing it at home, others prefer to have the physician do it.

Exercise regularly

Physician-author, Christiane Northrup, says one of the smartest things a woman can do as she transits to menopause and afterward is to get regular physical activity. Instead of looking back mournfully, she should use this state to redefine herself with positive thoughts and love, exploring what brings her pleasure, and revive (not retire) her sex life.

That includes aerobic exercise for her heart and weight-bearing exercise for her bones – both of which may help ward off weight gain and provide mood boost.

Other expert treatments on offer to help women cope better with menopausal symptoms include low-dose birth control pills, anti-depressants, blood pressure drugs, or other medications to help with hot flashes.

Your doctor may also have lifestyle tips about adjusting your diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

Threat Of Violence: You Will Commit Suicide, Sambo Tells Buhari @Richard

samboVice-President Namadi Sambo, has warned the APC presidential candidate, retired Maj.-Gen.Muhammadu Buhari, to be careful before he commits suicide by planning to plonge Nigeria into war.

The vice president said his warning was against the backdrop of the statements credited to former tyrant leader.

Sambo urged Buhari act like a states man, adding that any attempt by Buhari and his supporters to cause trouble in the country will be resisted.

According to him, the APC should allow President Jonathan to continue to adopt “a more scientific and modern” warfare in tackling the menace of the Boko Haram insurgency.

“I want to seize this opportunity to draw our attention to a publication not too long ago, credited presidential candidate, retired Maj-Gen. Buhari, that there would be crisis if he loses the 2015 Presidential election to President Goodluck Jonathan.


“I want to ask you a question, a retired 73-year-old General – can he run? No!

“Okay, let’s assume that he can run; how many metres can he run before he falls? The training of a General that retired in 1985 is it the same training that can address a modern war? No!

“Now we are fighting war with drones, with new ideas that our President, a PhD holder, a scientist that is using (his knowledge) to address the security issues of this country.

He described the statement as a suicidal proposal, asking “will he (Buhari) go with a suicidal proposal?”

The vice-president urged the electorate to support President Goodluck Jonathan, saying Jonathan is the answer to the nation’s security and the answer to its development.

Sambo reassured that the PDP-led administration would continue to do its best in addressing the nation’s security challenges across the country.

“All these Dams will be provided with hydro-electricity power and an irrigation scheme, with which we are developing economic corridors in Adamawa state.

“In addition to that, in the transport sector, I have good news for you. Mr President has approved the dredging of River Benue.Very soon, we will have a river port and ships and boats from different parts of the world will be here in Yola.’’

Sambo then urged the electorate in the state to ensure that they obtain their PVCs to enable them to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan and all other PDP candidates in the Feb. 14 and 28 general elections.

In his remarks, a chieftain of the PDP and a former Minister, Sen. Jubril Aminu, said Adamawa people had resolved to vote for Jonathana/Sambo ticket as well as other PDP candidates in the state during the February elections.(NAN)

I will Hand Over if I lose–Jonathan

jonathanPresident Goodluck Jonathan has assured that he will not hesitate to hand over if he loses the forth-coming Presidential Election. President Jonathan gave the assurance at the media chat in Abuja, he dismissed the insinuation in some quarters that he would not hand over to the winner of the election, come May 29.


He stated that those making the allusion in the media, particularly the social media, were not being fair to him. “In 2011, I said that I will conduct a free and fair elections and if I lose I will happily go home and it should be recorded. “As of that time no African sitting president had lost an election, but within this period a number of African sitting Presidents had lost elections.

“But, I said that I wanted to create history to be the first African President that will lose election. But, let the world know that the election was a free and fair. “Then, I just concluded the late President’s tenure; I was just a President for about a year, acting for some months then.

“But, I said that I will be happy to go home. That this nation is more important than any human being and I still maintain. “Anybody who wants to hold this office of the president or any office at all and feels that he is more important than the nation, then, he is not quite right.

“So, if as of that time I said that I was ready to conduct a free and fair election and if I lose I will go not to talk about now that Nigerians had given me the opportunity to be here for four full years. “So if the elections are conducted and I lose, of course, I will inaugurate a new government.
There is no way I say if I lose I will not hand over.”

The President said a lot of misinformation was being circulated in the social media about the 2015 elections and urged Nigerians to shun such propaganda for the progress of the country. He reassured Nigerians and the international community that the 2015 general elections would be conducted as planned by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

On the ongoing fight against Boko Haram, the President disclosed that the joint multi-national force, including the Nigerian military had intensified efforts to liberate all areas captured by the insurgents. He said the Nigerian Army had taken delivery of new military hardware that would help it in its crusade against the insurgents. He also expressed the hope that with the renewed fight against the militants, the Chibok girls might soon be rescued

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