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My One-Night-Stand Experience With A Lesbian, Youth Corper Tell Her Story @Richard


My name is Stepeanie and I’m 32 years old. I’m happily married to a lawyer in Port Harcourt and have two children. However, although I’m happily married to a good man who makes me forget my sorrows, there is one experience I had during my youth service in Lagos five years ago that I can never forget.

Then, I had just graduated and luckily, I got posted to Lagos. I gladly joined my colleagues at the camp at Iyana-Ipaja and soon settled to the military routine of camp life.

I made friends while at the camp and it was during that time I met a big business woman.

She had come to visit her younger sister at the camp, who happened to be my closest friend in camp.

Immediately this woman saw me, she developed an instant liking for me and promised me that she would use her connections to get me a good company to work in after camp.

True to her word, she secured a space for me to serve in a well-paying company after my three weeks at the camp.

However, I noticed that this lady likes flattering me by telling me of how beautiful I am and how beautiful and shapely my breasts look. She was always complimenting me as though she were a man complimenting a woman.

At first, I didn’t think much about her compliments. I felt that maybe she was jealous of me bedcause I was much taller than her.

However, her flattery and compliments continued and she kept on inviting me to her house.

Whenever I went to her house to visit her, she would telling me that she wanted us to be very close friends.

I used to wonder what she meant by that statement until one saturday that she asked me to spend the night at her place at Ikeja. She said she was not feeling fine, that I should help her cook dinner and do a few house chores.

I obliged and spent the night in her house. That night, she took me into her bedroom to ‘gist’. We gisted till late into the night, then she started telling me that she had falling in love with me from the moment she set her eyes on me at the NYSC camp.

She told me that she is a ‘sister’ and before I could ask her what she mean by ‘sister’, she started kissing and touching me all over my body.

I protested, but she begged me to give in to her.

The woman told me about how she became a lesbian.

She said to me, I became a lesbian while I was in secondary school. I attended an all girls secondary school where some girls who missed having boys around to have sex with them resorted to experiment sex with their fellow girls.

” I had a female friend in the hostel of the school who was sexually attracted to me. I was “straight”, by the way. I was just a young, wild girl, fooling around, and it wasn’t serious. But it was. Because I loved her too.

That girl gave me the most sexually-crazy experienceof my life. I can never forget her, even though we lost contact not too long after we finished secondary school.

We sat next to each other, and giggled. ” Are really going to do this?” I laughed. She laughed. I told her I have never done this before.

Eventually, I gave in, and she satisfied herself throughout that night with my body. Everything was so disgusting to me, but I did it to please her.

The following morning, I said goodbye to her and swore that I would never have anything to do with that woman again.

For weeks after that, she kept on putting pressure on me to remain her lesbian partner but I rebuffed all her entreaties.

When she sent her younger sister to me, I told my friend that I now know why her elder sister is not yet married at 38.

Months later, In married the man who is now my husband. But as long as I live, I can never forget the one night stand I had with that rich lesbian woman, because it was an eye opener and a bezare experience for me in Lagos.

Many people believe that it is a sin for two women to kiss. I believe so too. But beyond that, I also believe that there is a man for every woman, especially for those women who claim that they became lesbians because they couldn’t find the perfect man for them.

Culled from The Telegragh:

Again, Boko Haram Attacks A Niger Border Town, Repelled By Soldiers @Richard

boko2According to the AFP report, the raid was the third on the Niger border town of Diffa in four days and comes as the Niger parliament is due to vote on whether to join a regional offensive against the insurgents.

The source, one of around 3,000 Niger soldiers sent to the unstable border area, told journalists: “The attack was repelled. Clean-up operations have been under way since this morning.”

A few hours after the assault was repelled, a shell fired by Boko Haram struck Diffa’s pepper market, which attracts traders and customers from Nigeria and other countries in the region, defence minister Mahamadou Karijo told state media on Sunday night. Karijo said one person was killed and at least six people were injured in the explosion.

It was reported earlier that the insurgents first the first time launched an attack in the neighbouring Niger town of Bosso, where many Nigerian refugees have found shelter, two days ago, February 6, 2015.

On Saturday, the governments of  Cameroun, Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Benin agreed to establish an 8,700 strong regional force to take on Boko Haram.

Among other participants is Uganda. It recently decided to deploy two battalions to assist Nigeria in the war against Boko Haram terrorists group.

Top Reasons You Should Marry The Emotionally Complex Woman


black womanEmotionally complex woman is a mixture of emotions, she’s able to express deeply, sincerely and often. This doesn’t mean she’s high drama, loud or running low in self-control, it simply means she’s a thinker, and even when quiet, those still waters run deep. While not for every man, she’s downright magnetic to the thinkers and feelers who appreciate witty banter, theoretical conversations, sensitive gestures and thoughtful debates. And here are 10 sound reasons to date her:

1. She’s not only interesting, she’s interested.

An emotionally complex woman is always interesting to be with. She is always a strenght to her man and family at large. An emotionally complex woman may always appears naggy, because she will want to know why you choose to do what you do with your life, if it makes you happy and what other interests you have aside from it. She’s happy to share information about herself, but she gets joy in hearing what others think and feel and what motivates them. She always want to be involved.This is how she connects with those around her.

                             2. She’s no bore.

The emotionally complex woman is alive. Whether she’s soaking garri, eating eba without meat, living in a single unfurnished room, wearing okrika, or tying only one wrapper, she will always with to see you happy.

                 3. She’s ruled by her passions:

Whether she’s going after a goal, fighting for a cause, indulging a hobby or falling in love, she engages her desire with full attention and believes in it down to the bone. Looking for loyalty in excess? This is your girl.

                    4. She’s sincere to a fault.

She may have a great sense of humor, but she’s quite serious about what matters most to her. Her word tops that list. When she says something, she means it and she has a very hard time understanding those who don’t follow suit. In fact, she tends to have zero tolerance for those who break the word-as-thy-bond decree.

                       5. She knows who she is.

Yes, she can overthink things which admittedly can be a little frustrating for the both of you at times, but there’s an upside to all of that analyzing, thinking and feeling. It has allowed her the chance to really understand what she likes, doesn’t like, wants and wants to avoid. This means she’s going to be upfront about how she feels and not waste anyone’s tim

                         6. …She’s not into superficial

While she can have fun and let loose, she prefers to do so around people she knows, trusts and takes a real interest in, the same people she knows take a real interest in her. She doesn’t have the skin for one short term relationships, the stress of a break up will always put her down because she gives her all in every relationship. Yawn.

7. She’s low-drama.

8. She’s not stupid.

9. She’s looking for something bigger.

Whether talking about life, love, friendships or career, she wants something meaningful. This means she’s not going to follow trends, the crowd or anything else other than her own heart, gut and intuition.

10. She maintains a certain mystery.



Why Women Masturbate More Than Men. 92% Women Prefers Self-Lovin


Masturbation women are not often discussed, and in most cases, its always a no go area. But facts has it that almost 92% of women masturbate on regular bases direcly, while the remaining ones either lie about it or do it indirectly. However, it has been proven that all women masturbate so madly.

Just like periods, female masturbation is one of those topics that are met with beet-red blushing, awkward silence or a fit of giggles. But the reality is that loving yourself really isn’t all that a crime. And this new, eye-opening infomation proves it: More women are getting touchy-feely, lovey-dovey with themselves than you probably realize.

So today will take out time to discuss masturbation as its associated to the woman.

1. More Women Masturbate Than You Think.
Okay, I know this may sound strange to most people, facts remain that more women prefers self-loving than one can ever imagine. Though this statistic may definitely not be the perfect picture of modesty we tend to envision for ladyfolk: 92 percent of women masturbate regularly. And the other 8 percent are probably lying. In other words, almost all women masturbate, directly or indirectly.

2. Women Masturbate More Often Than You Realize.
60 percent of women indulge in some self-lovin’ about two to three times a week. About 10 percent of women do it every day. Different strokes for different ladies you may say. .

3. Some Women Are Psychic Masturbators.
In other words, they can turn themselves on and even achieve organism with their minds. That’s a special talent, right there. Studies has shown that women who can climax without touching themselves. In a study, observed female volunteers in an MRI machine who could quite literally think their way to a orgasm just as intense as if they had done it the old-fashioned way. But don’t judge. It’s all in the name of science, guys.

4. Female Animals Masturbate Too!
Female homo sapiens are not the only ladies lookin’ for some lovin’ in the animal kingdom. Observed out in the wild and in their owners homes female animals have been caught in a compromising positions and they all have their sex toy of choice too: horses rub against fences, birds bend their tails, while porcupines and monkeys have sticks. And no, it’s not just because they’re itchy. Scientists have debunked that theory by sampling their ahem, secretions.

5. Historical, It Dates Way, Waaaaay Back.

Ready for a history lesson quickie? The first depiction of female masturbation was seen in a clay woman figurine dating back to 4 BC from a temple site on the island of Malta. (Thousands of years before that of the man) She is referred to as the Hagar Qim woman and she is poised “with one hand languidly supporting her head.” Sounds like she was relaxed: “Oh you know, just chillin’ and diddlin’.”

6. Women Are Bigger “Dirty Talkers” Than Men.

And here you thought guys were the randier sex. Boy, you are way off-mark. According to a 2002 study, young women are much more open talking about sex than men are. The study was conducted for over three months, observing 124 women and 81 men between the ages of 18 to 25 and focused on their conversations with their same-sex friends. It was found that the female subjects chatted about all matters of sex — including masturbation — much more frequently than men. Paints a new picture of “girl talk” doesn’t it?

7. Masturbating Helps With Menstrual Cramps.

Ok, relax your mind. There are many reasons women generally masturbate. I know you are worried already lady, because I’m talking about your little secret, hey. It sounds like all is not lost if you’re stuck somewhere without Midol, huumm! But facts has it that the surge of feel-good hormones released during solo sex can help relieve pain.

8. More Horny Women Watch Porn Than Men
For “inspiration”, maybe? According to a study commissioned recently, it was discovered that 21 percent of American women admitted to watching live sex shows online.

9. Women Use It To Put Themselves To Sleep.
It’s not always simply for fun, sometimes it’s just about hitting the hay with yourself! According to a report, 32 percent of women masturbate to help themselves fall asleep. Who said going to bed alone was a bad thing?

10. Almost Half Of All Women Would Rather Go Solo.

Sorry, Casanovas of the world, but you must know this secret. Girls don’t need you. Every woman has one secret sex G **** that may not be able to tell you if she sense you will not feel comfortable with if you about. So, she keeps it secret and as the saying goes, do it yourself if you want it done right … right? According to a report, 61 percent of women said they enjoy masturbation more than sex. Now that’s taking control of your sexuality!



(Politics) Why Jonathan Billboard Was Set Ablaze At Abuja @semaotakeit

jonathan-1dpA campaign billboard of the Peoples Democratic Party bearing the photograph of President Goodluck Jonathan was set ablaze in the early hours of Saturday by an unidentified man.

The incident was said to have taken place following earlier rumours that the Independent National Electoral Commission had postponed the February 14, 2015 Presidential election.

The billboard is located on the ever-busy Suleija-Kaduna Expressway at the Federal Housing junction, beside the office of the National Emergency Management Agency in Kubwa.

On it was boldly written, “On February 14, vote Goodluck, vote PDP…The Goodluck Thumb.”

THE PUNCH learnt that the arsonist drove to the billboard, parked his car, brought out a tyre and set it on fire.

But the arsonist, according to officials of NEMA, who pleaded anonymity, came back in the night and on seeing that the fire didn’t do much damage poured petrol on another tyre and set it ablaze.

It was not however clear who was responsible and what prompted it.

But a taxi driver within the vicinity, who simply identified himself as Yahaya, said, “The incident happened following earlier rumours that the February 14 presidential election has been postponed.”

Our correspondent saw ashes of the burnt billboard during a visit to the site on Sunday.

Some youths had recently pelted the convoy of President Goodluck Jonathan in Katsina and Bauchi states and burnt his campaign vehicles in Jos.

The Nigeria Posterity Project had expressed concern over the use of stones and destruction of campaign posters belonging to Jonathan by some northern youths.

According to the organisation, northern leaders should tone down their utterances and allow free campaigns by all candidates in all parts of the country.

The National Coordinator of the NPP, Mr. Louis Ebodaghe, had said, “The burning of President Jonathan’s campaign vehicles in parts of the North and the pulling down of his posters in parts of the North can only be likened to Nazi Germany where, for the fear of Hitler, everybody must fly the Nazi flag even against their conscience. This cannot be tolerated in modern day Nigeria and should not be encouraged.”

Meanwhile, the All Progressives Congress in Cross River has disclosed plans to embark on a One- Million Youth March in the state to reiterate support for the party’s presidential candidate, Maj.Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), despite the poll shift.

The party condemned the postponement of the general elections earlier scheduled for February 14 and 28, saying it was obvious that the leadership of the PDP was afraid of impending defeat at the polls.

Speaking on behalf of the party after a crucial meeting on Sunday, the state APC Youth Leader, Mr. Effiom Otu, said the youth wing of the party would organise a one-million youth march in solidarity with the APC presidential candidate and other APC candidates to garner support for the party ahead of the elections.

Otu also said the youths had endorsed a door-to-door campaign for the party, adding that the objective was to educate and sensitise the electorate in order for them to be convinced.

He said the campaign would ensure that all the 2,283 polling units in the state were aggressively covered in the exercise.

Otu said, “We will organise a one-million youth march in the state capital soon in solidarity with our presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) and other candidates to garner more support for the party ahead of the elections.

“We (the youths) have endorsed a door-to-door campaign for the party in the state. The objective is to ensure that those who hold suspicious view about the person and capacity of the party candidates for the election are educated and sensitised to jettison their held conviction.”

He castigated the Presidency for using insecurity as a reason for the polls shift, explaining that there was no strength in the argument advanced for the postponement.

Otu said, “The Presidency was caught in another web of cajoling by feigning insecurity as the reason for the postponement because it could not convincingly pull through the issue of PVCs collection as initial reason for the shift.

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